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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and plot is based on novel Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.



            As soon as Hermione released the latch on the pet carrier Draco exploded out of it. And following Hermione’s orders, he ran like hell away from the crazy women. He didn’t know where he was going but he kept running regardless.

            He finally stopped and hid in a random alleyway. At first running away felt like freedom, he was finally free but now that he stopped and the adrenaline was wearing off he realized he had no idea where he was. He thought about hopping up on one of the trash cans along the wall to try to get a better view and find out if he could make out his bearings, but that didn’t seem very wise considering he was a stray cat…a stray cat, now that was a depressing thought. If he didn’t find Hermione or if Hermione didn’t find him he would have to be left to defend for himself. Damn it I shouldn’t have ran that far, he thought. Hopefully Hermione will come looking for me, surely she wouldn’t give up. She might be bossy, stubborn, head headed, but she wasn’t cruel, she was determined. Once she started something she always saw it through no matter what it took and hopefully he fit into that category where she would see to his becoming a human again to the end. Oh who was he kidding, this was Hermione Granger, the girl he made certain that her life was miserable, who constantly reminded her that she was scum, beneath him because she was a muggle-born. Why would she come looking for him when he’s been a complete ass to her all throughout school? And even at the bookstore he was awful to her which caused her to lose her temper and now look at him. She’s probably relieved that he got away.

            Draco thought about his choices, he could try to find out where he was and maybe go back to his loft…if he could find it, and if he did how was he suppose to get in? It would be difficult to explain to someone what happened to him. Or he could slowly retrace his steps back to where he came from and hopefully run across Hermione’s apartment building. He never got a good look at what her building looked like so it would be really hard to locate it especially being 12 inches tall, it would be hard to recognize anything from his perspective. And if he did find it he would have to be very careful to avoid the crazy Moffit woman because she lived in the same building. Maybe he could look for her bookstore that would be easy to locate. Okay that was it, he would go there, but he would still have to hide incase another animal snatcher came across him.

            Draco started having second thoughts; maybe he should just stay here and pray Hermione would come looking for him. He was still under her spell and if he changed last night, it might be a good possibility that he would change again tonight, and he would be naked when that happened. And being naked in the middle of a alleyway in London was a whole other kind of trouble he didn’t want to deal with, somebody would take him in for sure if that happened.


“Get away you mangy beast!!” someone yelled.


            Draco looked around to see who the grumpy man was yelling to, but he didn’t see anyone, just then a rock came flying past him almost hitting him in the head. So the mangy beast he was talking about was him. Another rock went flying banging loudly into a metal trashcan. Draco had no choice but to run. He ran in the direction that he came from earlier, hopefully bring him closer to Hermione and ducked into another alleyway. This one seemed more crowded which meant more places to hide.

            Merlin this was just disgusting, if his father saw him right now hiding behind rubbish, he would box his ears and tell him that he was an embarrassment to the wizarding world. He saw a broken down card board box in the corner and headed towards it. From there he would be able to hid but still look out for Hermione if she came strolling by looking for him. He started to duck inside it when he heard a cat hiss; he apparently wasn’t the only one wanting to seek shelter in the box.

            Oh no, Hermione wasn’t thinking when she told Draco to run. Sure she wanted him to get away from that woman but she didn’t think he would completely disappear. After Hermione forced Ms. Moffit to give her, her key back she turned around and didn’t see Draco anywhere. She raced to the corner of the street and looked in all directions; he was no where in sight.


Harry and Ginny caught up with her, “Man Hermione you weren’t kidding when you said Malfoy was a cat. I mean he had fur and everything.”


“Harry not now!!” she yelled. “Did any of you see where he went?”


“No not really. I mean he took off back towards your apartment but I doubt he would go there knowing the old woman lives there,” Ginny said.


“Yeah and the fact that he doesn’t even know what my apartment looks like.” Hermione added.


“Maybe we should split up, each go in a different direction looking for him.”


“Maybe, god he could be anywhere and I doubt he knows his way around London very well. Do you think you could do a locating spell to find him Harry?”


