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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing ‘cept for the plot.


A/n: Well after an overwhelmingly wonderful response to this story as a one-shot I decided to continue and form it into a short story since so many of you guys wanted to see what happened next and such!


CHAPTER TWO: Gossip Parchment




It had been about 20 minutes since I had run faster than I ever have out of the Great Hall to take sanctuary in the library. I nestled myself into a chair that was in the darkest corner I could find, I even had trouble reading the book I picked out.


“Rose Weasley.”


I guess fate didn’t think I had been scared enough at dinner, so it decided to throw another heart attack in for good measure.


Startled I dropped my book and looked up, seeing the outline of a boy. I squinted, could it be Scorpius?


“Lumos!” The boy said, marching forward putting the wand above me like an interrogation lamp.


“You are gross!”


“James!” I hissed, “Leave me alone! You’ve done enough tonight, thank you. And kindly get your stupid wand out of my face!”


I pushed his arm away from me.


James looked down at me, “I feel so dirty. So used.


I stood up, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that your crush had been announced to the entire school, including the professors! Could you not have kept your mouth shut?”


James pointed to his mouth, “I filter no thoughts Rose, and these lips are free thinking.”


“Well, that’s just lovely James. Thanks for explaining that to me.”


“I say you deserved what you got,” he said with conviction, “Liking a Malfoy? Unacceptable. Nah-uh, no sir, not in this family. So you better-uh well….you better take it back!”


I raised my eyebrow, “Are you serious? Take it back?”

He nodded, “Yes. I’m absolutely serious.”


“I take it back?”


James relaxed, “Oh, thank Merlin, Rose. I was so worried. I’m just glad we can put this behind us now. See ya later!”


I watched James walk off, wondering if he knew that when you’re a girl, you can’t just ‘take back’ crushes. It just doesn’t happen.




Rose Weasley, you know, that red haired bird from Gryffindor!”


“I mean, I just feel bad for her, her face like, broke in half when she was little or something. That’s what I heard.”


“Someone told me that she has a voodoo doll of him! Voodoo! And she put Malfoy’s real hair on it! Stole it while he wasn’t looking, she did.”


“Yes, Weasley I said. No, no not the one with the nice arse!”


“Well, Mel told me, who heard it from Rodney, who overheard Kelly and Ellie talking, who got it from Keylyn that she has been brewing a love potion for him!”


“Aw man, are kidding me? Malfoy gets all the good ones.”


“Don’t pay attention to it,” Jill assured me as we walked through the halls.


Ever since last night I was constantly hearing myself being talked about by people who I didn’t even know.


“Maybe you should look at this in a positive way,” Jill reasoned, “I mean before hardly anyone really knew you. Now you’re like a celebrity!”


“Jill! Everyone thinks I’m some kind of creepy stalker who is going to kill him in his sleep. Is that what you want to be known for?”


“Okay, well no.”


“Exactly. My life is ruined.”


“See, you don’t even know that. Have you seen Malfoy since ‘the incident’”?


Nothing good ever comes from something that is without any consulting, referred to as ‘the incident’.

I took a deep breath, “Okay, you’re right, I haven’t seen him yet. Maybe everything will be fine. I’m just being crazy.”


“Yeah, exactly. So when will you see him?”


“Not until tomorrow.”


“Well that’s great! You can have some time to prepare yourself and be totally cool about it.”


We made our way back to the common room and sat down on one of the couches pulling out essays to finish.


“Hello, dearest sister.”


I looked up, frowning.


“Hugo, I thought we have had many talks about you speaking with me while at school.”


Hugo scowled, “Yeah well I just thought I would read you a little letter I’m about to send home. Ahem…”


Dear Father,

        I promised you before I got on the train this year that I would keep you informed of Rosie’s doings here at Hogwarts. The report, most kind father, is grim at best. At dinner last night it was revealed that Rose has a crush on the scum of the earth, a Malfoy. Not only that, but I have heard from several creditable sources that she is stalking said scum and brewing love potions to give him! As you can see, the situation is deteriorating by the moment and we must quickly act. My suggestion? Send Rosie home to be homeschooled to save her from boys and frankly, herself.

                                                      Your Faithful Agent,

                                                                 Hugo A. Weasley


Hugo smiled broadly, “You like it?”


Jill broke into laughter and I reached out to grab it, but Hugo was too quick.


