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Everybody Says Don’t

Draco sat back in his seat, leaning backwards so that the seat was swinging on two legs. He tediously flicked his hair out of his grey eyes as he swung back and fourth. His chair creaked from underneath him, and he swung back even further. His back pressed against the wall, his legs in mid-air - alongside the chairs. He had his quill in his hands, and he pulled his arms behind his back to touch the wall.
“Mr Malfoy, do not swing on your seat! This is your final warning, or you’ll be on detention!” Professor Slughorn bellowed across the classroom. His large figure towered over Hermione Granger, who was beaming with happiness as he handed her a sheet of paper.
“Oh thank you so much, sir!” she wailed in excitement as she pulled Harry Potter in for a hug.

Draco glared at her with envious eyes, knowing that he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much of a mark as she had. Her hair flew all around her body as she turned in her seat to face many of the other students whom where congratulating her. Draco rolled his eyes and then sunk back in his seat as he scribbled on his desk with his quill. He could hear her gloating about how much effort she had put into the exam paper, and how she had achieved from it. Several of the people surrounding her now also had their papers back, but none seemed as joyful as Hermione, so he guessed that she had top grades as per usual.

Professor Slughorn appeared at the front of Draco’s desk and frowned down at him. Draco stared up into his Professors eyes, which where twitching slightly. In one quick, swift movement, the Professor pulled from the top of the pile Draco’s paper. He laid it on Draco’s desk quietly and continued to frown at him. Draco closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was staring at his sheet. 12/50 was his mark, and a large ‘F’ was in the right hand corner, with a circle around it.
“Yes, not a very good mark now was it, Mr Malfoy?” Professor Slughorn asked in vexation.
“No, sir.” Draco tossed his quill in the air three times, each time letting it do one flip.
“I think you need a tutor.” Professor Slughorn replied as he watched in annoyance as the quill flipped.
“Whatever.” Draco continued to flip the quill, watching as he did so. Round and round it spiralled. It was half way through the air when Professor Slughorn grabbed it and slammed it down on the desk.
“Are you listening to me, boy?!” he bellowed. Half of the class now turned round in their seats to watch, as if this was a performance at a circus.
“Yes, sir.” Draco replied, this time focusing on the professor.
“Miss Granger,” Slughorn shouted. Hermione turned in her seat, still smiling brightly, “come here.”

Hermione skipped from her seat, letting go of Ron’s hand as she did so. She walked briskly to the professor, eyes narrowing to look at Draco, who sat with a gloomy expression set upon his pale face.
“Yes sir?” she smiled brightly up at him, as if expecting him to award her with something else.
“I need you to tutor Mr Malfoy here. He’s failing, and your exceeding beyond expectations.”
Hermione’s bright smile turned to a look of aghast. Draco’s mouth dropped open, and he stared in disbelief at his Professor as he smiled between the two.
“But Professor,” Hermione said as she looked between the professor and Draco with a worried look on her face, “I can’t tutor Malfoy. We’re not friends, sir.” Hermione stared up at the Professor with pleading eyes. Draco also stared up at the professor.
“I’m sorry, but that’s my final word. Tutor and study in your own time, but make sure its being done.” Professor Slughorn said as he walked away towards the front of the class. Hermione turned to look at Draco. Their eyes locked on each others, and Hermione glared at him through her dark brown eyes.
She turned sharply on the spot, and marched back to her seat. Draco could see her hand movements as she explained her frustration to Ron and Harry, who sat looking surprised. Harry looked concerned, and Ron looked angry and worried for her also. Each of their heads turned to stare at Draco, each glaring at him. Draco was known as a notorious Death Eater now, and he doubted that Hermione’s friends would not be all to pleased with her tutoring him.

The bell rang and Draco stood up and pushed his chair in. As he stood behind his chair waiting to be dismissed, he couldn’t help but notice that Hermione Granger was glaring at him still. He rolled his eyes at her and then stuck his middle finger up at her and she looked mortified. Laughing at her, Draco then put his hands back into his pockets and felt satisfied that she was no longer staring at him.
“Okay, you may leave now. I’ve to get some stuff done,“ Slughorn declared as he used his hands to usher them out of the door. As Draco began to leave though, he said, “Oh and Mr Malfoy, Miss Granger, please stay behind for a moment.”
Draco stared at him and then let out a deep sigh before returning to his seat. Hermione stood by her seat also and stared at the man with displeasure.

