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Author's note: Thankyou everyone who reviewed the last chapter.

The girl with the long blonde hair and deep hazel eyes sauntered across the dancefloor towards where I was sitting at the bar with a drink in hand. She smiled as she approached me and it was clear that she had already had a bit to drink because of the way that she swayed slightly in her heels. Or perhaps that just happened normally from all that sashaying of the hips thing that she had going on. I didn't have time to dwell on it for long as she was soon standing infront of me with that flirtatious smile still on her lips.

I glanced over her body and saw just how short that dress of hers really was. Not that it bothered me much. She placed a small hand on my arm and leant forward to whisper in my ear, "Come dance with me?"

Quickly downing the last of my drink, I flashed her a smile and removed myself from the bar stool that I had been sitting on. I linked my arm around her waist and directed our bodies towards the dancefloor. There was some fancy music playing which meant that there was proper dance steps to go with it. Using what I could remember of the dance, I placed my hands in the correct place on her waist and began to lead us around the dancefloor.

After a little while of dancing, I was getting bored and irritated by the steps and the slow pace of the music. Leaning over slightly, I brushed my lips gently against the girls cheek and then whispered into her ear, "Wanna get out of here?"

She nodded enthusiatically as she took my hand and began to drag me away from the dancefloor and back towards the bar. "Let's get a drink to go," she offered with a wink before demanding a full bottle of wine without glasses from the bartender. I grinned as I grabbed the bottle from off the bar and we began to make our way back through the growing crowd of dancing drunks.

We walked down a few empty corridoors before finding a room that was far enough away from the rest of the people who were here tonight. I stumbled to push open the door and the girl who was attached to my side took a sip straight from the bottle as she hip-bumped the door closed behind us. With a smirk, she held out the bottle for me and I took it without question. I quickly took a drink from the bottle and cringed at the taste of the red wine that she had insisted we brought with us. I hated wine - It was disgusting. But then again, this whole evening was horrible and I was already pretty much hammered so I just ignored the taste and took another long drink.

Whilst I had been drinking from the bottle, the girl had taken off her heels and chucked them aside. I stared at her for a moment as she was about a head shorter than me without the height of the heels to make her seem taller.

"How old-?" I fumbled to ask.

She snatched the bottle from my hands with a smirk. "I'm twenty," she took a swig from the bottle and sounded oddly coherant for a drunk woman, "and this," she motioned between myself and her using the hand holding the wine bottle, "is no strings attached."

"Good," I said quietly as I grabbed her free hand and pulled her closer to me, "I've always 'ated strings anyways." And with that as my final word, I kissed her.

The rest then turned into a  blurry memory of a drunken slip-up.

"James?" My dads voice cut through my blissfully happy sleep as I rolled over on the scratchy carpet where I had been previously sleeping effectively whacking my head on something wooden. I refused to open my eyes but guessed that it was some kind of pole of some sort. "James? Are you in here?"

I groaned in response and opened one eye to assess the situation. I realised then that it hadn't been a pole that I had banged my head on but a part of the sofa. Do sofa's have sofa legs? I couldn't remember.

There was a few muffled footsteps as my dad padded across the room towards where I was curled up on the floor. He peered over the top of the sofa and then quickly shut his eyes and stood back.

"Merlin James! Why are you naked?" he asked in a shocked tone that made me open my other eye in suprise.

I sat up quickly and came to the conclusion that I was naked and passed out behind the sofa with no sign of the girl who I had been with previously. She had obviously abandoned me as soon as I had collapsed into the drunken slumber in which I was now groggilly waking up from.

"Do you want the truth?" I questioned back as I attempted to haul myself up from off the floor.

"No, James," my dad replied sarcastically, "I want some crazy made up story which only explains half of why you're here. Of course I want the truth!"

"Shame," I muttered in reply once I had managed to drag myself up from off the scratchy carpet so that I was facing my dad with only the sofa to cover myself, "because the made up story was going to include pirates."

My dad shot me a look that clearly stated that he was not in the mood for me to start getting cocky with him. I let out a slow breath and answered seriously, "You want the truth? Because I don't actually remember..."

"Typical," he muttered in reply as he scooped up my clothes that were in a messy pile on the floor and chucked them at me, "Just get changed and get back out there," he demanded as he turned to leave me, quite clearly not in the mood to discuss my behaviour right now. But then again, it doesn't matter what he thinks anymore because i'm officially an adult. I can almost hear Jez now, 'Not a very responsible one though.' Yes well, I didn't come here to be responsible. I came here to get beyond drunk and forget everything else for a while.

As fast as I could, I shoved back on my clothes and sorted out my hair. Grabbing the half empty wine bottle off the coffee table, I took a large sip and cringed at the bitter taste. With one last glance around the room, I crammed my shoes back onto my feet and strolled out of the room.

Using the wall to brace myself as I stumbled back down the corridor towards where everyone else was, I continued to drink from the bottle until it was empty. I left the now empty bottle on a windowsil that I passed and carried on my way without bothering to think much about what I was going to do when I got back into the room on dancing drunks.

