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The Boys of Summer by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 5 : An Underwater Wrestling Match with Sirius Black (with some help from James Potter)
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Disclaimer: It's all Jo's. Plot is mine. Lyrics are Escape the Fate.

Chapter Five
An Underwater Wrestling Match with Sirius Black (with some help from James Potter)

”You are so beautiful, You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love”

– Escape the Fate “You Are So Beautiful”

I don’t know whether it was boredom that caused James and Sirius to come over every single day or just the idea that there’s a girl next door them that can’t walk and therefore has to do anything they decide to because they never hesitated to pick me up and carry me to their destination. At first, this was incredibly annoying. Then it made me feel pathetic and weak (until I realized that both James and Sirius had rather long hair that was easy to pull, that is) and I threw a fit. Of course, I liked to think that James and Sirius both just loved my bubbling personality and kindness, wanting to know me more and more. But that was just my own little imagination there.

It had been over a week since Sirius, James, and I rolled down the hill for hours. Since then I had been woken up everyday at eight-thirty, told to hurry and dress, and then dragged on some sort of adventure until Dad got home. Then I would return home myself, eat dinner and take a bath before meeting the boys out on my front porch where I would, again, be carried off to do whatever it was they had in mind until around two or three in the morning. Of course, I sometimes had physical therapy to attend. Whether or not James and Sirius ever slept was a mystery to me, though sometimes while laying out in the sun, Sirius would actually doze off, giving James the opportunity to draw on his face or something related to that.

I had fun with the boys, really. They became my best friends in less then three days. I wasn’t sure how that
happened, to be honest, but it did. There was something about James and Sirius that was very comforting. It wasn’t just the whole “like me” energy they had and it had nothing to do with their immaturity that was actually still mature. No, really, I think it had to do with the idea that Sexy-Four-Eyes and Gorgeous were really oblivious to the fact that I was a girl and that I couldn’t walk. They made me do anything and everything they felt like doing (though they were always quick to double check that it was fine with me since I discovered hair pulling) and my excuse that I can’t walk was nonsense to them.

No longer was I truly embarrassed around James and Sirius. I could literally say anything about anything, even the personal private stuff that I would typically be horrified to mention. And it was because these boys did not hold back. If I got too girlish or whiny, they told me so. If I was boring them with talk about celebrities, they talked over me and told me they didn’t care. But if I told them something that was of obvious importance to me or that had me troubled, they were all ears. Nothing could turn them against me because they had decided they liked me.
It was weird, really.

Every friend I’ve had in the past now seems so fake! I remember the way Beth would roll her eyes when I mentioned my online shopping, how Justin would snort with laughter at my romance novels. They had been my best friends since I was five and they really didn’t listen much to me. That and all my friends from school! The girls that would fuss over my new outfit and beg to borrow something of mine only liked me because I had style. The way boys talked with me like I was the only girl in the room until someone with bigger boobs or revealing more skin strutted in never wanted me for being me in the first place.

When I mentioned this to Sexy-Four-Eyes and Gorgeous, they seemed confused. Of course, these guys were completely clueless about designer labels and why girls care about them so much. But they were very concerned that boys would flirt with me like I was a toy. From what I understood about both James and Sirius, they didn’t date much even if they were the hottest guys in Hogwarts. Sirius claims he has more important things in life (like fixing a motorbike that apparently had been overpriced) and James, of course, had eyes only for Lily.

It was now a Thursday afternoon and very hot. The sky was clearer then ever and the sun was burning down on everything without mercy. I was exhausted, having been jolted awake by my personal alarm clock that happened to be two very hot boys. I had been unable to sleep the night before. My room had been rather warm, even with my fan on. I ended up sleeping on top of sheets with only a t-shirt on, which gave James and Sirius reason to tease me about my Victoria’s Secret undies (and not even that embarrassed me).

