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JKR is queen of the universe.

The night of the triumphant Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff match, the Ravenclaw Fifth Year girl Quidditch players had a tent party. Tent parties were a tradition that dated back to October or November of their First Year when Rose and Phil, already fast friends, came into their dormitory to find Darcy on the floor hidden beneath a blanket.

It turned out that Darcy and Owen had had their first fight that day, and it had (somewhat uncharacteristically) upset her. She was only eleven at the time, after all. At any rate, Rose and Phil had joined Darcy under her blanket and tent parties were born.


“Where is Matilda all the time, anyways?” Darcy wondered randomly as they put the finishing touches on their palatial tent. The tents had gotten correspondingly fancier as they had gotten older and become more proficient at Charms.

“Oh, isn’t she with those people doing that thing that causes her to keep odd hours?” Phil answered vaguely.

“You’re right, I had forgotten about that,” Darcy nodded knowingly.


“Who cares about Matilda? It’s time to get down to Official Tent Party Business,” Rose said, the capital letters clearly audible. “As first Tent Party of the year, we have several items that must be discussed. First, news from the summer and anything that’s happened yet this year, second, Quidditch, third, boys, and lastly, we’ll have an in-depth breakdown about whatever we deem to be the most pressing matter.”


“But the first order of business is, of course, chocolate,” Phil said, pulling some out of her trunk. While Rose liked to officiate the tent parties, Phil, not surprisingly, was the real organizer.


“I’ll begin, shall I?” Rose asked, not waiting for an answer. “The only real news I’ve got is being Quidditch Captain, but you all knew about that and it fits into the Quidditch category besides. Nothing else happened to me this summer, so,” she turned towards Phil. “How about you?”


“I’m a Prefect, Ancient Runes is the best class I’ve ever taken, and Al and I are dating,” Phil listed off rather hurriedly.


“Right. Darcy?” Rose asked.


She did a double take.


Phil sort of cowered into her corner of the tent.


Rose breathed deeply through her nose for several seconds.


“Don’t you dare break his heart,” she finally came out with. “And if you so much as breathe one word about our Quidditch strategy to him, I shall never speak to you ever again.”


“I’m surprised, Rose,” Darcy grinned. “That was, to make an understatement, rather restrained for you.”


“Oh, shut up,” Rose said.


“I think it’s spending so much more time in close proximity to Lily,” Phyllis said, deadpan, after recovering from her shock.


“She’s realized that, while Lily’s great and all, toning it down a notch might not be such a bad idea,” Darcy agreed, also straight-faced. “She is struggling with it a bit though. Look at her face.”


Rose spluttered indignantly. “You– Just–  Oh, shut up,” she repeated helplessly. “Moving on. Darcy, news?” she asked in her best I’m-your-Quidditch-Captain-and-you-better-stay-on-task tone.


“Owen and I are snogging now,” Darcy replied casually, tossing her umpteenth chocolate frog in her mouth.


“Seriously, though?” Phil asked. “I have to say, I didn’t believe Lily one hundred percent during practice. I mean, I’m surprised you two can get near each other long enough to have an actual snog without murdering each other.”


“Surprised me too,” Darcy said, reaching for a frog that was about to get away. “I suppose it’s pure lust.”


“Ew, that’s my brother,” Phil squealed. “But do you two actually –” she hesitated, searching for the right term. “Like each other?” she asked. “Do you – talk or anything?”


“Pretty much just bickering. It’s good fun, though.” Darcy replied.


“Are you really a couple?” Phil asked interestedly. “Like, if someone else asked one of you to Hogsmeade, would you go?”


“Who’s asking Owen to Hogsmeade?” Darcy asked. She put a nonchalant expression on her face as she searched for the chocolate frog that she had just dropped.


“Hah! You fancy him! You fancy my brother!” Phil said delightedly. “Oh my gosh, we’re going to be sisters-in-law!”


Darcy glared at her. “Phyllis. Elizabeth. Walters. I will KILL you if you repeat one word – just one word – of this conversation to your brother. Also, it’s against tent party rules, so Rose will back me up. You don’t want to be on Rose’s bad side when you just got off so easily about dating her favorite cousin, do you? I thought not,” she said severely. “I think I’ve made myself clear.”


“Fine,” Phil huffed exasperatedly. “You would have adorable babies, though.”


“And none of this ‘oh, we’re twins, we can read each other’s minds’ bollocks,” Darcy added, apparently deciding to ignore Phil’s last comment. “I know that you can’t, otherwise Owen wouldn’t have failed the History of Magic exam last year.”


“Fine,” Phil said sullenly.


“You and Al are definitely a couple though, aren’t you?” Darcy grinned mischievously at Phil, completely changing tacks.


