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Chapter Sixteen
The One who Escaped

A/N: Hello
So here we are chapter sixteen!
This chapter is a dull chapter in my opinion, compared to the last one which I know many of you loved the cliff hanger ;)
BUT never fear - i thought this chapter, at least the beginning was cute :)
but you know how i'm evil muhahahaha
and Peter makes his big debut in this chapter, and I hope you get the pun/joke/notreallyfunny i made with it

another short chapter but
many of you will love this chapter
many of you will hate it
to find out read it!

lol, im so poetic :)


I watched her as she walked out of the common room without a word. It was late, maybe I should stop her?

No, just let her leave.


I turned around to see to who was, “Oh hey Remus... James,” I said nodding my head to both of them. James stood shyly behind Remus and gave me a half smile. I watched as Remus pulled (or dragged) James towards the sofa. He roughly pushed James down beside me.
“Okay,” Remus said sitting down on the armchair opposite us, “Now, you both did some hurtful things to each other and I think you know what you need to say to make this all better.” He was talking to us like we were a couple of five year olds, “Sirius, you start.”

“WHY – oh okay,” I shrugged, “I’m sorry, that you’re an asshole.”

“Sirius!” Remus snapped at me, “James – sit.”

I huffed, “I’m sorry James, that I went behind your back when I should have just aske- no told you but Hay- we were afraid that you were going to be mad and that you were going to kill me,” I said monotonically. I hope he didn’t get the last sarcasm I added, or attempted, “Oh and I’m sorry I called you an asshole, you’re not an asshole, although you may have-”

“That was very nice Sirius, well done,” Remus said cutting across me. He was gave me, what I was sure a fake smile, “James,” Remus instructed.

“I’m sorry for breaking your nose, it’s a very beautiful nose and I should not have broken it,” James sighed, “I think we should put your nose on a platter and worship-”

“That’s enough James,” Remus snapped, “Okay – good, now you’re best friends again... now hug it out.”

“I’m not hugging him,” we both said together.

“Do it.” Remus had that look in his eyes, that I though brought out his inner wolf. But I would never mention that to him – he’d have a heart attack.

James and I looked at each other, and we hugged. Okay not a hug, more like a pat on the back.

“Are we done with this now?” I growled at Remus, he nodded and this time gave a genuine smile, “You wanna go into the forbidden forest?” I asked James.

“ No!” Remus snapped at both of us, “Oh hey Pete, where have you been?” 

“Oh went to library to study for the Runes exam,” Peter said making himself comfortable on an armchair.

“I haven’t seen you in ages!” James cried out, “I’m up to the sixteenth chapter of my book and in that time I haven’t seen you once!” 

“Like you read,” Peter smirked, “I saw you with that girl, Remus...” 

I gasped. I think everyone else gasped too, including Remus.
 “Peter! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone that!” Remus snarled.
“Slipped,” Peter grinned, as I hi-fived him, “So are you going to them or shall I?” 

“I’ll only tell you if you two-” Remus said, pointing at me and James, “-Marauder promise not to fight like that again!”

We both nodded.

“I’ll tell you in the morning,” Remus chuckled.
Well it was noon, and he still hadn’t told us.

“Remus it’s lunch time,” I whined, “You still haven’t told us.”

“Hey guys,” Pete said, looking around, “Only McGonagall is in her seat – you wanna play a prank?” 
“What?” James said, looking up at the teachers table. McGonagall stood at the centre of the table, looking down at all of us, “Hmm... I wonder where the others are...”

“I bet they’re having a party,” Pete squealed, “You wanna gatecrash?”

We laughed, “No – that’s a stupid idea,” I said shaking my head.

“You wanna have a game of Quidditch? Two on two?” Remus asked, getting out of his seat.

We quickly grabbed our brooms and made our way to the Quidditch pitch. On the way, we saw about a dozen men standing outside the hospital wing. James wanted to talk to Dumbledore, so we made our way through the crowd.

