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Annelise Turnington by JKRowlingFan22
Chapter 4 : Summer Vacation Part II
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from JKR's Harry Potter books does NOT belong to me.

Annelise Turnington
Chapter Four - Summer Vacation Part II

Roxanne and I were tied to our chairs in the middle of the Burrow's living room, glaring as menacingly as we could at each other. Nana Molly, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Roxanne’s parents, George and Angelina, Freddie, James, Lily and Albus stood around us with their arms crossed and their faces stern.

“It’s time to put aside your differences and get along.” Mr. Potter repeated. I growled under my breath. It hadn’t even been a fair fight; Roxanne and I had no chance of getting away from being tied up. It was two against the rest of the people at the Burrow.

They could have at least been chivalrous about it and put two against two! But noooo, we were instead dragged from our seats like rag dolls and thrown into those chairs within a blink of an eye. The sheer force and the quickness of what was done had overwhelmed me so much that I had no time to even consider fighting back. I narrowed my eyes and glared at everyone circling around us. At least James had enough remorse to put his head down in shame… the rest of them looked like they were holding back laughter. Some of their faces had started to turn purple… Good. I hope they choke.

“Is this really necessary?” I asked them, exasperated.

“Yes!” Several of the family members chorused. I huffed and tried to cross my arms to show my displeasure. Then I realized that I couldn’t move them… because I was tied to a bloody chair!

“Gits.” I muttered under my breath. Mr. Potter raised his eyebrow at me, as if warning me not to insult them again. Damn, wish I could raise one eyebrow like that! I tried to just then, but to no avail. I did get some confused looks from Freddie and James though…

“Roxanne, you go first.” George ordered his daughter. She was about to protest, but seeing the disappointment on her father’s face, she obliged.

“I. Don’t. Like you.” She told me simply. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Well that part is glaringly obvious!” I snapped at her. She glowered back. I sighed. “Can I know why?” I asked her in a softer tone. She kept on glaring at me.

“Well, in my defense, you don’t like me either!” She said in annoyance.

“That wasn’t an answer to my question.” I said as I tried to keep my voice level. She kept silent. “For the love of Merlin Roxanne! What the hell is your problem? Ever since that first day on the train you have been nothing but utterly and completely nasty to me! I step into the girl’s dorm and BAM! I’m already getting snide comments and dirty looks from you. All through the year I have had to deal with your crap. And I have absolutely no idea what I did to deserve this treatment! Of course I began to be horrible to you after that! How could I not stand up for myself! There is only so much crap I can put up with after awhile! I don’t even understand why-“

“You stole everything away from me!” Roxanne finally interrupted. “Everyone loves you! You’re perfect! Next to you no one gives me the time of day, including my two best friends!” She flicked her eyes towards James and Fred while she shrieked. “Everyone ignores me when you’re around. It’s sickening. All of a sudden, I’m pushed aside because some better marauder girl comes around. All of a sudden, I’m left out of pranks that the three of you pull and the fourth wheel whenever YOU are around. Do you think that feels good Annelise?”

For once in my life I was at a loss for words.

“James and Freddie were the only two friends I had, and then you take them away and I’m left alone. I don’t really have anything in common with any of the other girls in our dorm, and all of the guys and my relatives hang out and admire you three. At Hogwarts, I’m a loner. My whole entire first year consisted of being depressed and angry. Everyone took your side in every fight we have every had.”

I recalled back to a few months before. Things I had never noticed before suddenly came into light. Roxanne sitting alone in the library. Roxanne sitting by herself at the Gryffindor table. Roxanne not saying a word when we were hanging out while I was vibrantly telling a story that made everyone laugh. Everything she had said was true. Roxanne had been the loner at Hogwarts… the girl with the famous family but no friends. She had been invisible.

I looked at her for a long time, and for the first time I didn’t see a spiteful girl… just a hurt one. There was a long silence before I cleared my throat.

“Er, ahem. Sorry.” I said awkwardly. I was never good with apologies. They were always extremely uncomfortable. “Umm, you know, if you had just come and talked to me about this earlier we could have patched things up. I had no idea, honestly.” She nodded.

“I would have, but I didn’t want to seem like a baby. Er, sorry I was a bint.” She said with a strained effort.

“Roxanne! Language!” George said sternly. She gave her father a dirty look. I looked at Roxanne.

“So we’re okay then?” I asked her. She nodded.

“Yeah, I guess we are.” Roxanne agreed.

I sighed in relief. “Sooo…” I looked around the room. They just stood there, watching the two of us. “ Well, can you untie us now?” I asked impatiently. Mr. Potter took out his wand and the ropes magically disappeared. There was another long silence as we stood up.

“Who wants dessert?” Nana Molly piped up.

“ME!” All of us children screamed.


