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Chapter 8


Hermione spent the winter holiday with Harry and the Weasleys in the Burrow. Though she enjoyed every moment with her friends, she was looking forward excitedly to meeting her secret penpal again.


’We should talk, Hermione,’ Ginny said after dinner, on the thirtieth of December.


Some minutes later Hermione entered Ginny’s small bedroom and was surprised to see George standing in front of the posters of the Weird Sisters and the Holyhead Harpies.


’Sorry, Hermione, I told George everything,’ Ginny apologised. ’I was too worried about you.’


’Ginny, I thought I could trust you,’ Hermione had an accusing glance at Ginny.


’You can trust me and you can trust George, too,’ Ginny tried to convince her friend. ’He can be serious and think in a mature way, can keep secrets, unlike Fred, and he can even get the Invisibility Cloak from Harry. If I asked Harry for the cloak, I would make him suspicious and jealous.’


Hermione nodded slowly. Ginny was right. George sat down next to the girls.


’So you’re sure you want to meet this guy?’ He asked Hermione. ’Have you thought it twice? You don’t know anything about him.’


’I’ve already met him and he didn’t hurt me, he didn’t attack me, he behaved like…’ She blushed because she remembered the kiss. ’He behaved like a gentleman.’


A smile crossed Ginny’s face. Her idea of a gentleman was different from Hermione’s.


’Anyway,’ Hermione continued, ’we’ve been penpals since September. He doesn’t have any harmful or sinful thoughts.’


George raised his eyebrows.


’Herms, he might have been telling lies to you. But even if he’s an ordinary guy, it won’t be safe to meet him in Diagon Alley, at midnight, when nobody can help you in case of trouble.’


’George, I hope you don’t want to come with me…’ Hermione rolled her eyes. She was fed up to see her friends’ worrying faces.


’No, I won’t go with you. I just want to warn you to be careful. You know… Guys always want the same thing. When he asks May I have this dance? It means he wants to have sex with you. When he asks Can I take you out to dinner? He wants to have sex with you. When he says You look tense, let me give you a massage, it means he wants to have sex with you in the next ten minutes.’


’George, don’t generalize, please,’ Ginny shook her head.


’It’s not generalization, it’s normal… more or less. But now, in your case, Herms, when you don’t know his name, you haven’t seen his face… You are not an irresponsible, inconsiderate girl, right?’


’But… I know he’s a descent guy. I feel it. It’s… women’s intuition.’ Hermione claimed.


’They say, women’s intuition is the result of millions of years of not thinking.’ George remarked dryly.


’But it always works,’ Hermione spat.


’I hope you’re right, Herms.’ George stood up and headed for the door. ’I hope you’re right.’




Hermione had a splitting headache so she apparated back to the Burrow, after saying goodbye to her friends who were celebrating New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square in London. It was what Harry, Ron and Fred thought. Ginny and George knew that her destination was not the Burrow and she didn’t have a headache at all.


Hermione was standing in front of Ollivander’s shabby little wand shop in Diagon Alley. She was watching the glittering snowflakes in the feeble light from the dim streetlight, wearing the invisibility cloak George could get from Harry.


’How will I know he’s here?’ She wondered. ’Both of us are invisible.’


But soon she noticed footprints in the snow… A man’s footprints, approaching the shop. She took a step towards them so the stranger must have seen hers, too.


She felt the familiar touch on her waist and her hands searched for his shoulders, sliding up his chest. But she didn’t stop there. The tip of her fingers gently explored his neck, his smooth and cold chin and cheeks. Suddenly he planted a kiss into her palm, his hot lips burning her skin.


Oh, how badly she wanted it… How badly she wanted him. But she had to be careful with her moves, not to let the cloak slip from her shoulders or head.


She slowly buried her hands in the silky locks of the other making him shudder with pleasure. Both of them were impatient now, the boy’s wet, parted lips quickly found Hermione’s. The kiss grew deeper and his questing tongue slipped inside her heated, moist cavern, his numb, trembling fingers found their way to Hermione’s bra under the cloak, the coat and her top. They seemed to lose control, all that left was a wave of desire and passion.


Hermione wished the moment would last forever, absorbing and melting in the neverending kiss and embrace when suddenly he whispered ’Come’ and she felt his hand grabbing hers, dragging her to the other end of the alley. He stopped at the Leaky Cauldron for a second, then, never letting Hermione go, he rushed up the wooden stairs.


When Hermione looked around, they were in a guestroom, surrounded by a fireplace, a mirror, polished oak furniture and a big bed.


End of Chapter 8

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