Orenda Lestrange was sitting in the kitchen of her home with her three children. Sebastian and Tybalt were playing happily with their food by throwing it at each other, and the newest arrival Damien who a year old tomorrow was sitting happily in his high chair playing with his food as well and watching his older brothers though wide open hazel eyes.   Orenda smiled at her children. A few minutes later, a very happy Rabastan came into the kitchen. "Morning Love." he said as he kissed the top of her head.

"Good morning." She replied, "Would you like anything?"

"No thanks." he said, "I'm going to that thing at Nott's house today, remember? That, banquet thing."

"Oh alright."

He nodded, "What are you doing today?"

"Whatever the children decide I'm doing."

Rabastan nodded, "Are you going to be okay?"


"Alright. If you need anything just owl me, alright?"

"Of course, Love."

He smiled at her and kissed all three of his boys on the top of their heads.

"Okay, when do you plan on being home?"

"Uh, there's no telling Love. Sorry."

"That's okay."

He nodded, "So, I think your friend will be coming over today since her husband is going to be with me."

Orenda nodded, "Okay."

He smiled at her before looking at a clock. "Well, I've got to go." he said before kissing her cheek. "I'll be home when I can."

"Okay." Orenda said grabbing his hand.

He smiled at her again and kissed her lips lightly. She smiled at him and released his hand.

He pulled away and smiled at his family. "Love you guys." he said. "Love you too Daddy." Sebastian said. Tybalt just nodded his head and Damien said, "Lub, lub."

Orenda smiled at Damien, "Get home as soon as you can, Love." Orenda said.

"I will. I promise. I love you." he said to her.

"I love you too, now go to you can come home."

He smiled at her and disapparated.

Orenda looked at her children, "Sebastian, Tybalt are you done?" She asked.

"Yes." Sebastian said and Tybalt just nodded his head.

"Alright what do you two want to do today?"

They shrugged, "I don't know." Sebastian answered. Tybalt pointed outside at where Lacey was eating, out in the pasture.

"You want to go outside?" Orenda asked Tybalt as she looked outside. The pastures with the animals had been charmed so the snow wouldn't fall in them.

He nodded happily.

"Alright go get your coats." Orenda said.

They boys smiled and ran into their rooms to get their coats.

Orenda smiled took their plates to the sink before she picked up Damien and carried him into the nursery to get him into warm clothes as well.

"Mama." Damien said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Yes?" Orenda asked quietly.

"Lub, lub." he smiled.

Orenda smiled at him, "I love you too." She said. She finished getting him into his warm clothes and carried him into her room so she could grab a coat as well. She sat him down on her bed before she walked into her closet and got any of the necessary clothes on. When she was finished, she came out of the closet, picked Damien up, and walked out side to where Tybalt and Sebastian were already rolling around with Duke in the snow.

She smiled at them and set Damien down so he could do as he pleased. She watched them for a few minutes before she went over to see Lacey.

Lacey looked over at her before she ran over to the fence happily.

Orenda smiled at her, "Sorry I haven't spent nearly as much time with you as I should have."

Lacey nudged her hand, as if saying it's fine.

Orenda smiled and pet her for a while. She would glance over at her children every few seconds but they were fine.

They all stayed outside for an hour or two before Orenda decided that it was time for everyone to go inside and get a hot drink. They were all sitting down at the table, happily drinking their hot chocolates when there was a small pop heard from the grand entrance. A few minutes later, Narcissa appeared in the doorway happily. "Orenda." she smiled.

"Cissa." Orenda said smiling up at her from her seat at the table.

Narcissa's smile got even wider as she sat down next to Orenda at the table.

"Okay tell me what it is."

"I'm pregnant." she said excitedly.

Orenda grinned and hugged her.

"I just got back from the doctors office." she said as she hugged Orenda back.

"How did you get Lucius to give in?"

