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Hermione’s POV ::

I leaned forward, looking into the cauldron. 

Amortentia was a liquid with a pearly sheen, a sparkly sort of characteristic, strange for a liquid.

I sniffed. Scents flowed into my nose, three of them the most apparent.

“For each person that smells the Amortentia, they will name different scents, even if two people smell the same brew.” Snape told the class as they took their eyes briefly off of me and looked at him.

“This is because the scents of an Amortentia potion are whatever attracts you.” He finished explaining and looked at me.

“What do you smell, Ms. Granger?” Snape’s dark eyes focused on mine.

I inhaled the Amortentia again, as if to check my work. I sensed a clean scent, fresh and minty. And a fruity smell? Hints of salt also entered my nose.

“I smell a clean and fresh fragrance,” I began, glancing at Snape. “Also a fruity scent, and salt, like spray from the ocean.” 

I felt a rosy pink color creep up from my neck, turning my face a light blushy color.

The light fragrance was the same I smelled when I wore Draco’s sweater way back when on the island. I could smell faint traces of his deodorant in the sweater, and that same smell was now coming from the cauldron. The berries from the island smelled just like the fruity notes I picked up from the potion. And the salty scents were from the ocean, where I fell I love with Draco.

“Thank you, Ms. Granger.” Snape said slowly in his monotone. “Mr. Malfoy, would you like to give the Amortentia a try?” He asked rhetorically.

I watched Draco sniff the draft. His face changed slightly, I could tell he was identifying the scents. His grey eyes met mine for a fraction of a second before answering the professor.

“Salt water, berries, shoe polish.” Draco said.

Gossipy girls exchanged looks as they picked up on the obvious – Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger had two scents in common.

Harry bristled and didn’t look at me when I gave him a confused look. I didn’t even bother to look at Ron, he was probably sulking.

Draco kept his eyes on Snape as he gave a few last directions, ordering us to deposit our drafts on his desk, and don’t you dare slip some in those flasks, Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Brown, I see the both of you trying.

Draco and I both turned quickly to look at Pansy, who indeed has withdrawn a small glass bottle from her robes, her face now a scarlet. 

“That was probably for you,” I said with a smile, looking at Draco. He met my eyes, a strained look in them.

“Yea, probably,” he agreed and cleared his throat. “Hermione, we need to talk.” I glanced around; the classroom once filled with bustling students was emptying as pairs cleaned up their stations and split at once. The method Snape used to assigning groups created very unusual pairings, and most of the students seemed relieved that the assignment was over. 

“Yes?” I asked, aware of what was coming.


Draco’s POV ::

I licked my lips before I spoke. “Hermione, in case you didn’t notice, we both smelled the ocean and those berries.”

Her laugh was musical and warming. “I did notice, Draco. It just confirms what we already know.” Hermione’s brown eyes locked on mine. “But shoe polish? When did that come from?”

I laughed, embarrassed. “The shoe polish I smelled was from when I used to dance ... when I inhaled that scent, I couldn’t help but think of when we danced on the beach. What was the third scent you picked up?”

“What your sweater smelled like, clean and fresh, a light fragrance from your deodorant or something.” Hermione answered a slow smile over her face.

“This in undeniable. What we have, it’s not questionable. We’re in love, Draco,” Hermione looked past me, and then bowed her head. 

“But you feel like we shouldn’t be,” I said slowly, filling in the space she left after Hermione paused.

“C’mon Draco, how unbelievable is this?” She stood up, busying her hands with bringing the potion up to Snape’s desk, who had seemed to had disappeared. 

I followed her, grabbing unused materials and dirty utensils.

“I can’t believe how good we are for each other,” She turned around after placing the cauldron at the front of the room, her hands on his desk and her body dangerously close to mine. I emptied my hands on his desk where space was in between rows of cauldrons.

“It’s a little crazy, isn’t it?” I laughed, holding her close to me. Hermione looked up at me, her eyes sparkling, surrounded by her long dark lashes.

“Just a little bit.” She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face gently to hers, guiding my lips closer to hers. She kissed me lightly, causing sparks behind my eyelids. My body surged with the one feeling no magic could create, only imitate: love.

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