Harry’s hands were behind his back which had been tied up with rope. He could feel the rope digging into his delicate skin as he tried to break free but as he writhed in pain he looked up and saw his worst enemy of all time.

“Do you think you can kill me, Potter?” snarled Voldemort, “Do you think you will be able to save your friends? You are weak!”

Harry Potter was in the Graveyard, breathing more rapidly by the minute, his best friends was going to be tortured and he couldn’t do anything about it and now he was going to watch his best friends die.

Voldemort ordered Wormtail to bring Harry’s friends to him; Voldemort wanted Harry to suffer, to be in pain but most of all he wanted Harry to beg him to kill him.

Hermione Granger struggled as Wormtail brought her out; he pushed her to the ground as she tried to escape from his grasp. She hit her head, she, again, tried to escape by prodding herself of the ground and tried to run but Voldemort was quick,

“Stupify” Voldemort yelled out as he laughed and she went flying into a tree. She screamed out in pain and took her a minute to look up and as she did she saw Harry.

“Help me, Harry!” she screamed at him, but Harry couldn’t do anything because he tied down. Wormtail walked back into the bush and appeared back with Ron Weasley, his orange hair was scruffy and he struggled with all his might but with no avail. He was pushed to the ground; Ron crawled to Hermione and held her hand as she cried out to Harry non-stop. She turned to Ron and understood what had to be done so she hugged Ronas hard as she could as tears came to her eyes and turned to Harry, "Just save yourself! JUST SAVE YOURSELF!"

Harry just sat there as Voldemort tortured them and cried out to Voldemort in pain.

“You will pay for this! What you have done to me! YOU WILL PAY!” Harry screamed out as loud as he could. Harry was so mad that he somehow freed himself from the ropes and grabbed his wand which was not far from him as he ran to The Dark Lord with hatred. Voldemort became angry and pointed his wand at Harry,

“Crucio” he yelled with all his might but Harry was smart and dodged the spell but tripped over a rock. Voldemort turned around to face Hermione and Ron, Hermione closed her eyes as she knew what was gonna happen next.

“Avarda Kadavra!” Voldemort beamed, there was a flash of green light and the two of them just lied on the ground looking lifeless.

Harry just looked at them with misery and the anger in him, it got stronger and turned around to face the Dark Lord,


“Stupify, Crucio, Accio Wand, Experiliamous!” Harry yelled out with madness, “Avarda Kadavra!” he screamed out and then there was a flash of green light,

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