"I didn't. He just said he thought it was time for a kid. Well, he said that after I told him I didn't do anything to stop myself from getting pregnant..."

"Well you said he did that for you."

"He used to. I stopped taking it. I threw it out when he wasn't looking."

"Good because those things are very bad."

"I know. I started to feel weird things in my stomach..."

"Eventually they'll make you infertile." Orenda said.

"That's what I've heard. So, I'm not taking that anymore."

"Good, so when are you due?"

"June the fifth." Narcissa answered.

Orenda pouted, "That's still forever away."

"I know but at least I'm pregnant."

Orenda nodded, "I'm still shocked I'm not yet."

Narcissa laughed gently, "I know. I am too."

"Probably give it a few days."


"Oh well, they are amazing things." Orenda said glancing over at her children. Who were now throwing marshmallows at each other.

Narcissa laughed, "Yours are."

"Like your husband isn't going to send you over here everyday with your kid. So yours will be too."

"True. Well, he'll be paying attention to him too. I'm not going to have their relationship be a bad one."

Orenda nodded, "Of course."

Narcissa smiled happily, "I'm so excited."

"I am for you too."


"So what are your plans for today?" She asked standing up and picking Damien. She handed him to Narcissa before she walked to the fridge.

"Nothing. Why?" she asked as she started making faces at Damien.

"Just wondering," she replied grabbing carrots out of the fridge. She gave some to Tybalt and Sebastian and gave them more marshmallows to throw at each other before she sat down again.

Narcissa smiled, "So, what all are you four doing today?" she asked.

"Well spent the morning outside, and until someone else has another idea, it sounds like we're going to do this."

"Ah, sounds fun." Narcissa said.

Orenda nodded, "You're welcome to join us, and give ideas if you’d like."

Narcissa nodded, "I will. I have no ideas..."

Orenda smiled at her, "Sebastian, Tybalt is there anything either of you would like to do?"

They shook their heads and continued throwing marshmallows at each other.

Orenda laughed and looked at Damien, "Anything you'd like to do?"

He shook his head and stuck a carrot in his mouth.

"So unless you want to do anything else, we're doing this." Orenda stated to Narcissa.

Narcissa nodded, "Sounds good to me."

"Alright." The two women talked for hours until Orenda took Damien up for a nap asked the other two boys to either nap or play quietly together.

When she came back downstairs, she walked back into the kitchen and talked with Narcissa some more. "How is everyone else doing?" Narcissa asked.

"Well. Rabastan seems substantially happier, although things aren't going well for a certain other black haired girl we both know."

"Oh? What's wrong now?"

"Apparently he was actually cheating on her this time so she's probably never going to tell him."

"Oh Merlin." Narcissa said as she shook her head.

"Yeah, so I have no clue what's going to go on with her. She bring Kerri over every once in a while so she can go do whatever she wants."

"She won't be doing that often anymore, will she? Has anyone tried to talk to her?"

"I don't know, and I don't think so. She wrote to everyone else saying to leave her alone. She'll probably still come over here because I've given up on talking her into doing anything either way."

Narcissa nodded, "She might just disappear off the face of the earth sometime. Or, she'll be sucked into the de Luca vortex again and raise that baby like Donnalyn or Aiden would."

Orenda sighed, "Hopefully she'll come to her senses."

"She will, eventually."

Orenda nodded and they talked for another two hours before Orenda stood up and went upstairs. She picked up a still sleepy Damien. The other two boys had ended up falling asleep on the soft floor in Sebastian's room. She woke the two boys up and brought everyone back down stairs. She made the boys something small to eat before she sat down again next to Narcissa.

Narcissa sighed and looked up at the clock, "Well, I'm going to get going. There's no telling when Lucius will be home and I've got things to do before he arrives..."

"Alright have fun, dear."

"Thanks." Narcissa said sarcastically. "I'll see you guys later." she said before disapparating.

