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A/N: Wooooo! Chappie Eleven is finally here! First off, I'd like thank all my reviewers and your kind words, seriously you guys rock! I love you all! XD

My beta Mrs J Potter (thanks so much for juggling school work and betaing my story, seriously you rule!) my graphics maker .MementoMori, even though you've run out of inspiration right now, I still love ya and your hard work! Thanks sooo much guys!

Disclaimer: J.K owns all you favour!

Claimer: My OC's and Plot and whatnot :D

Anywho to the chappie and enjoy!

Chappie image by brilliant .MementoMori @ TDA!

I trudged slowly into the Great Hall for lunch and didn't see Regulus or Dom anywhere. So I sat down at the Gryffindor table and started shoving food into my stomach, I had literally no more energy left. I groaned and picked up an apple, shined it on my robes and lazily took a bite.

“You feeling the sting already, huh?” Mary chirped, as she sat down beside me.

“I honestly don't know how you guys do it,” I said, taking another bite from my apple. “This is the reason I quit P.E. it just ruins your day, but I didn't know that Care of Magical Creatures was going to be so eventful.”

So the Niffler had to be restrained back in its cage, because it decided the toe-ring wasn't enough and wanted my necklace, earrings, nose ring and any other sparkly thing on me, even lipgloss was a no no. Matthew had nearly collasped from exhaustion just trying to get me away from the thing, and it was so bad that Professor Kettleburn had told us to sit aside, just in case other Nifflers got out of control. I was happy we got our characteristics though, so at least we passed the lesson.

Mary laughed. “Oh come on, it can't be that bad! Toughen up!” She gave me a shove, which caused me to choke on my apple. “Oh, Merlin, sorry!”

“T-That's o-okay!” I coughed, as Mary patted my back. Once I could breath again, I ditched the apple and got into come chips. “So how are you going after returning from your accident, things going well?”

Mary smiled. “Yup, pretty good actually!”

I bit my lip. “Mulciber bewitched you, didn't he?”

“Yeah ...” Something sparkled in Mary's eye that kind of made me feel uneasy. “Did Heather tell you?”

“Huh? Er, yeah just to make sure that I knew so I didn't accidently do something to upset you,” I lied quickly. “Do you remember anything?”

“Well, not when I was bewitched, but I do remember what happened before that and well, there is a lot to that story people don't know of,” Mary said, a small smile upon her lips. “You must know that I admire you for befriending Regulus, as I have an extreme like for bad boys.”

I had stopped eating, and was now trying to listen to every word Mary was saying.

“I don't know if it's the adreniline side of me or what, but I love the thrill and to tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting him to pull what he did, but I couldn't stay mad at him, because he is so damn fine and I well, you know...” Mary's eyes flickered to me and I just stared at her in disbelief. This couldn't be true!

“But you won't tell anyone right? I like things just the way they are now. Plus the girls have been so good to me.” Mary winked and put a finger to her lips. “Sssh!”

And with that she gathered her stuff, and standing to her feet she skipped off, she was in luck because Lily walked in at that moment, followed by the Marauders. I just sat there in absolute shock. HOLY SHIT! NO WAY! THIS WASN'T MENTIONED IN THE BOOK!

“Hey, Sophie!” Matthew said, taking Mary's spot, Christy was with him this time and she smiled at me as she sat down.

“Hello, Sophie! How are things going?” She asked.

“Holy crap...”

“What?” Matthew asked, as he served himself some Mac n Cheese.

“I just found out the most disturbing news! So disturbing that if I were the author of Harry Potter, I'd have a heart attack!" I breathed.

“Sophie, you aren't making any sense,” Matthew said. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” I looked over to where Lily, Heather and Kimberly had sat down, Lily's eyes met mine. If only Lily knew that one of her closest friends, a friend who she stuck up for, was really just a crazy girl with a serious case of BBS (Bad Boy Syndrome) and sleeping around with the enemies. I looked away, wow, there was more than met the eye with these people, even with the books.

