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Life Collides Chapter Eighteen:


The Excerpt from the Harry Potter biography: Harry Potter, After the Fall by Grizel Hurtz.

...what became of Harry Potter? From the day he was born he had been pre-destined to kill the darkest Wizard the world has ever seen. How does one move on from that? Well for Harry it was a tricky road from the beginning. His closest friends were missing, his fiancé was in a coma, and the weight of a hundred more deaths hung over his head. It is no wonder that our Hero left England, and disappeared into the Muggle world. The stress and guilt would eat anyone up until they cracked.

But where did our hero go? It wasn’t revealed until a month after his return when Harry Potter sat down for his first interview since returning. Luna Lovegood, now executive editor and owner of the Quibbler was the first and only person who could get an interview with Harry. In the interview Harry divulged that he had to Toronto, Canada, where he worked at a Muggle coffee shop. Although not what many expected our great hero to be doing, it is understandable that the young man had simply wanted to live a simple life. However, it wasn’t long for his ‘simple life’ to get a little more complicated.

A small group of musicians worked at the coffee shop alongside Harry, and managed to get him into music as well. “They took me to one of their shows, and I couldn’t really believe how much I enjoyed it. It was strange.” Harry explained in the interview. It could be assumed that because Harry had spent so much time in his youth dedicated to ending the reign of Lord Voldemort, he had had no time for simple pleasures such as music. Shortly after attending his friends show, Harry began to play guitar getting lessons from his closest friend in Canada, Emily Thorn. Around this time harry moved in with his new friends in a house owned by Emily’s brother, Josh Thorn. A master of all things, Josh Thorn owns numerous properties in Toronto as well as a chain of coffee shops and restaurants. He also owns a management company that manages Emily Thorn, a group called Taxi, and various other groups and solo artists. This growing group of musicians were constantly in an out of Harry’s life during his time in Canada, so it was only a matter of time that he himself began to write his own music and perform.

In going to Toronto, it appeared that Harry Potter had changed in to a new man. He appeared to be a single man, coming to Canada in the hopes of adventure. However, according to Georgia Collins, she could see there was more than that too Harry. “When I got to him a little better, I could see there was more to his story of coming to Canada for adventure. He often told me that his family died when he was younger, and that he didn’t really have any reason to stay in England. But I knew there was more. Emily often said it seemed like he was running from something, that he was hiding out. I always told her she was being ridiculous because, I mean if someone doesn’t want to be found why would they start a musical career?”

Unbeknownst the Georgia, Harry was running away from something, his own guilt. He believed by going to Canada the pressure would be off, the guilt would alleviate; he wouldn’t have to hear about the lives he was unable to save. Although Harry became extremely busy with his music career, writing music and performing, there was time when he was alone with his thoughts and memories of the war. His on-going guilt that he had not killed Voldemort quick enough haunted him. It can be clearly heard in his songs such as What Makes a Man? with lines such as “What makes a man walk away from his mind?” and “What makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?”. The simple fact is Harry was missing the people he had left behind, and those who had died in the war. One must remember because he had no contact with the magical world he had no idea that his friends Hermione Granger-Weasley and Ron Weasley had returned, nor did he know that Ginny Weasley had awoken from her coma.

After being in Canada for nearly two years Harry was presented with the idea to return to Britain. Josh Thorn was planning a European tour, and wanted to know if he would consider being one of the opening acts since audiences in Canada had been receiving him so well. Harry was obviously hesitant, as he was very aware what some consequences would arise by his return. For one, he would be going to London and Harry was sure it would not be hard for him to run into a witch or wizard, who would clearly recognize him, no matter how hard he tried to hide his appearance. Not only that but he knew within himself, it would be hard to resist checking up on the world he had left for so long.

Harry eventually agreed to touring in the British lag of the tour, feeling that it may have been for the best that he returned to England. He felt he had not given certain people, such as the Weasley family whom he was close with, proper goodbye’s. It is possible that he believed if he returned, made peace with the life he had abandoned, he could continue with his new one without the guilt. However what was waiting for him in England was about to change his whole mind on his situation.

The day after his arrival in London, England, Harry and Emily had gone out to eat breakfast, and explore parts of London before they would have to go to sound check later that day. As they were walking back to the Hotel they were staying at, Harry was walking remarkably close to the Leaky Cauldron, and it would not be surprising if he ran into any wizards or witches, let alone someone he knew. “It was such a strange moment, Harry had just finished telling me about his ex-girlfriend, Ginny when we ran into her, right there on the street.” Emily told me in my interview with her.