Orenda smiled at her children and when they were done eating what she had prepared for them everyone went back upstairs to play. Sebastian and Tybalt started to play hide and seek while Orenda sat with Damien as she worked on his words and numbers with him.

After an hour, a small pop was heard from Orenda's bedroom. A few minutes later, Rabastan walked into the nursery. "Hello Love." he said to her.

"Hi." Orenda said smiling brightly at him.

He smiled at her and at Damien, "How was your day?" he asked.

"Good. We played outside in the snow, and then the boys threw marshmallows at each other. Then it was naptime and Narcissa and I talked. I feed them, and then we came up here. Sebastian and Tybalt are off somewhere playing hide and seek. How was your day?"

"Good. Boring actually. But there was some good food."

Orenda nodded, "Does Lucius know?"

"Know what?"

"Narcissa’s pregnant."

"Oh, yeah he knows. He was late to the banquet because he went to the doctors with her."

Orenda nodded.

Rabastan smiled at her, "So..."

"So what?" She asked handing Damien to him so she could stand up.

"Nothing." he said as he started to make faces at Damien.

Orenda smiled at them and slipped out of the room to find Tybalt and Sebastian. She finally found them sitting in her library trying to read the books while jumping on one of the couches. She gave them a stern look before she brought them both to the nursery.

"What were you boys doing?" Rabastan asked.

"Nothing Daddy." Sebastian said trying to look innocent while Tybalt just nodded his head.

He shook his head, "What've I told you about lying?" he asked. "What did they do Love?" he asked Orenda.

"They were just trying to destroy my library like normal." Orenda replied.

"Well, that means no more anything for them." Rabastan said as he shook his head.

Orenda sighed, "They weren't doing anything that bad, Love."

"Yes but they lied."

Orenda sighed again, "He just didn't tell you the full truth."

Rabastan shook his head as he handed Damien to Orenda and chased the boys out of the nursery.

Orenda smiled at Damien, "Anything you want sweetie?" She asked.

"No." he said sweetly.

"Do you want me to set you down so you can play?"

He nodded his head.

Orenda set him down on the floor and handed him his favorite toy before she sat back down in her chair and picked up her book.

She sat there reading for a while before Rabastan came back into the nursery with a smile. "Love, perhaps you should put him in the crib." Rabastan said as he pointed to Damien who was sleeping on the floor.

Orenda glanced up, "I think you're right." She set her book back down on the table next to her before she stood up. She picked up her youngest son and placed him in his crib before she turned around to face her husband again.

Rabastan smiled at her, "Have you eaten yet?" he asked.

"No I suppose I really haven't."

"Let's go eat. The boys are sleeping."

Orenda nodded and grabbed his hand. They walked down stairs and into the kitchen. She refused his offer to just ask a house elf to make them something to eat and made something for the both of them. She sat down a few minutes later after handing Rabastan his plate.

"Why?" he asked as he started to eat his food.

"Why what Love?" She asked.

"Why did you cook me this?" he asked.

"You said let's go eat..."

"I know. But I would've preferred you to sit next to me for a while, while our food was being cooked. But, this is way better than anything a house elf could make." he said with a smile.

Orenda laughed gently, "We can spend time together when we're done."

Rabastan nodded, "Alright."

They finished sometime later and Orenda placed their dishes in the sink before they went upstairs to their bedroom. Rabastan smiled at her. Orenda returned the smile and sat down on their bed.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Rabastan asked as he sat down next to her.

She shrugged and wrapped her arms around his neck.


The next morning Orenda carefully moved herself out of his arms before she went and took a shower. She quietly got dressed and walked out of the room. She made her way to the nursery and picked up the awake Damien, "Happy birthday little one," she said quietly smiling at him.

Damien smiled at her, "Thank you."

"Why don't we go down stairs and let everyone else sleep?" She asked.

He nodded and they both walked down stairs into the kitchen. "Mama, do I get a party like everyone else?"