“Yeah, but I’ll need something of his to perform the spell, and I don’t know if it will work properly since he isn’t in a human form.”


“Well, we can always try. I have his clothes at my place, you can use those. Keep an eye out for him and look low, he’s a cat so he’ll probably be hiding somewhere.”


            They made it to Hermione’s apartment in less then 2 minutes with no sign of Draco, she and Harry went up the stairs while Ginny kept searching for any whereabouts of Draco. Hermione grabbed his coat from her closet and shoved it at Harry. Waiting impatiently for him to locate Draco. It was absolute torture, not being able to use magic. If she could she would locate him and apparate to where he was and make sure he was alright. She can’t imagine what he’s going through right now. If anything happened to him while he was abandoned in the streets of London she would never forgive herself.


“Got him!” Harry said. “I don’t know his exact location, but he is somewhat close by. Three maybe four blocks away. I just don’t know which direction. He’s in a alleyway I think, I see a lot of rubbish and it’s dark and dank.”


“Okay so we’ll just split up and look for him and call each other if we find him. I’ll just grab some chicken.”


“Are you hungry?” Harry asked confused.


“No, it’s for Draco incase we have to coax him out of his hiding place.”


“Ah, well you know what they say; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


“Shut up Harry, this isn’t the time.” She scurried past him anxious to find him and soon.


            Hermione searched more then ten alleyways down her street; she was beginning to get weird stares from people walking along side her. She couldn’t find him anywhere. She was about to lose hope when her cell phone rang.


It was Ginny, “I found him, but he won’t come out. I think you need to do it.”


“Where are you?”


“A couple blocks south from your shop, next to the drugstore.”


“Okay stay right there, I’m on my way.” Hermione shut her cell phone and practically ran to where Ginny said she was.


            By the time she reached her she was out of breath. She peeked into the alleyway and sure enough there was Draco sitting in the opening of a card board box.


“He won’t budge. I tried everything; he’s not coming out of that box.” Ginny said.


“That’s weird, let me try.”


She reached in her bag and pulled out a container full of chicken. She got down on her knees so she was eye level with him and tried to coax him out.


“Thank god your okay, I was so worried. Okay come on lets go home. I promise Miss Moffit won’t get you anymore you don’t need to be afraid.”

            She reached out to grab him but he ducked away farther into the box.


“Come on Draco. I promise I won’t hurt you or let anyone else hurt you please.” She begged offering him a piece of chicken.


He just stared at her, but something in his eyes told her he needed something. “What? What is it?” she asked quietly.


            He looked over his shoulder into the depth of the box. It was then that she saw them. It was a mother cat with three new born kittens that only looked days old. They all looked to be in really bad shape. The mother looked liked she hasn’t eaten in days.


“Oh Draco that’s why you wouldn’t come out. You were trying to protect them. Here can you give her the chicken, see if she’ll eat it? Maybe if we feed her, she won’t be so aggressive.”


            Draco walked towards her hand which held a small piece of chicken and gently took it between his teeth and turned back to walk into the box and dropped it in front of the mother who gobbled it up right away. She was already reaching for more pieces when Ginny walked up behind her.


“What’s going on? Why won’t he come out?”


“Look, he was guarding this family, I think he wants me to take them some where safe.” She said as she watched in amaze how Draco kept offering pieces of chicken to the mother cat.


“Oh my they are so cute! What do you think you’re going to do?”


“I don’t know, I could always take them to a shelter but then they might get separated to soon and that won’t be good.”


“Harry and I could take them. I always wanted a cat and we have a small shed out back that they could live in and run around in. We could take care of them until their old enough to be given away.”


“That would be awesome. Draco did you hear that, do you think that will be a good plan?” Draco looked back at her and gave her a curt nod of his head.


            Ginny got on her cell phone with Harry and told him to buy a pet carrier and some more chicken so they could get the mother and her babies out from the shelter of their card board home.

            It was a struggle but they finally managed to get all four kitties into the carrier. Once they were all safely tucked inside Harry and Ginny decided to head back home with their new little family. Draco sat at Hermione’s heels the whole time. She reached down to pick him up and take him back to her place. She hugged him tight against her chest and pressed her face into his fur.