Phil, falling for it completely, smiled in a lovelorn manner and said, sighing, “Yes. It’s really great. I mean, I’ve fancied him – well, forever, and apparently he fancies me too! Plus we just have such fun spending time together – and it makes Prefect duties so much more fun!”


Darcy raised her eyebrows suggestively. “So that’s why no one’s been caught out past curfew lately. What’s your favorite broom closet?”


“Darcy!” Phil flushed and threw a chocolate frog at Darcy, who caught it neatly. (She wasn’t Ravenclaw’s best Chaser for nothing.)


Darcy laughed. “I was only kidding. You’re clearly quite sensitive where dear Albie is concerned.”

Rose threw up her hands exasperatedly before Phil could respond. “Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle purple if I ever heard it. You practically spit when Phil was joking about you and Owen, Darcy.” Darcy looked affronted. “Anyway, as we’ve clearly skipped right over section two – Quidditch, might I add, the most important section – and on to section three, I suppose I’d better tell you my boy news even though I was saving it for the proper time.”


Darcy’s air of nonchalance was ruined when she spit a mangled chocolate frog leg halfway across the tent. “You have boy news??” she practically shrieked. “Merlin, that’s great! You two are so cute together! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” she stopped abruptly, confusedly looking at Phil who was grimacing and making violent ‘shut-up’ motions by drawing her hand across her neck. “Phil. What are you doing?”


“So what’s your news, Rose?” Phil asked loudly.


Rose’s obliviousness combined with a rather feisty chocolate frog’s break for freedom caused her to entirely miss the previous exchange. “Well, it turns out that the Hogsmeade trip was a date after all,” she said.


“Wait. What Hogsmeade trip?” Darcy’s obliviousness rivaled Rose’s at times.


“The one with Jack, of course,” Rose responded. She missed Darcy’s shocked expression. “Anyways, after we got back to the castle – he took me through a secret passageway, by the way – ”


“But I thought we knew about all of the secret passageways in Hogwarts?” Phil asked. “I mean, what about that map that James and Fred nicked off of your uncle?”


“Well, apparently James kept this one a secret from Al, or Al kept it a secret from me. Or it just wasn’t on the map, or something. Either way, Jack knows about it.”


“But back to the point,” Darcy said impatiently.


“Well, we were standing there by the statue of the one-eyed-witch – that’s where the passageway comes out, by the way – and anyways, we were standing there, and he kissed me.”


“Just like that?” Phil asked.

“Just like that,” Rose said.


“Well, what do you think?” asked Darcy.


“I dunno. It was a bit awkward, to tell the truth,” said Rose. “Anyway, he’s asked me to go to the Gryffindor-Slytherin match with him as a sort of date. I mean, we’ll just hang out with you guys probably but it counts as a date, I guess.”


“So do you fancy him?” Phil asked. “I mean, Darcy obviously fancies Owen – ” Darcy threw a pillow at her. “ – and I fancy Al. But what about you, Rose?”


“I suppose I fancy him,” Rose said unconvincingly. “I dunno, really. I quite like spending time with him.”


“But in the same way you like spending time with me or Owen or Darcy?” Phil asked.


“Yes,” Rose said. “But he is good-looking, I suppose, and kissing him was rather exciting. I mean, awkward. But exciting.”


“That doesn’t necessarily mean anything,” Darcy said. “When I snogged Stan Zambini in Third Year that was exciting even though he was vile.”


Phil nodded knowingly. “The first kiss excitement. It’s very common.”


“What do you know about it, Phil?” Rose asked defensively. “If me kissing Teddy Lupin doesn’t count, then you kissing Sam Finnigan in First Year doesn’t count either.”


“Nevertheless,” Darcy said. “She has a point, Rose. Was the kiss itself exciting or was the fact that you were being kissed exciting?”


“Well, neither actually, I guess,” Rose said. “I mean, it was exciting that evening after I realized that I had been kissed, but at the time it was just – ”


“Awkward,” Phil finished.


A shockingly large amount of chocolate and giggling later, the tent party had degenerated into surprisingly loud snoring.

Hey guys. Sorry this is sort of a filler chapter, originally more stuff was going to happen but it got sort of long. But on a happier note, sanitariumescapee and I actually wrote the first half of chapter three of  Ingram Malfoy Goes to Ozwarts, so that will actually be up in the next couple of weeks! For real this time! In honor of that event, I inserted a line from Ingram's story into this chapter, just for yucks. Anyways, there is more drama and action to come, I promise! (And we really will be unseasonally heading into Christmas time in the next couple of chapters.) I hope you liked it, thanks for reading! 


p.s. I <3 reviews, in case that had slipped your mind or something :D Also a HUGE thanks to everyone who has reviewed this story in the past; it always inspires me to write more, so thank you! You guys are awesome!

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