*** *** ***

When lunch ended, Matthew and Christy helped me with find the Transfiguration class, but I couldn't wait to get to Potions for both Regulus and Dom didn't turn up for lunch and I was pretty worried and annoyed to say the least, since neither informed me, and Dom didn't answer her mirror. When I lined up outside the classroom and Matthew and Christy left for their classes, Evan and Stephanie approached me.

“Hello?” I said, more awkwardly than intended.

Stephanie laughed at my uneasyness, but Evan just smiled. “Adams, Regulus and Dom just wanted me to apologise on their behalf for not attending lunch.”

“Oh, right, why didn't they come?” I asked.

“Slytherin business,” Stephanie repiled. “That's none of your concern.”

“But, Dom is my best friend,” I said.

Stephanie smirked. “But there are things a best friend still shouldn't know, especially one in a different house. Especially since you're a Gryffindor.”

“She'd tell me, we never keep secrets from each other and it wouldn't be safe to keep secrets now,” I said. “You guys can't stop her.”

“Dominique is more Slytherin than you'd ever know, you'd be surprised on what she's agreed to do.”

I didn't like this whatsoever, I looked to Evan who gave me a nod. “Steph, you don't need to scare her,” he said. “But yeah, sorry Sophie, but you'd be surprised.”

“Go away!” I said, folding my arms.

“Are these two bothering you, Adams?”

I looked over to see Lily standing behind me, her eyes were narrowed and she looked lethal, wand in hand.

“No, it's fine...”

Lily ignored me. “Get to class before I take points off Slyherin!”

“You don't scare me Mudblood,” Stephanie huffed and taking hold of Evan's arm, she lead him away.

“See getting involved with the enemies always has it's consequences,” Lily said to me, before walking away.

Man, today was just too weird!

*** *** ***

After another dreadful time in Transfiguration, I was excited because I now had Potions, which was quickly becoming my favourite class. Unfortunately Matthew couldn't show me around, so Christy agreed to do so. We didn't talk much, but at least she was kind enough to show me. On our way, I bumped into Dom and Stephanie who were laughing about something. I smiled at Christy, who took this was her cue to go.

“Enjoy class.” Was all she said, and she walked her own way. When Dom's laughing eyes landed on me, she beamed.


“Dom!” I said, pulling her into a hug. Stephanie smirked at me, and I just smirked back. Pulling away I smiled.

“I met Mary MacDonald, she has Transfiguration with me!” Dom said, as we walked.

“Oh, really? Wow, I've got something interesting about her that I will tell you later,” I replied. “You'd be shocked.”

“Awesome, I can't wait to hear it! She's really cool, so I hope we could be friends despite our houses!”

“Trust me, she'd be eager to be your friend since you're very close to all the people she loves the most,” I assured shaking my head, Mary, Mary, Mary...

“Why would you want to befriend that Mudblood lover?” Stephanie said. “Dom, you can't stoop to that level, we have to keep hold of our place in this school, and that means ridding of what does not belong.”

Her browns eyes flickered to me, and I felt my fists clench.

When we arrived to Potions, Stephanie went her way to class and Dom and I lined up with everyone else.

“We could have arrived fashionably late to make an entrance,” James was saying as he and Sirius approached. “But no, Remus has to be such a tight ass.”

'Your education depends on it Padfoot' pfft! We've mastered things people only dream of, we are like the smartest ones in this school!” Sirius exclaimed.

I couldn't help but to snort, and a little too loudly at that, because everyones eyes, including Sirius' and James, landed on me. I pursed my lips, and casually looked away – missing the small smile that spread across Sirius' lips.

“Class, come on in!” Professor Slughorn beckoned. “Today's lesson is going to be very exciting!”

I liked the sound of that, looking over at Snape, I gave him a nod, but he just looked away. Following everyone in, Professor Slughorn told us to gather around the work bench where a few already brewed potions where bubbling away.

“Today's lesson we are brewing the Draught of Death!” Slughorn exclaimed with excitement. “But first, I'd like these Potions to be identified, any volunteers for the first, uh yes Miss Evans...”

“I can't wait to brew the Draught of Living Death, OMG!” Dom whispered to me.

“I think Potions is my fave class,” I whispered back.

“Defense for me, next lesson we are learning about Werewolves, how cool is that!”

