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Malfoy's Son by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Hatred
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“My Rosie is in love with a Malfoy,” Ron complained

“Ron, All that matters that Rose is in love and happy,” said Hermione.

“I will not have Malfoy be related to our grandchildren,“ said Ron

“Now, who are you against Draco or Scorpius? Honestly, you can’t treat them the same,” Hermione said.

“There is no difference. A Malfoy always a Malfoy and there is no different,” Ron said as his ears go red.

“Dad, you aren’t being reasonable. Scorpius is sweet and he loves me,“ said Rose, who is now a seventh year.

“What if he is using you and I won’t have it at all,” said Ron

“Dad, you are blind and besides I have invited him for Christmas,” said Rose.

“You what?! You invited a Malfoy into my house without my permission,” Ron said as his ears go redder.

“Ronald, she go t permission from me. Why are you distributing your hatred to everyone,” said Hermione

“It is reserved for the Malfoys and anyone like them,” said Ron

“Then hate me too,” said Rose ran up to her room and slammed the door.

“Now, look what you did Ronald? You hurt your daughter with your hatred,” said Hermione and whacked Ron in the head.

She turned and stormed up the stairs after Rose. Ron walked over to the fire and grabbed a pinch of floo powder. He stepped in and said ‘Potter place’ as he threw down the powder. he felt the whirling sensation and landed.

“What brings you here, Ron?” asked Ginny

“I wanted to talk to Harry,” said Ron

“Let me guess. Rose thinks you suck, which you do. Hermione is right as always. You hate Malfoy and put it on Scorpius as well,” said Ginny with a smirk.

“I never get how you do that? Yes and the worst part is he is coming to Christmas. I can’t stand Malfoy what make his son any better. Hermione seemed fine with it and It is driving me nuts,” said Ron

“Ron, what are you doing here?” asked Harry who just came down from upstairs.

“Complaining and hating,” Ginny replied

“I am not complaining and hating is natural,” said Ron scowling at his sister .

“Have you even met the boy?” Harry asked

“Well no but what does that have to do with me hating him. He is a Malfoy and dating my daughter,” said Ron as he starts pacing the room.

“You are going to give him a chance?” asked Ginny.

“What choice does he have?” said Harry with a sympathetic look at Ron.

“So I just give this boy a chance, Just like that?” asked Ron

“Hermione would like it and so would Rose,” said Ginny.

“Fine, but I am not going to be nice,” said Ron

Ron returns home to find Rose and Scorpius on the couch. They where kissing.

“Get your hands off my daughter, Malfoy,” Ron snarled

The pair jumped a part and looked at him.

“Hey daddy.” said Rose straightening her shirt, “This is my Boyfriend, Scorpius Malfoy.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir,” said Scorpius extended his hand toward Ron.

Ron was awestruck at how much he looked like Draco. He shook Scorpius’s hand with an iron clade grip. Ron walked into the kitchen where Hermione was making Dinner.

“You left them alone! Are you insane? I get home to see them making out and you are in here making dinner,” said Ron fuming.

“Ron, I believe our first kiss was a lot better than that,” said Hermione

“That is beside the point. He was man handling my little Rosie,” Ron said not letting hate leave his voice.

“Ron, Just try to be nice,” said Hermione going back making dinner.

Ron goes back to the living room and clears his throat. The pair separate and Ron sat in a chair close by.

“So what are your intentions with my daughter?” Ron asked

“I like her a lot and I wouldn’t hurt her if I tried,“ said Scorpius.

“Good. So keep your hands to yourself,” Ron said

“Rose, I am sorry. Mr. Weasley, I am in love with your daughter and she loves me,” said Scorpius

Ron stood up and stormed up the stair not wanting to hurt rose by strangling Malfoy’s son. He closed the bedroom door and started to pace. He hated how Scorpius came out and said he love Rose. Ron was up there for a half hour and Hermione came up. She opened the door.

“Dinner is ready, Love,” said Hermione

“I… don’t know if I can stand being around him,” said Ron.

“He is Just a boy friend not anything more. It could possible be just a crush,” said Hermione.

“Crush, yeah it is just a crush. That is reasonable I guess,” said Ron.

Hermione kissed Ron and they went down to dinner Little did they know they were having it with their future son in law.

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