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Lily woke up to the sun on her cheek, in the room that she had been sharing with her husband since they were married. She sat up in bed and rubbed her hands over her face. The last thing that she had remembered was playing the trivia game with James’s family, and realized that her husband carried her to bed and change her into a black tank top and pair of sleep of James’ sleep pants.

She looked down at her wedding band. Six months, they had been married for six months. It was hard to believe how much had changed in that short of time. Life had taken a turn; it was not been how she envisioned her life, being married at the age of seventeen. But it had been a turn for the better.

She took out an album that was in the night stand next to her side of the bed. In it were photos that she had started collecting since she had met James. It started with pictures from the night they had met, while they were partying. It also had their wedding picture. As it turned out the wizard that they had gone to had taken pictures of them, they had come in the post the day after the wedding. The rest of their pictures were of random events that they had encountered, dates that had gone on, goofy moments of them. There were even a few of them with Lily and the boys.

“Good morning darling. I had hoped to get you before you got out of bed this morning.” James said as he walked into their room. He was carrying a tray of food. Lily closed the book and placed it on the night stand. “I got fresh strawberries, bananas and mangos, with yogurt on the side, bacon, orange juice and tea.”

“You are so sweet to me.” Lily said as she gave him a passionate kiss. “I love you James.”

“Well that is good because I love you too.”

“Thank you for changing me into pajamas last night. I am really glad that I didn’t wear my jeans to bed.” Lily said.

“Are you sure it was me?” James said with a smile.

“If it wasn’t you, you are going to be in so much trouble.” Lily said. “If you…”

“Don’t worry, like I would let anyone else change your clothes that would mean that someone else would see you naked.” James said as he kissed her shoulder. “I thought it would be nice to have breakfast with just you this morning. However, we don’t have a huge amount of time. We are expected to be downstairs in a half hour, in our pajamas to open presents with the rest of the family.”

“I get you all to myself for a little bit.” Lily said as she put some fruit in her mouth.

“For a little bit.” James said. “And before we join the rest of the family I want to give you one of your Christmas presents.”

He pulled a small box from the nightstand on his side of the bed. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

Lily ripped the solid green wrapping paper. Inside was a black velvet box. She opened it to reveal a platinum ring that had a princess cut diamond in the center, with a three inlayed diamonds on each side center diamond.

“James I don’t understand…”

“Lily, will you marry me again? I want you to have the wedding of your dreams, with our friends and families there to celebrate with us. I want to show you off to the rest of the world.” James said as he took the ring out of the box, took her wedding band off of her finger. He placed the diamond ring on her finger and then replaced the wedding band.

“Of course I will, but I don’t want it to be a huge event, just a few members of our families and friend.” Lily said.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart. I want you to have your dream wedding.” James said.

Twenty minutes later they were walking downstairs to the living room, with robes over their pajamas. Lily took a seat on the overstuffed chair. She pulled her knees to her chest and took a sip of tea that James had made for her.

James came back into the living room. He scooped up his wife in his arms, took a seat on the chair and placed her on his lap. “Much better.”

Lily rested her head on his shoulder.

The rest of the family came walking into the living room, and piled in around the living room. They were all wearing their pajamas and many of them had robes on also.

“Lily how did you sleep last night?” Alexia asked.

“Good, for the first time in a while.” Lily said. “And it was amazing to wake up and have breakfast in bed.”

“James, you romantic.” Sirius said as he ruffled James’s hair. “Wait a second there is something different about you this morning Lily? This is something I haven’t seen in a long time…Is that a genuine smile on that pretty face of yours?”

Her smile widened.

“That is. Now what caused this turn of events, especially in this household?” Sirius asked. He looked at the couple and saw a new object on her finger. “Well, now I know what caused that smile on your face, you got a new piece of hardware on that finger of yours.”

“Yeah, James asked me to marry him again.” Lily said as she held her hand out for him.

“It looks better on you then it did in the box.” Sirius said.

“Thank you.” Lily said with her smile still plastered on her face.

After an hour of sitting around singing Christmas carols and opening presents, the last one was resting in Lily’s lap. It was a gift from James’s grandparents. Lily wearily opened the lid of the present, she opened it just enough to see what was inside. She shut the lid and threw it on the table.

Lily stood up and walked out of the living room. James took a quick look inside of the box to see what had turned his wife mood so fast. When he saw the contents of the present he threw it against the wall and walked out of the room, following the path of his wife.

The contents of the box had spilled on the ground, and outfit intended for a newborn and a hundred small, square packages.

James walked into the room that they shared, to find his wife throwing clothes into her backpack. She wasn’t looking at what she was throwing in the bag, she just needed to throw them together and get out. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. She was hurting.

“Lily...” James whispered.

“James I have held my tongue the best that I could because she is your grandmother, but I can’t stay here, not with her in the house and continue to hold my tongue. I need to get out of this house before I ruin your relationship with your grandmother. I know that you love that woman but right now I cannot stand to be anywhere near her.” Lily said. “I know that it is Christmas so I will understand if you don’t come with me, but I can’t…”

“Don’t even go there. If you are walking out of this house, then it is with me at your side. However, I will tell you that this is your home and you should feel safe in this place so don’t feel that you need to hold your tongue on my account. You are my wife, and I will always stand beside you, you need to get that through your pretty little head.” James said. He had his hands on her sides of her neck and he used the pad of his thumbs to wipe away her tears. “I want that vibrant woman that I married to show up, the one that can fight any battle.”

“James…” Lily started, but never finished. He wrapped his arms around her and held her as she let out the pain that she had been feeling for months. She let herself finally feel the pain that she had been holding back.

Lily and James walked back downstairs after a cooling down period. They had changed out of their pajamas and were both in jeans and jumpers. They walked into the kitchen where everyone had gathered for tea and biscuits.

“How could you let James be taken in by that stupid girl, and to let him stay married to her?” Addison asked. She had her back to the doorway, and didn’t realize that Lily and James were standing right behind her. “I mean really, I thought he was smarter than that. It would be one thing to have a fling with someone like her, but to be married to her. He cannot really love this girl, she is not good enough for our James. I mean really she is nothing better than street trash.”

“You don’t even know her…” Sirius said.

“Well just the fact that she gets along with you is an indicator that she lacks common sense.” Addison cut him off.

“Lily…” Alexia started.

“Street trash am I? You know since I got married to your grandson I have been called a lot of names, but that is a new one. You never even gave me a chance, the minute that you saw me on James’s back you have had it out for me. You decided in that instance that I was the dirt beneath your shoe and not worth your time.

“When I met you I kept my mouth shut for the sake of James, but no more I done.” Lily said. “James and I might have started our relationship a little backwards, but it has been the best thing to happen to me.”

“Of course it has, you married a Potter, a pure-blood.” Addison said. “You probably went hunting for him because of the family name…”

“I didn’t know that he was a Potter when I married him, all I knew was this was a guy that I felt a connection with, I don’t know if it was love at first, and I don’t thing it was, but I had feelings for him. The love I have found with my husband has been the best thing to happen. As for your blood, that had no impact, I am from America, where for the most part there are no pure bloods.

“And for the record that name is what put me in the hospital for a week and a half. My life would have been a lot easier if our last name wasn’t Potter.”

“You are just trying to trap my grandson…”

“I haven’t trapped your grandson into anything. He is a grown man, one who has a mind of his own and for the most part he uses it. I have never held a gun to his head to keep in him in our marriage.” Lily said. “Why do you have such a low opinion of your grandson? To think that he would let himself be taken in by someone else.

“He is an excellent judge of character. He is friendly to everyone that he meets, and befriends a few. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for those he considers a friend. To those that don’t know him, his friends look like they are complete opposites, but they are all kind of the outsider. Not that anyone would consider them at school, but that is how they see themselves. To everyone one else in school they are the popular boys who everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants a piece of.”

“If you had never been pregnant you wouldn’t have had a reaction to the present that I gave you…”

“You want to the truth, your right, I was pregnant!” Lily yelled at Addison. “About three months after we were married I did get pregnant.”