I was sitting on the porch swing on the Burrow’s balcony later that night. It had just become dark and the stars lit up the sky, just like they did at home. The air was cool and the moon was just a little more than a sliver. You could hear the laughter and loud noises coming from inside the house. The kids younger than James and I were already asleep. I was feeling a bit tired myself; Nana Molly’s dinner was just too delicious and filling. James came out to sit beside me. I swear, we were attached to the hip… we never went anywhere without each other nowadays.

“Sorry about that whole entire ‘house’ game incident.” James apologized after a few minutes of silence. I shrugged.

“No problem.” I told him, “It’s bound to happen anyways. And kids always say stupid stuff like that.”

“I guess so.” James obliged. We both yawned.

“When are we gonna be able to go back to your place?” I asked James. He looked through the window at the lively crowd of adults. He groaned.

“Not for another hour or so.” He said unhappily. I shook my head.

“In that case…” I said tiredly, “I’m going to take a nap.” I put my feet on his lap and placed my head on the bench, turning my back to the window. James looked a bit surprised by the change in position.

“Okay then…” He said uncomfortably, and rested his head against the back of the chair. As my eyelids slowly began to droop, I noticed Teddy and Victoire come out the front door, both of them giggling madly. I wonder if anything is going on between them? I asked myself. Before I could think any further about the situation, I slipped into a deep sleep.


A few days later, after a rigorous game of backyard Quidditch, I was comfortably reading the last of the set of books that contained Mr. Potter’s entire life story. I had been asking him about details of the final battle for the past couple of days, but it was just too painful for him to retell the whole entire story. He had apparently done the same for the rest of his children as soon as they reached the age of nine. I knew the basics about his life and the Final Battle, but the whole story was just downright amazing. The books had been written by Hermione. The books that were sold to the wizarding public were slightly different to the one I had the honor of reading. It made me feel special. I looked up at James when I read the last few pages.

“Your Dad is effing amazing!” I told him. He rolled his eyes at me.

“I know.” He said with annoyance and a hint of pride.

“I will never look at any of these people the same way again!” I exclaimed. “I mean, Professor Longbottom? Percy? Fred? Teddy’s parents? Ron and Hermione? Snape? Dumbledore? They’re all my new heroes!” I continued on excitedly. “And how Voldemort reached his end because of love? This is so bloody UNREAL! And that final stand against Harry and Voldemort? God, I LOVE YOU MR. POTTER!” I screamed towards the Potter's library. I heard a moan of embarrassment, along with a hard thump against a table.

“Jesus Christ! Calm down woman, will you?” James said exasperatedly. I hit him on the head with one of the biographies. “Ow.” James whined as he rubbed his head.

“Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in.” I told James. I seriously had never known how bloody amazing his relatives were. Maybe I should start paying attention in Professor Binns’ classes…

“I know, I was shocked too when I found out my Mum and Dad were war heroes. Now that you’re done, can we go outside and play some more Quidditch?” James pleaded. I nodded in consent. “YIPPEE!” He shouted.

“Yippee?” I said while giving him a ‘look’. “Wow, you’re cool.” I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and started walking out the back door. I followed him, before turning around and calling out, “See you soon Mr. Potter… you bloody amazing Savior of the Wizarding World! I LOVE YOU!” I heard his head bang against the desk yet again. I grinned to myself.

“You know he doesn’t like it when people fawn over him, right?” James asked me with raised eyebrows. I grinned yet again.

“I know; I just like embarrassing him. It’s funny to watch.” I said jovially. He smiled back at me.

“It is, isn’t it?” James agreed. “Now, lets practice your beating skills so you’ll make it on the Gryffindor team next year!” I nodded eagerly.

“On your mark, get set, go!” I yelled. We ran as fast as our legs could go, leaving the seriousness of the past behind. They made a better future for us, and we weren’t going to waste a minute of it.


We came inside just before it was dark to find Mrs. Potter cooking furiously. She was so focused on stirring whatever she was making in the pot that she didn’t even notice that we had come in.

“Oh dear Lord. NO!” James groaned. I empathized with him. This was bound to be a disaster. Mr. Potter was pleading with his wife. WE WERE ALL GOING TO DIE.

“Gin, really. It’s OK if you aren’t a good cook.” He told her while trying to put a hand on her shoulder. She shook it away, glared at him, and continued to stir.

“Will. Become. Good. At. Cooking.” Mrs. Potter grunted. Mr. Potter sniffed the pot, and tried very hard to not grimace afterwards.

“Gin, if it’s that important to you, I’ll support you all the way.” He told his wife. I secretly awwed to myself inside. “But at least let me help, ok? That way we can work through this together.” He finished with a smile. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Really?” She asked softly. He kissed her intimately on the forehead.