"Of course, Love." She said setting him down his high chair, "What do you want to eat?"

Damien nodded, "Yes please."

"What do you want to eat?" She asked again.

"Oh... Eggs?" She nodded and got to work making him his breakfast. She set a plate of eggs and some fruit in front of him. “Thank you.” She smiled at him and sat down at the table to eat some fruit herself. "Who can come to my party Mama?"

"Who do you want to come?"

"Aunt Cissa, Kerri, Sebastian, Tybalt, You, Daddy..."

Orenda smiled at him, "Well Cissa said she would come, and your daddy will be here of course as well as your brothers. I asked Raine about it a while ago but I don't know if she remembered."

"Oh... I like Kerri. She's really nice."

"I know I'll write to Raine if you'd like me too."

"Please?" Damien said before eating some of his eggs.

Orenda smiled at him, "Okay I'll be right back." She said before she went to Rabastan's office to write a letter to Raine. She sent it with his owl before she walked back into the kitchen.

"What did she say?"

"She hasn't replied yet Love."


Orenda smiled at him, "Would you like anything else?"


Orenda nodded and stood up. She poured him a glass and set it down in front of him before she sat back down at the table to eat her fruit again. A few minutes later, an owl came through the window with Raine's reply,



 Of course we'll be there. We wouldn't miss it for the world. What would Damien like for his birthday?

 -Raine and Kerri.


Orenda smiled at Damien, "They're coming and she wants to know what you want for your birthday."

"Oh. Blocks?"

"Okay." Orenda replied grabbing a pen and writing a reply.



He said blocks, but anything you bring as long as Kerri is here I don't think he'll mind at all. 

                                  - Orenda


She sent the letter back to Raine and smiled at Damien again, "Well what do you want to have to eat at your party?"


"What kind of cake?"

"Um. Nilla cake."

"Okay, do you want any other food?"

"Hm... Fish and chips."

"Alright." Orenda replied, "Anything else?"

"What does Kerri like?"

"I'm not sure Love. She always ate what I gave her to eat."

"Oh. Alright. Well, fruit."


"Nothing else."

"Okay." Orenda said laughing softly and smiling at him.

Damien smiled back and finished eating his breakfast.

Orenda put their plates in the sink as well as his cup before she picked him up and took him back up to his room. She set him down on the floor in his room so he could play. After he occupied himself, Orenda walked into Sebastian's room and woke him up and then walked into Tybalt's room and woke him up. She made breakfast for them before she walked back upstairs and woke up her husband and sent him downstairs to eat. Orenda check in on Damien again before she went down and instructed the house elves on how to set up for Damien's birthday. Once she was done with that she walked into the kitchen to see how things were going in there.

Sebastian and Tybalt were throwing food again and Rabastan was shaking his head at them while he ate. "Boys." Orenda said.

They stopped, "Yes?" Sebastian asked and Tybalt raised an eyebrow.

"Not today."


"Because it's your brother's birthday."


"So we have people coming over today."


"Narcissa, Lucius, Raine and Kerri."

The boys shrugged, "So?"

"Not today, please."

Sebastian sighed, "Fine."

"Thank you."

They nodded and finished eating their breakfast.

Orenda went back upstairs to check on Damien again.

Damien smiled at her, "When's my party?" he asked.

"In a few hours sweetie."


"So why don't you play in here for awhile and I'll come up to get you later."

He nodded, "Okay."

Orenda smiled at him before she left the room again. She went back down stairs and check on the house elves before she went back into the kitchen.

The boys were actually behaving like she asked them too.

"You two can go play outside if you want to." Orenda stated.

They nodded and ran outside.

Orenda sighed and used magic to put coats on them before she sat down at the table.

Rabastan chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

Orenda smiled at him.


Orenda shrugged, "We have a few hours before anyone should be here."


Orenda nodded, "About four actually."

"Oh right. Well, what all are we doing?"

"Later or now?"

"For his party."

