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A/n: Chapter Three!







Now, before I get into the totally mind blowing conversation that I’m currently listening to, I would like to point out that contrary to all of the rumors around school, I am not stalking Scorpius Malfoy.


I just happen to be hiding behind a tapestry listening to his conversation with Zabini. Which totally is not stalking, because I heard him talking about me which caused me to jump behind this tapestry in the first place  which, by the way, smells like Auntie Muriel’s house.


So back to the conversation.


“I met her yesterday,” Scorpius said as the pair walked past me.


I found a hole in the tapestry and squeezed my eye to look through it.


“Who?” Zabini stopped, right in front of the tapestry.


“Rose Weasley, I met her in the hospital wing.”


Zabini laughed, “No way! Did she try to kidnap you?”


I strained to get a look at Scorpius who blushed a little, “No. Though she did seem a little off, she said she wasn’t Weasley.”

 Through my little eye hole I could perfectly see his shining blonde locks flip over his dark sunbursting blue eyes,

“Maybe she has a bit of psychosis or something. Because I’m pretty sure everyone knows who she is.”


“She was pretty cute.”


It took a lot of self restraint not to do the happy dance that was pounding away in my heart. I mean, Scorpius Malfoy thought I, Rose Weasley, that plain bird in Gryffindor with red clay colored hair and non sunbursting brown eyes. I really wish my eyes sunbursted.


Zabini retorted, “She’s related to Potter. You really want to get mixed up in that?”


Scorpius scrunched up his nose (possibly the cutest sight I have ever seen), “Yeah, that’s true.”


I feel like I should start to get used to James completely destroying my life, since it has happened a few times now.


Zabini seemed to force his tone to indifference, “But I mean if you want to, ask her to Hogsmeade. No fear of rejection there!”


“When is the next trip?”


Zabini shifted his position so I could no longer see my angels face, “This weekend I think.”


“Not next?”




From somewhere down the hall I heard a shout of “Guys, get over here!” but I couldn’t place who was talking. And just like that the two boys wandered off.


I couldn’t really help the undying hope that started to build up in my chest. Not only did Scorpius think I was cute, he might ask me to Hogsmeade.


Now that the coast was clear, I made my way out from behind the tapestry.


“Is that…?”


“You’re right! What do you think she was doing back there?”


At this point I didn’t even really care hearing people talk about me, after awhile it all sort of fades into the background.


I headed straight up to the common room to tell Jill what I had overheard.




“And the shocking part is he knew that I was Rose Weasley!”


Jill mocked being shocked, “No way! You mean he didn’t believe you when you lied about who you are?”


I bit my lip, “Was it that obvious?”


Jill pointed to my red hair, “Yeah, I’d say so.”


“Do you think he’ll really ask me to Hogsmeade?”


“Yeah, maybe.”

I took a deep breath, “Wow.”


Jill nodded, “Yeah. Wow. I mean you would think he would stay as far away from you as possible. That’s what I would have done if I were him.”


I chose to ignore her, “Do you think maybe I should ask him?”


“No! Rose, you have to let him come to you. Otherwise you would be treading into stalker territory,” Jill reasoned with me.


I paused, “Okay, your right.”


Jill shrugged, “Obviously.”


The two of us finished out the day playing exploding snap and doing an essay for Charms and than went to bed, me, dreaming of one Scorpius Malfoy.




I woke up the next mourning to the usual sounds of everyone getting ready to go down to breakfast. Pulling back the heavy red curtains, I got up out of bed and started to get changed.


“What do we have first?” A tired and puffy eyed Jill asked me from across the room.


I yawned, “Um, Transfiguration I’m pretty sure.”


Jill groaned, “No, I cannot deal with those uppity Ravenclaws so early.”


A few girls laughed but Sophie Boot glared, “Ravenclaws are not uppity.” 


Ever since the day of our sorting ceremony when Sophie became a Gryffindor rather than a Ravenclaw like the rest of her family, she never ceased to at least try to become one unofficially. Someone told me once that she even gets the password to their common room to hang with them.


“Yeah, yeah,” Jill waved Sophie off, “Anyone else ready to go down?”


Susan Ronen and Ella Longbottom motioned their yes’.


“Wait,” I said, “Just let me put on my stockings.”


The three waiting patiently (well Jill was tapping her foot rather loudly, but I’ll ignore that) and then we all started our walk down to the Great Hall. Sophie joined with us but then parted to join the first group of Ravenclaws that we saw.


“Do you think she is color blind,” Jill asked, “And can’t see the color on her robes?”


Ella was a rather spacy person and in a dreamy tone said, “I think we should get rid of houses. Just have one big house, that way there would be no competition or rivalries.”


Susan snorted loudly, “Ella, are you trying to say you want to sleep in the same room as the Slytherins?”


Ella bit her lip, “Okay, you have a point.”


“They would probably try to hex us in our sleep,” I added.


Jill laughed, “Yeah, and then they would run, just like they did in the war.”


All four of us nodded somberly. Everyone tells us that we aren’t really supposed to mention the role Slytherins played in the war, that it was stereotyping. I never really agreed with this (seeing as they all really were cowards that really did run to the other side) until I spotted Scorpius’ blonde hair during my second year.