“That is pretty awesome!”

“Miss Adams!” Professor Slughorns voice sliced through. I looked up where everyone's eyes were on me and Slughorn stared me down. Maybe I shouldn't have talked and then I wouldn't have drawn attention.

“Yes, Professor?” I asked too sweetly, I heard Sirius snort from behind me. Shit, I was about to make a fool of myself for not knowing the answer, shiz! Dom patted my shoulder slightly.

“What is the strongest love potion in the world, and what is its effects on the person influenced by it?”

My face lit up immediately, I tot's knew this!

“The Amortentia Potion, it makes the person who drinks it completely obsessed and gives an illusion of love. It also gives off a scent individual to each of us depending on what attracts us.” I replied without breaking a sweat, I could so dance with happiness right now. Dom gave me a smile and we high fived.

Professor Slughorn looked surprised, I bet he wasn't expecting that. Clearing his throat and broke back into his doofy smile.

“Right you are Miss Adams! Come over here and please observe!”

I nodded and making my way forward I smiled slightly.

“Ready, Miss Adams?”

“As I'll ever be.” I bit my lip, but then remembered. “Oo! Professor, would we be in a competition to win some Felix Felicis for the best Draught of Living Death potion?”

“Oh, yeah! Would we be?” Dom asked.

“No, why do you ask?” Slughorn asked in confusion.

“Well, you did for Harry's class in his sixth year, and he won it you know, because he found Sna-” 

“YOMEE!” Dom's voice cried. “Shut up!

“Oh, shiz, ignore what I just said!” I cried quickly. “Show me the potion quick!”

I looked around for people's reactions, some were confused, others looked as though I'd just grown another head. Turning back to Professor Slughorn I ushered him with my hand to hurry. Nodding, Slughorn lifted the lid off the couldron and I stared down at the bubbling substance with its mother-of-pearl sheen and once its characteristic spirals of steam reached my nose, my heart fluttered and all the smells that I was attracted too filled my senses.

Fresh basil, roses, these yellow flowers that grew on the side of the road down near my street, bubble gum, Dom's cherry lipgloss, mum's rhubarb and apple crumble, all the aromas of delicious foods and another thing. I didn't even realise how close I'd leant into the couldron. This smell attracted me a lot. Now I'd thought about it, I had smelt it trailing in the common room, at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner, and just before. It was something warm, a woody scent mixed with musk and fresh crisp minty freshness hinted with a herbal like aroma. A very masculine smell. I was practically bouncing right now, I loved it sooo much!

“Oh, my,” I murmured, when Professor Slughorn shut the lid, snapping me back. The class let out a laugh. 

“What did you smell, Sophie?” Dom asked with interest. “Your face was hilarious!”

“I-I don't know!” I exclaimed. “There was so much, but there was this one-”

“Alright, thank you, Miss Adams! Time to commence the brewing of the Draught of Living Death! To your seats everyone so we can prepare!”

I followed Snape to our seat in a daze, the smell was still lingering, sitting down I looked around, catching hold of Sirius' gaze, a small smile came to his lips, and smirking I looked away.

*** *** ***

When classes were offically over, instead of Regulus meeting us, Stephanie did and her and Dom began a conversation and I felt like a third wheel.

“Hello, Sophie! Hello, Dom!” 

We turned to see Mary waving at us as she walked past. We waved back. “Hi, Mary!” Dom and I said in unison.

“How can you talk to that Mudblood, seriously Dom, if you were a true Slytherin simply bestowing your gaze upon a Mudblood or a traitor would be repulsive.”

“A true Slytherin...” I heard Dom mumble, then Dom broke into a smile. “Yeah I totally agree, Stephanie, she's a Mudblood lover,” she said with disgust.

I rolled my eyes, I loved Dom, but this was one of the things I disliked about her, how she would change her opinions just to fit in, she'd always do it if she felt the need and it was times like these that I wanted to slap her.

“Dom, you said she was cool just earlier today,” I reminded her. And if I didn't like to keep secrets, I would tell Stephanie exactly how many Slytherins have slept with Mudbloods and "blood traitors".

