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Draco’s POV ::

We landed with a thud in a large room, with a long wooden oak table. Hermione fell inches away from me to my right, and Pansy plummeted to my left. I forced myself up, my body aching, moving closer to Hermione.

Her eyes opened and looked at me. For a brief moment we remained just as that. For a millisecond we could pretend it was just us, forever just us two. But then a flash of red invaded my vision as Ron helped her up. 

I turned, offering Pansy a hand once I got to my feet. She blushed, grinning as she slipped her hand into mine and stood up. 

Her hand didn’t feel like Hermione’s. I let go at once, as each of us gathered in a circle.

“Well then, that was a success,” Professor McGonagall said, dusting sand off of her robes. “The plan is to return to Hogwarts this afternoon, getting back by the evening. I will let Professor Dumbledore know that our students are safe.” McGonagall left the room.

“Alright, children,” Snape said, his firm hand on my shoulder. “I recommend that Mr. Malfoy return to Miss Parkinson’s room.” He gave me a gentle push, but I was rooted to the spot. 

“Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, please go to Mr. Potter’s room.” Hermione’s eyes locked with mine before Ron grabbed her shoulder, pulling her out of the room. Snape also left, and Pansy took my hand. I jerked away from her, chasing after Hermione.

“Hermione!” I called down the hall. I saw her just before she turned a corner. 

Hermione’s eyes softened as she heard her name. It took a second for her to turn back to me. Then Ron slung an arm around her, guiding her back around the corner. She looked at him, her eyebrows knitted in frustration.

Then she was gone. Pansy appeared at my side. 

“Draco?” She stood on her toes so that our eyes were even, so that my vision was no longer focused on the corner where Hermione disappeared to.

I blinked. “You can come back to my hospital room,” She went to hold my hand before I slipped them in my pockets. 

“You know, Blaise told me that I was in a coma.” There was a hint of pride in her voice. “But I woke up today. I bet I woke up because I knew I would see you today.” Pansy giggled, walking into a room. It was light blue, with a couch in the corner where Blaise was resting.

“Malfoy, it’s good to see you.” He stood and came to me, clapping a hand on my shoulder.

“Yea, yes it is.” I said softly. I sat on the couch, exhausted, as Pansy climbed onto the bed. Blaise leaned against the wall after closing the door.

“So, man, what happened?” Blaise asked, curious.

“Where do I begin?” I laughed to myself. The other two looked confused. 

“Alright, well Hermione and I woke up on this island place, and –”

“That’s positively dreadful!” Pansy interrupted, her hands flying to her chin.

“And we just … lived. Us two.” I continued, ignoring her. “We found food. We found water.” I looked down, adding quietly, “We got along. Very well.”

“Damn, stuck with just a mudblood.” Blaise shook his head with sympathy. 

“Why do you have to say it like that?” I rose from the couch, crossing the room in angry strides.

Blaise crossed his arms, his firm face unmoving. “I wouldn’t be able to survive with my only company as Granger.”

I shoved him, pushing my hands against his shoulder as he cursed, his back slamming into the wall. I brought my face close to his as Pansy tried to intervene. 

“She has a first name.” I growled as he avoided my eyes.


Hermione’s POV::

“Ron, stop!” I tried to push him away, struggling to get out of his grasp. Draco looked so hurt when Ron forced me to follow him.

Run didn’t release his grip on me. “Ron, let go of me right now!” I clawed at him, my hands curling around his arms as he recoiled in pain.

“Bloody Helll Hermione what is WRONG with you?” His face was filled with disgust as he fell onto the hallway wall.

I ran to the corner, searching the other hall for Draco, but he was gone.

I slumped against the wall across from Ron, sliding down to the floor. I bit my lip, not allowing myself to cry. 

“Hermione?” I heard a voice call my name from a room nearby. I looked questioning at Ron, but he didn’t meet my eyes.

I ran into the room and saw Harry laying in the hospital bed. His face softened.

“I thought I heard your voice.” Harry said, smiling as I ran to his side, hugging him.

“It’s unbelievably good to see you,” He murmured. I heard Ron enter the room as I let go of Harry. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I'm doing well.” I answered, slowly sitting on a couch next to Ron. “I’m quite exhausted actually.”

“I still can’t believe you’re alive.” Ron said, looking at me. His voice sounded shocked, but the truth lay in his eyes.

“You knew I was alive,” I heard myself say; surprised to hear the words leave my mouth. Ron gave me have a smile, returning to his normal self.

“What happened?” Harry's voice tore me away from Ron.
“Well, I woke up on a beach. Then I saw Draco. I didn’t know where I was, or what happened.” The boys’ face were filled were wonder and amazement.

Thinking about the time spent with Draco, all the days blurred into in my memory. 

“I can’t separate every memory from the island, but …” I shook my head, laughing softly. “I won’t ever forget what happened during those days. We jumped off a cliff. We drank salty water and ate wild berries. I swam in the ocean, and fell in, and slept under the stars. I made an unexpected friend. I fell in love.”

I felt a smile across my lips, a grin that lit up my face.

“What did you say?” Ron’s voice was barely audible. I turned my face to see his jaw clenched, his hand curling into a fist.

“Did you just say,” Harry spoke slowly, as if each word was a piece of glass in his mouth. “That you fell in love?”

My mouth opened, but no words came out. 

Ron shook his head and then stood up as Harry refused to look at me.

“You fell in love with that good for nothing pureblood?” Ron was shouting now, his words piercing my heart.

“Yes! Yes Ron, I fell in love with Draco!” I shouted back, my face flushed with rage. “Okay? I admit it! And I bet you can’t even say it!” 

“He’s vile, Hermione!” Harry cried with misunderstanding. “Draco’s evil, and a deatheater!”

“I know that, Harry! I know he’s a deatheater!” My voice was straining now, it was exhausting trying to yell at my best friends.

“But I don’t care! I love him, why can’t you two let go of your blinding prejudice towards him?” With that comment, Ron came at me, walking quickly towards me. 

“Ron, please, please understand,” I was crying now, my hands shaking in front of me as I felt myself back into the wall.

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