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Beautiful Chapter image by bellatrixx @ tda. 
Dixie and James.

Charisma was ready to reply with wit to my playful insult. She tied back her hair. It was extensively shorter; the locks that used to reach her lower back were now barely longer than her shoulders. Small curls fell from their hold and brushed her cheeks, her fringe dangled in to her eyes. Dominique had obviously had a hand in this. She pulled a red ribbon from her pocket and tied it around her bun. She looked so innocent; so little.

Dim sunlight echoed in through the dusty windows of the Corridor, filling the almost chaotic after-dinner-dash with dimmed light. A faint smell from the Forbidden Forest lingered in the air, coupled with trophy polish from my earlier detention.

I sighed and threw my arm lazily around Charisma’s shoulders; she slumped in to me lazily. We had stayed in the trophy room for a good hour or so after she had first arrived, I had tried to refocus my mind on her return. But I couldn’t seem to fight through the guilt.

I had been foolish, and despite her constant reassurance that it didn’t matter, I couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a bint. I had been trying to get over it, put it behind me, after all, it was all in the past now. But my attempts had come with little success.

A consequence of this was our late return to the Common Room and my mood, irritable, exhausted and not in a suitable mood to relive our previous spats. I longed for Charisma to shout at me, to give me something to say that she too had been out of line. But nothing would have worked; I deserved to be beaten, beaten and killed. Anything that she did to me, I deserved. But still, she did nothing.

I knew that upon my return to the boys’ dormitories, I would be interrogated about our meeting. My friends expected blood, gore and a lot of shouting. But they didn’t know Charisma like I do, she would never shout at me, not ever. And I hate it.

I would fill them all in eventually, but for now, it was all me and Charisma. There would be no furious protests, no contradicting words of my stupidity and stubborn-ness, just me and her. She wiggled her eyebrows nonchalantly, the thin line that they now were moved a lot easier than before. Her blue eyes were framed perfectly with the obvious curve. It seemed strange to me that Charisma didn’t seem particularly irritable, although, she had been with Teddy. The two of them together brings the outcome of fairies and lollypops.

Neither Dixie nor Freddy had asked me anything since Friday. They sat with me; they talked among a group, adding me in to their conversation. However nothing, to me, was directly said. I would answer their questions politely with one worded answers, two, if the situation demanded it. They were the two that I was closest to, when Charisma isn’t there. I have no other ally’s.

My sister seemed utterly oblivious and obvious unable to realize my silence; she would simply grace me with her morning grumpiness and furious anger. She would flip her fiery red hair over her shoulder and shoot me a look that had Mum written all over it. Her eyes would narrow and what would have been our daily ‘Hello dearest sister/brother, how are you this fine morning’ had suddenly and unarguably been turned in to a match of eye wrestling.

Dixie, ever the physiologist, saw right through my silence and left me to it. This could also explain her piercing eye that had been watching me nervously for three days now. Every time I would exhale loudly, or cough a little, her eye would snap to my direction and grade me curiously. She only cared.

I hadn’t spoken for the past few days; my words were directed only to those who I have mentioned. To no one else did I say a single word. My name was ignored on the register; my peers seemed to avoid my general direction. The first years seemed too afraid to merely look at me.

I did the best thing that I could think of. I decided to play upon my creative outlet; pranking. I gathered up all the materials that I could find under my bed and drew out a plan. This year had been somewhat of a dry spell for me; I had found Evie. For a while she was my girl, the one that nobody else could look at. Then I realized who she really was.

Charisma smiled up at me. It was only a minute before I realized she was staring. “Charisma, don’t eye me up – it’s odd.” I muttered under my breath, putting my forehead against the top of her hair. She was tall for a girl, but still short for me.

Her eyes flitted down to our feet and I pulled her out of the way of a suit of armor. She looked at the suit that she nearly demolished. “Whoops.”