Ginny had been walking from work to visit Ron and Hermione Weasley at their home near the Ministry. It is too be understood that the relationship between Harry and Ginny was very strained in the beginning, but Harry told me once in an interview, that Ginny was a lot more civil towards him then he had expected. Her fiery temper often took hold of her. Thankfully Ginny was willing to take Harry to the Weasley’s home where he met his two old friends in hugs. Along with his friends he met their two year old son, Harry.

While Ginny had been hesitant to allowing Harry back in her life, Ron and Hermione took less time. “Harry is our friend, and after ten years of friendship it was hard to look him in the eye and be mad when we knew he was sorry, and that we were sorry to.” Hermione explained in memoirs.

Although things seemed patched up, Harry did not share with his friends why exactly he had returned to England other than his friends were touring and had asked him to join them. Harry was extremely awkward when it came to explaining that he was a musician and that he loved music. Music had not been a part of his old persona in the magical world, and he wasn’t sure how to express this new interest to his friends. Unfortunately for Harry, how they found out wasn’t exactly how he had planned or wanted.

The same day Harry had fallen back into the magical world was the day of his first show in England. Planning to go to the Weasley’s after his show, he would be able to play a brilliant show, and return to his happy world without having to reveal he was a musician nor would he have to disappoint his friends or himself and not be able to play in the show. However this plan did not work out so well as Hermione and Ginny ended up showing a little early, and found Harry performing.

It was a few days before Ginny, Hermione, and Ron came around to the idea of Harry being a musician, and Harry continued to do the tour. When everyone else continued to the rest of Europe, Harry returned back to London to stay with Ron and Hermione. By this time it was time for Harry to re-enter the spotlight in the magical world. Minister of Magic Shacklebolt is an old friend of Harry Potter and with his help there was a news conference set up at the Ministry where Harry could address the press. Also Harry and Shacklebolt discussed the idea of Harry returning to his work at the ministry with a new title as Head of Magical Law Enforcement. It was not unexpected by Harry, as he and Shacklebolt had had many conversations about it before Harry left for Canada.

With Harry’s new job, along with the task of repairing old friendships, Harry’s music slipped into the background. Six months after returning to England, Georgia and Adam Collins came to visit Harry in England to give him his stuff he left in Canada, along with sharing the news that they had eloped in Italy, and were planning to move to London as Adam had been asked to produce at a recording label. Harry was extremely excited about this as he would be able to visit them often on his way home from the ministry, and possibly even get some practise time in.

Meanwhile things between Ginny and Harry had been improving. They had begun dating again, and a year since Harry had come back they were moving into a flat together in South London. It is amazing how Harry managed to do everything in his life at the time. Upon becoming Head of Magical Law Enforcement, he and Ron worked together with Shacklebolt and numerous other ministry officials to create a new ministry. Although minor changes had taken place since Shaklebolt’s appointment, with Harry’s help they set up a whole new system which worked against corruption, and any possible prejudice that had existed previously. This meant Harry would be spending seventy-five percent of his time at the Ministry. When he finished at the ministry around six, he would then leave to visit Georgia and Adam at their flat, sometimes spending one or two hours there before going to Ron and Hermione’s where he would meet Ginny most nights and they would have a late supper. On Sunday’s, his only day off Harry would either spend time with Ginny or go to Adam’s studio where they would have jam sessions. Sunday nights were always spent at the Weasley’s, where Molly Weasley would prepare large family dinner’s.

It was a busy time, and after a year Harry’s life settled down long enough for he and Ginny to get married. On August 3rd 2002 Harry Potter finally married Ginny Weasley, just as her Quidditch career was taking off. During this time Harry began recording his first album, Homeward Bound with Adam’s encouragement. In the Muggle world, due to Harry’s sparse performances with friends he had made through the record label, had made him into a phenomenon. With the release of his album, an underground following began to grow.

Harry never fully focused on his music career as he viewed it as a pass time, something to do for fun. Even with the release of his debut album, he only did a few shows around the country, and even some shows for Wizarding audiences only. He doesn’t like to talk about his music career in the Magical world as quoted in the Daily Prophet in 2003: “I make music for fun, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to sit down with an interviewer and dissect my own music. People can listen to it, and interpret whatever they like. But I am first and foremost an Auror, and ensuring that the Magical world is safe and well protected is my first concern.”

However by the following year Harry had already begun working on his next album I Remember. Harry was spending a large amount of his free time in the studio, and even took two weeks off of work to finish the album. Harry was highly criticized in the Wizarding World as people believed that he had a duty as Head of the Auror department to be focusing on catching dark Wizards that were still at large even five years after the war ended. Harry argued that the defence of the Wizarding World would not weaken because he was not in office for two weeks, and that Ron Weasley, second to Harry, was fully capable to run the Auror office in his absence. Harry also reminded that the Wizarding World hadn’t gone to hell when he went abroad, a year after the War.