“Hi Professor,” James greeted kindly, “What’s going on here? Anything I should be aware of?”

I scoffed, James as a head boy thought he should know all the in and outs of everything. Such a busy body.

“Not right now James,” Dumbledore smiled, “I’ll fill you in this afternoon if things go downhill.”

James nodded. We continued or way to the Quidditch pitch, but unfortunately it was already being used.

 “I got this,” James grinned at us, he ran his hand through his hair (idiot), “Hey boys, wanna match?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “Is that your attempt at being gay?”

“No,” James said, sticking out his tongue at me, “It’s my success at us playing Quidditch.”

“Yeah, okay,” said one the four Hufflepuffs. I recognised one of them as Sheldon and another as John Waltham, a beater, “Two chaser, a keeper and a beater.” A big blonde bloke, who I couldn’t recognise threw a beater bat at me.

“Geez thanks,” I muttered, as it nearly hit my face.

“First to three, wins,” Remus said, kicking off. Remus of course would be our keeper (he was much to nice for anything else), Peter our beater – he had the beaters gut – and me and James, chasers. We’re were practicably unstoppable. The Unstoppable duo. The De-

“Padfoot!” James yelled at me from the other end of the pitch, “Do a zig-zag, bang towards me, and then Pete’ll hit the ball, and then just follow it with a washy-wish-bang trio? Okay?”

No, not really. I had no idea what he had said. But was our brilliant plan. The Hufflepuffs will get all scared thinking we have a plan – they’ll try to interept what we were saying – interept it wrong and we’ll win.

That made a ton of sense.


James and I worked better together as chasers. It was like the third Chaser was unnecessary. Whenever the Quaffle had landed in the hands of the Hufflepuffs, Pete would send a bludger their way. It didn’t take us long to score. About twenty times.

We got back onto the grass, because Sheldon started rowing about how we were cheating and they left the field.

‘Ha!” James yelled at me, “Told you I got this-”

“What?” I said. James looked like he had just seen a ghost – okay, bad metaphor. Whatever. I followed to where he was looking somewhere amongst the trees.

“Oh my god!” Remus yelled as he ran forward, James, Pete and I at his heels.

“Hayley!” James yelled. Hayley stood about ten metres from us. Covered in blood. Her face and shirt matched the red of her Gryffindor tie. One of her arms look like it had been torn out from the socket and the other looked at it had be burnt. The wand she had grasped in he hand she, pointed it at James.

James stepped towards her, “Stupefy!” she yelled. The spell missed James by inches.

“What are you doing?” James yelled shocked, “Put the wand down!”

“Get away from me!” Hayley yelled, “GET AWAY!”

“Hayley,” James said, calmer now, “It’s me James.”

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Hayley yelled. She was out of her mind. She looked crazy. Her hair was messed and face was covered in blood which was seeping out from a wound on her head.

“James, don’t!” I warned him, as stepped closer to her. Hayley moved her wand and pointed it at me, “Pete go get a teacher!”

“Hayley, you need to calm down,” I said, slowly, “It’s just me, James and Remus.”

“I DIDN’T KILL HIM!” Hayley yelled, her wand hand shaking so badly that any spell she fired would be a complete miss.

She dropped her wand and stumbled around on spot for a few seconds, before walking towards me. She grabbed the front of my robes and shook them, “You have to help me!” she begged, her face was covered in blood. It was frightening.  

 “Hayley… it ‘s okay…” I muttered trying to hold on her, but it was too hard, she had blood everywhere and I didn’t know where the wound was. She let go my robes and slipped onto the grass.

so did you like it?

okay, so more a future chapter I need a middle name for James. I asked around and people are like it should be Harry (Harry being his father's name) and it's like a Potter tradition like sons to be named Harry then James etc.
but i dunno... so it can be..
a) harry
b) harold
c) suggest one please?

next chapter shouldn't far away
so tell me what you thought of this chapter, what you think will happen (remembering i'm evil) with a lovely review

xo 2envy

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