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AN/Just a one-shot I came up with.  I hope it's ok.  PLEASE let me know what you think in a review

Come on Rose!  You’re a Gryffindor for heaven’s sake! Where’s your courage? It’s not 
that big of a deal!  Just go downstairs and get it over with.  Rip it like a band-aid.  What’s the worst she can do?

KICK YOU OUT? Another voice screams in her head.   I try to shake the thought out my head.   No, Mum wouldn’t do that.  Daddy might try to send me to a convent… No! Rose focus.  Yes, it’s the sad truth.  I have been pacing around my room for the last hour, trying to build up the courage to go talk to my own mother.  About what, you may ask.   About a certain, gorgeous, blond, Quidditch playing Gryffindor, whose dad just might be an ex- Death Eater.  Or as dad like to refer to him as, the devil spawn.  Though I had to be grateful and angry at the same time.  I honestly think those words is what got me in this situation in the first place.


“Rose, I-“ he starts looking strained. 

“You what? Huh?  What’s your excuse this time for ruining my date!?  ‘Rosie, he’s not good enough for you; Rose, he only wants to get in your pants; Rose I’m pretty sure he’s gay;’ Argh” I scream as the tears gush down my face.  This was the 5th date in a row Scorpius had suddenly showed up, and somehow sent my date running for the hills.  “ If Al or Hugo did this I would understand!  They’re my ridiculously over protective brothers!  It’s their job.  It doesn’t make it right, but it makes sense.  BUT YOU? What the hell is your problem?   In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not related.  And don’t you dare pull the ‘I’m Al’s friend, so that makes you like family’. You’re the devil’s spawn!  You’re not family!” I spat viciously.  Immediately I regretted it.  The pain that flashed through his eye; it made me want to die.  

Then suddenly, his eyes were cold, like steel.  Not his eyes.  His eyes laughed, and swirled, and made me smile.  These eyes, they made me hate myself.  “Sorry Weasley.  You’re right, it’s wrong of me to butt into your life.  I’m a Malfoy, right? I’m some awful villain in your fairytale.”

“Scorpius, I-“but he cuts me off. 

“You want to know why I care? Why it makes my blood boil, when some prat even so much as looks at you.  Why, I’ve ‘ruined’ your dates?  Because you stupid arrogant, idiot!  I was as stupid as to fall for you! HARD!  So hard, it hurts Rose.  So, yes, I’m bloody coward for not telling you, because I thought I could show you! I thought I could make sure you felt the same way about me!  But, now god, am I glad I didn’t! Because I’m- I’m just.” His voice starts to falter, and I can hear the pain behind the ice.

He starts again quietly.  “After all the times you told me my last name doesn’t matter, after all the times you reassured me I was meant to be a Gryffindor, AFTER ALL THE BLOODY TIMES I POURED MY HEART OUT  TO YOU, TELLING YOU MY WORST FEAR WAS THAT PEOPLE WOULD LOOK AT ME AS A DEATH EATER’S SON YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL ME THE DEVIL’S SPAWN? What kind of heartless person does that? So who’s worse Rose?  Who’s the arse here?” He had yelled at me.  Scorpius doesn’t yell, especially not at me.  He throws one last withering glare at me and walks away. 

I’m shaking with sobs by now.  “Scorp, NO! Please I didn’t mean it.  It, it just slipped out.  I was angry!” I run after him, pleading.  I grab his arm and try to hold him back.  He tries to shrug me off, but I’ve thrown my entire body around his arm. 

“Let go, Weasley.” He says quietly.  My heart breaks all over again, just because he used my last name.  He ALWAYS called me Rose, and mostly Rosie.  I refuse, but can’t say anything, because I’m sobbing so hard.  “Weasley, I don’t want to hurt you, let go” .  I shake my head, and cling on tighter.  Soon, I realize I’m trembling.  “Rose, please I-“he sounds so conflicted.  “Just please. Let go” he says it like he’s begging. 

“I can’t! Not till you forgive me.  And- not till you hear me out.  If you don’t, I’ll, do something stupid.  I’ll… I’ll”

“Empty threats don’t work on me Rose.” He snaps. 