Dom raised an eyebrow, and quickly glanced at Stephanie for her reaction. “I don't recall that Yomee, are you sure I said that?”

I nodded. “Uh, yeah, unless there is another Mary MacDonald I don't know of.”

“You are making things up Sophie I didn't say that!” Dom said through clenched teeth.

I was beginning to get angry now. “Dom, stop lying!”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Maybe she had to say that because Mary was around, even though I don't get how you can consider her feelings, she is what she is.”

Dom nodded. “Exactly what Steph said, I said Mary was cool because she was around.”

“We were walking towards Potions!” I snapped. “She wasn't around, Dom!”

“Sophie just shut up! You overreact to everything!” Dom spat. “You're just being a Mudblood lover!”

Ouch. I just stared at her, Stephanie laughed and Dom's face fell when she realised what she had just said. “Sophie-”

She tried to grab my arm, but I pulled it back and turning on my heel I stormed off.

When I arrived at the Transfiguration classroom for tutoring, I found a note on the door from Matthew saying that we had to pass tonight because he was being held back on something.

So I just ended up going back to the Gryffindor common room.

A few Gryffindor's were studying or doing homework when I entered, Remus, Sirius and Lily were among them. I tried concentrating on my wand techniques as I had completed my Potion's essay and had given up on my DADA homework. Swishing my wand on like the diagram Matthew had provided me, my concentration broke off yet again when my compact mirror began vibrating.

I heard a frustrated sigh and a book being slammed down onto the table, I looked up to see Lily looking at me angrily. “Answer your damn two-way mirror! This is the fifth time it has gone off!”

Sighing, I picked it up and opening it I expected to see Dom. “What?!” I snapped.

But to my surprise it was Regulus.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sirius immediately look up from his work.

“Hey Sophie what have you been doing? I've been trying to get through five times now!”

“Sorry, I thought you were Dom,” I mumbled.

Regulus rolled his eyes. “We need to talk, come outside I'm waiting.” 

“If it's about Dom, then I don't want to know right now.” I replied.

“She feels really guilty, and she won't stop going on about it, so please come talk to me so I can sort it out with her, she's annoying me.” 

“Is she there?”

Regulus shook his head. “Just me, promise.” 

“Fine, be right out,” I snapped the mirror shut and packing up my stuff, I shoved it back into my bag.

“Where are you going Sophie?” Sirius asked, as I stood to my feet.

“None of your business,” I replied without looking at him.

“Are you running to that sick person you have the nerve to call a friend.”

“That 'sick person' you are talking about is your younger brother Sirius,” I said, making my way towards the door. “And he's been more of a friend than you have been.”

“You were the one who rejected our friendship offer, Sophie,” Sirius replied, anger in his voice. “And now look, they're finally getting on your last nerves, as we predicted from the start.”

“They are sucking her in quite nicely, like a pawn in their game,” Lily added. “Those Death Eaters are manipulative, no wonder she is falling for everything so easily ...”

I stopped in my tracks, my fists clenching and turning around I stamped my foot, my face twisted with anger, my breathing uneven.

“How dare you! I can't even describe how much I loathe you all right now!” I bellowed, causing some to gasp in shock, Lily, Sirius and Remus all just stared at me in surprise. “Those Slytherin's have been nothing but nice to me! Pawn in their game or not, I'd choose them over you anyday because the way you've treated me is exactly how you are portraying those Slytherin's! And you call yourselves Gryffindor's! Why oh why did I choose this house? I dunno, maybe because you guys are the greatest most respected house, but true colours do shine and I am ashamed to have even considered picking this house!”

I turned around to storm out, but stopped and turning back around I shook my head. “Sirius, Lily – you two are supposed to be nothing but loyal, full of compassion and understanding … I am so devastated that you are not what I was lead to believe after all...”

Lily and Sirius stared at me in utmost surprise and I swore I saw tears fill Lily's eyes – Sirius on the other hand, stood to his feet angrily. “Fine, if you love the Slytherin's so damn much, how about you go live with them! It seems like you've already become one!”

“FINE!” I cried. “I will!”

“Good, get the hell out of here, we don't want you in this house anyway!”

Turning I finally left the room.