With this album, Harry became a little more serious surrounding his music. He decided to put some real effort into his songs, and even managed to have the Weird Sisters play on the record. His lyric’s remained simple, and honest, but the music became more complicated, intelligent, and less based on big hooks for listeners to grab onto. It was a critical success in the Muggle world and Harry found himself thrust in the spotlight when his management team struck a deal with a mass distributer. Harry decided that he should do a European tour, making sure that all the shows were Apparating distance so that he could still continue his job at the Ministry.

Once again Harry was under mass scrutiny by much of the Wizarding population. People were worried that with Harry’s new found dedication towards his music that he may abandon his post as head of the Auror office. However, Harry never once thought about it. He explained that something became difficult, if he could no longer balance his career as an Auror and as a musician, he would return to using music as a hobby. Harry explained in a Muggle magazine when asked about the album, “I love music, and I felt that I needed to prove to myself that I could make a brilliant album that I was really proud of. I don’t know if I’ll ever make another album. Maybe if time allows, but right now it seems like a very distant possibility.”

Shortly after his second album was released, Ginny had become pregnant with their first child. Ginny had to take time off from Quidditch and she began writing as a correspondent for the Daily Prophet. She admitted in an interview her life had actually become a lot less complicated since becoming pregnant. It was much different for Harry, who found it hard to tour knowing his wife was pregnant, and was often distracted at his shows. Although he had other things on his mind, his shows still proved to be some of the best. After four months of shows, Harry was glad to stay home after work, and spend time with his wife.

On May 1st 2004 James Sirius Potter was born. As the media found out about the birth, Harry became aware that it would be extremely important for his family to find a home far from London. So he and Ginny moved into a large cottage just outside of Godric’s Hollow. Harry had plans to make a studio in the back shed which would help the travel time of going to London if he ever wanted to record. There also was plenty of space for Harry and is family to grow. Over the next two year Harry’s music career slowed down. He still recorded in his home studio, and did shows at small venues in Godric’s Hollow and in London.

The simple truth was that Harry had become extremely busy the two years after his son was born, that he did not have time to do anything with his music. Almost ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts the final Death Eater, Albert Runcorn. Interestingly enough Harry had impersonated Runcorn when he, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione then Granger infiltrated the Ministry. He had been spending the last eight and a half years in hiding in Northern Russia with distant relatives. It was a huge accomplishment for Harry, and it had been one of his goals since becoming an Auror.

The good news did stop there. In mid 2005 Harry learned from Georgia and Adam that they were going to have a baby boy, and a few months after that Hermione Weasley also became pregnant. Harry admitted to me in an interview that knowing his friends were all going to have children, and wanting to grow his own family, he and Ginny decided to have a second child. Nine months later on June 3rd 2006 Albus Severus Potter was born. He would be going to school with Rose Weasley, his cousin. With this new inspiration, and time off work Harry began working on the idea of possibly on a third album. It had been three years since his last album, and he hadn’t played any large audiences since early 2003. He was nervous what the public response would be; he had said in the past that he was most likely never to do another album and he knew the Wizarding community would have a lot to say about the subject.

Harry decided he couldn’t make the definitive choice, and left to Ginny, his wife to come with the answer. Ginny’s response was simple “Is there really a choice?” Harry knew then, that she was right. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what Ginny said, he still would have gone and done it eventually. So he booked studio time with Adam, which gave an excuse for Georgia to visit with Damien and get out of the house. While Harry and Adam were recording, Ginny and Georgia would be in the house watching the children and socializing.

It took two years for Harry to write and record the album. Between work and helping Ginny take care of the children, Harry was extremely happy with the album he made. The songs dealt largely with growing older, and trying to come to grips with life changing events such as a having children. It came off as an overall hopeful album for the future, and felt a lot more grown up then his last album, which made sense as it had been five years. Harry explained in an interview with witch weekly the reason it took so long to make simply because of his family. It was growing, and Ginny had even become pregnant with their third child a few weeks after the albums release. Along with his job as Head of the Auror office, it took Harry a long time to manage focusing on just the album; he didn’t have the energy to work a job that often exceeded its eight hour work day, as well as take care of two young children and record an album and do shows.

Although Harry was very constricted with time, he decided he would do a much larger tour with this album. It wasn’t so much because he wanted to, but because Adam and his backing band had worked very hard on the album, and he felt he owed it to them. With this decision Harry was surprised that the Magical world didn’t meet him in criticism. Discussion had been sparked on radio shows and in other media, but because Harry had been able to control everything the last time, it wasn’t so negative. It couldn’t be said for his home life however.