Within that morning, James attempted to make me French toast, only to burn half a loaf of bread and have Missy running in, flipping out. Sirius, meanwhile, told me how Cutie-Scarface and Shy-And-Awkward would be coming over later that day and staying for a few days time. That excited me. I wanted to know Remus and Peter both a little better. They had been very nice when I had met them a week and a half ago.

“Their parents are strict?” I asked when Missy served me some decently made French toast and told James how a stove works. He apparently never cooked before.

“Peter’s are,” Sirius explained, playing with the salt shaker and shrugging a little, “They think he’s gotten out of hand since he’s been getting detentions so much. And Remus’s mum just frets a lot. His dad died when Remus was five and she’s all he has so she freaks out that the moment she turns her back on him, Remus will get himself hurt or something.”

“Must be awful,” I commented, “Remus being sick and all.”

“Yeah, but he gets on alright,” Sirius shrugged again and I knew he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

When I had finished eating, James and Sirius insisted that I go for a walk with them. They did that a lot, telling me it was time to go out and explore town. Typically we did it at night with me clinging to their backs or making faces at them in their arms (James insists I look like a two year old when doing so). But today, they wanted me to see what they called the world during the day. I hadn’t tried to refuse, but I didn’t really enjoy myself. Missy made us bring the chair, so Sirius pushed me and pointed out different sorts of bushes.

“This here is a rose bush,” he said, “See the roses?”

“Beautiful,” I muttered.

“Look it here! It’s a Geranium!” James said, pointing to a flower bed in someone’s yard. My neighborhood was quite small with very large homes. Some had beautiful landscaping and I admired the foreign homes.

“James, that’s a petunia,” I said, looking up at him with a frown.

“Same difference,” James waved a hand and then nudged Sirius, “Let me push now!”

We had returned to my house a few hours before and I was now hot and sweaty. I didn’t mind sweating so much, though I would prefer to stay dry, but the heat. Eh, don’t even get me started. I complained very loudly as I rolled to the sink and got myself a glass of water. James and Sirius didn’t need to be asked, they just helped themselves.

“Let’s go swimming,” Sirius suggested.

I liked swimming with them. Whenever I would swim alone under the supervision of Missy who didn’t want to get wet, I never really had much fun. But James and Sirius played games and dunked me. They weren’t afraid to splash me or make me swim in the deep end. Of course, they were always near by. They seemed to know that even if I could float and swim decently, I wasn’t the greatest swimmer ever. Typically, I was hanging on to a Styrofoam floatie I liked to call a Noodle.

“You mean I have to change?” I complained, just because complaining to the boys was sometimes worthwhile and fun.

“Unless you want to swim with your clothes on,” James replied and then paused, his face lighting up, “Hey, Padfoot, how about we bring Ellie over to my house? Mum is home and she’s been wondering what we’ve been doing lately. Then we can swim in my pool!”

Uh oh.

“Why, Prongs, that’s a fantastic idea!” Sirius brightened up considerably, almost knocking over his glass of water that he had set on the counter, and I felt my stomach twist and my heart immediately start to pound a little faster. I looked at both dark haired boys in both shock and worry.

“I’m sorry, guys, but I do believe this is where I am going to have to put my foot down,” I said, trying to sound stubborn and confident. Though I certainly felt like I was going to faint. I didn’t really worry about meeting James’s mum, it was the idea of her knowing about my disability.

Really, it was like this with anyone. I panic when people have to look at me and realize that I’m not quite like them. Not everyone judges, I know from James and Sirius that they don’t always judge, but many do. And I know that because I was one that used to judge everyone. From the number of zits on their face to the smell of their hair. Literally, I was picky and stubborn and I laughed at many behind their backs. What if someone laughs at me? I have to admit, I feel pretty shitty now for being so horrible.

“El,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes, “Go get changed. We’ll wait here with Missy.” He gave me a wink and I stared at him, open mouthed.

“Sirius –“ I began.

“No, no,” he said and I could now see his eyes were amused as he raised a hand to silence me. I stared at him a moment longer and then went to my room.