Everyone in the room was silent. James rested his hands on her shoulders to give her strength. Sirius came over to stand next to Lily and took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “I told James the night that I had found out, I was only a month along when we found out. When I was attack at school two days later I lost the child.”

Lily had tears rolling down her face. She used her free hand to wipe away the tears.
“Are you happy now? Does it make you feel better knowing that part? Do you want to hear how I was left with broken bones, a shattered wrist? The condition I was in when Sirius found me. How about how much blood replenishment potion I had to be given? Or how about the week that I spent in a coma due to the head wounds when my head was smashed against the brick wall at Hogwarts? Does it make you feel better knowing that part? Does it make you feel more powerful in the sense that you now know the most painful memory?”

Alexia came over to her daughter-in-law and wrapped her in hug. “I am sorry, sweetheart.”

Lily started sobbing on her mother-in-laws shoulder. The flood gates that she had been holding back for months broke open with a mudslide of emotions. She had kept herself strong while she was at school because she couldn’t afford to let the student body know the pain that she had gone through.

His mother led the group that had formed around Lily into the living room away from the prying eyes of his family members.

“Mum, I am going to be taking Lily to London for a few days. I am not going to ask her to stay where she is not accepted. We face enough of that at school because I asked that she give Hogwarts a chance, I am not going to ask that she spend her holiday that way.” James said.

“James you don’t need to go to a hotel, your grandmother is going to be out of the house in an hour. Your father has asked her to leave and not come back until she can treat his daughter with the respect that she deserves.” Alexia said. “By the end of the day it will be the just the five of us. She can lean on any of us if she needs to, we will be there for her.”

“We need to get out of the house for a while and will be back before dinner.” James said. “Lily why don’t you let Sirius take you down to the broom shed and the three of us will get out of here for a while…Sirius no argument from you, after what I am about to do you are not going to want to be around to face my grandmother’s wrath. If you thought it was bad before you haven’t seen nothing yet.”

“Don’t ruin your relationship with her on my account James.” Lily pleaded.

“I am not she is the one that brought it on when she decided to attack my wife. Lily, I need to do this to be able to look myself in the mirror. Please go with Sirius, I will be down to the shed in a few minutes.” James gave his wife a kiss before she walked out of the house with Sirius.

“James, you know I won’t stop you, but you don’t have to do this.” Alexia said.

“Yes I do mum. She wouldn’t let me change our school because she wanted to prove to the student body that she wasn’t some weakling. I need to stand up to my family if I want to show myself that I can take care of her.” James said as he ran a hand through his messy hair. “I need to do this not for her, but for me.”

James walked back into the kitchen where the family was still standing around.

“Oh it is good to see you without the witch of a wife…”

“Don’t even start with that. You have insulted her more in the few days that you have been here than I can count on one hand. That is my wife that you are insulting and I won’t stand for it anymore. She was right when she said that you don’t even know her because if you knew anything about her you would have been welcoming into this family with open arms. You think that my parents were happy when they first found out that I was married, of course not, but they got to know her and love her as if she was their own. She has the most generous heart that I have even seen on someone. She gives her all on whatever she takes on, and one of the most loyal people I have ever met.” James said. “Consider yourself not invited when we renew our vows unless you get it through your head that she is my wife and a member of this family. Until you get that through your head I don’t want anything from you.”

“What about your trust fund?” His grandmother asked.

“You think I want money from you? No thank you, Lily and I will be just fine without your money. Between the two of us I don’t think there isn’t anything that we can’t accomplish. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to spend the afternoon with my wife and my brother.”

“That boy is not your brother!” Addison declared. “He is nothing but trash.”

“Sirius may not have been born to us, but he is every bit our son, just as James is.” Harold said. “James way don’t you go outside with your brother and your wife.”

James walked outside to meet the Lily and Sirius. Sirius had gotten out his broom, and Lily had his broom in her hand. He noticed she only had the one broom in hand, which put a smile on his face.

“Thank you for standing up for me.” Lily said with a slight smile.

The three teenagers mounted the brooms. Lily was sitting in front, with James right behind her on his broom. 

A/N:  Hope that you enjoyed the new chapter.

Nickie ^_~

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