"Whatever he wants to do, oh your brother said he might come, but he'll leave Bella at home."

Rabastan nodded, "Alright. He will come. Bella will go over to Ella's or something. She doesn't like kids so; she wouldn't come to this party willingly."

"I know."

Rabastan nodded, "Do you know if my mother is coming?"

"I'm not sure. I invited her a few days ago."


"So what do you plan on doing until later?"

"I guess just sitting around."


"Oh yeah. What are you doing?"



"If anyone needs me, or who wants me around."

"Ah, alright then."

Orenda nodded.

"So... I don't know what to do. I might go and play with the boys or I might go play with Damien."

"Hmm that’s a rather difficult decision."

"It is."

"Which would be more entertaining?"

"Depends on what their doing and who will abandon me when the guests start to arrive."

"Well Sebastian and Tybalt are quite content with each other, and Damien is very excited to see Kerri today."

"I don't see why." Rabastan sighed.

"Why he's excited to see Kerri?"

"Yes. She's not what I want him hanging around with."

Orenda crossed her arms over her chest, "Well she is a girl."

"But she isn't the right kind of girl."


"So, I don't like him really hanging out with her. What if, when they're older he starts to fancy her? That's not a good thing."

Orenda sighed before she turned and walked out of the room. She walked up the stairs and went to sit with Damien. "What is it mummy?" he asked as he started to play with a stuffed animal.

"Nothing sweetie, your daddy is just being pigheaded again." Orenda replied smiling at him.


"Yeah, are you having fun?"

He nodded, "Yep." he smiled.

"That's good."


Orenda smiled at him, "Anything else you want to do?"

"Not right now..."

"Okay, you don't mind if I sit with you do you?"


"Okay." Orenda said before she sat down in her chair.

Damien started to smile at her as he continued to play with his animal.

Orenda sat with him for about three and half hours before she stood up from her chair after putting her book back down. "Do you want to wear what you're wearing for your party?" She asked him.

Damien looked down at himself and shook his head, "No. Can you pick out something?"

"Of course." Orenda replied, she looked through his things before she found the right thing. After he was changed she picked him up and carried him downstairs.

Damien was beaming the entire way downstairs.

Orenda smiled at him and carried him into the living room.

"Happy Birthday Damien." Rabastan and Sebastian said once Orenda reached the living room. Damien smiled at them while Orenda set him down on the floor.

"When's everyone else coming?" Damien asked.

"They should be here in a few minutes." Orenda replied.

Damien smiled, "Okay."

Orenda smiled at him and looked at her other two children.

They smiled up at her, "What Mum?" Sebastian asked.

"Nothing," Orenda replied.


Orenda smiled at them before they heard a small pop the foyer.

A few minutes later, Rodulphus appeared in the living room. "Happy Birthday Damien." he said happily.

Damien smiled at him, "Thank you."

Rudolphus smiled and sat down next to Rabastan. A few seconds later, they heard someone come in from the fireplace. A couple seconds later and Raine walked into the living room with Kerri in her arms. They were both smiling brightly at Damien. Raine set Kerri down and Kerri crawled over to Damien and grinned, "Happy Birthday." she said to him. Raine smiled at them and walked over to Orenda.

"Hi Raine." Orenda said, watching Kerri and Damien.


Orenda smiled at her after a few minutes everyone had arrived and said their happy birthday days to Damien.

Once everyone said their happy birthdays; Orenda led them all into the dining room where they had their lunch. "Sorry I didn't reply to your first letter Orenda." Raine said as she picked at her food.

"Oh it's alright." Orenda replied.

Raine nodded, "Thanks. Your owl looks like the ones Remus sends."


"Yeah. And I'm still not reading his letters. So, I painted your owl's nails so I know who she belongs too."

"Well, you do know I use Rabastan's owl right?"

"Oh... I didn't know. But I painted them a dark color so, you aren't really going to be able to tell unless you look really hard."

