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This story is going to be from many different character's POV's, mostly Lyra, then Draco, and occassionally other characters as well.
I began writing this story late last year and decided to re-write it because my last attempt wasn't as great as I would've liked. Even though i'm re-writing it, it's still going to have the same plot and characters I planned out before, but with better writing. So please review because review's are what keep me going :) it only takes 1 minute. 

thanks to musicbox @tda for the beautiful chapter image!
- - - -
                                   " A daughter is the happy memories of the past, 
                                          the joyful moments of the present,                              
                                        and the hope and promise of the future." 
                                                           - Anonymous.

Narcissa's POV.
December 27, 1982

Small snowflakes drifted down from the night sky, swirling softly in the breeze outside Malfoy Manor. The master bedroom was practically dark, except for a dimly lit lamp that emitted a soft glow in a corner of the room. In the middle of the room, a woman with long, white blonde hair was lying in a bed of soft white sheets. Narcissa Malfoy sighed contentedly, enjoying the surroundings of her own house after being in a St. Mungo's delivery room for 24 hours. She slowly opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling. Out of habit, Narcissa moved her arms away from her side and rested them on her stomach, which now felt strangely empty without her daughter inside. 

With a sudden desire to be close to her children, Narcissa pushed the blankets off her body and slowly got to her feet. Running a manicured hand through her hair, she walked out of her bedroom and down the hallway. The moonlight shone through the many windows, making the family portraits on the wall become easily visible and Narcissa's shadow appear elongated on the wall. 

To her right, Narcissa noticed the door to her son's room was slightly open. She opened the door, wincing as it made a creaking sound, and peered in. She could make out the shape of Draco's body, a lump under the emerald green sheets, and his hair, the same color as his father's, was noticeable even in the dark. Satisfied her son was safe and sound, she closed the door softly and continued to the very end of the hall, where the door to her daughter's room was wide open. 

Narcissa saw her husband, Lucius, looking over the edge of their daughter's crib, but glanced up once he saw his wife standing in the doorway. She walked over to him, smiling, and stared down at her daughter with him. "She's so beautiful," Narcissa murmered. She felt Lucius's arm wrap around her waste. "I love the name you chose for her," Narcissa continued, staring into Lucius's grey eyes.

"I do too," he replied simply.

They stood in silence for a few moments, until Narcissa broke the silence by asking a question that had been pressing on her mind. "Are you upset that we had a daughter this time, and not another heir?" 

Lucius stared into Narcissa's blue eyes, making her heart skip a beat. "Of course not. We will raise her to grow up into a respectable and well behaved pureblood of society; someone we can be proud of. And besides," he nodded his head in the direction of Draco's bedroom. "You have already produced an heir. That's all that really matters."

"True," Narcissa agreed, unsure if he was implying that as long as she had produced an heir to the Malfoy name, no other children who followed after Draco mattered. She didn't like the sound of that, as she remembered that when she was a child, she had been the youngest in the house, and always had to strive for her families' attention. Narcissa shrugged this off, assuming that's not what Lucius meant.

She sighed quietly, and her eyes felt heavy, like she would fall asleep any moment. She tried to hide a yawn by turning her head to the side, but this motion did not go unnoticed by Lucius.

"I think it is time we go to bed," Lucius said, more like a statement than a suggestion. 

"One second," Narcissa said. She leaned over and picked up her newborn as gently as she could. Her daughter opened her eyes and looked curiously at her, the same ice blue eyes as Narcissa. Narcissa kissed her daughter's head and placed her back in her crib. 

Lucius guided Narcissa towards the door and turned out the light. 

Narcissa heard her daughter gurgling in the darkness, which made her smile softly. "Goodnight Lyra," she whispered, and returned to the bedroom with Lucius by her side.
- - - -

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