As I wandered into the filled to the brim room, a tall brunnette shimmied her way over to me and placed a hand on my chest.

"My boyfriend's cheating on me," she winked at me, "wanna help me get revenge?"

I shot her a sideways glance and replied, "Only if I have another drink in me."

She giggled and handed me her bottle of firewhiskey. "Here," she said and I took it without hesitation. Within seconds, I had downed the bottle and was kissing along the girls jawline as she giggled and ran her hands across my chest.

A large man who was quite a bit taller than me stormed over to me then and went to grab for me. I figured that he was the boyfriend and that he was incredibly pissed about me touching 'his girl' so I ducked away from them both and absentmindedly told him, "You can have her. I want another drink anyway."

I pushed my way through the crowd of dancing bodies quite impolitely as I made my way towards the bar where I noticed Dom was sitting by herself with a drink in hand.

Stumbling, I managed to make my way over to where she was sitting and flashed her a lop-sided grin that showed I was considering something that was most probably not of importance but my thoughts were slightly fuzzy at the moment so I didn't bother to try to correct the stupid grin.

"You're drunk!" I slurred as I clumsily took the drink from her hand and gave it to some old man who was standing closest to us, "here, have this," I mumbled and the old man obliged by taking the drink and shooting me a funny look which I easily ignored.

"Sorry about him," Dom apologised as she reached over and took back her drink, "he's had a little bit too much to drink," she explained only to have the man ignore her and saunter away from us as if we were strange and to be avoided at all costs.

She then turned to glare at me. "I think that you're the one who's drunk."

"I don't think so," I replied childishly before sticking my tongue out at her.

Rolling her eyes, Dom questioned, "Did uncle Harry find you in the end?"

"Naked and stuck behind a sofa," I answered absentmindedly as I tried to get the bartender with two heads attention, "Oi! Man with two heads!" I called out without being positive if it was actually a man with two heads, "Yeah, you!" I yelled a little louder once I had caught the man-with-two-head's attention, "another.. thingybeer!" I demanded rudely as I waved one hand out infront of me for no apparent reason.

"Ignore him" Dom instructed loudly from beside me, "he's already had a few too many."

She then proceeded to turn to face me and growl, "Bloody hell, James. How many have you had?"

"A few too many," I repeated her words with an immature (and very unlike me - but still incredibly manly) giggle. That's if giggles could ever be considered manly in any way...

"Seriously, James," she shook me roughly by my shoulders so that my head wobbled uncontrollably and made me feel like I was about to be sick, "how many?"

"Alot," I replied slowly once she had stopped shaking me and my head had stopped spinning quite so fast.

"I'm going to go and find uncle Harry," Dom announced with an irritated sigh as she scanned the crowd of dancing people, "You stay here."

"No way!" I shouted immaturely as I quickly turned and dashed off into the crowd of people closest to us.

"James!" The voice was vaguely familiar, I noted with dulled interest as I sipped from my bottle of firewhiskey and let my head fall back so that it banged against the wall that I was slumped against, "ow," I moaned quietly before taking another large swig from the bottle.

I was currently sitting on the floor of the main hall with my legs sprawled out infront of me and using the wall behind me to keep me sitting up straight and to stop me from slipping and accidently knocking myself out on the floor or some other hard object that was placed around the room. I was basically a disaster waiting to happen in this state and practically everything was a hazzard whilst I was this out of it.

A small hand placed itself on my shoulder and a blurry face stared down at me from where the person was crouched down infront of me. "James?" The person said quietly with a hint of what I assumed to be worry laced into the words.

"Wan' som'?" I offered as I clumsily held the bottle out for whoever it was infront of me to take.

"Did you say 'handsome'?" The person asked as they leant forward so that there face was directly infront of me. It was a girl, a woman, I discovered slowly as I stared into the dark blue eyes which stared right back at me. And I knew this person, I realised foggily as I tried to pin-point exactly who it was infront of me.

Red hair. 

Okay, so, a Weasley? No.. her hair isn't bright enough to be a Weasley's.

A Potter? Wait, no, that's only Lily or my mum.. this girl is neither.

Strangely dark blue eyes-

"James, it's me," the girl's gentle voice cut through my fuzzy thoughts about who she was, "Jez," she reminded me with a smirk as the pieces finally came together.

Of course it was Jez! No other girl's eyes are that dark of a blue.

"Hey Jez," I smiled weakly as I glanced sideways at the nearly empty bottle of firewhiskey that was still clutched in my hand, "I drank it," I confessed in a whisper that came out louder than intended. Jez laughed and took the bottle from my hand before struggling to help me to my feet.

"I realised," she grinned at me and I slung an arm around her shoulders in order to stay balanced, "C'mon," she said, "I'll take you home," and with that, she turned on the spot and apparated us both back to my parents house and directly into my bedroom.

Once my head had stopped spinning, I released my vice like grip on her and stumbled my way over to my bed where I collapsed on top off the covers and closed my eyes in a pathetic attempt to keep out the blurry images around me.

