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Her Glory by thatclutzsarahh
Chapter 11 : Figure It Out
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Hermione was seething. Oh she was in a rage that night as she stomped back to her Head’s dorm. The nerve of both Ron and Malfoy! She ground her teeth against each other and clenched her fists, staring angrily at the glowing castle in front of her. Her wrath was so great it practically could be felt from her eyes as she glared at nervous looking first years as she made her way back to the Head’s Dorm. She silently prayed he wasn’t there so she wouldn’t lose it and do something she’d regret.

But of course he was there, lounging mindlessly on the couch in front of the fire with a book in his lap. Hermione made her entrance and stared, fire coming from her eyes.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” she shrieked her eyes raging. Malfoy stared at her and smirked, she was bloody beautiful in such a fit.

“Nothing,” he answered nonchalantly, the flames in his stomach lighting at the sight of her eyes filling. She came around and stood in front of him, and he looked up for a moment then down.

“Dammit Malfoy! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she hissed. He ignored her, knowing that the fire in her eyes was becoming thicker. He liked to see her angry.

“Ignoring you, Granger,” he answered, “You make it rather hard if you put your ugly face right there.”

Hermione then did something so completely out of character, it shocked him to his core. Hermione shoved his head back, throwing his upper torso against the back of the couch and sat over his lap, one knee on either side of his legs. Her hair was in perfect curls, curling around her angry face, framing the heart shape perfectly. His eyes began to darken as she sat there-in his lap.

“What gives you the right,” she hissed angrily, “To just waltz right into my life and fuck everything up?”

“Did you just curse?” he asked amazed and amused.

“Malfoy!” she hissed, “I am perfectly capable of running my own life!”

“Really, because I think,” he said, shifting underneath her, causing a warm blush to hit her cheeks as she realized just how she was sitting, “I think you need me.”

“I do not,” she answered, shoving him back. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her with him, so their faces were inches apart.

“I think so,” he answered, his breath hitting her face. A devilish gleam formed in her eyes and for the first time ever, Draco Malfoy was scared of Hermione Granger.

“I think you need me,” she played back, running her hands down his chest. She noted how he tried to hold back the pink that threatened his cheeks.

“You’re wrong,” he answered, huskily, receiving a confused look from her, “I know I need you.”

And with that his lips touched hers, the flames in his stomach exploding as her fingers twisted themselves in his hair. His hands slid down her waist and past her hips, resting underneath her bum to hold her. She bit on his lip, sending a deep groan into her mouth as he moved his hands down to her thighs. The feeling, new to her, made her roll her hips against him, driving him crazy. Damn her for doing that to him, damn him for falling for it.

She tugged at his hair, pulling his head back as her lips traced his jaw. He looked at the ceiling, trying desperately to regain any sense of direction as her lips set flames to his skin. He was losing that battle fast, though, as his hands involuntarily moved across her skin as she rolled against him. He’d never had a girl do this to him, and he was going crazy slowly, trying so hard to cling to an ounce of sanity as the Gryffindor Princess tortured him with her mind-blowing body.

Luckily he didn’t have to wait much longer, for the portrait door swung open a few minutes later, just as he let go of her and sprawled his arms across the back of the couch, giving into her. As her teeth bit at his neck he let out a loud, deep moan, masking the sound of the opening portrait to her. Malfoy heard it, and let his dark charcoal eyes flicked over to the door, just as Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, Theo Nott, and Pansy Parkinson entered the scene. Pansy’s eyes went wide, Blaise’s eyes filled with jealousy, Daphne looked completely indifferent, and Theo just blinked at the pair.

Pansy was the first to make a move. She never regained her posture and her face twisted into the most angrily evil sneer he’d seen plastered on her face. Malfoy’s eyes never regained composure, it felt just to damn good.

“Mudblood?” Pansy voice shrieked with anger. Malfoy almost groaned aloud as Granger lifted her head to see the group of Slytherins. She scrambled with incredible speed from Malfoy’s lap, and he protested weakly by trying to grab her back.

Unfortunately, she was not fast enough to get out of the way of Pansy as she lunged for her. Hermione was tackled to the ground by the Slytherin girl her hands going up to defend herself from the vicious nails that the girl had. Hermione wrestled herself around into a defensive position as Pansy attacked her, clawing at her face with nails and screeching at her the whole time.

“You little mudblood bitch! Keep your paws off Draco!”

“Get off me!” Hermione screeched back angrily, defending her face with her arms. Pansy’s nails scraped at her skin.

“Potter and Weasel aren’t enough for you mudblood!?” she shrieked again

“Let go!” Hermione spluttered, missing a block and the nails catching her face. She spit out blood in her mouth and stared helplessly at Pansy.

“Stay away from Drakie!” she hissed, her hands clawing away. At the sound of his name, Draco snapped awake from him senses.

“Stupefy!” he yelled, hitting Pansy and watching her fly backwards. Hermione was badly bleeding on the ground and shaking violently. Pansy looked up from her new spot, watching the scene unfold in front of her eyes.