“Really.” He said assuredly. He then proceeded to pick up a spoon and taste a little bit of the meal she was making. He swished it around in his mouth and turned a very alarming shade of white. Mrs. Potter looked at him expectantly.

“Er,” He cleared his throat, “It… it needs a bit of salt…” He began. She looked at him questioningly before trying a bit of it for herself. She took one sip (was it soup or some sort of pudding?) and then started to gag. She then spat it out into the sink.

“Why did you ever marry me? Why did you ever let me near a kitchen? I’m terrible!” She turned to us. “I’m a terrible mother!” She exclaimed, pointing wildly to us. “What kind of ghastly food have I inflicted on my children?” She then wrapped her arms around her husband tightly and began convulsing violently.

To be honest with you, I think Mr. Potter was a bit terrified. Ginny normally had a very calm, cool demeanor. And now she was wailing like a banshee.

“If Albus or Lily walked in right now, this would look very very wrong.” I whispered to James. He fought to not smile. Mrs. Potter was practically straddling her husband. And the way they were leaning on the stove put them in a very hilarious position.

Mrs. Potter continued on with her frenzy, and the Chosen One gave a pleading look to his son, desperate for some type of help.

“Mum,” James began soothingly, approaching her slowly. “So what if you’re not a great cook? It doesn’t mean you’re the worst in the world. It’s not like you’ve… um, killed us or anything.” If you couldn’t tell, James and Mr. Potter became really awkward when it came to crying women.

“Nice James, nice.” I said sarcastically. He looked at me nastily.

“Look, I’m doing the best I can here… all right?” James said angrily. I huffed and crossed my arms.

“Mrs. P- Ginny, maybe if you started over again and had Mr- Harry guide you through step by step, you could learn how to make a somewhat decent meal.” I suggested. All three Potter members looked at me with surprised looks etched on their faces.

“I suppose we could try that…” Ginny said slowly, looking hopefully at her husband.

“Brilliant!” Mr. Potter said with a grin. “Let’s get started Gin.” He said fondly. She nodded happily. The cleaned the dishes anew with their wands and proceeded to take out ingredients and look at different recipes together. James came over and hugged me tightly.

“You are brilliant.” He told me. His relief was heavily shown on his face.

“I know!” I said happily.

It’s always Annelise to the rescue.


Most of the time.


Well, kind of.


Okay! FINE! It’s usually James with that goddamn charming smile and the famous connections! This was a really rare occurrence!

I hate my brain. It sounds a lot like Roxanne. DAMN YOU. I guess it makes sense though, out of all of us, she’s the one who has the most maturity and, ugh, common sense. Not that I’ll ever tell that to her. Wouldn’t want that to go to her head. Either that or she’d be all freaked out that the voice that talks to me inside my mind was her… Hmm.


“Checkmate! Oh yeah!” Albus hollered, his fist punching the air.

“I hate you all.” I said, seething about another loss against the Potter children at Wizarding chess. James put his arms around me in mock comfort.

“Anna, it’s not your fault you didn’t grow up with Ron as an Uncle.” He said in a totally fake soothing voice. I growled at him. He quickly took his arms off my shoulders. Good, the bastard’s scared of me.

“Go to hell. All of you!” I told them crossly. James looked at me in shock.

“Anna! Don’t swear in front of the children!” He mocked as he proceeded to cover Lily’s ears. She swatted him away.

“Get off me, you deranged child.” She hissed at him.

“You women are bloody insane!” He exclaimed, and then ruffled his hair. We all looked at each other and snickered at how melodramatic James was being.

All of a sudden it went dark. All the lights died and a sense of dread filled my chest.

“James?” I whispered.

“Get your wand out Anna.” He said harshly.


“Get your bloody wand out!” He said quickly, trying to remain calm. This scared me even more… something was definitely wrong. I scrambled frantically in complete darkness until I found the bedside table. I opened the drawer as quickly as I could and wrapped my fingers around it.

Then there was a loud crash. And a flash of bright light coming from outside of the house.


I couldn’t get out of the bedroom door fast enough. James was in front with his want out, while Lily and Albus were in the middle. I had not idea what was going on. Harry and Ginny were running down the hallway, clad in only their nightwear with their wands out in front of them.

“DAD! Wha-“ James started. Harry looked worriedly at his son.

“Take your siblings and hide James.” He said sternly.

“What’s going on?” I cried. Mr. Potter turned to me.

“Rogue Death Eaters. Some of them are still on the loose, and they’ve been recruiting it looks like.” He said in a low voice. Lily let out a strangled cry. Ginny hugged her daughter.

“It’s okay. They haven’t been able to penetrate through the wards yet.” She whispered, trying desperately to comfort her children.

There was another crash. I flinched at the sound. Harry looked at us. In his eyes I could see that his only concern was for his children. I could hear yelling and raised voices.