I found my bikini and dressed. Then I put on a sundress to use as a cover up. I also found my beach towel to use and then rolled out to the kitchen after braiding my hair to the side, not that it was kept tame like that. Water did horrible things to my hair. Especially chlorine water. Even after changing, I was still scowling at the ground and I purposefully ran over Sirius’s foot as I went by. Of course, karma got me back by nearly knocking the chair over.

“Easy, now,” Sirius said, laughing at me.

“I’m mad at you,” I told him as he handed James my towel and picked me up bridal style. I looked over at James, “You too, Potter.”

“Last name terms, are we?” James asked and then smirked, “You’ll love my mum!”

I had no doubt that I would like Mrs. Potter. She was, after all, related to James and therefore he has to be a little like her, right? Or maybe James got his energy from his father . . .? The real question was whether or not Mrs. Potter would like me in return. Who was I anyways but a silly little girl that liked to run around with boys all day and night?
With a goodbye to Missy, we went out my back door. James grabbed my lime green Noodle and, holding it above his head, led the way to the gate. This was why I never bring my chair to James’s yard. There was no path leading to the gate from either house. The grass wasn’t so bad to roll on; it was the rocks and roots that really got me. We weren’t going to risk me getting hurt just so I could have some fun with James and Sirius.

James’s yard was much like mine. It was entirely too big with a pool and plenty of grass. James had a giant oak in the middle of his yard and there was a garden filled with vegetables at the far end of the yard. There was also a flower bed and many bushes and plants scattering the wall of the yard and the house. Beyond that was a pond that Sirius insisted was the home of a rather nasty fish that had a personal grudge against him (he didn’t believe me when I said fish have an extremely small memory span). The rest of the yard was grass. It was extremely healthy for this time of year being a bright, lush green and would probably be incredibly soft under my feet. Definitely not like my grass. I had never seen sprinklers on in the Potter’s yard, however, and found that very strange. James just said that his mother had a green thumb.

I had never set foot inside James’s house. We typically stayed outside or in my house this past week and a half. Of course, James claimed that his parents weren’ home a lot of the time and the house got rather boring with just Sirius for company. Really, I didn’t understand how Sirius could be boring company. Anyways, James left my Noodle and towel on a chair by the pool and led the way into his house, opening the glass door. Sirius stepped inside, still carrying me, and James shut the door behind us.

The moment I had come into James’s house, the smell of fresh laundry hit me. It was mixed with the smell of wood with a tad of smoke. The kitchen, which we had stepped into, was beautiful. The stove and oven looked brand new and dark cabinets lined the walls. The counter in the middle of the kitchen and along the walls was made of the same stone-like material that mine was, only it was a dark onyx and spotted with a lighter brown. The floor was a tile that contrasted beautifully with the darkened cabinets in the room. The table that sat in the dining room to the left was a handsome piece, also of dark wood, with a beautiful chandelier over the table. The chairs had a soft looking, off-white cushion to them.

The room was beautiful and I now wanted to see the rest of the house. However, I was momentarily distracted by a picture of what looked to be a baby James. I swore the baby in the picture was moving, but when I turned my head to look, it was quite still the way a photograph was meant to be.

“Mum!” James called, looking around, “Mum! I want you to meet my Muggle friend from next door!”

“Is it really important that she knows I’m a Muggle?” I asked, still a little offended that their boarding school would go as far as giving regular kids a nickname that was so silly.

“More or less,” Sirius shrugged, smirking considerably.

I heard footsteps and then a woman’s voice saying, “Honestly, James, you could have given me some warning. It would be thoughtful.”

She came into view as she finished speaking and I was quite shocked. I have seen Mrs. Potter many times before. She was quite tall and very lean, just like her son. Her hair was lighter then James’s was and her eyes were a deep blue. Her skin was quite pale, but contrasted nicely with her dark hair. Of course, there was a glint in her eye that was very similar with James’s when he was amused or coming up with an idea, but she was quite an attractive looking woman who was obviously aging very nicely. She was wearing a pair of shorts that went down to her knees and a collared button down shirt that hugged her sides. Her feet were bare and she had her hair clipped back.

