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I was falling; the wind stung my face and blew my hair back into a wild dissaray. I flung my arms out wildly trying to find some way to stop my fall. The wind whistled through me and the anxious cries of the watching audience grew louder and louder. "Damn it," I muttered just as my face was about to hit the floor.

 "Wake up.!" I sprung up and nearly fell off my bed as I was rudely awakened by my dorm mate. The sound of laughter reached my ears and I turned my murderous stare at the offender. "Oi.! What do 'ya think you're doing.?"

"Waking you up," said the red head sweetly. "Waking me up? At this hour? Are you mad?" She merely smiled once more and walked away with a spring in her step. Curse Lily Evans for being such an early riser. How does she manage to look so damn perfect at this time?

"Oh and Potter is looking for you, said that if you don't get your arse down in five minutes her would personally come up here and get you. What a prat". "James? Why is he looking for me?" She looked at me amused, waiting for me to remember. Then it dawned on me. "Shit.! I have practice. James is going to kill me.!" I sprinted past Lily and into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth hastily and ran back into the room, trying to put on my shoe and brush my hair at the same time. I gave up on the hair and tied my shoe quickly, ignoring the clearly entertained girl.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs, paying no mind to the curious stares of the people already down in the common room. Honestly, you'd think the bloody buggers would be used to it already. I used one of the castles secret passageways to get to the pitch quicker. Seriously, who in their right bloody mind would schedule practice at seven in the damn morning?

 "You're late Williams," James said as I neared the pitch. I blushed as Ryan winked at me and everyones eyes turned to me. "Sorry Cap," I said with a grin, "Lily didn't wake me up on time." I knew bringing Lily into this would soften him up and sure enough a goofy smile spread across his face. Someone cleared their throat and he snapped out of it. "Don't let it happen again Alex." I nodded and settled in next to my boyfriend Ryan and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Me and Ryan have been dating for one year already and it's been amazing. He's about 5'11 with blond wind swept hair and blue eyes. He has a muscular build and the intellegence to rival Remus. Practice passed by quickly and before I knew it I was walking to the great hall hand in hand with Ryan and talking to one of my best friends Jennifer Parker. Jenny was currenly going on about her date last night with Aaron Johnson, one of the chasers for the Gryffindor team. Apparently he asked her to go steady and she was just dying to spend time with him. I studied her as she talked, she was definatley what someone would consider beautiful. She had mid-length brown curley hair, a petite body and one of the funniest persons I knew. She could make anyone laugh in seconds and was very well liked in school. 

"Oi.! Are you listening Alex?" 

"Yes of course I am," I exclaimed. What was she saying? "Oh yeah? What did I just say?" Bugger. I fished through my head quickly trying desperetly to remember what she had just said. "You met the queen of England?" I gussed looking at her hopefully. She gave me an exsasperated look and rolled her eyes looking throughly annoyed. "I said that Aaron kissed me.! He acutally kissed me.!" I squealed and let go of Ryans hand and gave her a quick hug. She hugged me back quickly and looked around as we walked into the great hall. "I'm going to go sit with Aaron, I'll see you at Potions." I waved at her and smiled taking a seat with Ryan and the Marauders.

I grabbed a pancake and put in on my plate and ate it happily in silence, studying the people eating around me.

James Potter: Current Quidditch Captain and seeker. Totally in love with my clueless best friend Lily Evans. He was about six feet and had messy black hair and hazel eyes that seemed to make girls melt. He is a known prankster and was somehow very intelligent, beats me how he does it, bloke bearly picks up a book. He is always around his group that call themselves the Marauders. Which brings me to the other three boys.

Sirus Black: Current womanizer of Hogwarts and beater. He is a total man-whore as I like to call him. He has long graceful black hair that makes even me jealous. His eyes were steel grey and he had the build to rival Ryan's. For some strange reason he is also as intelligent as James and just like him he doens't pick up a book either.

Remus Lupin: The tallest of the group and the most sensible. His head was often in a book or he was visiting his sick mother. He has sandy brown hair and green/hazel eyes. He's the most intellegent male I know and one of my best friends. I could tell hime everything, just like he can do the same to me. I am one of the few persons that knew where he really goes every month and for that I am greatful. I love him to death and would not to anything to hurt him.

Peter Pettigrew.: Or the rat as I like to call him. Pettigrew is sick and perverted and does not fit in at all with the Maruauders. He's 5'4 and has thinning blond hair. He's failing most of his classes and often stutters, leaving people flustered or just annoyed.  I really don't like him.

As for me, my name is Alexa Williams, or Alex. I'm a chaser for the Gryffinfor team and absolutley love it. School comes easy to me and I don't have to study as hard as others. I have straight long hair and dark blue eyes with speckes of green in them. I have a farily petite body and am pretty tall for a girl. 

My thought were then inturruped by a shriek as I realized that James and Lily were fighting, again. I looked at them amused trying to see what James did this time. He was grinning slightly as he watched the angry red head yell her head off at him. It was easy for anyone to see why he loved Lily. She had a caring personality and was beautfiul to match. She has flowly long red hair and startling green eyes that seemed to know everything. She was the most intelligent person I know and often helps me out. I grinned widly as I saw Lily smack James across the face, this was going to be an interesting year.

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