Draco crouched down next to Hermione, and stroked her hair with his fingers. Carefully he encircled her waist with his arms, lifting her from the floor in a tight embrace. There was no space between their bodies at all, and he held Hermione in a defensive and possessive position. Blaise understood immediately what happened- the veela in Malfoy had come over him, and he was protecting his ‘one.’ There was nothing left to do for Draco as he held Hermione in that way-his eyes gleaming with hate and his arms clenching her to his side.

“Don’t touch her,” he hissed dangerously, the kind of sound that threatened everyone in the room. His eyes flashed like the cold steel of a sword, aimed at anyone who dare to threaten him. Not a word came from Bliase, Theo, or Daphne. Pansy was stupid enough to speak.

“What is this!” shrieked Pansy angrily from her spot on the ground. Malfoy wheeled around on her, barring his wand at her pug face dangerously. The gleam in his eyes was not human, it was instinct-protect ‘the one’ at all costs. He pointed his wand at her.

“Leave Pansy,” he spat at her. Her face twisted into a scowl and he stared at her with immense threat, one wrong move and she’d be dead.

“Blood traitor,” she whispered, her eyes filled with immense hatred. Draco wheeled around to face her again. Hermione was clenching fistfuls of his shirt.

“What?” he hissed dangerously. Blasie knew she had done it. Pansy was going to get it-full unharnessed veela anger, directly at her. Everything Malfoy and him had worked on, went out the window. He saw Granger clutching to him, terrified, and Bliase knew he had to get her out of there.

“Blood traitor!” Pansy screeched, eerily reminded him of his crazy aunt. She repeated herself again.

“Blood Traitor! Blood Traitor!” she said in a high pitched sing song voice. Draco watched her dangerously, as Blaise extracted Hermione from his arms. He noticed then that Hermione was not conscious, and he needed to get her to bed. He carried her silently up to Draco’s room, hoping that Draco would have some mercy on the ignorant girl that taunted him-but he knew he wouldn’t.

“I’ll ask one last time,” he hissed angrily, “Leave.”

“Draco Malfoy is a blood traitor! Shagging the mudblood, blood traitor! Blood traito-


The cruel word sounded throughout the room, followed by the gasps of Pansy under the curse. Draco watched mercilessly as his old shag wretched under his curse. She gasped and spluttered, unable to scream fully underneath his wand. He stopped for a mere moment.

“Blood traitor! Blo-“


This time, a blood-curdling scream erupted from her lips and echoed in the common room. Daphne’s blond hair stood up on end as the sound filled her ears, Theo looked away from them, and Blaise cast a quickly Silencio charm on the door to not disturb the school. Pansy continued to shriek under the spell and Draco let his eyes gleam mercilessly at her, the moon making him look rather gaunt. He released the spell on her and looked away. She did not speak, and he looked into her eyes, where tears formed in them. They were not watery tears. They were blood.

They were bloody tears.

“Get out,” he hissed, “And if you ever threaten me again, or insult me, I will-with no objection, kill you.”

Pansy nodded quickly and scrambled up. She stumbled past Theo and Daphne and darted out the door. With a silent look, the pair followed, leaving Draco and Blaise in the common room alone.

“She’s asleep mate,” Zabini said without prompt. Malfoy nodded and turned his attention to the flames. He knew what just happened. He was in trouble.

“Does she know?” he asked huskily, his dark eyes glaring angrily at the fire.


Draco merely nodded and stared angrily at the flames. He was angry at himself for letting her crawl under his skin and into his veins, seeping into his muscles and digging into his bones, finding home in the very center of his brain. He was forever stuck with Hermione Granger-not that it was all bad.

He thought of all the good things that came with being with her. She wasn’t used at all. She was full of fire-unbridled fire that was caged inside, just waiting for the right someone to unleash it. She was smart and independent, and she wouldn’t nag him all the time. And then, there was-their fights. Oh how he loved to fight with her. Her eyes filled with flames that turned him on so much- he could even feel it thinking about her now. She would be angry and then he would be there, to claim all that fire for his own, and she would let him. He could see it in her eyes- she had an undying attraction for him. He had to get her to love him-if his pride could allow it now.

From that moment on, it did not matter if she was mudblood or pureblood, muggle or wizard; it did not matter whether she was smart or stupid, fat or skinny, pretty or ugly- he would see her as the most perfect person in the world. He had no control over it anymore. The Veela in him gripped tightly over his stone heart and squeezed. The creature he had once used so brutually on girls was backfiring and tightening a hold around his heart. He would do anything for Hermione, like it or not- that was how it was. He would go to the ends of the earth if she asked-bring her the moon if she wanted, or even put himself in the path of death if it meant saving her. He had no control over himself anymore.

He was wrapped around Hermione’s delicate finger-and there was nothing he could do to unwrap himself.

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Her Glory: Figure It Out


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