That was all it took. That simple word ‘Whoops’ and I was turned. It was said with the sweetest kindness, the most amount of care. How could I ever have been so selfish, so demeaning. Charisma was my best friend. With Evie, I have wasted so many months of my life that I will never get back. I could have spent them being me, pranking, joking and playing the sport that I love. I could have spent those months with Charisma. I could have spent them with the boys, with the girls. Heck, I could have spent them with my siblings.

Charisma was quick to forgive me. I knew that Lily would be a different story. She would probably never forgive me. Ever.

Someone distracted Charisma’s eye; little big-gossip, play-boy bunny Evie Lewis was at it again. It had only been days since our split, and yet, it felt like months. I felt nothing but hatred when I looked at her. Lewis and her two best friends, Felicity Kendall and Kirsty Guides were ‘swaggering’ down the hallway towards the Common Room. It was at this moment that I considered how Rosie dealt with sharing a room with the girl. A huge group of students flocked around them like lost puppies.

Lewis and her friends were gorgeous, and Merlin did they know it. Evie’s long golden hair was tied back, her eyes a smoky dark colour. They were one of the things that drew me to her. Back then when I looked in to them I saw love, care and desire. I saw opportunity. Now all I see is hate.

Her eyes flittered over to us in a rather melodramatic manner. Her light eyebrows furrowed as she snorted and pulled away from her group. They followed her somewhat manically. “Well, well, well – someone looks different.” She taunted, finally I was able to hear the mocking demeanor that Charisma has faced all these months. It seemed strange; I had always considered Evie to be fairly civil towards Charisma.

I pushed my weight on to my blonde companion and attempted to steer her away from the worst mistake of my life. She stood still, she wasn’t going anywhere.

Evie’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at me curiously with dark eyes. My concerned expression met Charisma’s determined one, it flickered faintly. I hadn’t seen her wear it often. A slow smirk crept on to Evie’s face. “People have been asking questions,” she said to Charisma. “I have been doing my best to answer them.”

Her smirk remained casual and cool, although her eyes widened somewhat when Charisma didn’t ever seem fazed. I would have hexed her, but I don’t hex girls. Call me old fashioned. “I bet that you have.”

Her smile widened triumphantly. “Students seemed happy to have answers – some parents didn’t seem thrilled to have their children attending the same school as a monster, such as you.”

“Now, hold on-“ Charisma grabbed the collar of my shirt and trust me backwards, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

My eyes flickered slightly with irritation, for once; it seemed that Charisma didn’t need me in an argument. I was shocked that she was seemingly managing to hold on herself. I was unsure if she had ever been in a real disagreement before.

She put her hand on to my bicep, her light touch tickled. “James, she can say what she wants.”

“I thought that this little incident might have helped you grow a backbone.” Charisma still stood without emotion. “But I guess I was wrong.”

Behind Lewis stood Kirsty, she took her hand and rubbed it down the chest of a fifth year Hufflepuff. I recalled the odd time that she tried it on me; I had simply shrugged her off and moved towards my girlfriend. This boy seemed to be reacting in the opposite way. I looked down at Charisma, her jumper was folded over her arm and her shirt was too tight around her chest area. I pulled my eyes away. Since when do I notice things like that?

“You never know.” Charisma was laid back; she was in no interest to start a quarrel. “Any reason that you’re answering the desperate cries of the students?”

Evie raised a dark brow and her lips curved in to a smirk I hadn’t seen on her before today. “I did it for you,” she cooed, “from the goodness in my heart.”

“Well if that’s all sorted, why are you here?”


Charisma gave a sweet smile, not taunting, not triumphant, but a genuinely sweet smile. “Thought so – kindness my arse.”

Her gaze flattened, “What?”

Charisma shrugged noncommittally. I struggled to keep my mouth closed; she had never spoken to anyone like that before. Unlike Charisma, my emotion was evident through my eyes; it had always been like that. “Let’s go.” I whispered. If I were on my own, I would have shouted. But I wasn’t on my own, I was with Charisma. I didn’t need her to fell any different towards me than she already did. I placed my hand on to her lower back and tried to guide her past Evie. She obliged until Lewis stood infront of the two of us.