“You are not sending that home!”


“Oh, yes. You better believe it. I already have an owl ready.”


“I’m going to kill you!”


From the corner of the room I heard a girl whisper to her friend, “That’s her! Dear Merlin, threatening a 3rd year. She really is capable of anything!”


I throw a glare at the girls and then turned back to Hugo, “Okay, I get it. I see what you’re playing. What do you want?”


“I don’t want anything from you. James already told me how all your stuff is tainted with Malfoy love!”


I directed my next comment more to the heavens, “What is with this family!?”


Hugo rolled his eyes, “We could all say the same about you, Grossie Rosie.”


I made another lounge, again missing.


“Good one Hugo, come up with that all on your own did you?”


Hugo laughed, “Nope! James told me that one too!”


Happily Hugo skipped off leaving the common room, no doubt to mail his letter.


Jill was still laughing, “That was hilarious!”


“You are no help at all! And neither is James, I swear I’m going to hex him when I see him next.”


“Aw, he doesn’t mean any harm.”


“Don’t defend him!”


Jill put her hands in the air, “I surrender! Geez, honestly Rose, you need to calm down. You’re going to self destruct if you stay this stressed and tense. Nobody likes a Snappy Susan. Go to the Hospital Wing and get some pepper up potion. It’ll do you wonders.”


I frowned, “I don’t want to be all potioned up. It’s not natural.”


Jill grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out of the room, “March, Missy! We are going whether you like it or not.”


After going about half the way to the hospital wing I started to move on my own accord. Maybe a potion wouldn’t be so bad, because I certainly did need to calm down.


“I’m not a child, I can make it there myself, Jill.”


“I don’t trust you. I am walking you right up to that big ugly door.”


When we got there Jill opened the door for me, “After you. See you back in the common room!”


I walked into the large room and looked around for Madame Daniels.


“Well what’s wrong with you?”


I grimaced, “Hello, Madame Daniels.”


Nobody really knew how Madame Daniels got her job, seeing that she was extremely ill tempered and seemed to hate kids. Though, on the up side for Hogwarts, kids hardly even faked sick anymore since it was hardly worth having to see her.


“You don’t look sick to me, are you faking?”


“No, Madame Daniels.”


The crazy part about it was that Daniels wasn’t even some old hag or anything like that. She sure wasn’t beautiful but she had very nice dark hair and was in her early thirty's.  


“What do you need then?”


“Some pepper up potion, I have been feeling a bit depressed.”


Daniels scowled at me, “When I was in school depression didn’t even exist! Follow me…”


I hate when adults say about how things didn’t exist when they were kids, when it obviously did.


Madame Daniels looked back at me as we walked down the center of all the beds, “I just need to finish up with one patient.”


She stopped at one of the beds that had the curtains shielding it and pulled them back in one swoop, “I looked over your charts Mr. Malfoy my remedy seems, of course, to have worked. Thank you for coming back to check in, albeit you were late.”


I felt my mouth start to hang, because there he was, lying with his hands behind his head leisurely on the stark white bed.


“Thanks, Madame. So I’m good to go?”


My throat started to close up, he was right there, standing up now.


“Yes,” Daniels clarified, “And you-“ she turned to me, “Stay here while I find a potion for you.”


She didn’t have to worry about me going anywhere, I was becoming more paralyzed by the moment.

That’s when he did it, Scorpius looked right at me, “Hey,” he smiled broadly (oh kill me now), “Your Rose Weasley, aren’t you?”


I didn’t say anything. He pushed his blonde hair away from his face giving me an odd look. It took me a good minute to come up with something to say, and it wasn’t even good.




Scorpius grinned now. I made Scorpius Malfoy grin!


“You’re not?”




“Er, no, I’m not.”


“You don’t sound too sure.”


That’s because I actually am Rose Weasley, believe it or not.


“I’m sure.”


Scorpius chuckled, “Okay. Maybe I’ll see you later….?”


My heart stopped beating for a good two seconds, “Yeah, maybe,” I said faintly as he started to leave.


I was still trying to comprehend what had happened when Madame Daniels appeared again with a bottle, “Here you go, now drink it and get out.”


I smiled and said in a breathy voice, “Thank you, but I don’t think I’ll be needing it anymore.”



A/n: haha My favorite part was Hugo’s letter, what was yours?


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