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Draco’s POV::

It was the last day before Hermione’s birthday and I only had a few more things to prepare for the big surprise.

“Scorpius Salazar*.” Blaise announced the Slytherin common room password and we both stepped inside. 

Members of our house were sprawled on the dark leather sofas, and an orange fire was crackling contently in the corner. Shadows were cast on the looming paintings of Slytherin alumni on the high castle walls, staring back at us almost like a constant reminder to make something of ourselves.

“’Ay, Draco,” Crabbe called out to me as I passed him. I clapped a hand on his shoulder as I passed, Blaise and I both headed to our bedroom.

I collapsed on my four poster bed. “Oi Blaise,” I said, speaking into the pillow, my voice muffled. “Hermione’s great, but Pansy’s gonna kill me.”

“You mean that both figuratively and literally right?” Blaise shot me a look as he settled on his bed. “She’s actually gonna come after you.”

“You know though, I can’t let that bother me.” I rolled over to lie on my back. “I should make my choices from feelings, not from expectations.”

“I need to adapt that thinking, bloke.” My friend muttered, his hands pressed to his face. I gave him a confused look.

“Why? Do you put other’s opinions of you before your own wants?” I tried to figure him out.

“There’s this Gryffindor girl I can’t get out of my head.” Blaise confessed, his eyes brightening. 

I raised an eyebrow, my trademark smirk forming. “Who?”


Hermione’s POV::

“Morning!” Lavender sang, drawing the curtains open of our bedroom. The girls and I groaned in protest. 

“It’s someone’s birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!” Her voice rang out, shaking any remaining desire for sleep from my brain. I knew Lavender wasn’t my biggest fan, but she couldn’t help not celebrate a birthday. That girl didn’t let any excuse to be extra exuberant get by.

I smiled and stretched, opening my eyes to see her with a cake. The other girls had gotten out of bed, smoothing their clothes and their hair, gathering in a circle around my bed.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Hermione, happy birthday to you!” The grinning girls bellowed cheerfully as I felt myself blush with each note sang. I leaned forward to blow out the candles and Parvati and Lavender clapped along with the others.

Cards and unwrapped boxes and slices of cake later, I was left alone still I my bed to get a few minutes alone. Stepping out of bed, I went to the window, glancing across the green lawn of the school. 

The soft notes of a bird singing reached my ears, and I looked around for the loose animal. It wasn’t on the windowsill, where it could have slipped in at night. I turned, spying a bird on my bed.

Something about it looked familiar – it’s cream white coloring minus the features of a regular bird.

I felt myself smile, reaching for the message. I gently unfolded the bird to reveal writing, scrawled by Draco. 

Hermione –
Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day. I don’t know what I’d do without you, you have become a surprisingly big part of my life. But you already know that, and I want to keep this short. After potions I’ll give you your presents. Happy birthday, love.
– Draco.

I bit my lip, grinning. My mind raced with thoughts and ideas of what Draco could have gotten me. It’s not like we were this close for a while, it has only been about a week. But that was long enough, and my body glowed with excitement. 

I pulled on the trademark Gryffindor sweater with a pair of dark denim jeans, a gift that arrived from mum and dad. The jeans were so well made that it felt like a second pair of skin, except that skin was soft, a tasteful blue and made my butt actually look decent. Two more gifts from them were a black satin bow headband and a diamond pendant. I slipped on the headband, pushing back my curls. Having a great hair day on my birthday is amazing. The new necklace sparkled against my skin, resting right before the v neck of my sweater.

I left the bedroom, bounding down the steps to the common room. Well wishes and cheerful calls of ‘happy birthday’ rang out from the students as I walked through. 

Today was a good day, not only was I seventeen but my schedule consisted only of Potions only – the end of the year meant a few days only consisted of a class or two. I stepped towards the door, about to leave for class.

“Hermione!” I heard Ron shout. I turned on my ballet flats and saw him walking quickly to me. 

His arms closed around me. “Happy birthday!” I hugged him back, closing my eyes. 

“Thank you Ron,” I smiled, pulling away. 

“This is for you,” Ron presented a small black box.


Draco’s POV :: { yes, two draco POVs }
Potions was my only class today, so I took my time getting to class. Blaise and I walked in and took seats at the last two places in Snape’s room. He was at the front of the room, staring down at his watch, ready scold any late students. A few more teens trickled in before he announced class was to begin.

Hermione sat down in her seat next to Harry and Ron. Ron gestured to Harry, who proceeded to ask Hermione something. She smiled widely before pulling her hair away from her ears, where glittering ruby earrings hung. Ron blushed with modesty as Harry complimented her. 

She looked back at me as the boys talked, flashing a grin. I had to admit, they looked beautiful. I smiled back, mouthing Happy Birthday. Hermione smiled gratefully, mouthing her thanks and holding the note up. I nodded, confirming we’d meet after. 

Snape began class promptly, droning on about whatever it is he teaches. Blaise and I had begun our twenty-third game of hangman by the time the professor signaled class was over. Students cheered, happy to have the rest of the day to themselves. Snape replied by shouting that he’d take more points from Gryffindor if they were the source of any more commotion.

Hermione and I let the class empty, leisurely gathering our quills and whatnot. 

Then it was us two. She walked up to me, an excited look on her face.

“Can I have my gift now?” Hermione’s eyes were wide with anticipation.

“Don’t I get a hug from the birthday girl?” I smirked and pulled her closer.

We embraced, her face fitting nicely in the curve of my neck. My arms tightened around her waist, my lips brushing her forehead.

We pulled away but still held onto each other. I put my hand into my robes pocket, her brown eyes following my actions.

“This is your first gift,” I said, pulling out a small jewelry box. “You’ll get your next gift tonight.”

Hermione’s eyes lit up as they fell on the ring box.

* yea i know thats not theh Slytherin password, but it just sounded so Slytherin-y that i couldnt help myself (:

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