“No!” She cried. “You don’t get to walk away from me.” I tried to put in a comment, but deep down, I still wasn’t in the mood for talking, I wanted to brood, I wanted to wallow. But this was Charisma; I would do anything right now. Evie’s eyes flashed. “You want to know the most frequently asked question?”

I scoffed heatedly at her tone; Charisma merely rolled her eyes in disbelief as a smile appeared on her painted red lips. She looked like a porcelain doll: breakable, fragile. “Was it, how many people she has killed?” I looked at my best friend in disbelief. “How many has she attacked? Is it horrific? Let me guess, you told them all that you had experienced that one yourself.”

“You really are something, you know that Price?” An angry smile overcame her lips. “As much as I liked answer that. The best question happened to be your whereabouts.”

Surely enough, Charisma’s eyes finally gave way, her pupils took on a dark, angry gleam and bristled somewhat. “What was your answer? Did you tell them I was at the pound; that the animal response squad at the Ministry finally found their missing pup?”

Shit. I knew that the moment Charisma thought something like that; the thought would never leave her mind. She was too stubborn to take it back.

Evie folded her arms stubbornly across her chest and smirked. “Actually, I hadn’t thought of that – I just told everyone you were at the kennel. The odd person got a more detailed description, but that was the main brief.”

This seemed to be the wrong response; Charisma’s usually charming demeanor had toughened slightly. She wasn’t falling prey to Lewis’s cold anger. “Good to know,” she elaborated at our combined confusion. “Now I know what to stick to when people ask me.”

“Price, when you lost it on Friday, did you by any chance hit your head in the process?”

Evie stared coolly while Charisma faced the opposite. “Lewis,” she said, I had to strain my ears to hear myself. “On Friday, I was given the chance that no other student in this era has had before.”

“And what exactly would that be?” She asked, taking advantage of Charisma’s vulnerability and stepping forward. I pulled my best friend back; I didn’t want her anywhere near that tramp. “To choose the colour of your new collar?”

“Not quite,” She replied coolly. “I got to talk to the Sorting Hat.” This was news to me. I strained my ears a little harder but still didn’t remove my hand from the small of her back. “He told me the reason for my being a Gryffindor.”

“And you’re sharing this with me because…”

Charisma stared at Evie coolly as she glared with a returning stance, Charisma took a few threatening steps closer, leaving me behind so that her height became a clear advantage. “Because there are three specific reasons for being placed in to the house of Lions.” Her blue eyes darkened coldly as she muttered the last few terms with utter control. “Loyalty, courage and kindness.”

A tense silence hung in the cool air for a moment. Evie’s demeanor seemed to break. “Still, I am a Gryffindor. What does this have to do with me?” her dark eyes glared up at Charisma. After a few second I simply scoffed, turning an unneeded amount of attention. I shook my head dismissively and waited for Charisma’s response. If nothing was said, I was ready to take her and stalk off in to the approaching darkness of the corridor.

But Charisma spoke. “I believe that past the inch of make up, and attitude, that you’re actually a very vulnerable person. You have a need to prove yourself in ways that no other has done before. You want to be remembered.” I watched heir argument though steely, anger-filled eyes. A turbo of resent built up inside me as I regretted ever taking Charisma down this corridor. Resent for ever taking her back to my home back in first year. “There are different kinds of courage Lewis.” She spat. “Unfortunately you just display the wrong kinds. But it’s still there. Not like your woo-tang-clan standing behind you.”

Kirsty dropped her make-up powder and let the peachy substance fall to the floor and scatter along the cobbled. “Hey! That’s insulting.”

“It’s very insulting.” Charisma agreed. “But it’s also true.” It was eight o’clock now. I had reason to believe that in the past few minutes of our disagreement, more staring has been done than speaking. Charisma moved a blonde lock from her eyes, brushing her fringe over her forehead. “Why would you be following another when you could be your own person?”