“NO! I won’t lose my best friend because I said something stupid.  Because I said something without thinking.  So Please, please, please Scorp, forgive me.  I am so sorry” I break into a wave of fresh sobs.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare cry and make me feel horrid!  Now just let go Weasley!” he voice falters just a bit, but it still pierces my heart.  Finally, he pushes me off.  I expected him to shove me, even hex me off.   Maybe I’d even hoped he would, so I could feel like I’d been punished for my sins.  But no.  He gently pries off my grip, with such ease, and squares my shoulders so I’m not leaning on him.  He looks at me one last time, and this time I can’t read his eyes.  The emotions are swirling so fast, I can’t get a grip on what he’s thinking.  He sighs, turns on his heel, and stalks off.

That was the last time I talked to him.  He hadn’t so much at looked at me while we finished the term, and refused to even sit with me on the train.  Granted it had been only a month, but it felt like centuries.  For a whole month, I felt like a part of me was missing.  Like there was this giant whole in my heart.

 I had begged Al, to get Scorp to talk to me, but he’d flat out said no.  Hell no, to be precise.  When, I’d given up on begging, I started to think, even if I could talk to him, what would I say?  One afternoon in the library, I asked Al this and he shook his head. 

“Seriously Rose?  You’re asking me?  You know what to say.  You just need to listen to your heart.” He gets up and quickly leaves the library, as well as me with my thoughts. 

Well that had been no help whatsoever.  But I spent the next couple days  thinking about what Al had said.  I also thought about how his smile made my heart melt.  How it made my day, knowing he was happy.  How when he smirked, I blushed.  How even when we fought, I knew it would be okay because we couldn’t live without each other.  It was all so confusing.  But then, I remembered what he had said to me.  He had fallen for me.  Me, Rose Weasley, bushy haired, studious, quidditch loving, prefect, daughter of 2 of the Golden Trio, Gryffindor, quirky, and strange.  It just didn’t make sense.  How could I have known? 

Then finally, in big dramatic wave of thoughts it all came to me.  Ever since Christmas, he looked at me differently.  He stopped teasing me, and if that wasn’t that wasn’t shock enough, he was always complimenting me. 

“Hey beautiful” he says as I walked into the common room.  Al is rolling his eyes.

“Scorp, lying is a sin” I tell him. 

“Random much love?” he says chuckling.  I roll my eyes.  “You and I both know I’m far from beautiful.  And even if you’re stupid enough to tell me that, you say it because you’re my best friend”

He shakes his head and smiles sadly.  “Rose, you need to open your eyes.”

That day I had mocked myself and him, but I now realize, he actually thought I was beautiful.  Wow.  Just the idea of this made my heart flutter.

Scorpius would do anything for me.  Once, I wasn’t paying attention in potions, and screwed up my Draught of the Living Dead.  I had already gotten two D’s this terms and this was definitely was at least a T.  So when the Professor wasn’t looking, he swapped our Potions.  I got an O, because his was near perfection, and he got a D.  I felt awful, but he just put his arm around my shoulder, and said it was payback for all the times Al and he had copied my essays.  But in that case we had all gotten O’s or E’s. 

Then, there was the whole date fiasco.  He didn’t do it to be mean; he did it because he cared.  He did it because HE wanted to date me.  And I ruined it all.  This brings me back to my current situation, telling Mum.  My mum may always be on my case about school, but it’s because she’s brilliant.  Yeah, she’s a little embarrassing, but in an adorable way.  Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny say she gave them some great relationship advice when they were young, unfortunately, she never could give herself advice.  Whatever that means. 

So I’m about to go downstairs and tell my mum I’ve fallen for Scorpius Malfoy, and I need a way to get him back.  Oh dear.


“Mum” I call tentatively into the living room.

“Hmmm” she answers, and once I’m in the room I realize she’s reading.  Typical. 

“Could I talk to you?” I ask, and I sit down on our big comfy couch, nice and soft (thanks to Hugo and I jumping on it quite often).