Orenda laughed quietly, "You'd better hope he doesn't find out."

"I hope so..."

Orenda nodded and when everyone was done they went back out into the living room and sat down again.

"Wanna open presents now?" Kerri asked Damien.

"Yeah, mummy can I open my present now?" Damien questioned. "Sure." Orenda replied smiling at him. She set his presents on the floor next to him as Sebastian and Tybalt sat on either side of him. Kerri glared at them lightly as she moved in front of Damien to watch him. He opened his present from his brothers, which was a box of toy cars, he opened his present from Kerri which was a box of blocks, he opened his present from his Uncle Rudolphus which was a new outfit, he opened his present from Lucius and Narcissa which was a new stuffed animal, and he opened his present from Orenda and Rabastan which was new clothes and new toys. He thanked everyone before he and Kerri went off to play and so did his brothers, leaving the adults to talk amongst themselves. The men moved to Rabastan's office while the women just stayed in the living room to watch the children play. Raine smiled at the kids as she sat down in one of the chairs. "So, how are you two?" she asked.

Oh," Narcissa said, "I'm pregnant." she finished happily.

"That's great." Raine replied.

"I'm fine." Orenda stated.

Raine nodded, "Good. I'm truly happy for you Narcissa." Narcissa smiled, "Thanks." Raine smiled back as she nodded her head.

Orenda smiled, her eyes following the children around the room. Kerri and Damien were now playing with the new blocks that Damien had received from Kerri. Orenda smiled at them and sat back into her seat. Raine and Narcissa were both chatting happily neither of them noticing that she wasn't saying anything.

After a while, Raine had finally noticed that they were leaving Orenda out, "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes." Orenda responded while pushing a piece of her curly hair out of her face.

"Oh. You just haven't been saying much..."

Orenda shrugged, "Nothing really to talk about."

"Oh, alright."

Orenda nodded before she went back to watching the children. Damien and Kerri were still playing happily with the blocks and Tybalt and Sebastian had disappeared off towards Rabastan's office. She sighed but figured she'd let him deal with them.

"So, how are you and Rabastan?" Narcissa decided to ask.

"We're fine." Orenda replied.

Narcissa nodded, "That's good. How are the boys treating you?"


"Good. I hope I don't have a boy. I've seen how your boys act and it seems really hard. Lucius wants a boy, but I want a girl."

"They aren't hard at all." Orenda replied, "And their problems when they're older should much easier to deal with."

Narcissa nodded, "True. But... I don't know really. I want a girl so I'll have someone to shop with and teach all the things I've learned over the years."

Orenda smiled at her, "Yeah. Raine how is having a girl?" Orenda asked.

Raine smiled, "It's fun. She loves it when I brush her hair. She likes to talk about stuff too. She's a trip. I think I'd prefer to have a girl to a boy. Boys tend to go over board on a lot of things."

Orenda laughed, "Only things they are excited about."

"Well, when they get older, what if they get a girl pregnant?"

"Things really depend on what the girl chooses. Guys seldom seem to get to have a say in anything about it."

"Well, yeah. But, some of the other things they get themselves into. A girl would never, willingly get herself into those situations."

"No, think of when girls fight with their friends, back stabbing and rumors, instead of just beating each other up and going back to being friends."

"Oh. True I guess."

"There are a lot of different things about each, but neither is better then the other."

Raine nodded, "Right. I don't think I would trade Kerri for a Kaleb though."

Orend laughed gently. The three women talked a tenure until Orenda noticed Kerri and Damien had fallen asleep both of them curled up against each other. She glanced up at a clock high on one of the walls, before she stood up and walked over to them. Raine came over and got Kerri while Orenda picked up Damien careful not to wake him and took him upstairs to his bed. She lay him down in his bed before she quietly walked out of the room. When she came back down stairs goodbyes were said with Raine until she and Kerri went home. Orenda used magic to clean up the living room, from Damien’s new things and the wrapping paper. Once she had finished with that she and Narcissa walked down the hallway towards Rabastan’s office. As they got closer to the office, the men could be heard laughing loudly even though the office door was shut. Narcissa rolled her eyes and shook her head in amusement. "Where are the other two?" Narcissa asked after she looked around the area for Sebastian and Tybalt.