“Somehow, you feel no where near good enough. Don’t try to deny it.” She laughed. “If Evie told you to do something, would you do it? Even if you didn’t really want to.” I could feel that there was an apologetic compromise between Charisma and me. Back in third year, I had asked her to stay out of my arguments – I didn’t want her getting involved – this was my return to her. “Kirsty, Felicity…other boys that I don’t know the name of.”

“Justin, and Henry.” Evie supplied.

With a nod she replied. “Justin and Henry. You’re better than this.”

“Hey now-“

“Don’t interrupt me Evie,” a blue spark shot out of the end of Charisma’s wand, I had no idea she had even drew it. I wasn’t a hex, curse or a challenge. It was a warning. “I don’t’ believe that I said you could speak.” I could see the anger welling up in Evie, like a turret of water, but she held it back. “Evie, you’re better than this. Why would you demean yourself to being a bully when you could just as easily be a friend?”

“Wh…what are you trying to say?”

I looked to Charisma with amusement, never before has she owned someone like this – well me, she has me pretty whipped.

Evie turned her face to me with somewhat of a glare. “James!” She begged. I shrugged, I wasn’t one for talking now a days. Not to the likes of her.

Evie clenched her fist as Charisma sighed. “I’m just saying, Evie, that when you’ve lost everything, and you need a friend. I will be here.”

My jaw dropped. It seemed I wasn’t the only one. Charisma pulling out the most unexpected offers wasn’t a new thing; she had been doing it for years. However, this…just seemed…unorthodox.

She turned around, stepped towards me and slowly walked away in to the darkness of the corridor. I put my hand in to the back of her jean pocket and pulled her close to me. She smiled and leant her head on my shoulder. “I’m proud of you Chic.” I whispered and laid a little kiss on her head. If anything, I could say that she had blushed.

As we walked, the cries of Lewis could be heard (the rather embarrassing cries if I could say honestly). “That stupid bitch. Stupid, stupid bitch! She clearly has no idea who she is messing with. She’s a dog! How could she talk to me like that?” She would be ranting for hours about this, I know. I knew that Charisma heard it, but she put it from her mind and just hugged me tighter. It was all my fault and I would be here. I would be here.


Charisma wasn’t lying when she gave Evie that offer. She was in fact freakishly offering her friendship. On more than one occasion have I contemplated how much injuries that Charisma had suffered through injury due to Bludgers, however this was the only time I had considered numerical attacks of brain damage.

If I didn’t know Charisma, I would have assumed that I was seeing things and then waited for an overload of adrenaline and hormones to suffocate me.

It was no secret that the Potters are highly stress prone individuals. After Dad defeating Voldermort back in his seventh year, he had only begun his life of stress and hard-ship. He married a Weasley. He married, Ginny Weasley.

Last night I had slept terribly, alike the past three nights. I still had trouble believing what I have done. I knew that I should be sleeping optimistically, expecting things to mend and waiting for the blue sky to shine. And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself from mucking up everybody else’s’ lives.

I woke up and threw on my uniform. I didn’t tuck my shirt in; I didn’t tie my tie properly. I just pulled on my shoes and strolled down to breakfast. Alone. I had expected this feeling to have gone away. Or at least let up a little.

But it didn’t.

It just stabbed harder.

I am so naïve.

I made eye contact with a painting before breaking it and ducking my head, attempting to avoid a second outbreak of awkwardness. I had failed to meet proper eye contact with anyone the past few days. Either I can’t big myself up to face them, or they can’t seem to look at me. The were right to believe that I was the monster. I am.

How hard could it be to face Charisma? To apologize? I had honestly tried to mend my wrongs, honestly. I fully intended to make casual conversation with Freddy and Lily, to look Malfoy in the eye and not have to look away. I had told myself that it would be easy. It didn’t work.

