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A/N: There is drug reference in this chapter and basically the rest of the story, so if you are uncomfortable with that this is the warning! Thanks for reading!

3. Draco

The dungeons were dark and humid as always. Draco sat on the couch in a hidden room behind Salazar’s statue. He was breathing deeply feeling the weight of his chest move up in down with each breath.  His whole body was relaxed, he could feel every muscle as they worked slowly to keep him from going into a coma. The green light swam around the secret room he sat in contributing to the haze he was under.

He sat like a vegetable for the next fifteen minutes. Then suddenly the drug’s last leg took effect. His pulse jumped and his adrenaline kicked in. He rose quickly and darted from the room. Pansy was coming down her staircase with her bags. “Draco. Oh, I hoped I would see you before I had to leave! you can still come home with me if-”Pansy trailed off setting her bags down slowly  when she saw his face. He looked excited and his pupils were so dilated the blue of his iris was almost completely enveloped. Draco took her hand and practically dragged her back into the secret room.


Pansy left unwillingly an hour later. Her mother would be arriving soon to take her to wherever it was she was going for the holidays. Draco was laying back on the long couch in his boxers his pulse was still more rapid then normal. He dressed quickly and headed to his dorm for a shower.

Draco wondered absently why the potion had that after effect of a sexually charged energy, not that he minded. He reminded himself that he only had three more vials to last him for the holidays and that he should take it easy.  Draco checked his watched it was about noon so he dressed and walked up out of the dungeons.

There was one table. There was one bloody table in the middle of the room. His stupid headmaster sat in the middle on the side facing the door. Dumbledore’s eyes did that menacing sparkling thing Draco hated so much as he approached. There were six students sitting already at the table, then there were the professors. He sat at the fathers right corner a seat separated himself from another student. The plate in front of him bore little gree trees with ornaments doing a dizzying little jig.  Dumbledore smiled and nodded encouragingly at the food in the center of the table.  What is wrong with this guy? Draco thought bitterly, he reached for his glass of pumpkin juice and downed the entire thing.

Just as he was reaching for a sandwich rapid footfalls sounded from the entrance to the hall. “Sorry Professor I was in-”

“The library, yes, yes of course, the many books of things yet to be learned are befuddling and amusing.” The old man assured her and then gestured to the seat next to Draco. The only seat left.

Hermione scowled then sat. Draco ate quickly and quietly trying to blend in with the background. I can’t believe I have to eat here again today. Maybe I’ll just starve myself. Draco smirked at his own thought before standing up, he noticed Granger had tensed briefly, He paused. Draco had accidentally brushed her leg with his.  He  dusted off his pants and then turned and left without a word of thanks or excuse. 

He was almost out of the entrance hall when he heard his name called. Then again. This situation was far too familiar to him now. “What do you want now Granger?”

“Would you stop? This isn’t a proper way to have a conversation.” She huffed.

Draco kept walking though he slowed slightly to let the girl catch up.

“You walk with purpose, that’s for sure.” Draco smirked at her half complement. He turned and raised his eyebrow urging her to get to the point. “Well, I guess you walk quickly because you actually do suck at conversations.”


“So, where were you at breakfast?” she played with her skirt and looked at her feet.

“Dungeons.” Maybe if  Draco stuck to one word answers she would get frustrated and leave.

“What were you doing?” Hermione raised her eyes to his, Draco felt his pulse rise steadily. The potion was having an unexpected second wind. He was suddenly aware that Granger was a girl, a girl standing close, a girl standing close and waiting for an answer.

“Slept. I slept in.” Draco stepped nonchalantly closer to her, he could smell her and feel the heat of her body as she walked on next to him.

She kept quiet for awhile, just walking awkwardly in silence, their footsteps echoing off the brick walls. He wondered weather she always smelled so delicious? Or if she always walked with her shoulders just about touching her earlobes.

“Malfoy…?” her tone was slightly worried and nervous.

“What?” He snapped, his body tingling all over. He had to extricate himself from this situation Or he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“Are you alright? You seem- weird.”

“And you’re nosey!” he yelled at her coming to a stop. “Stay out of my business Granger!”

Her brown eyes met his and he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave her.  He had to stay. He had to.  “At least I care enough to be nosey.”  She said, her chin held aloft.

“Don’t!” he warned her with a growl his heart accelerating even more. Heat coursed through him, desire and need. 

“Don‘t what? Don‘t care?! I have to care! I was raised to care!”

“No you were raised to be a Mudblood!” He loved this! The fighting was so, so, so very arousing. He loved it!

“Don’t, Don’t you dare call me that you, you…Fascist!”  her tone was sharp and was rising to a higher pitch, Granger was getting feisty, Draco stopped thinking and the potion did the rest of the talking for him.

“What are you going to do Mudblood? swim to you‘re muggle mummy and daddy? You can’t even fly a broom stick, and you can‘t apperate within the grounds, pathetic!” Draco hissed. He was getting closer to her. Flames were practically bursting from her eyes; her cheeks blazing with frustration.  He advanced on her, his eyes blazing with fury and lust.

“I hate you Malfoy. The sight of you makes me sick!” She looked so passionate. Her soft pink lips forming each word with precision. “I just want to hex the hell out of you!” She backed away as he advanced on step at a time. “I want to rake my eyes out with my fingernails-”

“Yeah?” He interrupted with an almost purr, towering over her. One more step and Draco had her pinned to the wall. His smile was feral and dangerous.

“Malfoy I’ll scream, I swear, if you hex me, I’ll-” but what she’d do he would never know. At that moment  he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her full on the mouth.

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