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Hermione’s POV::

A few Slytherin students were in my Transfiguration class, each of the glaring at me. Pansy’s cold eyes glided over me before she turned her attention back to Professor McGonagall.

“Ms. Granger, please take your seat,” She scolded gently. I nodded, just a little embarrassed and took a seat hurriedly.

The class flew by, and the only thing I could really remember was staring out the window, and Neville making a fool of himself. I glanced at him, a grin on my face as I became thankful he was in Gryffindor, so that he could always make me laugh, whether he meant to or not.

“That’s all for today students!” McGonagall cheered, waving us out of the classroom. I stood up, gathering my bag and books before leaving.

“Hermione!” Pansy was suddenly in my face, blocking the exit as the room emptied to just us. McGonagall had even left to have a word with Dumbledore.

“Hey Pansy,” I said, furrowing my brows. What does she want?

“I’ve noticed you and Draco together a lot lately,” Pansy’s eyes focused to slits as she pointed out the obvious.

“Um, yea, we are. A few days alone with him changed my opinion.” I replied cooly. 

This Slytherin was not about to make a fool of me.

“Listen you mudblood,” She hissed, pressing a finger to my chest. “Stay away from my Draco. I’m willing to hurt you over him.”

“Is that so, Pansy?” I heard myself say. 

My bag slid to the floor, as I relaxed my arms and let my books fall to the floor with a dull clatter.

Pansy’s eyes widened before she withdrew her wand suddenly. I reached into my robes, taking out my own wand.

“Pansy, seriously, we don’t /really/ have to do this,” A wave of fear rushed over me. I was definitely lacking too much duel experience that I would have appreciated for this showdown. I studied her quickly, my eyes flicking from her shiny shoes to her cold eyes to her long wand.

“Yes we do, Granger, you don’t understand,” Pansy was speaking swiftly, pushing a loose strand of dark hair from her eyes. “If I beat you, Draco will realize the weak flower that you are, and he’ll realize what a prize I am.”

“But aren’t YOU the one named after a flower,” I challenged. “’Pansy’?” I spoke slowly, with mock innocence. 

“Expelliarmus!” Pansy shouted, sending my wand flying. Shocked, I dropped to the floor, hastily rolling to my feet, running to the desk where my wand hand rolled under.

“Come back Mudblood! Conjunctivitis!” Pansy’s wand shot light I barely avoided. 

My hand closed around my wand, and returning to my feet I turned on Pansy.

“Locomotor Mortis!” Pansy’s face twisted in frightened astonishment as her legs froze, now immovable from my curse.

“Avis!” Birds shot from Pansy’s wand as she screamed, sending the winged creatures after me. 

“Impedimenta,” I cried, causing the birds advance to slow to a dawdling fly towards me.

While my focus was on the birds, I heard Pansy holler.

“This has been fun,” she yelled hysterically through gritted teeth. “But I’m getting tired of this. Stupefy!”


Draco’s POV::

I ran from Blaise, the last image of him swarming in my head. The Charm was a violent one, and he had collapsed on the floor after my last comment. 

My feet slammed on the stone floor in a hurried, spastic rhythm as I raced to the Hospital Wing. Classrooms flew by me on both sides, students taking a moment from pretending to pay attention to their boring lessons to me, watching as I flew down the corridors. 

“Stupefy!” I heard from my Transfiguration class. My pace slowly dramatically to a walk, the sudden change in speed almost sending me into a wall for not giving my body enough room to stop. I turned around and approached the classroom, peering inside carefully.

Pansy was standing with her feet shoulder width apart, her wand drawn. In the empty classroom, there was just one other figure. She was sprawled facedown, curly brown locks fanned away from her head.

I looked from the girl to Pansy, then to the girl again, slowly entering the room.

“Draco!” Pansy shrieked, her voice shrill, as if Dad had just caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Or holding the wand that knocked out a girl Draco loves.

“Is that Hermione?” My voice was low, and Pansy stood unmoving even as I advanced on her. She waved her hands franticly, eyes wide.

“Draco please, she started it! She cursed my legs so that they can’t move!” Pansy attempted to move, her face warped with painful tries.

“So you’re saying Hermione cast a spell on you, out of nowhere?” I said, walking from Pansy to Hermione. “What did you do in return?”

“I-I um, cast Stupefy,” Pansy stuttered in reply.

I whipped my head around, my grey eyes focused on her, radiating hate. “You knocked out Hermione?”

Ignoring her cries of ‘explanation’ I rolled Hermione over gently, examining her.

“There are cuts all over her.” I stated, looking around for the reason why.

A flock of charmed birds were sitting behind Pansy, looks of obedience washed over their supernatural faces.

I shook my head, face filled with disgust. I slid my arms under Hermione, cradling her in my arms as I stood.

“I’m taking her to Madame Pomfrey,” I told Pansy, naming the nurse. “Good luck getting out of your predicament.”

I ran from the room, leaving Pansy shrieking.

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