I still harbored horrid feelings, as I should. I was still bombarded with emotions that weren’t mine. I had never felt them before. I was experiencing things that I didn’t even understand anymore. I, James Potter, have surpassed the boundaries of caring. I want to talk to no one, deal with no one, nor feel a thing.


The reason that I was now walking towards the astronomy tower had left my mind. I knew that Dixie was there, but her reasons for being, I had forgotten. I stood had at the bottom of the staircases and stared at the stone. I had every intention of turning back and making Charisma stay up with me, forget school tomorrow and spend the night with our bodies stuffed uncomfortably on the old window ledge of the Gryffindor Tower, like we used to.

We would take our duvets and wands and sit there until morning.

The reality of that ever happening again was nil. For one, we couldn’t fit on the ledge anymore, two, I doubt that she would want to sit with me.

“Just take the step already!” I jumped at the sound of the demanding voice. Dixie rolled her eyes, leaning against the wall behind me. She held the essence of wonder while I on the other had stood for the opposite, dithering like a moron around the bottom of the staircase. A small golden telescope was clutched tightly in her grasp. “What are you waiting for?”

“You,” I lied.

An amused smile played on her lips as she tugged at the bottom of the white top. “James,” she began. “It’s painstakingly obvious that I am possibly the last person that you are waiting for. Charisma didn’t take Astronomy; therefore she doesn’t need help completing her coursework.” So that my reason for being here. “You, on the other hand, missed the last three lessons for reasons that I don’t want to know. So I kindly offered my services.”

“Right, she didn’t take it. She didn’t take it because she is rubbish at stars and the universe. Even though she is constantly away with the fairy’s she lives in a surprisingly closed off box. Interest-“

“As I said, my kind services. I did not say my time-limitless-services. By the time that you have finished rambling and stepping back and forth on the second and third step the night will be over and this exceptionally clear night will be wasted.” I shot her a dark look. “Plus, I think that’s the most that you’ve said to anyone in the past three days.” Softened by her sudden change of tone – determined to childlike, I stopped fidgeting. “I’m glad, James.”

“It’s almost nine o’clock.”

“Nine o’clock?” she echoed. “Considering that you have spent the past six minutes dawdling around like a loon, considering I have spent six minutes watching you do it – Merlin, I need to make new friends – I think we need to make a start on your charts.”

She pushed a stray hair of hers behind her ear. Her thick honey-blonde locks were thrown loosely together at the back of her head and secured with a hairtie. To be allowed to see her like this was an honor. Dixie always looked perfect. At all times. She turned me around and put her hands on to the small of my back, pushing me up the stairs.

“As flattered as I am,” she teased. “I don’t believe that my company is as brilliant as you make out…to hang around the bottom of the stairs for six minutes.”

I heaved myself up the last step and pulled her through the doorway. “You’re right, it’s not.” With a smile she hit me with her telescope.

Two weeks in to my first year and I had already managed many awkward social situations. I was talking to a Hufflepuff girl when I had managed to embarrass her by commenting on the way her uniform makes her look like a bumblebee. It took Little Miss Pruitt no more than four seconds to have me apologizing profusely for being such a dick. Dixie may have been a little blunt, but without Charisma, she was the best thing I’ve got.

Dixie was my exception. I couldn’t look people in the eye, except Dixie. I couldn’t say much straight up, except to Dixie. I wasn’t allowed to act like a knob, except with Dixie. We blamed each other for more than thought imaginable. Yet still we remain close friends.

Despite Dixie explaining things to me from page to page my focus was directed completely elsewhere. She knew this. Dixie looked towards the massive pile of my Astronomy coursework that was spilling across the small table in the tower. It was glaring at me after weeks of neglect. She lifted up an empty star chart and wrinkled her nose.

“Jimmy, love. The only thing on this chart is an animated doodle of Professor Longbottom wrestling an alligator.” She snorted and glanced over the assignments. “Good drawing though. Could you by any chance make me one Fred doing the conga? I would love some blackmail opportunities.”