“Don't think about coming back!” Sirius yelled after me, as I opened the portrait and stepped out where Regulus stood waiting for me, apparently looking to have heard everything and trying not to let my tears fall I stood in front of him waiting for him to speak, but instead he did something else that shocked me.

He pulled me into a tight, comforting hug. I returned it, because it felt really nice, and it surprisingly made me feel one hundred times better.

Pulling away slightly, Regulus smiled lightly and placed a loose strand of hair behind me ear.

I didn't really know how to react, so I just smiled – thankful that I had a friend like him.

“Thanks, Regulus I really needed that,” I said.

Something flashed through Regulus eyes, before he stepped back and shoving his hands into his pockets he gave a nod. “That's ok, now do you want to tell me about this fight between you and Dom?”

I rolled my eyes. “Can we just walk please, I-I need air.”

Regulus nodded. “Sure.”

I linked my arm with his and we walked. It was silent for a while until he broke it with a sigh.

“I have a extreme negative feelings for those Gryffindor's for the way they've treated you. They usually have the utmost respect for their fellow housemates, I dare say because Dom is in Slytherin and you chose to stay her friend and you befriended me, they think you've betrayed them. Thus, Evans is a hypocrite as she was Snape's friend one moment in time, before she called it off just because he called her a Mudblood."

I had to laugh. “Yeah, you're right, I mean Mudblood as an insult, it's not even that bad … but I guess it is in the wizarding world. However, I think she broke it off more to the fact Snape was becoming more obsessed with the Dark Arts by the minute and I guess she was fed up with his excuses ...”

“I suppose … I think by that everyone is scared it'll happen again, between us.”

“Regulus, just know this, I would have been your friend, Slytherin or not – I don't judge people until I know them, well I try not to...” I looked up at him and smiled. “I know your intentions with Dom and I are good, so I won't worry about what people think, I shouldn't have reacted that badly with Sirius and Lily, but I was so angry.”

“You had every right to say how you felt Sophie, don't consider their feelings, they needed to hear it.”

I nodded. “I guess … thanks Reg.”

“Now are you going to tell me what happened with Dominique?”

“Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but although I've known Dom since FOREVER, I absolutely hate how she always feels the need to change her opinion or views just to fit in!"

“You remind me of my brother,” Regulus said, in a tone that seemed like he wasn't meant to say it – he just looked at me waiting for me to snap, but weirdly enough it didn't anger me.

I smiled. “No offense taken.”

“Oh, good,” Regulus muttered. “Anyway, continue.”

“Well, she was like that around Stephanie and well I confronted her about it and she snapped at me, saying I overreact to things – and maybe I do, I dunno … but she called me a Mudblood lover, Dom as never called me names before and the first name she calls me is that...”

I voice trailed off into a whisper and I didn't dare make eye contact with Regulus, I didn't want him to see me cry and think I was a cry baby.

“Ironic that a word you don't think is very offensive is the word in which hurt you when Dom called you it,” Regulus said softly.

“If someone else had called me that, I might have laughed it off, but my best friend ...”

“I understand Sophie, but are you going to let one little thing make a huge dent in your friendship?”

I looked at Regulus a smile slowly forming on my lips. “Is she really pissing you off about it?”

Regulus nodded. “Immensely.”

*** *** *** 

The dungeons were dark, cold and leaky. They had an enclosed feeling about them. Staying close, I followed Regulus towards the Slytherin common room feeling a bit apprehensive. Finally we came to a wide space, and there was the Slytherin portrait, it was of a silver Serpent coiled around a slim tree trunk hidden inbetween leaves. Once it noticed a presence standing before it, it slid out from the leaves, it's tongue hissing out of it's mouth, it's dark beady eyes setting upon us. I shivered, preferring the Fat Lady to that thing anyday.

Passssssword.” It hissed. OMG! It talked!

Regulus went closer and muttered the password, and the portrait swung open, turning to me he smiled slightly.

“I'll just wait here,” I said quickly. “Don't be long.”

“I won't take long,” Regulus chuckled and stepping in, the portrait swung shut.

