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Disclaimer: I don't, sadly, own Harry Potter or any of its characters and what not. 

Well, then. This is my first ever attempt at a Harry/Luna piece. It flew into my mind all of a sudden, when I was watching the end of Order of the Phoenix where Luna is looking for her belongings and sees Harry, and it made me think, "Oh hey! This could work!" So, here's the end result. It could be bad. I'm thinking it isn't as good as I think it is. You tell me.

“Luna, what are you doing out here? You’re going to miss dinner,” the raven-haired boy called out quietly as he ascended the staircase towards the door into the Gryffindor dormitories.


He ran a hand through his scruffy, untamed black hair, the hair he got from his father, and stopped at the top of the staircase beside the slight blonde girl who was staring dreamily towards the ceiling. She did not appear to notice his presence next to her, nor did she hear his voice. That was normal for her, though. She always seemed to be somewhere else. Her body could be in one place, but her mind was usually off on its own, somewhere completely different.




The girl turned towards him, a small smile spreading across her pale complexion. Her pale pink lips turned up at the corners, and her bright blue eyes lit up when she saw him standing next to her. Everything about Luna was full of color, and the color seemed to brighten exponentially whenever Harry was present. Harry noticed that every time they saw each other, but he tried not to think of that.


“Hello, Harry.”


“What are you doing up here?” he repeated himself.


After all, Luna Lovegood was a Ravenclaw, and the only people who ever frequented this area of the castle were Gryffindors on their way to their dormitories for the night. It was strange to see her here. He never had before. He could not help but think there was a reason behind her presence on the stairs.


“Were you meeting someone?”


Luna shook her head, and her long blonde hair, which was nearing the back of her knees in careless pale ringlets, shook with the motion. She was strangely small for a seventeen-year-old girl, at least two heads shorter than Harry was, and unnaturally and unhealthily thin. It seemed as if the touch of a hand to her arm would knock her over, and a kiss on her pink lips would crush her skull; as she shook her head to answer Harry’s question, her entire body seemed to shake along with it. She turned away from Harry as her smile grew and her eyes brightened even more, and she scanned the surrounding area.


“I was looking for my shoe.”


“Your… your shoe?” Harry took a step closer to Luna, glancing around him to see if he saw a shoe.


Her answer was similar to one he expected from her, but for some reason, it filled him with a surge of disappointment; a part of him had wanted Luna to say she was waiting there for him, and that piece of his mind surprised him. He and Luna had grown quite close after the war ended and he returned to finish his seventh year at Hogwarts alongside Luna, Ginny, and many of their Hogwarts mates. However, up until that point, he thought he had done quite well in blocking any part of him from developing feelings for the absent-minded girl. Luna was not a part of the future everyone thought he would have; she was not a part of the future he thought he would have. The disappointment that filled him was one of the first feelings that implied he was not as successful in controlling his affections for Luna as he thought he was.


“What happened to… your shoe, Luna?”


The girl shrugged, her blonde hair appearing like a halo around her ghostlike complexion. “I misplaced it, I suppose. I still have its partner, you see.” She lifted up her cloak, revealing one foot covered by a plain black flat, the other foot bare and even paler than her face was.


“Did you try summoning it?” he suggested, reaching for his wand to cast the spell himself in case Luna had overlooked it. It seemed like a strong possibility that she had. Luna overlooked everything, and it was one of her most prominent qualities in his mind; she did not focus on every little thing as some of the girls he met were so stuck on doing. “If you didn’t, I could do it-”


“Oh, yes,” Luna chuckled absently, resting her hands on the railing of the staircase as she looked downwards to the twisting staircases below the floor they stood on. Harry could not help but watch her with a slight smile on his face. “I did try that, Harry. I received a multitude of shoes. Curiously, none of them were mine.”


Harry stepped up next to her, leaning on the railing right beside her. She looked up at him, her blue eyes still innocent as she continued to ponder wherever her shoe might be. Harry watched her carefully, his green eyes fixed on her rounded, flushed cheeks, the jaunty upwards curve of her nose, and the thoughtful smile on her pale lips. She was an interesting subject to examine, he thought. It was, of course, not the first time he had realized such a thing. It would not be the first time he approached Luna and found her looking for one of her few material belongings, either because someone hid it as a joke or because she misplaced it herself. She spent a lot of her time looking for her things, and Harry often encountered her while she did so. He found his eyes landing on her face often during those encounters, but this was one of the first occasions in which they were alone.


“Would you like a bit of help looking for it, then?” Harry asked, resting his hand on her frail arm boldly. It was far bolder than he would usually have been in this situation, but if Luna could be so carefree around others, so could he.


She turned to face him, raising her head towards him. She smiled wider. “I think I will simply transfigure something else into a new shoe. Thank you for your assistance, Harry. I appreciate it.” Her voice did not seem as certain as Luna usually did, and the way she continued to smile at him made it seem like there was a secret joke only she knew about. Luna turned to leave, her bare foot already on the next step down when Harry reached out to clutch her arm.


“Luna, did you really lose your shoe… or were you looking for something else?”


She let out a full, chiming laugh. It sounded like the ring of a bell, just as melodic and dreamy as her voice was, and it struck Harry with the realization that he had never heard Luna laugh before then. She turned towards him again, lifting her head all the way up so she could see him completely. Petite Luna lifted herself up on her toes, leaning forward towards Harry.


“What are you-” Harry did not know why he ever bothered to finish a sentence around Luna.


Luna leaned forward a little more, pressing those small pink lips against his, further silencing Harry from asking yet another question. In a way that did not seem like her at all, she pressed herself to him, and he found himself pulling her even closer, wrapping his arms gently around her delicate frame and entwining his hands in her long ringlets. He cupped the gentle curve of her waist with his hand, feeling his entire body relax into the feeling of her body so close to his. Harry could feel her lips smiling against his, and he could not help smiling back, even though it made the kiss rather difficult to continue.


Luna kissed much as he thought she would: the touch of her lips was tantalizingly gentle, as if she was slowly pondering each second, but filled with more ardor and subtle eagerness than Harry would have thought he would receive from her. Much too soon, however, Luna had stepped away from him again, turning to make her way down the stairs. Their intimate moment was cut far too short, but it lasted long enough for all of those feelings Harry had denied for Luna to plunge through, now calling attention to themselves in the very front of his mind.


She stopped a few steps down, reaching her hand out to grab his and pull him down the few steps to her side. He came willingly, and he did not release her hand, much to the pleasure of that one part of him he had not been able to censor. The smile had never left her lips, even when they pressed gently to his, and it grew even more now.


“Thank you for helping me find what I was looking for, Harry.”


“What were-” Harry paused, cocking his head to the right in slight confusion. She had kissed him, and now she was going to walk away from him without saying anything more than a simple thank you? Girls were so puzzling. “But- what were you looking for, Luna?”


Luna turned again, tugging on his hand. Then the golden-haired girl pulled the edge of her robes up, revealing to Harry the missing shoe, now on her foot. She locked eyes with Harry once again, laughing in a haunting way as if it was now a secret joke between just the two of them before she airily stated, “My shoe, of course.”


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