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Chapter 5


It was midnight. But Hermione Granger was not sleeping peacefully in the girls’ dorm. She wasn’t dancing at Fred and George’s Halloween Party, either. She was climbing the pitch-dark spiral staircase leading to the top of the Astronomy Tower. She had to be very careful not to stumble and fall down in the long witch costume, gripping the stair railing tightly.


There were no more steps. She tried to pant quietly, her body tense but determined. Although she didn’t hear anything except for her own heartbeat, she felt she was not alone. There was someone there, just a few steps away.


’What if it’s a trap?’ She thought. ’What if it’s You-Know-Who? What if it’s Tom Riddle?’ But the excitement of the anticipation suppressed all her worries.


Hermione took some slow steps forward, towards the door, groping around in the dark. Suddenly her palms felt the fabric of a silk robe… She had to concentrate not to scream. The closeness of her secret penpal sent shivers down her spine. She felt his chest heaving. In the next moment the warm hands of the stranger softly covered hers, forcing her gently to stay.


He leaned closer, still holding her hands above his heart. Only a breadth of air separated them, Hermione could hear and feel him breathing. Warm glow flowed through her body when his lips started grazing the delicate spot between her neck and shoulder.


Then he stopped for a moment. Hermione could have run away but the pleasure paralysed her. She tilted her head when he continued caressing her neck with his lips, slowly, very slowly moving upwards, tasting and smelling every inch of her skin.


’It’s crazy. He’s driving me crazy,’ Hermione thought. ’But it’s so damned good, I cannot resist… To hell with Goodgirl-Granger.’


She helped him find her mouth, she moistened her lips before his touched them, lightly, just very lightly first. The kiss shocked her senses and took away her fears.


He encircled her waist and drew her closer to his tall and hard, impatient body. She slipped her arms around his neck and let his smooth lips nibble hers sensually. The sensation was so overwhelming, Hermione held the stranger tighter, hungry to feel the intense heat radiating off his body.


His tongue brushed her lower lip tenderly and her mouth was about to open obediently to his sweet kiss, wanting to taste him, be absorbed in his desire, when whispering sounds coming from the staircase broke the silence.


’The sky is so clear tonight, we can see all the stars and the moon…’ Hermione heard Harry’s voice.


’And the constellations,’ Ginny said.


The bodies stiffened, the lips separated, Hermione pulled back and felt the stranger’s hands abandoning her waist. She wanted to touch him for the last time but her hands found no one there in the darkness. Instead, she heard Harry’s voice again.


’Is there anybody there?’ His wand illuminated the top of the tower. ’Hermione?! What are you doing here?’


He saw Hermione standing in front of the door leading out onto the ramparts, her expression was both disappointed and guilty.


’Uhm… I came to watch the stars,’ she mumbled.


’Alone?’ Harry was surprised.


’Yes. Why?’ Hermione was red in embarrassment.


Ginny, avoiding her friends’ eyes, was examining a spiderweb with an interested face.


’Someone rushed down the steps, pushing us aside.’ Harry added.


’Really? It must have been Cormac… He never leaves me alone.’ Hermione’s answer wasn’t too convincing. But before Harry could have asked something else, she continued. ’I wanted to watch Jupiter’s moons but I’m too sleepy now… Good night, see you at breakfast,’ she said and stormed down the stairs.


’Strange,’ Harry remarked. ’Her behaviour… has been really strange lately… Don’t you think so?’


Ginny smiled misteriously.




’You can’t be serious, Hermione! He snogged the daylight out of you and you don’t have a clue who he was!’ Ginny looked at Hermione in disbelief while sipping hot choc in Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop.


Hermione frowned.


’I know it sounds bizarre but… It was dark.’


’You have already said that.’


’And… We didn’t talk.’


’It’s still nonsense. You bump into a total stranger in the dark and immediately throw yourself at him… or… her?’ Ginny looked at Hermione questioningly.


Hermione blushed.


’HIM. It was definitely HIM, not HER.’


’So you throw yourself at him and let his tongue shove down your throat…’


Hermione rolled her eyes.


’Come on, Ginny, he wasn’t a stranger but my penfriend… And, it was a date. People often kiss each other on their first date. Anyway, he didn’t shove his tongue down my throat, it was just a light kiss… Nothing serious… Thanks to you and Harry.’ She added with an accusing glance.


’Yes, thanks to us,’ Ginny nodded. ’You should be grateful… What could have happened if we hadn’t arrived then? He could have forced you to do something… terrible.’


Hermione considered a deep kiss rather romantic than terrible.


Ginny sighed.


’And… what was he like? I mean, tall or short, thin or overweight…? When Harry’s wand lit the staircase we could see only his shadow.’


’He was tall… Tall, thin but… strong. No glasses. He was wearing a silk robe. He smellt good, the fragrance of his aftershave was maddening… His hands were warm, his lips soft…’


Ginny gulped.


’Are you sure it couldn’t be Cormac?’ She wondered.


’Cormac?!’ The assumption shocked Hermione. ’Cormac is arrogant, aggressive, self-important…’


’But tall, strong, always clean-shaven, has no glasses and falls for you,’ Ginny finished the sentence.


Hermione’s face clouded over.


’Okay, let’s talk about you and Harry. Did he kiss you or watched only the Great Bear?’


’He was really shy, but… finally he kissed me.’ It was Ginny who blushed this time.


Hermione’s face brightened up.


’Tell me everything.’


And Ginny told her everything.


End of Chapter 5

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