“You did really good Draco,” she whispered. “Really good. They’ll be safe at Harry and Ginny’s place I promise. Let’s go home now.”




            Draco was so relieved when Hermione came running down the alleyway to him. Even though he would never admit it in person but he was relieved when Ginny spotted him first. Because he knew if Ginny was there then Hermione was surely short behind. He didn’t so much as move when Ginny tried to coax him out. He wanted to wait for Hermione, hopefully she would understand about what needs to be done with the family. When he found them he noticed how malnourished they all were especially the mother and is the mother was in bad shape then her babies would make it. They were so small, as if they were born days ago. He didn’t know why but he couldn’t leave them, he felt like it was his job to help get them to a safe place. And when Hermione came up to him he almost doubted her, in that she wouldn’t care and she would just leave them and let nature take its course. But once she realized what he was protecting he knew that he could trust her to make sure they were taken care of. He wasn’t necessarily trilled that they were going to go home with Potter, but what could he do. He knew deep down that they would take care of the mama and her babies.

            Right now he just wanted to go home and sleep for hours, this day has really taken a toll on him. When Hermione walked into the apartment he noticed Crookshanks pacing back and fourth in front of the door as if he was waiting for them to get back and he could have sworn that the cat let out a sigh of relief when he noticed Draco was back. But that was crazy, that cat couldn’t possibly miss him.

            As soon as Hermione put him down on the ground Crookshanks came up to him with a toy in his mouth. He set it down in front of Draco, he just looked at it not sure what to do with it. He appreciated the offer but he wasn’t going to play with a half eaten felt mouse and enjoy it. But he didn’t want to let Crookshanks down either; he had a mean strike so he wanted to stay on his good side. Of course Draco was realizing that Crookshanks just put up a evil front and that deep down he was a big softy who just wanted a buddy to play with. He decided what he should do with his new gift. He wasn’t keen on picking it up in his mouth, because who knew where that has been. But he didn’t want to ignore it either so instead he kicked it with his paw so it skidded across the floor past Crookshanks. Then he ran after it encouraging him to follow which then started a game of chase among the two.


“It’s okay if you two play, just don’t mess up my apartment this time.” Hermione said as she walked to the couch.

            Hermione threw herself onto her sofa. What a crazy day, she thought. She was so relieved to have Draco back. And she was so shocked that he was so determined to help out the mother cat and her kittens, she selfishly thought that somebody like him wouldn’t have the heart to do that. She could picture him just ignoring them and going on his way. But he didn’t, he made her stop and help them. Apparently there was mare to him then she ever thought possible. She soon fell asleep on the couch thinking about Draco.

            Draco played chase with Crookshanks for about ten minutes to the point where he was absolutely exhausted and hungry. He walked back into the living room to see if he could get Hermione to fix him something to eat and then he would sleep. He walked into to see Hermione sound asleep curled at the end of her sofa. Pieces of her curly hair falling into her face lying across her cheek. If he was human he would reach out and tuck those pieces behind her ear so he could see her face, then linger the back of his fingers down her cheek to see if her skin was as soft and smooth as it look. Man he was turning soft. Being in her presence constantly was making him start to feel things he would never imagine himself feeling for Granger. He didn’t have the energy to wake her up so she could feed him, he could wait a little longer. He hopped up onto the sofa and curled himself at the end of her legs, engulfing himself in the body heat and scent of her. Propping his chin on her ankles he to soon fell into a peaceful sleep.