My mum always knows when I’m upset.  She immediately puts her book on the table, and says “Of course Rosie.  What do you want to talk about?”

“Well, it’s just, I recently became aware of something.  And, I messed it up before I was aware, and now I need your help fixing it because, if I don’t my heart will have hole, and – and-

“Rose! Deep breath please” she instructs, and I follow.  “Ok, now please, explain, and then maybe I’ll be able to help you darling.”

I sigh, and start at the beginning. I tell my mother everything.  She doesn’t interrupt, just listens with a thoughtful expression on her face.  She raises her eyebrows when I tell her what I called Scorpius.  She has a strange expression when I tell her what Scorpius told me in retort.  By the time I’ve finished I’m crying again. 

“Oh my sweet Rose” she sighs as she pulls me into her arms.  I haven’t been held like this in a while, but it’s still greatly appreciated.  She rocks me back and forth for a while, and finally when I’ve calmed down I find my voice.

“But then, you’re not angry with me?” I whisper

“Angry? Well, Rose I’m certainly not proud-“ I wince, but then get a huge shock “that you could be so mean to someone.  Especially about the parentage.  Haven’t our war stories taught you anything?” 

“What?  No, I meant about me- well liking a Malfoy.  Dad might disown me”  She smiles.  “Rose, you and I both know that you have your dad wrapped around your pinkie finger.  He would do anything to keep you happy.  Even be civil with Draco Malfoy at your wedding” I ignore this last part.

“I thought you would, you know hate me.  I spent all week trying to figure out how to tell you!” 

She smiles fondly at me.  “Rose, you can’t help who you fall in love with. I of all people should know that.”

“You mean, you and Dad, you didn’t think you were meant to be?” She smiles again.

“Well, not exactly.  Rose, you’re just another cliché, and honestly in the family you came from, it doesn’t surprise me.”

“I’m sorry, what?”  I asked.  Mom may be losing her touch in the wisdom department/

“Think about it sweetie.  Your dad and I were best friends who fell in love with each other.  Cliché number 1.  Your uncle Harry, was your dad’s best friend, and he fell in love his sister Ginny.  Cliché number 2.  Even your Uncle Bill, fell in love with the most unlikeliest person any of use expected.  A rough and rebellious curse breaker, fell in love with the prim and proper French beauty Fleur.   Oh, and Teddy and Victorie grew up together  and grew to love each other.” She adds as an afterthought.

“So you’re saying, I’m like you and Dad?” I say completely confused. 

“Well, I guess you are.  I wasn’t thinking of that actually.  And kind of like Harry and Gin, considering Al is like your brother.” I smile.  “Bill and Fleur doesn’t apply, because you and Scorp are exactly alike; Smart, good looking, brave, sarcastic, and of course stubborn.”

“I am not stubborn!” I interject suddenly.

“Of course not” my mother says rolling her eyes.  “This is exactly why you and your father spent 45 minutes arguing about whose turn it was to wash their dishes.  And neither of you remembered that ALL YOU HAD DO WAS WAVE YOUR WAND!” she says.

I roll my eyes, but she goes on.  “And, I guess the Teddy and Torie cliché can count, seeing as you went through Hogwarts together.  But the one I was thinking was a whole new one.” She says smirking. 

 “Yeah?” I ask hesitantly.

“Rome and Juliet” she says quite dramatically, “Parents that hate each other, young teenagers who fall in love.  It’s all quite hilarious”

I smile.  She’s kind of right.  It’s bloody hilarious.  But then I frown suddenly.  “Fine, mum, but how in Merlin’s name does this help my problem?”

She smiles at me, AGAIN.  Her treating me like a child is not helping.  “Rose, you’ll more than likely see him at the Potter annual summer party.  Talk to him, apologize, and tell him how you feel. “

“But what do I say!  I have no idea what to say,  Mum.”  I cry.

“Rose, just listen to your heart” she says, then kisses the top of my head and gets ready to go get dinner ready.