“Hide.” He said again, his voice cracking. James and I looked out the window. There was so many, just fifty feet from the house.

“Dad.” James voiced cracked too. “Let me help… please.” Harry shook his head.

“Take them and hide.” Harry told James again. I saw the loving look radiate off Harry’s face, and the desperate looks on James’s.

“Dad. Please… don’t go out there.” James said softly. For the first time in a long time, I saw the look of utter despair etched on James’s face. “Don’t go.” James pleaded. Harry looked back out of the crowd. They were still working on the wards, but it was only a matter of time.

“I have too.” Harry said, silently begging his oldest son to understand. Before James could even reply again, I took his arm and tugged him tightly. I could tell he wanted to go with his Dad. He would rather die with him than live without him. But what could we really do? We were just twelve years old… under aged and inexperienced.

“We have to go. We have to protect Albus and Lily.” I ordered.

“Bu-“ James tried to start.

“JAMES! We have to hide NOW!” I said, completely terrified. I was gripped onto him so tightly that his face turned into contorted pain. He straightened up.

“All right.” He said dejectedly. He took one last fleeting look at his parents before grabbing Albus, while I took hold of Lily. He began to run up another flight of stairs, me following right behind him. After what seemed like forever, we stopped at a wall in a far corner of a guest bedroom. He kicked down one of the vertical boards. “In here.” He said desperately.

It was still all dark, but as soon as we entered the board repaired itself instantly.

“Lumos.” I muttered, giving us some light. Lily was sobbing silently, as was I. Albus turned his back to us and started to shake. It was cold and damp. I guessed we were somewhere near the top of the house. There was no windows, but you could hear a lot of what was going on outside. James sat there, motionless. I took his hand, placing my wand at my side.

“Is this the first time this has happened?” I asked quietly. It took him a minute to answer.

“No.” He whispered. “There was a time… when I was like, three… a week after Lily was born. And another time, but us kids were at Nana Molly’s. “ He gripped me harder, fighting back angry tears.

“They want him. The Auror’s couldn’t catch every Death Eater. And he was promoted to the head of the Auror Department a few years back. It made him an even bigger target.” The house creaked very loudly and shook a little bit. Lily then hugged me tightly around the waist. I stroked her hair comfortingly with my free hand.

“Mum’s retiring from Quidditch soon too. Wants to do something more meaningful. We’re the most influential family out there. Same with Rose and Hugo’s family. Our parents are all war heroes who took down Voldemort.” He said bitterly to me. I was at loss for words. “They’ve never been able to get us though. This attack is the worst one yet… they’ve gotten stronger.” He gripped my hand so tightly that I was pretty sure all circulation was now cut off. I didn’t care though. All I cared about was James and his parents. I prayed silently to god to bring Harry and Ginny back unharmed. I was never extremely religious, but I was willing to do anything to bring them safely back to James, Albus and Lily. I wanted to cry, but I had to stay strong for the other three. They needed me right now.

After a little while, Albus also laid his head across my lap also. I softly sang to them, trying not to lose my nerve in the process and sob my eyes out. It was a lullaby my mother had sang to me whenever I was having a bad night. But I never had anything as bad as this happen to me.

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will send thee,
All through the night

“I’m so sorry James.” I said as I rubbed his arm. He laid his head on my shoulder. “I guess every family, even one as perfect as yours seems to be, comes with baggage.”

“No one’s life is perfect Anna.” He told me tiredly. “I’ve been trying to tell you that this whole entire time.” I thought of my own family, and the insane emotional shit I went through during my childhood. I nodded. We could see flashes of light through the cracks of the walls and the occasional screams.

The house continued to shake and I had finally given up on keeping my wand lit. We were in complete darkness. I had no clue what was going to happen, or even if we were going to make it out alive. I clasped my white and shaking hands back into James’s warm, clammy ones.

“I know. It was just nice for awhile to think that someone’s life actually was.”


Sooo, how was the intense chapter? I don’t usually like it when an author puts in a really dramatic scene straight out of the blue, so I was surprised with myself when I actually started writing this. Love it? Hate it? Give me advice on what I could do better for next time. Please, I become slightly better every single time with the more constructive criticism you guys throw at me :). Don’t worry; this type of melodrama is a rare occasion in this particular story. More comedy will ensue later on.
On a lighter note, how was the April Fools joke? I probably reread that thing like twenty times then totally flipped out. I wrote this whole entire speech on the forums and then five minutes later I realized it was all a joke… heh heh. This is the second time too they’ve completely freaked me out on April 1st.
Only two months to get this chappie out this time! This is a huge improvement people! Review pretty pretty pretty please?The Lullaby is not mine. It’s called All Through the Night and is by Barry Taylor. Okay? Thanks for reading!

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Annelise Turnington: Summer Vacation Part II


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