A smile spread across her face. It showed all her teeth, the way James’s did. I was shocked by the similarities. I had thought that James might have taken more after his dad. But now that I think of it, from the glimpses I have seen of Mr. Potter, he was a burly man, though quite tall with dark hair. Otherwise, I had never seen him up close.

“Mum!” James said, “Mum! This is Eliana Grant. She lives next door. She’s the girl Sirius and I were telling you all about.”
He sounded like he was twelve. Mrs. Potter must have agreed because she looked at her son for a long time, her eyes still sparkling with amusement, but her face sporting a look of horror. James took to pulling on her arms and Sirius suddenly seemed to be bouncing a little, causing me to shake a little. He had put my feet down so I was upright. I was leaning very heavily on Sirius and he was holding me up considerably well, even though both feet were flat on the ground.

“I remember,” she said and then turned to me and smiled again, “It’s nice to finally meet you, dear, neither of this boys stop talking about you when they are actually home.” She held out a hand and I took it. We shook.
“It’s nice to meet you, too,” I said politely. Mrs. Potter looked up at Sirius.

“You don’t talk nonstop about me with her?” she asked. Sirius hung his head as if he was ashamed, but he was smiling as Mrs. Potter turned back to me, “Oh! Here, have a seat. I’m sure Sirius doesn’t want to go his hold life holding you up like that.”

“I don’t mind,” Sirius said quickly and then looked at me as if scared that I would disappear at that specific moment with the idea of that didn’t want to help me out, “I like watching out for you. Promise.”

“Aw, thanks Sirius,” I smiled, touched. Really, I couldn’t help but admit that Sirius did do a pretty good job of keeping an eye out for me. He led me to the chair Mrs. Potter pulled out anyways and helped me sink down into it. The he tripped over the leg of the table and settled himself down on a chair beside me. James, too, took a seat, but Mrs. Potter remained standing, smiling at me.

“Would you like anything to drink?” she asked me, moving towards her fridge. I shook my head and stopped her.

“It’s alright, I’m fine,” I said.

“At least let me cut up some watermelon,” Mrs. Potter insisted and pulled out half a watermelon from the bottom shelf of her refrigerator. I wanted to protest and tell her she didn’t have to fuss, but I decided that she just wanted to be a good hostess and I should allow her to do so. Missy always said it was polite to accept with in someone else’s home.

I smiled, “That sounds great.”

“It’s not a problem,” she said, finding herself a knife and then, “Sirius had told me you were quite pretty. I have to say, that was an understatement.”

I blushed considerably and looked at Sirius who gave me a wide smile as if to flatter me some more, “Oh, thank you,” I gave Sirius a wink and he laughed out loud. Mrs. Potter glanced over her shoulder at us. She smirked a little and then turned away back to her watermelon cutting that seemed to prove difficult for her.

“Hey!” James shouted, “I was the one that said she was fun!”

“Don’t shout, James,” was all his mother said.

“I’m not sh—” he stopped midsentence, becoming very aware that he most certainly wasn’t talking at a regular level. Sirius and I laughed at him and James pouted, muttering something about hexing, though I was sure I had misunderstood.

“So, Eliana, how’s your father doing? He always seems to be in and out of the house,” Mrs. Potter changed the subject, her knife hitting the cutting board she was using with a dull crack and then making a squishing noise as she pulled it from between the slices.

“He works a lot. But, you know, he’s doing alright,” I replied, trying to sound casual.

“That’s good. I hate to sound like a nosey neighbor, but he seems like he works too hard. I had always thought my husband was the biggest workaholic,” she laughed a little and I was surprised by her bluntness, but then I figured that’s where James got his own. That and she most definitely wasn’t saying such things to offend me. It was conversation.