Because really, how could anyone so cute be evil? It just wasn’t possible. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures of Voldemort’s deatheaters and let me tell you, ugly.


We all sat down towards the middle of the Gryffindor table and started eating. I helped myself to a stack of pancakes which I doused in syrup.


“Post,” Ella said pointing upward.


Jill perked up immediately and started scanning the flood of owls that was pouring in, “Oh! My parents have better sent me that skirt I told them to order, I want it in time for Hogsmeade!”


Sure enough a large wrapped package dropped into Jill’s lap.


“Why, thank you, Willis,” she cooed at the owl before it took back off.


I was preoccupied watching Jill open her package when a scarlet colored letter dropped right into my plate full of syrupy pancakes.


“Good aim, Archie.” I looked up at our family barn owl that was currently digging his little talons into my shoulder, “You can go now.”


I didn’t miss the distinct look of disdain Archie shot at me before taking off. I swear, that owl hates me.


I turned my attention back to the letter sitting before me. Slowly I picked it up, though the back was ruined with syrup, and looked at it.

“Jill,” I asked, “What color would you say this letter is?”


Jill glanced up and than froze, “Erm, red. Definitely just plain old red.”


Ella cut in, “Jill, honestly are we looking at the same letter? That’s definitely scarlet,” Ella smiled, “Looks like somebody’s got a howler.”


The people who were sitting around us stopped eating and looked at me.


I couldn’t believe it. I’m the perfect child; I always get good grades and behave. Just like my mother.


“Just open it,” advised Adam Wood who sat a couple people down from me, “I got one last year.”


“Move it, move it! Coming through here people! James Potter, quidditch captain. Out of my way!”


I gave James my best glare that I had in me as he pushed Ella aside to sit next to me.


“What are you doing?”


James smiled, “I wanted to be as close as possible for this.”


I slide my fingers underneath the seal. While I opened it I looked quickly over to the Slytherin table to see if Scorpius was there. He, thank Merlin, was not.


The seal broke and the parchment flew out, hovering a little to close to my face. It morphed into the shape of a mouth and began speaking, “Rose Weasley!”


I felt a little relieved that it wasn’t quite as loud as I was expecting.


“This is your father!” It continued. James shook my shoulder in excitement.


“And I am in shock! Have you not learned anything about the Malfoys? They are evil and despicable! I forbid you from seeing this ‘Scorpion’ boy! Consider yourself forbadeded!”


A voice interjected my dads, “That’s not a word Ron. Hey Rosie, it’s me Uncle Harry! Your dad is just still bitter after all these years, don’t listen to him!”


James cracked up as the sounded of people fighting in the background of the howler started to float through and finally with a “Give me that!” someone else starting speaking.


“This is Uncle George! The Malfoy family is toe rags! Beware!” Someone else grabbed hold of it next,


“Rosie! Don’t listen to them,” it was my mum that time.


“This is your father again; listen to your uncle George!”


Another voice chimed in, “Rosie, its grand pop Weasley. I can’t seem find my muggle ‘blender’ and was wondering if you took it to school with you perhaps…”


“Hey Rose, I’m back visiting from Romania! You should see my new scar! It looks a bit like the sun.”


“Iz Louis behaving? How iz my leetle Louis?”


“This howler is for Rose, Fleur.” It was my dad again.


Apparently Dad managed to hold onto the Howler because he continued, “Anyway the point is that you are way too good for this Scorpion! No one is good enough for you Rosie!”


And with a pop the parchment shredded itself onto the table.


“Best. Howler. EVER!” James shouted.


Thankfully it seemed that only the other Gryffindors and some Ravenclaws had really heard the Howler.


“That was amazing,” Jill was shaking with laughs, “I think that’s a record for most people to speak in one Howler!”


People seemed to get over it pretty quickly and returned to their meals.


“This is Hugo’s fault you know,” I said, “He and his letter.”


James laughed evilly, “Not to mention my letter home, but unlike your brother, I wasn’t stupid enough to show it to you.”


“James!” I protested, “What happened to our truce in the library? I thought you had forgiven me?”


James patted me on the head, “Well I never realized how great it is to torture you before. I mean, you’re way more fun than the Slytherins!”


Joyfully James trotted away.


I asked Jill, “What do you think the chances of Scorpius hearing about this are?”


“Slim,” Jill assured me, “Gryffindors don’t associate with him and neither do Ravenclaws.”


I relaxed, “Okay, good. So I’m still in the clear for an invite to Hogsmeade!”


I decided that I didn’t really mind the Howler, since most people who heard it already thought I was a complete weirdo and always because the one person who mattered wasn’t there, Scorpius.



A/n: Please share your thoughts!  And also thanks to my friend Sarah who has been helping me writing this especially with the dialogue portion. Also I've spotted a few typos in the first chapter that I think need to be fixed, so I'll be updating that, so when this is next updated it wont be a new chapter. But I'm looking at having the next chapter be up Thursday or Friday.


R&R., seriously. I'd love to hear from all you guys who favorited:D 



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