I wrinkled my nose and took it from her grip, adding it to the pile of neglect. “After I pass Astronomy.”

“That might prove a bit difficult, considering that the stars move every few weeks, plants are a little easier to predict though.”

“Really?” I furrowed my brow and picked up her telescope, staring over at the Quidditch Pitch. She took it quickly from my hands.

With a glare she said, “You don’t touch my telescope, never do you touch my telescope.”

“Alright!” I swore, throwing my hands in to the air for surrender. “Christ, I will never touch your telescope.”

“You think that’s bad?” She challenged. “You’ve taken this subject for almost six years now and you didn’t realize that the stars move.”

I brushed off the comment and tried to re-focus my attention on the work. “Shit – I don’t even know what the stars looked like a few days ago, let alone a month.”

Dixie brushed her hair back once with her fingers and let them fall in to her lap. “Jupiter and Saturn were aligned, but Saturn’s rings were in the way so the planet was un-viewable.” I knew that there was a reason Dixie was the one that brought me up here. She is an Astronomy nut. She loves anything to do with Horoscopes, Zodiac signs, stars or planets. I think it’s because she liked the universe, the idea of all that freedom; something that she didn’t get with her pureblood family.

I managed a coy smile and scribbled it down unnoticeably. “What about three weeks ago?”

“Orion was prominent. Remember, we matched it to the Sumer map? The old one, you and Freddy said it looked like moldy tea bags?”

“No, no. I don’t remember.” I muttered, scribbling down the answer. “What about two weeks ago?”

She furrowed her thin brows and swung her small feet in their tennis shoes. “Sirius was evident. Come on, you have to remember that one; you pranced around the class chanting that you were in the sk – HEY! I am not doing your work for you.” She snatched the quill from my hands. “I will help you James. I will not do it for you.”

I smiled half-heartedly and shrugged. It was a smile that she returned so I knew I was forgiven. “If you weren’t so adorable, I wouldn’t have to copy.”

“Your charm doesn’t work on me boy, I have seen you eat.” I rolled my eyes. “Besides, I know that you have your eye on a certain tall and big-busted, leggy blonde.”

I could only imagine the expression on my face at this moment; priceless. “Who?”

“Blonde.” She stated, her eyes gorwing wide. “Long legs, recently looking even more gorgeous than usual.” I shrugged. “Huge boobs – Christ Jimmy, you can’t say that you haven’t noticed this.”

“A girl with huge breasts,” I echoed. “No, not really Dixie. Not many of them get past me in this school.”

“Exactly.” She waited a moment before screwing up a scruffy chart of mine and throwing it off of the tower. “Charisma.”

“What about her?”

“You like her.”

“Yes,” I said simply. “If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have hung around with her for almost six years.”

With a frustrated sigh, Dixie stood. Her black leggings seemed to make her legs look thinner in this light. Small black buttons lined the top of her white top that came down to her thigh. I notice everything about a girl. “You like her more than a friend.”

“Whoa,” I said, bring my hands to my chest. Dixie was entering un-trodden territory. “I don’t like Charisma that way. I love her, yes, but like I love Lily or Albus.”

“No you don’t.”

Smiling, I chuckled a little bit. “Dixie, why does it matter so much to you? Chic means the world to me, but she is just my best friend. Nothing more.”

“Are you sure about that?”

I looked at her quizzical brows with raised ones. “Yes.”

“James, love.” She put the charts down on to the top of the table and sat down on to the wall. “You didn’t like it one bit when Harper had a go with her.”

“That’s cause it’s Harper.” I admitted with a shrug. “He is the Ravenclaw Captain, my enemy.”

“I thought your enemy was Scorpius?”

“Well I made a new one.”

I realized that my argument’s side had deteriorated in to ‘absolutely pathetic’ many minutes ago. But I couldn’t seem to stop. Nathan Harper, known otherwise as simply ‘Nate’, was an assclown. To me he was rude. He didn’t deserve Charisma, not at all. However in my eyes, no one deserves Charisma. With his stupid flippy hair and famous smile, Merlin, he makes me sick. Charming girls like that coughcoughforsexcoughcough.