“Al, said that, and I’ll tell you it was no help then, and it still isn’t” she just smiles as she walks towards the kitchen.  “Hey mum,” I call suddenly. 

“Hmm,” she turns back around.

“So, you’re fine if, I date Scorp.  I mean if I can actually get him to talk to me ever again”

“Rose, as long he’s good to you, it’s fine.  However, if he kills one of your cousins, I’ll have to draw the line” she says.  I roll my eyes.  My mum and her nerd jokes; even if they are funny.  

The next week was the longest week of my life.  I couldn’t sleep, I just kept having dreams of Scorp not accepting my apology.  I just kept hearing his last words to me, over and over again.  But eventually the party rolled around, and now I was so nervous, I thought I might throw up.  Come on Rose! It’s just Scorpius.  But, it wasn’t just Scorpius anymore.  It could all change for the better or for the worse.  Oh, I think I’m going to be sick. 

We all got to the Potter cottage, around 12 that Saturday.  I swear I almost passed out.  My dad must have thought I was on fairy dust. My mum just kept laughing to herself every time she looked at me.

“Hey, guys!” Lily greets us as we knock on their door.  We all greet her in response, but I can’t help look over her shoulder.  Is he here? 

I am greeted by ALL my aunts and uncles, who are blocking my way to the Potter’s gloriously huge backyard.  All the kids are in the back. 

After answering for the 100th time that  I had a good 6th year, I was able to make my way to the yard.  I immediately scan the entire yard to look for him.  When I can’t spot his only blond head, I walk over to Al, hoping he’ll be nearby. 

“Hey Al.” I say, as I reach him. 

“Rosie, hi!” he says as he hugs me. 

“Whatcha you doing?” I ask cautiously.

“Oh we were just getting ready to get a game of quidditch ready.  You want to play?” he asks smiling.

“Oh yeah sure.  Um, who all is playing?” Come on; let me know if Scorp is here.

“Everyone” is his answer.  REALLY! Come on, why don’t you just smack me! 

“Everyone who?” I decide to play dumb.

“Everyone, who plays Quidditch; so all of us minus Lucy and Dominique.”


“Oi, Al your mum says that the winners of the game get a bigger piece of cake. “ a voice calls out. A really, really, familiar voice. 

“Ha ha, ok Scorp.  You do know she’ll probably just enlarge ours, and everyone else gets a normal piece.  And what the hell are you doing here?  I thought you weren’t coming!” he yells.

“Your mum wrote me.  Almost a full page of emotional blackmail mate.  How I had come for the last 6 years, and stopping now would be awful.  And she mentioned she was making cake.  Anyway, if I see HER, I’ll just duck behind a bush” By the look on Al’s face I know exactly who HER is. 

It’s time to face the music Rosie.  I turn around and face him.  “Hi” I say shyly.

He freezes.  “Weasley” he says nodding curtly.  I try my best to ignore the pang in my chest.  “Which one?” I answer in a feeble attempt to be witty.

“I’m looking at you, am I not?” he says in the same clipped voice. 

I sigh.  “Can we talk? Please, it’s important.”

“We’re talking now.  What do you have to say?” he’s getting annoyed fairly quickly. 

“Scorp, please.  Be a little mature!” I snap.

“I am being mature.  I should be ignoring you.  But that would be rude and childish.  If I’m not being childish, what am I, Weasley?”

I feel myself coming apart.  “Please Scorpius.  Please.” I whisper.

His cold expression falters a little.  “I- fine.” He walks away, headed toward the lake beyond the yard.  The lake where we all swam last summer.  I smile at the memory, and then Scorpius looks over at me. 

“It was a good summer.” He says. How the hell does he always know what I am thinking?

I nod, and remember why we are here.  “Listen Scorp, I don’t know how many times I can say sorry, but I will keep saying sorry until you forgive me.  I know what I said was wrong and awful, and you should hate me.  But, I wish you wouldn’t, because, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

He just listens for a moment.  “That’s it?” asks quietly.  “That’ ALL you have to say?” he looks at me intently.