“I’m sorry to keep you both here, but I must insist that we discuss this tutoring.” Professor Slughorn said as he busily sorted the exam papers into neat piles and laid them on his desk with the flick of his wand. He then coughed to clear his throat as he hobbled over to Hermione’s table, and he signalled for Draco to follow. Sighing again, Draco obeyed, and he quickly walked over to the table that the two where now sitting at. He perched himself on the side of the desk and ran his fingers through his hair.
“Okay. I know you two aren’t friends and all, but you must put that aside. You must always see the good in people, even if it seems that their blood is filthy.” Slughorn said. Hermione gasped, and Slughorn quickly remembered the mistake of saying that, but Draco stood sniggering at the comment.
“Oh Miss Granger. I didn’t mean it like that. What I mean, is that you two need to set aside your difference. See the good in each other.” Slughorn said, his face red with embarrassment.
“Sir..” Hermione still tried to plead with the professor, but he shook his head miserably.
“I’m sorry, Granger, but you have to. I always thought of you to be the nicest person in this class. To be the one who can see the good in everyone, but perhaps I was mistaken.” Slughorn said as he stared down at the desk to avoid eye contact. Draco stared at Hermione, who looked annoyed and upset, and he laughed slightly upon seeing her look defeated.
“Okay, I’ll give it a go.” she replied miserably, looking down at her feet and sighing deeply. Professor Slughorn’s head snapped up and he immediately beamed brightly at the two.
“Well then, that’s great news! Now, I want you two to stay here now and discuss when you will meet, where and for how long. I won’t be away long, and wait until I’m back or you won’t be getting a note to escape a detention.” Professor Slughorn winked as he stood up from the chair he was sitting on and he waddled out of the room, his heavy shoes causing lots of noise as he did so.

Hermione licked her lips as she rested her head in her hands, and Draco continued to lean against the table that she was sitting on.
“Well, you heard him, so sit down and lets do this thing.” Hermione said in an agitated tone.
Draco slid into the seat beside her and the two sat in silence for a moment, just staring at the desk.
“How come I get stuck with you? Why not someone like.. Like, err..” Hermione struggled to think of the name of someone clever and brighter than herself, or equally bright as herself in the class.
“You?” Draco replied. He looked up from the desk, his grey eyes shining brightly in the brightly lit room. Hermione stared into his eyes for a moment, as if she was looking for something - but found nothing. Her eyes narrowed to his left arm. The arm that held on it a tattoo like no other. He could feel the snakes body twisting against his skin as she stared hard onto his arm; It was almost as if she could see straight through his sweater.
“Stop staring at it, and like Slughorn the pathetic baboon said, lets ‘discuss’.” Draco replied as he put his arm underneath the table out of the way of Hermione’s gaze.
“Right. You know what Amortentia is, right?” Hermione asked as she pulled out her potions book.
“Of-course not.” Draco relied. Hermione slammed the book down and huffed slightly.
“It’s a love potion.” she replied hastily as she flicked through the pages of the book.
“Oh, so that’s how you got your beloved Ron to fall in love with you then?” Draco asked as he smirked at her. Hermione glared at him and then pointed to a piece of text in the book.
“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world, and it smells differently according to what attracts you,” she read, “got it?”
“If you say so, tutor.” Draco grinned widely at her, but she merely shook her head in disappointment.

They spent half an hour trying to get the Amortentia, Babbling Beverage and Fire Protection Potion’s descriptions drummed into his head. Just as Hermione almost screamed at him for being stupid and kicking her chair, Professor Slughorn entered the room.
“Ah, still here I see? I expected that you’d have left, actually.” he said as he walked merrily to his table.
“You said we couldn’t leave, Professor, or you wouldn’t give us a note.” Hermione pointed out.
“Yes, that’s my nonsense. I wouldn’t put your studying at chance, Miss Granger, and whatever you do Mr Malfoy. You could have left, I’d still have written you both a note if you came back later.”
Hermione stared at him angrily and he quickly grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill.
“What class are you both missing?” he asked as he dabbed the quill end into the ink pot.
“Charms.” both Hermione and Draco said in unison. They both eyed each other suspiciously after they both spoke, wondering what each was thinking.
“Professor Flitwick?” Slughorn asked again as he scribbled away.
“Yeah.” Hermione replied as she stood up and walked over to him. He handed her the note, and she began to walk out of the classroom.
“Where’s my note?” Draco asked with curiosity as he watched Hermione leave.
“Well judging that you both said Charms with Professor Flitwick at the same time, I guessed that you where both in the same class and wrote out one. Go catch up, unless you want detention of course?” Slughorn joked as he picked up a piece of paper with a list of things on it. He chuckled lightly to himself and he ticked something off on the list, and then he coughed and spluttered. Draco looked at him with disgust and then quickly picked up his bag and chased on after Hermione.

He could see her picking up pace as she noticed him following behind her, and she rounded another corner and was out of sight again. Running to catch up again, Draco panted as he stopped at the corner and noticed that she was waiting for him by the door.
“Oh, th-thanks.” he panted as he walked slowly towards her. She sighed and pushed the door to Charms open and the two walked in, Draco still rather out of breath. Hermione wandered over to Professor Flitwick and handed him the note, him nodding silently in reply. Draco grabbed a seat by Pansy Parkinson, who smiled brightly upon his seating. He knew than that sitting there was a big mistake.
Hermione grabbed a seat by Ron, opposite Harry and Terry Boot, who sat quietly chatting away.

