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Okay, So the story is from both perspectives. Sorry if it gets confusing but each will be titled accordingly. I don't plan on abandoning this story.  Please review!


Hermione watched Malfoy walk away her heart beating wildly in her chest. She had definitely seen a transfer of sorts and of course he would deny it up front.

“Hey! Hermione! Why’d you run off?” Ron came galloping into view Harry close behind still munching on a finger sandwich.

“No reason really. Thought I saw Marcy, I need to confirm my Transfiguration notes.” There was a collaborative eye roll as she knew there would be. “I must be prepared for the NEWTs, you should be worrying too, its what normal people would be doing.” They headed back into the hall, Hermione less hungry than before but logic outweighed her want to follow Malfoy and see what he had bought from Sheldon. She had just exerted lots of energy wrestling the boys into the snow just minutes before and her body needed fuel. 

She gave a light shiver as a slight draft blew coolly against her sopping clothes. Ron noticed and took out his wand. “Ron- I was just going to go upstairs and change you really don’t need to do that.”

“But you’re cold.” His brow furrowed and he started twisting his wand in his hands. Hermione put her hand on his shoulder and he looked up. She kept her eyes level with his as best she could until it was too uncomfortable and then turned to Harry.

“You know what I’ve been to these things every year, night before holiday dinners I mean. I’ll go change. Do you boys think you could handle bringing me something to eat?”

They nodded together and she turned on her heal to head back into the corridor. 

Climbing the stairs was no less than awkward. Her feet slipping now and then and after slipping she had to jump over the trap stair.

“Gero Nemus” the portrait swung open and permitted her entrance into the common room.

She changed quickly and grabbed the letter from her mother  and read it over for the fifth time.

Hermione, it read

Dear, I think its unwise for you to come home for the holidays. We miss you terribly but your father is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital and I believe it would be too sad and stressful for you to come for a visit. Plus he would be asleep most of the time. I would love you to be with me sweetheart. But his mother is with us and your uncle is visiting and it would be too much work for you to keep your magic a secret from them, so it would be best for you, I think to stay at Hogwarts for break under Dumbledore’s watchful eyes.

Love always and forever,
Your mum

She hugged the letter and leaned against her bed post closing her eyes.

“Hermione?” She cracked her eyes open to see Pavarti Patil gazing down at her a slight apologetic smile on her face. “The boys sent me up, they have food for you.”

“Thanks.” She yawned and stretched. Her back was stiff from sleeping against the bed post, not the wisest place of choice to take a nap. Hermione climbed off her bed, tucking the letter into her side table drawer as she went. “See you later.” She waved to her friend and descended the stairs. Hermione sighed as she watched her friends from the bottom of the stairs, they were bickering and picking various items from, what she gathered, her dinner tray and eating them. Ron laughed at something, sending pudding all over Harry’s glasses, who immediately poured a bit of fudge on his friend’s nose. It escaladed from there. People dodging about trying to get out of their food fight’s range as Hermione surged towards them grabbing part of a minced meat pie. I love them.


Hermione walked to the great hall alone the next morning. The Weasley’s had come by floo and taken the two remaining Weasley children and Harry to the Burrow.

“You can certainly come along, dear.” Mrs. Weasley had fussed. It took fifteen minutes of reassuring the overly kind mother of Hermione’s okay-ness that finally made Molly Weasley usher the kids into the grate with her Husband at her elbow saying a jaunty farewell.

Breakfast was sure to be quiet. Hermione wondered absently how many students would be left at Hogwarts for the holidays. She knew for a fact she was going to be the only Gryffindor, but what about the other houses?

She soon found out when looked up from the floor to see that the house tables had vanished and the head table was all that was left in the giant room.

“Ahhh! Miss Granger! Good morning, Good morning!” Professor Dumbledore smiled at her warmly. “We decided that it would be more prudent, because of our numbers, to all just sit together.” Hermione did a swift head count, there were seven students (including herself) four Hufflepuffs and Two Ravenclaws. She took a seat next to Professor Flitwick and folded her hands neatly in her lap.

“I’m surprised to see you here Miss Granger, I would have thought you would have gone home for the holidays. This surely exceeds your duties of Head Girl by far.” The small man said to her.

“Actually Professor, my parents are out on a business trip.” She repeated the familiar lie quickly “I wasn’t allowed to accompany them.”

“I see.” He said simply.

“What are you waiting for? Tuck in! breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know.” Dumbledore said merrily and took a spoonful of eggs.

Hermione took some fruit and nibbled distractedly, she couldn’t help but think that this was her second year spent away from her parents during the holidays. But this time she didn't even have the excuse of spying on the slytherins, she was alone. She missed her father and wondered about his deteriorating health. The headmaster made his normal strange small talk, this time concerning a color-confused flamingo.

When plates had cleared she excused herself and headed to the library. Books always seemed to keep her mind off of troubling things. The pages filled with knowledge, Hermione wished she could learn it all. Well she sure had plenty of time for the nex two weeks.

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