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Read, Review and Rate! I own nothing except original Characters and plot. No infringement intended. Disregard the sixth and seventh books because this story doesn't apply. Gracias.

Your mother and I feel you should remain at school over the holidays this year. To be frank we have important visitors coming and going and we would hate for you to be in the way. Inform your daft headmaster of your arrangements as soon as possible.
-L. Malfoy.

Draco crumpled up the short letter and threw it in the fire. His father didn't want him there? His father knew as well as he did that he would not be in the way. He rubbed his neck in frustration. He got up and headed out of the dungeons, being in such a dark place wouldn't lighten his mood.

"Harry, quit it!" A shrill squeal rose.

"I'll get you both!"

"No fair, you're cheating!"

Three figures rushed past him wearing gold and maroon, two of them were being chased by a boy wearing glasses holding  fists of snow.

Not these tossers again. Draco thought resentfully, Potter can't even hit a girl with a snowball,  and he missed his rangy friend's shoulder by a mile, and he call himself a quiddich player! Draco quickly made three snowballs an took aim.

One of Draco's snowballs hit Weasley in the chest. "Hey!" The Weasel complained shrilly Draco would have guessed the squeal from before would have been the Mudblood. Still, it made sense. 

"Watch it!" Right in the forearm for the frizz-head.

"Ouch!" right in his stupid face.  That'll show Potter.

"Malfoy what is your problem?!" Hermione yelled at him.

"That people like you are allowed to live, that's what my problem is." Draco walked swiftly away and down a corridor.

The great hall was decorated for the holidays, green and red streamers hung from the ceiling and there was a massive tree. He made his way to the Slytherin table where Blaise  and Pansy sat deep in discussion.

"I’m going to Paris for break. It will be boring. My parents making eyes at each other, and my twat of a little brother howling for attention that I won't give him. A nightmare."

"Blaze, don't complain. At least you don't have to stay in London. I have to go to my Grandparents' house. All they do is tell me how I can improve myself, how it was in the old days, and how they can't eat solids anymore, honestly... Oh, Draco, hi!" Pansy smiled up at him and he sat next to her not bothering to return her greeting.

"Neither of you should be complaining, my father just wrote, I have to stay here." There was a collaborative gasp of shock and disapproval from the two seventh years.

"I'm so sorry Draco, I can ask my parents if I can stay if you'd like." Pansy looked at him with adoration. Draco was aware of the love she harbored for him but couldn't return it. He just abused it, taking what he wanted when he wanted and not returning her affection.

"No." Was all he said to her.

The Hall was starting to fill with people ready for the last dinner before break started the next day. There were similar conversations about family plans and trips at the surrounding tables. All Draco could think about was why he had to stay here with Dumbledork and the other sorry saps who were left behind also.

There was a sudden burst of laughter from the entrance to the Hall. Three dripping Gryffindors walked in just as the food appeared. Figures, they didn’t even have the decency to change, I could slip on the water and break my neck.

“I’m going to Ron’s house for Christmas.” The bespectacled little hero was saying to the filthy girl. “Are you going home, then?”

Granger looked down at her shoes chewing her lip “No, they’re going to a big dental conference and children aren’t allowed. I’m staying right here.” She heaved a sigh and looked up at the ginger. His face reminded Draco of how Pansy’s looked a moment ago.

“You can come to my house if you’d like to Hermione, I’m sure mum will want to see you.” Weasley’s obvious lust for the girl went unnoticed by her and the Chosen One.

“It’ll be alright Ron, I’ll get the common room to myself, and the library! No one will be able to interrupt my studies.” They drifted up to their table and sat.

So Granger will be staying too. This just keeps getting worse.
Draco glanced at the girl again. Without her constant burden of books she was slight and had slender shoulders. Her hair long and outrageously curly. He had never noticed her figure before, all the curves were where they were supposed to be and she had long legs.

“I’m not hungry all of a sudden,” Pansy looked at him franticly checking him over with her eyes, looking for signs of fatigue and illness. “I’m just going to go to bed.” Draco walked around the two tables that stood between his and the Gryffindors’ table. As he approached Sheldon Highmore of the Ravenclaws got up and met him, their shoulders colliding. “Watch it Highmore.” He snarled. Sheldon didn’t look flustered.

The exchange had gone well, no one had noticed. Or so he thought. On his way out of the hall he heard rapid footfalls after him.

“What did he give you?” She demanded. Draco didn’t break pace. “What did he give you? I saw you slip money into his robes.” She said again when he didn’t answer.

“You must be hallucinating Granger. I would never give my money away.” She ran in front of him and blocked his path. “Granger, I don’t want to remove you by force, it would get me in trouble, so move.”

“Not until you tell me.” She pressed. Draco stepped closer to her and forced her to back up into the nearby wall.

“I don’t have to tell you a damn thing.” He growled, then turned around and headed towards the dungeons.

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