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disclaimer: I own nothing but Alice and Raina Nicholson! Who are purely fictional, by the way.

Piles of books spill out of my bag as I walk to Charms. I don’t even need to turn around to determine the culprit.

I hear his snickering first.

“Nicholson,” he sneers at me. “Want me to help you with those books?”

I am stuck, I am frozen. I can’t move. His friends urge him on as they jeer at me. They want to see some action.

Potter, the ringleader, steps forward. He spies a flattened and empty soda can among the books. He picks it up like it’s dirt.

“What’s this, Nicholson?” Potter asks mockingly. “Still drinking this Muggle soda? I’ll throw it away for you.”

He tosses it over his shoulder carelessly. “I’ll throw it away for you, just like your sister was thrown away from you, Nicholson,” he says softly, maliciously, watching for my reaction.

I am seeing red. Red like the Coca-Cola soda can that Potter has just thrown away. I can feel the fury building up inside of me, but I will not give Potter the satisfaction of a reaction today. No, not today.

Just like your sister.  The words echo in my head. I try to block the memory but it flies through my shield.

“Nicholson, Raina!” Professor McGonagall shouted.

I held my breath anxiously as Raina skipped up to the Sorting Hat. The Hat covered her eyes as she pulled it on. The Hall was silent as many wait for the Hat’s decision.

“GRYFFINDOR!” it screamed amid cheers and applause.

My sister beamed at me and joined the table next to mine. I was so happy for her that I failed to notice that Potter sent scheming looks her way...

I can feel heat behind my eyes, but I will it to go away.

“Alice,” Raina looked at me sadly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Her voice echoes against the suits of armor as we stroll down the corridor.

“What do you mean?” I asked her unsuspectingly.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you don’t have any friends at school? Why doesn’t anyone like you?”

Startled, my breath caught in my throat. “I...I didn’t think that was important.”

“Look, Alice,” Raina said to me, her eyes brimming with disappointment. “I don’t think I can talk to you at school anymore.”

I could hardly believe my ears. “Are you serious?”

“Why would I be kidding, Alice?” Raina waved a hand at me. “I need friends here. I can always talk to you at home. But’s different. You understand, don’t you?”

I don’t understand, I don’t. But I nodded numbly, and Raina, in her first year robes, skipped away, and I, in my second year ones, slumped against the wall.

“Nicholson?” Potter jabs at me with his wand. “You still there? Or is your head off in loony land again?”

I snort derisively at his poor insult. Loony land? Really, Potter?

I whip out my wand, and Potter looks taken aback. He does not expect a duel from me, but he does not know what I will do next. And I will not give him a hint, either. I like this rare feeling of power over him.

I simply cast a Repairing Charm on my bag and summon my belongings back to me. Potter’s eyes narrow. He will not let me get away so easily.

Everything slows down as I carefully watch my enemy. Potter lifts his wand, and I do the same. We both shout simultaneously:



Our spells collide in the air and a deafening boom resounds around the corridor. Potter’s friends duck for cover as the walls begin to tremble. Smoke begins to fill the air, and under its cover I run for Charms class.

I hear the angry cry of a wounded lion. “NICHOLSON!”


The rest of the day passes in a blur to me. All the classes are the same. The teacher drones on until it’s time to do the activity. How interesting.

It’s not until dinner that the tone of my day changes.

My head is down as I carefully pick my way through the crowd eager to spill into the Great Hall. They are all staring at the note pinned to its entrance, whispering excitedly. I hear the words "Sprite" repeatedly. Some people give me condescending looks as I pass, which I ignore.

What has Potter done now? I bet he’s done something to humiliate me again.

But it’s not that Potter who has done the unthinkable.

No, it’s his younger brother. I can’t believe this. It’s one of those Muggle “Wanted” signs!


My mouth drops open in disbelief.

Albus Potter is looking for me.

This barely has time to sink in when the doors open. I am almost run over by the crowd. I stumble in after them dazedly and slide onto the bench nearest to the doors.

I summon a can of Coca-Cola to send the Sprite filled thoughts from my mind.

A/N: A new chapter! YAYYY.

So, what do you think? Thanks to Purple_Ink about the story of her dad that conjured up the type of soda I included for this chapter! (:

Please review! I LOVE THOSE THINGS:D


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