Dixie sighed and popped her lips together. “When they kissed you were jealous.”

“Well, yes.” I admitted begrudgingly. “But it took me a very long time to admit that to myself, so don’t tell anyone. I haven’t even told Freddy yet. He’s kill me if he found out that I told you first.”

She saluted me brownie style accompanied by a mocking smile. “Well what about Drew? You get the heeby-jeebies when he’s around her. You don’t even attempt to hide that one anymore.”

I gave up on smothering that feeling a long time ago. Andrew Wood was a womanizer. That was no secret. I didn’t mind him flirting with Charisma; after all it was a joke. But over Christmas, he took my role. No one can be me. I am Charisma’s older, overly-protective-to-the-point-of-obscene brother. Not Wood.

“I just think that Drew can lay off a little that’s all.”

“You also feel jealous.”

I snorted. “Of Drew?” I replied to her nod with a deep throated chuckle. “Dixie-Pixie, I don’t feel jealous of other guys wanting her. She is a free woman. If they want to date her, they can.”

“Like you’re going to let them.” She snapped. “They couldn’t get within five feet without being smacked away. Besides, you scared away any male action that innocent girl is getting when you told your Radio-of-a-girlfriend that she was a werewolf.”

“Radio-ex-girlfriend.” I corrected. I ran my hands through my hair, knowing that it was a habit that annoyed Dixie immensely…well, that just made it all the better. “Besides, they’re only good enough if they can get through me. Only a man willing to fight for her can take on the job.”

“You don’t want other guys to have her.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Ok, no I don’t. But it’s only because she is mine.” The words flew from my mouth before I could stop them. They travelled from my mind before I could stuff them back in to a draw in the corner of my mind. “I just mean that, no guy is good enough for her.” I covered, attempting to wipe the smug smile from her face.

“Except you?”

“No, even I’m not good enough for her.” I admitted rather bluntly. “She deserves a Prince.”

Dixie put her feet together and swung them back and forth as she sat still. “Yeah, because she is going to find one of those.”

“A little pessimistic aren’t we there Dix?” I asked softly. “Freddy will lighten up eventually.”

She shook her head and took a deep breath. I could hear the crack in her voice as she laughed. “No he won’t.” I was about to reassure her when a single tear rolled perfectly down her cheek. She swiped it away without a second thought. Even I could feel the pain that pulled at her heart, Dixie could hide her emotion well, but at times like these; she is an obvious wreck. “I walked in on him this morning – seventh year Ravenclaw. He had managed her before breakfast.”

I looked at Dixie, my mouth a jar slightly. “Dixie, I’m-“

“Don’t apologize.” She ordered. “You have nothing to apologize for.” Swallowing her tears she took a deep breath and stood up. “Don’t change the subject; I am not here to talk about our relationship lives. I am hear to teach you Astronomy you lousy wreck of a ma-”


“So yeah, it doesn’t matter that Freddy is shagging people.” She shrugged. “Ye-“

“Dixie?” I asked, stopping her in a mid-ramble. She had changed the topic pretty quickly. “Are you a virgin?”

Her brown eyes grew wide at the question. She didn’t consider it a simple question. She thought it as more of an accusation. “Wha…How? Why do you need to know? Why is it your business?” I shrugged. “That’s it is it? Dixie Pruitt. Blonde, loud mouthed. Slut? Is that how you consider me? Is that how you all consider me? Just because I am loud, I sleep aroun-?”

I pulled her down in to my lap and held the struggling girl in my arms, Dixie was small, easy to pin. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I said loudly, attempting to be heard over her cries. “I just assumed that you and Fred had, well … you know?”

“Had sex?”

I sighed, “Yeah!”