Pansy put one hand on top of Draco’s, which was resting on his lap.
“Draco, why did you miss most of class? There’s only ten minutes left, and you came in with that mudblood. Why?” Pansy asked.
Being Too afraid to admit the real reason as to why he was late, Draco said, “I had to speak with Slughorn and Granger was just there studying. Nothing important though.”
Pansy smiled and clasped his hand even tighter. Draco gulped and turned his attention to the professor.
He was blabbering on about some Growth Charm, but Draco couldn’t concentrate on him - not when Pansy was holding his hand. He wasn’t sure if he could move It without upsetting her. She had been forever liking him, and they had been a couple on and off for the past three years. But they where now in their seventh year, and he didn’t want to start anything up between them. He had his own things he wanted to do with his life, and he didn’t like her in the way she liked him.
“Draco,” she whispered. Her breath felt as warm as flames against his neck, “I really like you. I know you share these feelings, but you just don’t want to admit it. Shall we give it another go?”
He knew this moment would come. The moment that her little heart would be broken - by him.
He whispered quietly back to her, “Pansy, I-”
“I know, Draco. I’m just glad that we can finally be back together again. No need to explain how much I mean to you. I already know. Thank you for giving me another chance. I was so scared, and Blaise convinced me too ask you, after-all.” Pansy replied, not letting him finish his sentence. Blaise. Draco turned around quickly in his seat to stare at the back of the classroom. He noticed Blaise sitting beside Theodore Nott, who was sitting quietly, scribbling notes on a piece of parchment. Blaise looked up and grinned as he noticed Pansy smiling away to herself and their hands joined. Draco glared at him deeply, and Blaise’s grin vanished. He looked back down at his parchment, worried about his wellbeing after this.

The class finally finished, and Blaise pushed past several students in order to run from the room as fast as his legs would carry him. Draco smirked, feeling the slight satisfaction that Blaise was scared of him.
He stood up and pushed his chair in, Pansy still holding his hand. He shook his hand free and turned to face her, to tell her that he didn’t share the same feelings for her, but she got the wrong idea. As he turned his head to face her, her hands clasped around his cheeks and she pulled him towards her. Their lips joined together, Draco not knowing what to think. He didn’t pull away, and instead he let her kiss him. She let go and stared deep into his eyes, smiling brightly. He then put his hands on top of hers and pulled them from his face and dropped them.
“See? We’re meant to be together, Draco!” she exclaimed as she smiled brightly and kissed him again.
All he could do was just stand there and take it.
“Pansy, wait,” he said quietly as she went to leave, “I don’t want to go out with you. I don’t like you in that way, and I’m really really really sorry!”. Her expression had turned solid, and her face was red.
“W-what?” she gasped, appalled.
“I’m sorry.” Draco replied. Pansy took deep breaths and looked all around her. She then looked back up to him, with shiny eyes as if she where about to cry. Draco noticed this.
“Oh please don’t cry!” he begged as he too looked all around himself. With one swift, quick motion, Pansy’s hand flew through the air and punched him hard in the face. Draco’s hand immediately took the place of where her hand had hit and he rubbed his face as she stormed off out of the classroom.
People where staring at him as he stood by his chair with his hand tight against his cheek. It burned badly, and all he could do was hope that there was no mark.
“Dismissed.” shouted Flitwick as he moved some old books back into their shelves.
Draco walked briskly along the corridor, his hand still over the spot that pansy had hit. The pain throbbed through his whole head, and as he passed the Hospital Wing, he stopped and decided that maybe Madam Pomfrey could fix it and give him something to get rid of the pain.

He walked into the Hospital Wing and found Madam Pomfrey with Ginny Weasley, who had been injured during Quidditch practice.
“There you go, Miss Weasley, don’t go falling off that broom of yours again for some time, or it’ll be more than just a few bruises on that very frail bone of yours.” she said as Ginny hopped off the end of the bed and walked straight past Draco and out of the door, glaring at him as she left.
“Can I help you?” Madam Pomfrey asked quietly as she quickly made the bed again.
“Err, yes. I got, err, punched by accident in the face. I think there’s a bruise, and its bloody sore!” Draco said as he rubbed his cheek in pain. Madam Pomfrey walked over to him and tapped her hand on his, signalling him to move it. He moved his hand away, and she gasped.
“It’s left an awful bruise. What ever punched you like this?” she asked as she continued to look closer at the bruise.
“Just a, err, walked into something.” Draco lied. It where almost as if Madam Pomfrey could see that he was lying, but she nodded her head in agreement and walked over to the cupboard.
“Okay, I’m going to give you some Bruise-Removal Paste. This should get rid of your bruise in about an hour.” she said as she hurried back with a bottle of yellow paste. She tipped some onto her small, wrinkly hands and rubbed it neatly onto his face. Eventually, she rushed over to the sink and washed her hands free of the thick, yellow paste.
“Okay, if you just keep that on for the hour than that’ll be that. Okay, you best get back to class.”
Draco stared at her with wide eyes. Surely she didn’t think that he’d ever go out with this on his face.
She laughed lightly at his expression and then pointed to the door. Glaring at her, Draco walked off; his face coated in a thick, yellow paste.

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