            He woke up with a lazy stretch and when his front paws came into contact with the back of Hermione’s thighs did he remember where he currently was, she stirred a bit but didn’t wake up. He glanced at the clock, 8:00pm they both slept for more then six hours. Then he remembered something, which was Hermione went to talk to McGonagall. He wanted to know what she said about his condition. Hermione must have forgotten to tell him when all the excitement broke lose earlier this morning. He carefully got up from his comfortable spot behind Hermione’s legs and leaped to the ground making his way to the table where her laptop sat. He tapped it until it came to life then he wrote his message when he was done he looked back at Hermione who was still asleep. She looked so peaceful, but he wanted answers, so he walked back towards her determined to wake her up. Besides she slept most of the day away which meant she’ll be up all night so in away he was doing her a favor. He hopped up so he was by her shoulder. He tired tapping his paw on her arm, and nothing, he tried farther up. He tapped her cheek and all that did was cause her to brush it away with her hand but she still didn’t wake. Merlin she was a deep sleeper, he thought about scratching or maybe bite her but he didn’t want to hurt her…hum, I wonder what would happen if I did this…he licked her on the lips, sure he could have licked her cheek, chin or even her hand but he figured if he was going to chance it he might as well go all the way. He couldn’t help it being eye level with her mouth was just too tempting.


“Wha..?” Hermione woke up with a start. Opening her eyes she noticed she was face to face with Draco the cat, whose head was mere inches away from hers. “Draco? What’s going on?” She asked.

            Was it her imagination or did he just lick her on the mouth? If it was any other cat like Crookshanks she might be a but grossed out, but since it was Draco who was a whole other thing she wasn’t sure about, she felt better because she knew he wasn’t really a cat and she was pretty sure he hasn’t been licking himself or anything else along those lines. Of course now she was getting all flustered thinking about it, in a way it was as if he kissed her, at least it was close enough to a kiss that he could manage. Oh good grief he didn’t kiss her, he was just trying to get her attention. She snapped out of her daydream, when he looked back towards her computer clearly he wanted to let her know something. She sat up on the sofa and stretched, wow she didn’t realize her sofa was so comfortable, she slept really good, better then she had in a long time. She got up taking Draco with her cradling him in her arms absently scratching behind his ears. Oh she better stop doing that, she can’t seem to help it since he was in a cat form it was just a reflex to pet him. Apparently he didn’t mind because he started purring. She walked over to the table and set him down leaning over to see what he wrote.




“Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about that.” She said realizing she never told him. “She wasn’t in so I sent a owl to her explaining what happened and that she respond as soon as possible,” she said and noticed that Draco’s shoulders slumped a little when she told him the news.


“Sorry, she’ll respond and we’ll fix this soon.”

            She wanted to say that she promised but she was sick of making promises she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep. She decided to change the subject, because there wasn’t anything she could do until McGonagall responded.


“Are you hungry?” His stomach growled. “Ha ha I take that as a yes, come on I’ll fix you up something to eat.”


She walked into the kitchen with Draco at her heels, “I wish I could feed you something other then chicken, I’m sure your sick of it by now. I’m not sure what kind of people food you can eat and can’t eat. But then again Crookshanks used to eat anything and everything back in the day but now he’s on a diet.”

            She looked through her refrigerator; it was pretty bare she would have to go to the store sometime soon. She pulled out a piece of steak she’s had in her freezer for a while. She’s always been to busy to cook it up and eat it. So she decided to cook it up. In away for apologizing for all the trauma he went through today as well as the past couple of days. She wasn’t a gourmet cook by any means but she managed to thaw out the meat and season it with spices she had around and threw it in the skillet and had it ready in less then ten minutes. She cut off a piece for herself and planned on giving the rest to Draco. Unfortunately Crookshanks walked in around the time she was setting down cut up bite size pieces for Draco.


“Sorry Crooks, you can’t have any.” She heard a tapping coming from the living room, so she left to go see what it was.

            As soon as Hermione left, Draco dropped a piece down to Crookshanks so he wouldn’t start begging. He gobbled it up and looked back up to him as if asking for more. Oh why not, he dropped down another piece. Of course that’s when Hermione came back into the kitchen.


“Draco! Don’t do that, he’s on a strict diet, and I’m trying to get him to the point where he will stop begging for food.”

            Draco just looked at her all innocently, glancing down at the letter that came for her in her hand.


“I got this from McGonagall. I guess that means she got my letter, so now we’ll have to find out if she has the answers to this,” she said as she held up the envelope in her hand. 




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