I folded my arms and leant on the wall, tapping my foot uncomfortably. I had my wand, I was protected … I looked around, trying not to watch the snake. Finally the portrait opened and out came a distressed and out of control, Dom.

“YOMEE!” She cried, rushing over to my open arms. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!”

I laughed. “I forgive you Yomee, I was just overreacting.”

Dom hugged me tighter. “No it was me overreacting, I was being such a bitch, but I'll never be a bitch again! Well at least to you.”

I laughed when she began tickling me and the trying to pick me up and spin me around. “I love you, Yomeeeee!”

“Dom!” I squeaked laughing. “I love you too.”

I saw Regulus arms folded, leaning against the wall smiling and shaking his head at us.

Once Dom calmed down she placed me down and placing a kiss on my cheek she rushed over and pounced on Regulus, who wasn't expecting it and was nearly knocked off his feet.

“Thanks Reg for convincing her! Thank you, I love you too!”

“You're welcome,” Regulus said, gently patting her on the back awkwardly.

Once we were all sorted, I said goodnight to Dom and Regulus, who offered to walk me back, but I rejected and said I'd be fine. So going on my way, I pretty much ran out of the dungeons. 

I was pretty tired so when I arrived back to the Gryffindor portrait, my bed beckoned to me.


“Golden Snitch.”

“Sorry that is incorrect.”

I froze. “What? No it's not, that's it.”

“Unfortunately it was changed earlier this evening, and I'm not allowed to let anyone if they don't have the correct password, sorry dear.”

I just stared at the Fat Lady in shock, the password had been changed earlier this evening … or more like once I had left the common room. Sirius had been serious about kicking me out and actually did this to prevent me from coming back! I couldn't believe it!

“D-Don't you recognise me? Come on, I come in and out everyday,” I said, my voice trembling. “And who else could pull off an Australian accent!”

“I have heard of the Polyjuice Potion and other nasty Potions that take on the looks of others, sorry dear.”

Nodding I turned, and tried not to cry as I made my way to Professor McGonagall's office. Knocking on her door, I was surprised that she was still awake when her muffled voice granted my entry.

“Oh, Miss Adams,” she said, her expression surprised when she saw me. “Is something the matter?”

I didn't want her to see that it bugged me, so putting on a casual smile and tried to lossen up. “Um, I've been locked out of the Gryffindor common room, someone changed the password on me.”

McGonagall looked obviously confused, which confirmed it was definitely Lily's and Sirius' doing.

“It is Golden Snitch.”

“Not anymore...” I said, trying to swallow the lump in the back of my throat.

“What were you doing out of the common room after curfew?”

“I just had to cool down, I had a bit of disagreement, with...”

McGonagall sighed, and getting to her feet, she led me back to the portrait to ask what happened. 

“Miss Evans, said that you sent her a letter informing her to change it immediately,” The Fat Lady replied. “It was your writing and your signature.”

“The Marauders...” I whispered.

“Thank you.” McGonagall looked at me as if knowing I was still having problems with Lily and now the Marauders. “I don't understand how they managed to do that and convince Miss Evans, but their behaviour shall be dealt with immediately and punishment will be issued accordingly.”

I nodded. “Thanks Professor – and don't expel them.”

McGonagall placed a hand upon my shoulder and gave me a soft smile. “They will not be expelled. Try to rest up well Miss Adams, tomorrow is a new day.”

When I entered the common room I couldn't contain my tears anymore, and just sobbed.

I wanted my mum, I wanted my brother, I wanted friends.

Hearing a creak, I looked around to see Remus grabbing hold of a book, I couldn't believe he didn't do anything about his friends' actions, right now he was just as bad as they were. Remus looked as though he was deciding to see if I was okay, or if he should just leave me alone. Picking up the book, he just walked away.

Curling up into a ball, I cried myself to sleep.

A/N: Phew! What a chappie! Sorry it took so long guys, gah things have been happening left right and center and not to mention I want everything to be perfect haha! I've studied up for this story, just so I can get things right and keep everything consistant. Will things resolve between Sophie, the Marauders and Lily? Stay tuned to find out everyone! Please review, me loves feedback! Until the next chappie!
XOXO WildFlower!

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