"I don't know. They came down this way a while ago." Orenda replied, "Are you ready to go home?"

"Not yet. But, if you want me too, we will."

"Oh no it's fine." Orenda replied. "Now where did those two get off to?"

Narcissa laughed gently, "Maybe they're in the office? Or in one of these other rooms." she said as she peeked around a corner.

"Why don't we search the rest of the house first?" Orenda replied.

Narcissa nodded, "Good idea."

Orenda smiled at her and they started to search the rooms around Rabastan's office.

They were about to give up when Narcissa found them in one of the many coat closets playing with glow in the dark exploding snap cards. She shook her head in amusement, "I found them Ore." she stated as she looked over her shoulder.

Orenda sighed and walked to where Narcissa was, "Out of the closet." The boys groaned and gathered their things and made their way out of the closet. They went upstairs to play in Sebastian's room.

Narcissa laughed gently, "How mean Mother." she joked.

Orenda made a face at her. They went into the kitchen and sat and talked for about an hour.

At about ten o'clock Narcissa sighed, "Well, I'd better get home. I thought they'd be done by now but I guess I was wrong..."

Orenda sighed and stood up from her seat. She walked down the hallway to Rabastan's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." one of the men said.

Orenda sighed before she opened the door.

"Ah, Orenda my dear. What brings you here?" Lucius asked.

"Narcissa is ready to go home." Orenda responded.

"Oh? So?"

Orenda sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.


"Nothing, do as you please." She replied before she turned and walked out of the room.

Rabastan sighed, "Just go home mate."

Lucius sighed before he nodded and went out of the room to find his wife so they could go home.

He walked into the kitchen where Orenda and Narcissa were seated. "Come on Love. Let's go home." he said as he held out his hand for her.

Narcissa nodded and took his head as she stood up, "Well I'll see you later Orenda." She stated. Orenda nodded, "Good night."

"Night." Narcissa smiled before Lucius disapparated them back to their manor.

Orenda stood up from her seat and made her way upstairs. She checked on the children, Damien was still sleeping peacefully; Sebastian and Tybalt had managed to put themselves to bed. After she did that she walked into her room and sat down at her vanity table to run a brush through her hair.

About an hour later, Rabastan came up to the room and smiled at her. "Today was great Love." he stated as he changed into his pajamas.

Orenda nodded, "Yes." She replied setting her book down.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he sat down on the bed.


"Are you sure?"


"Then why are you acting this way towards me?"

"What way?"

"Like you're mad at me."

Orenda sighed, "Well maybe I am."

"Why are you mad at me then?"

"This morning."

"What about this morning?"

Orenda rolled her eyes, "If you can't remember then there is no point to this conversation."

"Oh. What I said about Kerri?"


"Well it's bloody true. I don't want my boys to date filth."

"And I don't want you pushing your ideas on them."

"What ideas? They aren't ideas, they're guidelines."

Orenda sighed, "Whatever."

"Love, I'm sorry. I just, don't want to ruin the Lestrange bloodline, okay?"



"Did you happen to think of the fact; I am part vampire from my mother."

"That's not ruining the bloodline though. Having a quarter blood in the family is."

Orenda glared at him.


"I don't want you forcing them to do things they don't want to."

"Then I'm not forcing them to date Kerri. They can date anyone as long as they’re pureblood."

Orenda glared at him again.

Rabastan sighed, "Fine. Let them ruin the bloody line by dating muggles and mudbloods. But when my mother asks what I did, I'll say you forced your ideas upon me."

