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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. by the way this chapter contains slash

Blaise was sat there for a while trying to actually come up with a dare, the fact that his brain was a lot smaller than the rest of the students did not help the situation as he did not want to be the one that came up with the dumb dare .

"OK I`VE GOT ONE." Blaises sudden outburst made most of the group jump, as they all thought that they were going to be there for at least another hour.

"It’s about bloody time and all, do you know how long we have been sat here waiting for? Ten minutes." Ron being his usual out of control self was shouting his mouth of at Blaise who was just sat there, trying not to laugh at him.

"Weasley shut it!" Ron who was apparently not at all scared of Blaise (yea right) sat back down immediately and remained quiet like he was told, when everyone was quiet Blaise continued from were he left of.

"Ok Harry, I dare you to walk over to Draco and kiss him."

They were all in a state of shock and terror, at what had come out of Blaises mouth. Most of them thought either he was a complete idiot, and the rest thought wait until Draco has finished with him.

"There is no way I am doing that! Are you out of your mind? I am not kissing a filthy, slimy, two-faced coward."

"What was that potter? What makes you think that I would want your filthy lips on mine anyway. Besides usually they are on that slag you call a girlfriend, and I’m not in the mood to catch any diseases."

"Take that back Malfoy, or else you will regret it." Ron pulled out his wand and pointed it at Draco, who by now with no surprise was laughing even harder at the thought of Ron doing a spell that actually worked.

After a lot of breathing and self control Draco was finally able to give Ron a comeback.

"Don't make me laugh Weasley, weren't you the one who tried to make me eat slugs with a spell? How did that work out for you? Oh yea now I remember it back fired and you had them coming out of your mouth. I hope that I didn't leave any think out."

Ron quickly shoved his wand back into his pocket, as much as Ron hated to admit it, Draco was right. He was the worst wizard in History when it came to a performing a spell, he just wished that one day he would be able too perform a sophisticated spell successfully. 

"Let’s not change the subject Malfoy, Harry has to do his dare otherwise he gets fried, like an egg in a pan." Hermione who had wanted to bring some light into this supposedly fun game, was sitting at the right of Harry and was trying to force him to stand up.

"Harry stop being such a baby. If you are comfortable with you sexuality like you say you are than this should not bother you, just hurry up and get it over and done with."

"Its not that I’m worried about my sexuality Hermione, it’s what I might catch; you don`t` know where he has been, and who he has been with."

Harrys p.o.v

I cannot believe that I am actually going to kiss Malfoy. My worst enemy, the one person who throughout my school life has picked on me, my friends, and now thanks to one of his brainless friends I have to kiss him. It makes me sick. Maybe if I take a really long time walking up to him. Crap I’m here already. I should have thought about that earlier.  
"Don't get any ideas Potter, this is the first and last time your grubby lips will ever touch mine, so do not get your hopes up."

"That just makes me so depressed, how can live with the thought of never kissing your dirty little ferret lips again. NOT! You are so full of yourself Malfoy you think that everyone is in love with you, but I have news for you most people hate you and the rest are scared of your dad so they pretend to like you."

I think that I’m rather pleased with that comeback; I mean I’m not usually this fast with comebacks or anything else for that matter, but that was so totally awesome! