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Hey guys! thanks so much for the reviews! I knew I had made a few mistakes thanks for pointing them out! Not sure if I want to edit these or not. Well thanks for reading and I'll get started on the next chapter. I'm up to Seven!
The lovely JKR owns charaters and story themes! <3 you JKR!

4. Hermione

She was backed against a wall snogging Draco Malfoy. Her hands went limp at her sides. He pulled away to kiss her jaw.

“Malfoy you perv!” she yelled in his ear hoping to break his eardrum. His locked eyes with her own and she saw them flash with anger and he brought his mouth to hers again. His lips were soft but firm and demanding. For some reason beyond her she seemed to have lost her mind. She was kissing him back. Her veins had flared into a sudden fire.  She couldn’t explain it for the life of her. She would rather be snogging anyone else. Anyone! Even McClaggen! Well…maybe not McClaggen. But still!

“I hate you.” she muttered against his lips.

“Really?” he smiled and kissed her more deeply, pressing his body closer to hers. She liked the weight of his body against hers it was nice. What troubled her was that she was less repulsed than she thought she should be.

“I don’t…want…this.” She gasped unconvincingly when he came up for air again, she still fought against herself not to move in and take charge. She just squirmed a bit and he held fast.

Draco chuckled low in her ear, she shivered and  repeated how much she hated him, so quietly she suspected he didn’t hear her. His tongue plunged into her mouth probing around. Malfoy is kissing me and I might like it. No! I don’t. Hermione shoved hard against his chest and he staggered back. “Malfoy! What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

He leaned against the opposite wall in the narrow corridor. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Granger, don’t take I personally, I would have snogged Myrtle if she weren’t transparent. You obviously like it so what’s the problem?”

“The problem, Malfoy, is that I hate you.” She strode towards him and was in his face quickly, glaring up at the blond boy. “You’ve made my life hell for years, years! And you go and snog me?” He was breathing deeply, Hermione watched his lips part. She licked her own lips and turned around too furious and confused to even look at him.

“Granger, Shouldn’t you be in the library or something?" Malfoy sneered from the shadows “Maybe you should read up on how to kiss a bloke. You suck at it.”  She turned to him slowly. He was standing in the same smarmy position he had been before but his eyes were burning into her.

Excuse me?

“Kissing, you’re bad at it.” he said with a smirk, eyes glinting in the torchlight as he approached her again.

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” Unbelievable, I’m not bad at anything. she thought incredulously to herself.

“Well you sure don’t react. You’re...a nice descriptive word, lets see..." She fumed as he 'thought'  a smirk quirked up the sides of his mouth "unenthusiastic.”

A sudden haze of rage passed over her and all she could think of was proving him wrong. She launched himself at him throwing him back into the wall and tugging his head down to her’s by his hair. She kissed him with all her might. She felt his arms go around her waist, pawing at the skin of the small of her back. Hermione heard Draco moan and then spin her so she was once again the one pressed against the wall. Her hands were all over his torso, his shoulders, his chest, his stomach. He was thin and very muscular and he was everywhere. So were his hands. When he started getting too friendly with her skirt she smacked them away. He’d recoil for a second then play with the hem and skim his hand over her thigh. After the third time she shoved him away. He was smiling seductively and breathing hard.

“You want to come to the dungeons?” he held out a hand in offering.

Hermione slapped him across the face. “That was for kissing me.” then she smacked him again. “And that” she said relishing watching him rub his red face “was for saying I’m a bad kisser.” She just walked away slowly leaving him to dwell on his actions. “Oh,” she added as a second thought over her shoulder “I still hate you.”


Hermione sat in her dorm staring at the ceiling’s bumpy texture. That was so bizarre

She had retreated to her bed after the ‘Incident’ as it was now being referred to (by herself of course) and had started to read Hogwarts: A History. However the solace the book usually brought her was lost at the time so it lay forgotten on the floor. 

All around Gryffindor house was silent. It was unnerving to Hermione. All she could do was sit and stare up at the off-white color of the ceiling then at her maroon bed curtains then back to the ceiling. She did this so she didn't have to think of the Incident.  It was on the seventh or so rotation of staring that an idea occurred to her. She produced a piece of parchment then pulled out her ink bottle and quill.  She sucked on the end of it until the words came to her.

And she wrote.

The sound of her quill scratching fresh parchment was more enjoyable than listening to a whole symphony performing Beethoven’s seventh. It was so rhythmic.

Scribble, scribble, period, dip, scribble, scribble...

When she finished the letters two hours had past and she had used more then four feet of parchment combined. She quickly scanned the letters for errors then folded them neatly, heading towards the Owlery at a swift pace.

As she reached the top of the stairs she tripped upon entering and swore loudly to herself. Owls hooted loudly around her frightened by her loud and less than coordinated entrance.

“Sorry, sorry!” she called to the room at large. Great Granger, you’re talking to birds now, next you’ll help Luna prove the existence of Wrackspurts. Hermione let out a loud snort of mirth that made some of the still anxious birds take flight. After more apologizing to the large birds she found one of the school’s owls and attached the letter.

“Take that to Ginny Weasley at the burrow, okay?” The bird gave a small hoot and plummeted out of the window. Hermione screamed. Had the bird just committed suicide to avoid delivery? She ran to the window to see that the bird was fine and was now soaring towards the east tower. What a tosser, that bird!

She tried to coerce another owl down but it seemed useless. She had just scared the bejeezums out of them for a third time of course they would be a bit reluctant.

There was a flutter from  one of the closer windows and a snowy white owl perched on her shoulder nibbling her ear gently.  “Hedwig! You fantastic bird! Will you deliver a letter to mum for me? After a rest of course!” She had no idea why she was conversing with another owl. But it seemed Hedwig understood by the way she hopped of her shoulder and stood on the center podium, her leg outstretched. Hermione tied the letter to her leg and patted her on the head. “I’ll have a nice treat for you when you come back.” she smiled at the bird as it took off out the window it had entered just moments before.

Hermione stood looking out of the window for a long time, maybe a couple hours. She only left when she found it to be five and her day (being awkward and somewhat vomit inducing) definately called for a nap.

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