Maybe it had to do with Sirius and James sitting on either side of me like this was normal – like it was everyday when they brought a young crippled girl into their home to meet their mother – but I felt incredibly at ease with them all. I felt safe and protected and very calm. Mrs. Potter was just another friend. James and Sirius were the greatest friends I’ve ever had the opportunity to get to know. And Mrs. Potter wasn’t going to be like my father and forbid the boys from seeing me.

“Hey, Mum, we’re going to go swimming, alright?” James said, drawing attention from me and back to his mother.

“That’s fine,” she replied and her knife hit the cutting board again.

“Need any help, Mrs. P?” Sirius asked, getting up. He ran into the island in the middle of the kitchen. Mrs. Potter didn’t even turn around even though he winced and cursed under his breath when the corner hit his hip in what looked and sounded very painful.

“No, no, Sirius, you can sit down. I’ve got this covered,” she said simply.

“Great,” Sirius said, rubbing his side.

“Only you would run into a counter,” I commented and Sirius looked at me and smirked.

“Oh, hey, El, I forgot to tell you. Remember that band you wanted me to listen to?” Sirius asked, suddenly very excited. James groaned and put his head in his arms, banging his forehead on the table rather painfully. But still, Mrs. Potter didn’t turn to hear what the thud was.

I assumed she was used to Sirius running into things and figured the thud was him missing his chair or something. Of course, James’s moan gave away that it wasn’t Sirius at all. Maybe both of them ran into a bunch of things? I couldn’t recall James doing anything very clumsy the way Sirius always was.

“You mean Atreyu?” I asked, pushing a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Yeah! Them! Well, I gave them a listen. They aren’t half bad,” Sirius grinned, “I’m rather fond of their song Tulips are Better.”

“It’s a good song,” I nodded.

“He played it for an hour this morning. The same song over and over again,” James said, raising his head from the table, “Literally, I’m going to think about nothing now but living, loving, burning, and dying. Beautiful.”

“Here you go!” Mrs. Potter put a plate of watermelon in front of us. I thanked her while Sirius and James grabbed a slice almost immediately. As always, Sirius fell silent with food in front of him. James started picking out some of the white seeds that were stuck in the fruit. I politely took a slice myself. Mrs. Potter smiled, “I was working when you came in. If you need me, I’ll be in the office. You know the rules James, Sirius.”

“Yeah, yeah,” James said rolling his eyes. Sirius didn’t even look up from his watermelon slice, just gave a thumbs up.

“And clean up when you’re done,” she said and then smiled at me, “Nice meeting you Eliana. I hope that you and your family can come by for dinner one night. I’d love to meet your father and your nurse personally and I’m sure my husband would love to meet you.”

“Oh, definitely,” I said, though I knew my dad wouldn’t be coming.

“Remember, Mum! Remus and Peter are coming over today,” James said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mrs. Potter replied, much like her son.

She turned and left then, shouting a warning to James and Sirius about the “rules” once more before she disappeared. I bit into my watermelon. It was juicy and sweet, like no other watermelon I had ever tasted before. I was a little surprised by the taste of it, but I wasn’t complaining as I took another bite. Juice dribbled down my chin.

“Told you she’d love you,” James said.

“I know you did,” I replied and then laughed a little.

We finished eating our watermelon, Sirius eating the majority of it. Then, after I made Sirius and James wash their hands, we headed out to go swimming. Sirius was carrying me again, even though James had originally gone to lift me. I wondered if Sirius was really just trying to prove that he liked taking care of me, or if it made him feel special that he got to carry me. He set me down long enough for me to pull off my cover-up and then scooped me back up into his arms. However, I soon learned that Sirius hadn’t wanted to prove anything at all. He just wanted to throw me in, which he did.

James’s pool wasn’t a square like mine. It was more kidney shaped and the tile that made up the floor was a darker tile then my own. However, it was nearly as large and there was a waterslide and a waterfall made of rocks at one end. I suppose I was a little jealous about the slide and the waterfall. My pool only had a diving board that was never used, not that I really wanted to dive in anyways. The water was also quite warm and not really as refreshing as I would have liked it to be.