"Don't blame this on me. It's not my fault I think they should be free to choose the life they want. Not the one you or the rest of your family wants for them."

Rabastan groaned and fell back on the bed.

Orenda glared at him again before she stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"Away from you."

Rabastan sighed, "Orenda, I'm sorry."

"Or are you just saying that? Like you'd really just give in to what I want that easily."

Rabastan sighed again, "I'm willing to try your ideas."

"Until your mother yells at you once right?"

Rabastan shook his head, "No."

Orenda rolled her eyes, "That's what you say now."

"I promise Ore."

"Well I don't believe you."

Rabastan sighed, "Orenda, I never promise you anything unless I'm seriously going to try and keep that promise."

Orenda just crossed her arms over her chest.

"Orenda. I promise on my brother's life that I'm going to try my hardest to keep this promise."

Orenda just sighed.

"Please, come to bed..."


"Fine. You can have the bed and I'll go into the living room." Rabastan said as he stood up and started to walk towards the door.

Orenda glared at him again.

"Love you." he said before he left the room and went into the living room.

Orenda sighed and stood in their room for a few minutes before she turned and made her way downstairs. Rabastan was making himself comfortable on the couch when she walked into the living room.

She sighed and walked over to him, "Rab."

"Hm?" he asked as he threw the covers over himself.

She sighed again, "Rab, I'm just frustrated and I'm sorry."

"It's fine Orenda. Just go to bed."

"Fine. Have fun sleeping on the couch then." She replied before she turned and went back upstairs.

"I'm giving you your bloody space." he called out.

"Well maybe I don't want it."

"Then don't yell at me when I sincerely promise you something."

"I didn't bloody yell at you."

"Don't have an attitude then. It's the same damn thing."

"So what you're the only one ever allowed to have an attitude then?"

"You had an attitude with me even after I apologized and made a promise Orenda."

"You've made me promises before that you didn't keep."


Orenda sighed, "There are too many things to just list."

"Give me an example then."

"Where's my cat?"

"What cat?"

"Then one you promised me."

"Oh... I thought I'd give it to you for your birthday."

"You promised me when we were back in school, and you're going to get it in September?"

Rabastan sighed, "Well I'm sorry. I’ll get you a bloody cat if that’s what you want."

"You asked for an example."

"I know. I'll get you a cat Orenda."

"What kind of cat did I want?"

"I don't remember. Do you know how long ago that was?"

"Yes, but you promised me."

"What kind of cat do you want Orenda?"

"I don't want one now."

"No, what kind of cat did you want?"

"An American bobtail."


Orenda glared at him from the stairs.

"Orenda, since you've given me most of what I've wanted, it's only fair to give you everything you've ever wanted."

Orenda sighed, "I don't want one right now."

"Okay. But I'm going to get you everything else."

"I don't want anything right now."

"Yes you do Orenda."

Orenda sighed, "What I really want is for you to stop being a prat and come over here and hold me."

Rabastan sighed and stood up. He walked out of the living room and over to her. He then wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and held her into him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on to him.

Rabastan exhaled deeply, "Orenda, I love you."

"I love you too." Orenda replied her voice mumbled because her face was buried against his chest.

Rabastan smiled lightly, "So, what are we going to do now?" he asked as he started to move upstairs.

She shrugged and continued to hold onto him. Rabastan smiled again and picked her up bridal style before carrying her off to bed. She smiled at him once he had placed her on their bed. Rabastan smiled at her before lying down next to her and wrapping his arms around her waist once again.

"Rab?" She asked quietly.

"Yes Love?" She shrugged and nestled herself against him. "No, what is it?" he asked.

She smiled, "Nothing."

"Are you sure?" She nodded the smile still on her face. Rabastan had a questionable look on his face but nodded, "Alright. Good night then Love."

Orenda ran her fingers gently down the side of his face. Rabastan smiled at her and kissed her cheek, as he got comfortable in the bed.

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