“I well- yes- but I guess -. “  I stumble over my words.  COME ON! TELL HIM! HEART WHAT THE HELL DO I SAY?

“Ok then, Weasley, I appreciate and accept your apology” he says in the same cold voice, and his eyes look how he sounds.

“But you haven’t!  You haven’t forgiven me!  Are you even hearing yourself?  Things aren’t normal!  What will it take for things to be normal?”

“Weasley, things are never going to be normal.  I thought you would get that, you’re a bright witch. “  he’s shaking his head. 

“Why” I ask stubbornly.

His eyes flash like steel.  “Why?  Why I can’t pretend like nothing happened?   Because, you didn’t just hurt my feelings by calling me a mean name ROSE!  You broke my heart!”  he’s yelling now.  “Don’t you get it?  I cared about you!  I told you all that!  And, never once did I detect an inkling of a chance, that you might feel the same way!  Before, there was always  this stupid hope in the back of my head !  But now?  I know how you feel.  You want me to accept your apology for calling me the devil’s spawn?  FINE” he spat.  “But don’t you ever expect me to be your friend Rose, because I won’t put myself through that!  I won’t watch sit around and feel like a loser Rose, not even for you.”  He starts to storm back towards the house, and I know if I don’t say something, I will NEVER get a chance ever again.

“WAIT!” I scream and start to go after him.  “Please, wait!  Scorp, I do feel the same way! I just, I can’t”

He turns around and laughs without humor.  “You’re kidding me right?  What you want me to stick around so you can lie to me?”

“I’m not lying!  Scorp, you were wrong.  I’m nowhere near bright.  If I was, I would have figured this out a long time ago?”

“Figured out what?” he snaps.

“That we belong together!  Don’t you get it?  We’re best friends, of course we could fall in love!  I’ve always loved  you in one way, it just changed into a better way. We NEED each other.  The odds have always had it out for us Scorp.   We’ve grown up together, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through Hogwarts without you!  And on top of everything, Al, who is like my brother, is your best friend.  We’re a cliché!  We’re meant to be.   I thought for one moment that we could never be in love because of our families, but then I realized, it meant we could.  We’re like Romeo and Juliet.   But Scorp, even if there weren’t all these underlying factors, I still would have feelings for you.  You’re smart, kind, and loyal.  You’re always there for me and you’ve never let me down!  You’re ridiculously protective, and you care about me more than anyone ever has!  You found a way to be a better person, even when no one expected you too!  You’ve helped me be a better person. And on top of everything, you are gorgeous!  Ridiculously sexy! And, when I was 14 I wished so much that you would like me.  I prayed and prayed until I decided you were out of my league.  So, please don’t mock me and tell me I’m lying.  I want to be with you Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.  If you’ll still have me I mean. 

He’s looking at me strangely now.  “Well, say something!”  He doesn’t answer.  “Ok.  I’ll take that as a no.  I’m going to go dig a hole and hide in it now, if you’ll excuse me.” I take a step back, getting ready to run, but then, Scorp grabs my arm, and pulls me close.  My face is about an inch away from his, so close that I can feel his breath on my skin. I’m just marveling at his beauty before he leans down and kisses me fiercely. 

For a second I’m frozen, but then I react. I kiss him back and snake my arms around his neck, and somehow his arms are around my waist holding me tight.      

After a few moments of bliss, he pulls away.  “Hi.” He says.  I smile.  “Hi yourself,” 

“I really do care about Rose, and I would love to be with you.  As long as it makes you happy.”

My smile gets wider.  “More than you’ll ever know. “ I look into his eyes, and am overjoyed to see they are swirling and laughing.   They were his eyes.  “So, I guess another cliché is I get my happily ever after.” He rolls his eyes. “This isn’t a fairytale Rose. “

“Really?  Cause I feel like you’d be a great prince charming.”  He smirks, but doesn’t say anything, just kisses me again.  I think that was the better than talking.  Scorpius is stupid;  this is my happily ever after.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER MALFOY”  my dad yells and when we turn to look, we see he’s completely red.

Or at least until my dad kills Scorpius.  Oh Merlin. 

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