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A/n: this chapter is mostly a set up chapter for the next 1 or 2 chapters which will be full of action haha!







I batted my eyes demurely and gazed up at Scorpius through my thick lashes, “Thank you, Scorpius.”


I took the ice cream cone from him and gave it a lick, “Yummy.”


“What the hell are you doing?”  


I blinked my eyes a few times only to find that contrary to my fantasy, it was actually Ella handing me an ice cream cone.


“I-I um well,” I struggled to answer.


Ella raised one of her eyebrows, “Did you just call me Scorpius?”


Instead of answering her I filled my mouth with Fortescue’s peanut butter golden snitch toffee ice cream. Despite my hopes, even my favorite flavor of ice cream could not change reality: Scorpius hadn’t asked me to Hogsmeade.  


Ella slid into the red vinyl booth and started attacking her own cone. In between licks she asked, “Still upset over the whole Scorpius thing?”


“No,” I said firmly.


Because honestly, what do I care if for the past week every moment was devoted to giving Scorpius plenty of chances to ask me. Like in Herbology on Wednesday when I was talking to Jill about how no one had asked me and Scorpius was standing like 10 feet away from us.  Or how I had taken all of my free time and used it for walking around the dungeons, just in case Scorpius would walk by and seeing me ask me to Hogsmeade of course.


But like I said, who cares about that. Not me.


I turned sharply to Ella, “Do you think he asked someone else?”


Ella shrugged, “I wouldn’t know. Besides, Jill is better at this whole making you aware of reality thing than I am.”


I scowled. Jill, of course, was on a date right now with Adam Wood.


“I still have so much shopping to do for Christmas,” Ella continued, “I can’t believe break starts tomorrow.”


Neither could I. Christmas is quite the affair in my family, and the worst part is you have to get a gift for everyone. Even the cousins who don’t show up at the Burrow get gifts from all of us.  I already got all of my gifts during the summer (because it takes months to prepare for a Weasley Christmas) unlike James who no doubt was doing all of his shopping today.


“How many people do you still have to get gifts for?”


Ella was now biting into her cone, “Four. Actually, all of my brothers, I’m thinking of just getting them stuff from the joke shop.”


I froze. The Joke Shop. What she meant was ‘your uncle’s joke shop’. My mind went back to hearing Uncle Georges voice in the howler, “Really? The joke shop? Why don’t you get them some nice robes from Tattlings?”


Ella smiled, finishing off her cone, “Oh, come on Rose. Your uncle probably wont even be there. I mean, of the what, fifty? Shops that he has, what would be the odds of him being at Hogsmeade?”


We both got up from the booth and threw away our trash, “Yeah, I guess. Let’s go, but you better not take forever!”


Ella was famous for taking way to long to anything that involved decision making. Which would explain why I drifted off into a Scorpius fantasy while she was getting the ice cream.


“I promise,” Ella said.


We headed down the street to get to Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Hogsmeade had apparently become a much nicer place than it was when my parents were at school. Ever since my uncle opened his shop here a lot of other small businesses followed suite.


You could spot the shop from about a mile away with its bright signs and of course the subtle tribute to Uncle Harry outside of the shop in the form of a life size rendition of Harry made of pygmy puffs. Scar included.


Ella went in first and I followed, “Any ideas what I should get them?”


I thought, “Wait, how old are they?”


“7, 12, 14 and 23.”


Being a member of the Weasley line I had been trained from a young age to know the ins and outs of Wizard Wheezes products. Uncle George told us all it would be just plain embarrassing if one of the Weasley kids were to be tricked by one of his products since we’re, you know, Weasley’s.


I opened my mouth to answer but a deep voice cut in, “Green hair growth lotion, Voice deepener potion, Puking Pastels and our new book ‘So you wanna be the funny guy?’.”


I turned around.


“Hello, Rosie,” Uncle George smiled at me, “How is school?”


Ella glanced between the two of us, “Great Idea! I’ll go look for those…”


She walked off towards a display case trying to look very interested in whatever it was.


“Why are you here?” I asked Uncle George.


He put an arm around my shoulder which felt heavy, “Well, I own the place of course. Oh and you cousin told me that I would probably see you if I was here today.”


My eyes narrowed, “James?”


Uncle George laughed, “Actually, no it was Roxanne.”


Well now I know that even my cousins who seem decent, really aren’t after all.


“Here on a date perhaps?” Uncle George asked me.


“No! Uncle George, you can’t possibly trust Hugo’s letter! He was lying!”


I decided the best way to deal with the family would be denial.


Uncle George laughed, “Rosie what do you take me for? Of course we didn’t believe Hugo’s letter. Really, who would believe that? But James’ letter, now that was a different matter entirely.”


I looked up at him, “What did it say?”


“I think I may have it with me,” Uncle George felt around in his pockets, “Wait here just a moment.” He went to the curtain behind the counter and ducked into the back room.


Ella wandered back over to me, “I’ve got all my stuff if you’re ready to leave.”


I turned to her, “Did you checkout and everything?”


She nodded.


I debated staying because I really did want to hear what was in James’ letter but I really didn’t want to have Uncle George on my case.


I grabbed Ella’s hand and skipped quickly out of the store, “Quick! We have to hide before he comes looking for us!”


I dragged a laughing Ella all the way to the shrieking shack where we collapsed on the ground.


“Was that completely necessary?”


“Definitely,” I nodded, “Do you think I should just stay at Hogwarts for the holidays?”


Ella punched me in the arm, “Rose, you are blowing all of this way out of proportion.”


I rolled over on my stomach, “I’m really not.”


The two of us bursted into giggles when we started to hear the sounds of nearby couples.


“Let’s go back to the castle,” I said, “I still have some wrapping to do!”




“Why can’t they feed us breakfast before the train? I’m starving.


Jill held up a 5lb bag of Honeyduke’s assorted, “I’ve got you covered Rose.”


The Hogwarts Express had just started pulling out of the station and we were steadily gaining speed.


“Bets on how long that will last?” Susan laughed as I started digging through the bag.


“Two hours tops,” Jill said, picking out a lollipop.


I pulled out a book, “Well I’ll be reading if you need me.”


The train ride went by as it usually does: very long, slow and uneventful. Though Lily Potter did pop her head in our compartment to tell us a fight had erupted between James and some Slytherin who she identified as ‘Bill’. We later found out it was Mack Nott.


Getting off of the train once we arrived at the platform felt more like a death march than going home for Christmas.


I was stepping down the stairs off the train when my trunk got stuck in the small doorway. I got out and started pulling as hard as I could, which of course didn’t make it move at all.


Suddenly a pale hand took hold of the strap and gave it a sharp pull. It moved a few inches.


“Thanks, it got stuck…” I looked up.


Merlin’s dirty week old smelly green socks!


Scorpius looked at me, “Yeah it’s in there pretty good.”


“Mehrr,” I gurgled out. Great. I just gurgled at Scorpius Malfoy.


Another set of hands went onto the trunk and with a heave pulled it free. Scorpius and I turned to see who had managed to get it loose.


Tall, blue eyes, freckles and red hair.


I winced, “Hello Dad.”



A/n: Well like I said mostly this is preparing for Christmas break which will be awesome! Haha.


Thank you all SO much for your reviews!!! They make me so incredibly happy and I love hearing from you all! So please keep leaving me some as they really are what keeps me motivated!


What was your favorite part? Mine was the end ( : oh and doesn’t peanut butter golden snitch toffee ice cream sound good? Haha


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