But that didn’t matter. I had been ready to pull myself into the water like I always do, but Sirius apparently thought throwing me in was a lot faster and more amusing. I nearly lost my top and clung to it as I came up for air, putting my floating skills to work. Sirius was grinning up at me. He pulled off his blue t-shirt (it brought out his grey eyes considerably) and dropped it on the ground. Then he jumped over my head and did a canon ball right into the water. James, meanwhile, went down the slide and gave a yell as he went down and skidded into the water, splashing me and a now surfaced Sirius.

“Sirius Black!” I said, ignoring James as I pulled myself towards Sirius. I lifted myself onto his shoulders and pushed down with all my might. Sirius’s head went under.

“Hey!” he said, sputtering, “I didn’t—“

But he was cut off again when I dunked him a second time. James laughed.

“Come on, Ellie, you were going to get wet anyways,” he teased and splashed me. I turned my head away and lifted an arm to block my eyes.

“Ha!” Sirius said triumphantly and then I felt his hand on the top of my head as he dunked me under in revenge. I blew bubbles out of my nose. When I surfaced, I was laughing.

From there, Sirius and I started a rather slow and rather ridiculous wrestling match with the water. The concept was to try and get the other underwater. Sirius easily overpowered me, not just with his strength, but also because he could kick with his legs, while I didn’t have that luxury, though that didn’t truly matter much. I still got Sirius under the water a good handful of times and he was coughing up water just as much as I was as we both fought. I wasn’t going to surrender.

Meanwhile, James continued to go down the slide and often helped me try to beat Sirius despite his distraction in the beginning of the game. He seemed to find Sirius choking on water very amusing, but the fact that Sirius was letting a girl win at wrestling was even more amusing to him. Not that I really was beating him. Though I dunked Sirius a good amount of times, Sirius was definitely giving me some free shots. I pretended like I didn’t notice though.

“Hey!” someone yelled. Sirius and I paused. One of my arms was around his neck the other caught in his left hand while his right prevented my arm from cutting off his air supply. I was on Sirius’s back and he was treading water, keeping his head above water despite my forcing it beneath the surface.

James was sitting on the steps of the pool, grinning. Remus and Peter both were standing on the edge, watching Sirius and I with bemused expressions. I supposed it was pretty amusing. I couldn’t help but notice that Cutie-Scarface looked healthier. His skin wasn’t so pale and he didn’t look so tired. Peter was still the same as I remembered, though he looked at me a little bashfully. I was, after all, in a bikini on his best friend’s back. I let myself smile widely at them in greeting. Sirius too, grinned.

“Moony! Wormtail!” he yelled, “You’re here!”

“I just couldn’t stay away, Pads,” Remus said, clearly joking at he rolled his eyes, “Are you guys going to be in much longer?”

“Of course!” James said, climbing out of the pool, “You know Sirius and I. And Ellie doesn’t take quick swims either. We just got in a half hour ago.”

“It’s only been a half hour?” I asked as I tried to pull my arm out of Sirius’s grip. He was holding on tightly, though, and had managed to get my arm from around his neck so now he was in control.

“What exactly are you doing?” Peter asked, pulling off his t-shirt. He had a very average body, I immediately noted, with a mild farmer’s tan. Obviously, Peter was a little shy without his shirt because he jumped in the water the moment he put it on the chair, as if he had been scared that I would stare at him and then laugh. He was a little on the pudgy side, but it wasn’t like he was overweight.

Remus, on the other hand, made my jaw drop. For someone who is supposed to have a disease that makes people want to run in the opposite direction, his body certainly claims otherwise. I had been expecting the quiet Marauder to be scrawny and very thin. Maybe he would look a little malnourished or something, I had figured. But I had been so wrong I can’t even call it funny. Because Sirius was the most attractive, I instantly thought that Sirius had the nicest body, too. But no, Remus blew Sirius’s body away. He had abs. Rock, solid abs. His deltoids and biceps were strong. His trapezius muscles melted into each other naturally as he tugged his shirt off his head.