Jez wordlessly removed my shoes and socks and then swiftly undid my tie and left them on the floor at the end of the bed before pulling the duvet up to cover my still clothed body. I rolled over so that I was lying on my back and smiled lazily at her as she sat down on the edge of my bed and brushed a few loose strands off hair away from my eyes. She then proceeded to softly hum along to a song that I had come to familiarize myself with as Jez's favourite french lullaby that her mother had sang to her as a child.

The sweet melody continued as my eyes fluttered closed and even carried on until I had fallen into a semi-peaceful sleep, knowing that she was still beside me to comfort me if I needed it. I was a little bit of an unpredictable drunk; whether it was with stange emotions, random behaviour, or just sudden bursts of oddly made comments that I made to people who I barely knew - it was all extremly crazy and terribly anti-James which made it a strange time for anyone in my company.

When I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a small bump forming on the back of my head I figured that I had most probably had a little bit more to drink than what is considered my 'limit'. I glanced over at my bedside table and mentally thanked whoever had left the hangover potion there for me. I downed it quickly and immediatly felt the effects of the potion as the headache slipped away into nothingness and I suddenly felt wide awake. Unfortuantly, the bump was still there. I frowned at that fact but managed to haul myself out of bed and pad out of my room and down the stairs towards the kitchen in search of some much needed coffee.

"Good morning, James," Lily greeted me brightly from where she sat at the table with a piece of toast in hand. My dad sat at the end of the table like usually as he read the morning newspaper and my mum scurried around the kitchen as she cooked breakfast for whoever wanted it. I smiled politely as I passed them and started to pour the freshly made coffee into my mug.

"How did I get myself home last night?" I questioned curiously as I took a sip from my mug, cringing slightly at just how strong it was this early in the morning.

"You don't remember?" Lily replied seeming slightly shocked but then catching herself by shaking her head and giving a small smile, "That's right. You wouldn't remember. You were drunk beyond drunk," she commented lightly, "Jez found you and brought you home. Even waited until you had fallen asleep before leaving you alone." I inwardly grinned at the thought of my bestfriend helping me like that.

"Morning," Albus grunted as he trudged into the kitchen wearing only his boxers. He looked half asleep and pretty much exausted.

"Albus!" Mum scolded half-heartedly from where she was fussing over a few pots and pans but had paused to glance over at her son, "You could have at least put on some clothes to come into the kitchen with."

Albus curiously looked down at himself to see what he was wearing before shrugging and walking over to steal a piece of toast from Lily's plate.

"Hey!" she protested playfully as she flicked his hands away before he was able to get to her beloved toast, "hands off, Potter."

I chuckled. "Lily," I sighed dramatically, "You're a Potter too."

She beamed at me. "And proud of it," she told me smugly as she took another bite of her toast.

"Rough night?" I offered when Albus yawned from beside her and plonked himself into the seat closest to himself.

"I guess you could say that," he then perked up a little by sending me a smirk, "I danced with Jez for a few songs," he taunted.

"How many's a few?" I questioned, trying to make it seem as if I wasn't really that interested in the fact that my little brother had danced with my bestfriend whilst I had been completly wasted in a corner somewhere.

"I don't know. A few," he said as if the details weren't important.

For some reason, I felt the need to growl at him but restrained myself as I considered it to be weird and I didn't actually have a reason for wanting to do it anyway.

"Why," Albus joked after a moment, "Jealous?"

"Wha- of course not!" I protested, "Why would I- I mean, Jez, she's my bestfriend," I pathetically stammered out a response.

"Because you're in love with her," Lily chimed in with an automatic roll of her eyes.

I glared at the pair. "We've already been through this," I stated stubbornly, "I am not in love with her."

"Then why are you jealous?" Albus retorted with a rather smug looking smirk.

"Because-" I then stopped and corrected myself, "I'm not!"

Albus sent me a look that said 'Oh, really?'

"I'm not in love with her," I repeated again for the benefit of others. I mean, c'mon, it's not like i'm saying it for my health over here.

"Mhm," Lily nodded disbelievingly as she took yet another bite of toast. I decided then that her bites are more like painfully small nibbles that were actually starting to piss me off.

"I'm not."

"Of course you're not," Albus agreed sarcastically before stealing my mug of coffee from where I had placed it on the table and taking a large drink from it, "Eurgh," he complained as he made a face of disgust, "that's bloody horrible."

"Good," I replied harshly as I snatched my mug back, "serves you right for being such a prat."

"Good," he mimicked childishly, "serves you right for being in denial over falling for your bestfriend."

"I'm not in denial-" I started but altered what I was saying suddenly, "I'm not falling for her!"

Lily sighed as she stood up, "You're just digging yourself a bigger hole, James."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked at her back as she ignored me and left the kitchen.

"It means that you're an idiot," Albus joked from where he was sitting.

"Jerk," I muttered as I stood up and glared at him.

"Twat," Albus retorted as I stormed out of the kitchen and back up the stairs.

"Prick!" I yelled back as I stood at the top of the stairs before dissapearing into my bedroom in order to get changed for Quidditch training.
"Boys!" Mum scolded from downstairs somewhere in the kitchen, "language!"

"It was Albus!" Ha! Take that, little brother.

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