Ginny completely disagreed with Harry’s decision to do a big tour. She was three months pregnant, and thought it would be impossible for her to take care of their children on her own as well as write her column. Harry understood why she was upset with his decision. He would still have to work at the ministry, knowing he couldn’t resign, and would have to go straight from the ministry to where ever he was performing. Because he was doing a large tour across Europe, and even doing shows in North America, there would be nights he would be unable to return home. Harry didn’t like the idea much, but he felt he owed it to his band mates and his fans.

Even without Ginny’s approval the tour dates was set, and Harry made arrangements with the ministry appointing Ron as temporary Head of Law Enforcement when he was not around. Harry was still head of the department, and went to work every day except weekends to ensure that everything was running smoothly. He would be called in the upmost emergencies in the sixth months he would be on tour, and have the final say on everything. There would be a three month break for the Christmas holidays but also because Ginny was due in early December.

On June 20th Harry started his tour in London and made his way through the British Isles doing almost every venue that would take him. He did clubs and theatres in the bigger cities, and pubs in the smaller ones. It was easy for Harry to Apparate to where ever the venue was and Disapparated home when needed. Before the tour began he and Adam had managed to get The Weird Sisters to play as a backing band with Harry. They are all wizards, and it made the tour a lot easier on Harry because he didn’t have to hide how he got to each show if he had been touring with a Muggle band.

The tour went extremely well. It received excellent reviews, and Q magazine called him the next big thing in Europe. Harry was pleased with the response, and enjoyed the tour. However, at the same time he was under a great amount of stress. He was only able to see his family for a few hours, and his sons were often asleep when he returned home. Being pregnant, Ginny was having a difficult time taking care of the kids on her own, so only a few weeks after Harry went on tour Ginny’s mother and father, Molly and Arthur Weasley came to stay with Ginny to help take care of the children.

When I talked to Harry about this time, he was quiet, and simply explained that he was happy his in-laws were willing to help Ginny while he was away. However, it was easy to see on his face that he did feel guilty about it, and ultimately regretted his decision. It was around the second month of his tour that he said he wouldn’t be doing another one like it to Wizarding media. It was too complicated, and ultimately he didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t his life.

When the four months were finished the tour took a break, and everyone returned home to celebrate the holidays with their family. On December 8th 2008 Harry and Ginny Potter’s third child, Lily Luna Potter was born. At the time it appeared everything was well between Harry and Ginny. They had patched up any problems that were out-standing from Harry’s choice to do the tour. It seemed Harry would return to work and to the tour a much happier man. However, he had different plans. Although there were only two months left, with ten shows left to play Harry decided he wasn’t going to do them. He cancelled the shows in Canada and the United States promising he would do them in the summer, explaining he needed to be home with his family.

There was a small amount of criticism in the Muggle world, and overall the news was received well. This decision is believed to have save Harry’s marriage with Ginny. The details of what went on between them are little known, as those who do know refuse to speak about it in respect. Even I was barred from the information with my candid interview with Harry.

Harry did honour his promise, and did the ten shows in two and a half weeks. He brought along his young family, taking time to visit his old friends Teddy Edison, and Emily Thorn who both lived in Toronto together with their young daughter, Laura. Harry said that Canada held a lot of good memories, and said it really helped him figure out his purpose in life after defeating Voldemort. It was also a nice vacation for Ginny and the family to get out of England, and the large media circuit which surrounded their everyday life. It seemed in Canada that Harry’s visit was exciting, but ultimately the magical population are spread further out then in England so Harry’s run-ins with other Magical people were minimal.

While in Canada, Harry and his family visited the many magical settlements that were created in Northern Canada. After the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy (1692) the Wizarding community had been forced to live in remote areas to avoid Muggle contact. In fact many of these Canadian settlements have a large amount of contact, instead, with the aboriginal tribes and the Inuit of the North. Harry was impressed with the tolerance and respect some of the most Pureblood families had towards Muggles.

Upon return to England, Harry was soon asked by Hermione Granger to help her in the process of reforming pro-pureblood laws that were so entrenched in Wizarding Law at the time. With Harry’s support Hermione Granger was able to reform much of Wizard law in the magical community all over the world. She was later appointed to sit in the Wizengamot, in 2014.

Since the birth of his daughter, Lily, Harry did not return to music for some time. It is speculated that the troubles within his marriage, and his overall unhappiness with the position of being away from his family pushed him from his love of music. However, on many family get-together’s Harry was known to pull out his guitar, and force his nephews and nieces to sing the Holyhead Harpies anthem. Away from his music Harry continued his career as one of the best dark-wizard catchers the world had seen. It is yet to be seen what his children will do with this bright new future their father and other family members have created for them.

A.N: So that's it. I did finish this abrutly, I suppose, but I don't want to go any further simply because it would spoil some thing coming for the sequel which is posted called "Our Famous Fathers". Check it out! And thanks again for sticking through this whole process!

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