“Nope,” she shook her head. “We nearly did, back before the Christmas holidays. But no. He said that he didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That I wasn’t like the other girls.” She looked to the floor, her heavy eyes piercing the stones. “In a strange way I found that insulting.”

I shook my head and pulled her in to my lap; she crossed her legs and began to pick at her nails. It was moments like these that I felt like a father. “You shouldn’t.” I said quietly. “I know for a fact that Fred likes you as much as you like him. He’s just incredibly dumb. The day that he realizes how lucky he could be, will also be the best day of your life.” She looked up at me with deep eyes. “Then, when you’re both ready for that big step, it will just seem right. Giving your virginity isn’t something that you should take for granted.”

“You hypocrite.” She snapped. “You gave it away in fifth year. To that blonde bombshell of a Slytherin.”

Nervously, I scratched my chin. “No I didn’t.” I laughed a little, hoping to ease the tension. “It’s when Freddy lost his and I didn’t want to feel like the weakling of the two. I had stayed in the Slytherin dorms after a party and told Freddy that I had had sex with Gretchen Avery.”

Dixie smiled. It wasn’t her smirk, nor was it one of amusement. She simply smiled softy. “Check this here shit out, the great James Potter is actually a virgin.”

“Just don’t spread it around.” I winked. “I wouldn’t want my reputation ruined.” She elbowed me in the stomach before laying her head on to my shoulder. “The only person who I have ever told that to is Charisma. You should feel honoured Dix.”

She nodded. “I do.” She still did not smile; instead she spoke in the silence of the tower. “Answer me this,” she pleaded. “Picture this very are out in the grounds one day and you come across Charisma. She is pinned up against a tree doing the dirty with Harper. They’re really in to it, hands all over each other and the sounds are in HD.” She mimicked this by making hands movements to thin air. I sat back, leaning my head against the stone wall behind me. “What do you do?”

Without thinking I slapped her hands still. “I pull them apart and punch his lights out.”


“Because…it’s Chic, and him.” Dixie nodded. “It’s a natural reaction. I would do the same if a boy was shagging Lily, or Albus – hopefully more likely Lily considering it would be incredibly awkward if a boy was having sex with Albus up against a tree.”

“I’m being serious.” She laughed.

“So am I!”

She sighed and blew her hair from her eyes. “So, would you really do it for family honour? Or would you do it because you don’t like the idea of Harpers hands on Chic?”

“Both! Especially because it’s bloody him!” I said with a smile. “Dixie, where is this going?”

“Do you fancy Charisma, James?”

I stared at her, dumbfounded. 

A pause of silence. 

I coulnd't look anywhere but her expression. “No.” Shit.

Dixie was still smiling softly. It wasn’t triumphant nor was it smug. She knew as well as I did that I was an awful liar. 

AN: Words? I have none. :D

I was going to drag this out another chapter, but I thought that I couldn’t be that mean to you…again.

What do you all think of Dixie and James’s relationship?
Did any of you see this chapter coming?
What are your opinions of James’s confessions?
How many of you can only think of the word ‘FINALLY’?

The sequel is well under way. It’s called ‘Seven.’ So make sure to check it out once this is finish. Wow, that sounded morbid, there’s another seven chapters…get ready to count down. Dixie is proving it very hard to write her sarcasm in to everything that she does, but I am attempting. 

Nobody else has dropped by my MTA page yet. Does nobody have any questions? Not even my favourite colour? :P Thank you to Steph who was the first to ask me a set of questions. Happy Daze ...
The next chapter is called 'Snow White and her Evil Stepmother'.

“Well when will you tell me?”

I bit my lip with hope of the word either being ‘Now’, or ‘Soon’. But instead he said. “When you least expect it.”

“That’s very mafia of you.” I said, eyeing him suspiciously. "But I want to"

He frowned. "That's very mafia of
It should be up soon. Thanks for all the reviews I have so far, I don’t think that I have mentioned it before. But I just can’t explain just how grateful that I really am. I never thought that so many people would read this story. Thank you. :D 

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