I hadn’t been aware that I was staring, with my mouth hanging open, until Sirius dunked me under the water and I swallowed a mouthful. I came back up, sputtering and out of my trance. I shook my head and coughed a little, my throat burning from the chemicals in the pool. I turned to glare at Sirius to see that he was actually glaring at me.

“What?” I asked, angry that he just won our match.

“Stop gawking,” he said and I was taken aback.

“I wasn’t gawking,” I insisted.

“Liar,” Sirius said and then swam away and joined James where he was sitting on the steps, pouting. James glanced at me and then Sirius, looking confused for a moment before he smirked.

“Hey, Remus,” I said, moving to the edge of the pool, “Can you hand me that floatie before you get in?”

“The wha—oh, sure thing,” Remus said and then grabbed my Noodle and handed it to me. I leaned on it and paddled myself over to Sirius and James, giving my arms a rest from having to keep my head above water. I made sure not to stare at Remus for too long, though it was pretty tough not to.

“I’m the one that works out,” Sirius muttered as I floated in front of him. I almost laughed, but decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to push his buttons right now.

“Hey, Remus, has Lily written you at all this summer?” James asked as Remus stepped into the pool and then pushed off towards the middle of it. I saw the look in his eyes. It was a look that said he wanted to lie, but knew he couldn’t. There was guilt and pity hidden behind the look and I knew what his answer would be.

Apparently, Sirius did, too, because he sighed and patted James on the back as if to comfort him. Lucky for me, though, he was distracted and his scowl turned into worry. There was no pity in Sirius’s eyes like there was in Remus’s(and Peter’s, though he seemed determined to stay out of this particular conversation). I wondered why there was no worry in Sirius’s eyes. I could only guess that he feared James would forever hold on to this Lily Evans. Then again, Sirius may also just have more faith in James then to pity him.

“Yes, a few times,” Remus answered finally.

“Oh,” James said and then chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully.

“Maybe she just didn’t get your letter,” Peter suggested.

“Peter!” Sirius snapped, turning towards Peter and giving him a nasty look.

“Don’t yell at Wormtail, Sirius,” Remus scolded and Sirius sulked for a moment. James was sitting there thoughtfully for a moment.

“She’ll answer. I’m sure she will,” James nodded and then climbed out of the pool and headed towards the water slide. He didn’t have his usual energetic step in his walk this time and I felt my heart go out to James. What could it be like to not have the one you love?

For the next ten minutes, the pool was absolutely no fun. Sirius wouldn’t talk to me, even when I called him names, and James continued to sulk, going down the slide over and over again. Remus and Peter made conversation with me that was entertaining but not like the conversations Gorgeous, Sexy-Four-Eyes, and I all had. I wanted to get out and go home, but Sirius was too busy ignoring me, so I couldn’t ask, and I didn’t want to hurt James’s feeling by asking him to take me home.

But I guess James realized that he was killing the fun (with the help of Sirius) and soon bounced back with an attempt to drown Peter, who didn’t seem to like water wrestling as much as Sirius and I did. That made Sirius laugh, who then tried to drown Remus. Remus went under and came up coughing, having been caught off guard. And then, just like that, everything was fun and exciting again. Sirius swam over to me, grinning widely, and grabbed my hand.

“I want to show you a trick!” he said, his voice extremely loud.

“Alright, show me,” I challenged.

He grabbed my Noodle from me, causing my head to go under. When I resurfaced, he was pointing one end of the Noodle at James and dunking the other end under water. Then he pressed his lips to the hole and blew hard. Water sprayed from the opposite end, hitting James right in the face, knocking his already wet glasses clear off his face.

A/N: Yes, I know its been a while. I've been busy. Very, very busy. But things are getting ready to slow down, which is always a good thing, right? I hope you liked the chapter. Please, let me know what you think. :)


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The Boys of Summer: An Underwater Wrestling Match with Sirius Black (with some help from James Potter)


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