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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character. Hope that you enjoy this next chapter and plz keep reviewiing. :) Oh yea and Tom jones is responsible for the lyrics.

"Granger honestly, is that the best that you could come up with!"

Draco was stood in his usual cocky position and was looking at Hermione, who at this point had started to stand up so that she would be on the same level as him.

"Oh, I’m so sorry Malfoy that my dares will never be as superior as any of yours, but this is the best that I could think of."

Hermione started to fidget uncomfortably when Draco walked towards her, when he finally stopped he was just inches away from her face, Hermione could feel his breath on her face and even though she would never admit it she sort of liked it.

"Granger I have the best body in this school, so this won’t be a problem. Besides if all you wanted was to see me with no clothes on, than all you had to do was ask."

Hermione blushed a dark shade of red, which brought a smile to Draco’s perfect lips. Hermione quickly got control of herself and started to speak again.

"Malfoy if I wanted to see you naked so badly, than all I had to do was to look at you while you were in the shower."

Draco didn't even look disgusted by this comment, usually he would have been sick right there and then, but it looked like he enjoyed the thought of her looking in on him while he was in the shower.

"Granger who would of thought miss goody goody could have such a dirty imagination."

"And who would of thought such a mummy's boy like you, could tie his own shoe laces in the morning."

"Is that..."

"Let’s just get on with the Dare" Ron looked puzzled by the fight that had just happened, as by the look of it they were flirting.

Draco’s P.O.V
I can't believe that my dare is this pathetic, I mean I love being naked and showing of my hot body.

I thought that Hermione was the smart one, well the second smartest, wait what the hell. Did I just mentally call Granger by her first name? What the fuck she's messed with my head. Those big brown eyes of hers, they just make me melt.

Snap out of it Draco, you don't love anyone but yourself remember why is this happening to me? I mean it not like I deserve it; I have never teased anyone, or tried to manipulate them or tried to kill anyone... Oh wait I do.

Normal point of view
Draco arrived at the black lake and began to get undress, once he had finished he had finished he placed his clothes neatly near the bush and jumped in.


The moonlight reflected the grey in Draco’s eyes and made them look like even more breathtaking than usual.
His perfect pale body was floating on top of the water, the muscles on his body had collected a bit if water between the lines of his six pack. 

"Oh well I guess that it’s time to get out. Shame I love being naked it makes me feel better."

Hermione P.O.V
That annoying, stupid, perfectly toned pig is going to get what he deserves.

I was slowly but quickly making my way to the lake where Draco was supposed to be skinny dipping.

"Looks like he's just jumped in now’s my chance, wow he maybe a pig, but he's a pig with a nice ass.

Hermione snap out of it, you are not supposed to be looking at his behind, never mind commenting on it.

Once I had pulled herself together she ran to where Draco’s had put his clothes.
If he had no problem being naked, then he won’t need his clothes will he.

I’ll just stuff all Draco's clothes into my bag, return to Hogwarts than we will see how proud he is of his body .
He thinks he's so clever but I wonder what he will do once he notices he has no clothes.

Draco P.O.V

sex bomb,
sex bomb,
I'm a sex bomb.

Where the hell are my clothes? I could have sworn I put them right here.

Just than I heard the sound of a leaf branch break, I quickly turned around to see who had made the noise.

"Who are you? Why have you took my clothes, I feel all exposed. Not like that’s a bad thing of course, I mean come on look at me I’m hot." 

As I turned to the left of me as a small dark figure caught my eye; the figure was running back to the castle.

"Eyes of a hawk."

As soon as I said the spell, my eyes fixed on the small figure and his eyes zoomed in.

“POTTER? What the hell is wrong with him, first he kisses me now he takes my clothes this is sick.” 

I began running up the path towards the castle, I was trying to catch up to the small figure but was having no luck.

"Wait till I get my hands on that four eyed midget, he's dead." 

I  was so worked up and so determined to beat the living daylights out of Harry that I had not noticed the fire alarm that was going off and the students that were coming out of their rooms.

"WTF!" I began to feel slightly uncomfortable with all the eyes that were on him, as most of them made no effort to look away.

"Look at his body."

"He is so hot."

"Pansy is so lucky to have him."

"I wish he would walk around naked more often." 

"Thank you, Thank you."

"What is the meaning of this Mr Malfoy?"

As soon as all of the students heard their headmaster Snape, they all headed for their dorms.

Hermione, Ron, Blaise, Pansy and Harry all entered the hallway and seeing Snape they were all about to run but Snape caught them.

"Not so fast you lot, I had an idea that you were all involved."

Snape focus his attention on Draco, and asked him the question that he had failed to answer before.

"Well Mr Malfoy, what is the meaning of your exposure."

"Well you see sir, I was attacked by a bunch of Draco loving fan girls, and then they ripped my clothes of me. But as you can see I escaped."

"Yea kind, but you see it was in actual fact Dare or Dare."

Draco knew that there was no point in arguing with Snape, he would have just used the truth potion than would have got pissed of that I lied, and would have gave me detention for the rest of my life.

"You are such a snitch; do you ever keep your big mouth shut?"

Hermione instantly regretted saying that Draco was a snitch, as she realized that she had just owned up to them all playing the game with Draco.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Granger, but if you're so called straight friend had not took my clothes, than we would not be in this mess would we Potter."

"Me, I was only there to record you, I didn't even look at you, so why would I take your clothes."

"For heaven sakes, it was me. I took your clothes."

Hermione reached into her bag and pulled out Draco’s clothes and threw them on the floor.




None of the students could bring themselves to finish their sentences, not even Draco could finish his and that was a first.

"That’s enough, for your punishment you will all be sitting at the table of rejection at all the meals for the rest of the year."

Before any of the group could get a word in Snape vanished.

"Don't worry I have an idea, why don't we pull a prank on Professor Snape."

Draco, who always believed that his plans would work, was waiting for the rest of the group’s approval.

"We are playing a game of Dare and Dare, not practical jokes."

Ron who always had an answer for everything, who over the years had not realised that Draco always had a backup plan.

"Fine than, Ron I dare you to pull a prank on professor Snape."

A/N thank you to all the people that have reviewed, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, any idea are still welcome. :)

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