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     “If we tell you, you won’t tell anyone else?” Sirius and James asked together, as soon as I finished my final sentence.

     “You won’t tell her anything!” my mom yelled at them, “She’s too young. It’s for Order Members only!”

     “You’d rather she goes out there and walks right into deaths waiting arms because she doesn’t know!” Sirius yelled right back. “I won’t let that happen to such a young, intelligent, witch such as herself. She has to much potential for that!”

     “You know I don’t want her to die. You also know that she is too young! Even if she did know what was out there, she couldn’t do anything, she doesn’t know enough magic. She’s not of age!” my mom said.

     “Why do you talk about me as if I’m not even here? Maybe you are right mom, maybe I should live my live in a bubble, where I know no magic a have someone by my side 24/7 to protect me. I guess I am too young to understand. To understand how you do not even know or want to protect your own daughter. Come on Molly let us go upstairs. You can help me pack and I will tell you some stories about Hogwarts. Maybe next year you can tell me some because I won’t be seeing it at all this year.” I said, grabbing my sister’s arm and starting up the stairs.

     “What do you mean you won’t be seeing it?” my sister asked, walking with me, “You aren’t going this year?”

     “That’s what it sounds like mom wants.” I mumbled.

     “She’s as good a witch, if not better than you were when you joined the Order. I know she is better than I was; she has had great teachers, especially for Defence against the Dark Arts. You know he’ll teach her everything she needs to know.” James said. Then reached across and grabbed my arm before I could make it any further up the stairs. “If your mom thinks you need a body guard, I can always suggest us to Dumbledore; no one would mess with your guard dog. Plus, I’m pretty sure we know our way around Hogwarts.” He smiled at me, trying to make me feel at least a little better.

     “It would be great if you were at school, but I wouldn’t want you around me 24/7. I need some alone time.”

     “Well we can’t go up in the girls’ dormitory.” Sirius said smiling.

     “You tried to get past that spell when you were in school didn’t you?” I asked, starting to smile again.

     “Many times, many times…” James said a huge smile on his face.

     “We almost got to the first floor to.” Sirius said an even bigger smile on his face.

     “You do know the stairs only change if you step on them right?”

     “What do you mean?” Sirius and James asked together.

     “You mean, what Fred, George, and I found out second year, you didn’t figure out in your seven years. Wow, I thought you were smarter than that. If you don’t touch the staircase, there’s no spell. You can just fly up.” I said, really smiling now.

     “You mean I could have used my broom and flew up to sneak in on the girls instead of trying to run up a slippery slope! Why couldn’t you have told me this when I was in seventh year,” James asked, hitting himself on the forehead. “Seriously Sirius, why couldn’t we think of that?”

      “You wanted to pantie raid the girls’ dormitory, didn’t you?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips and looking ‘very disappointed’ in them.

     “No, of course not!” James said, acting offended wile trying to hold back a laugh. “How could you assume such a thing?”

     “You do know Sirius just totally gave you away, right? Also, that is exactly what Fred and George did once we figured out how they could get up.” I said with a disgusted look on my face. “They raided everyone’s drawers except mine so everyone thought that it was my fault. It was a good thing they did not go through my drawers though. I would have really hurt them if they did… wait a minute; I believe I hurt them anyways if I am not mistaken.” I added and smiled.

     “Why did you help them figure out how to get to the girls dormitories in the first place?” Molly asked, still partway up the stairs behind me.

     “That… is a very good question. Why did you help them Emily?” James asked me, a smile playing on his face.

     “Because… umm, well, even if I didn’t help they probably would have figured it out… umm, so I figured that… umm, why not help and then the wont… I don’t know; get mad at me or what ever… yeah,” I mumble, more to myself then anyone else, not making any sense.

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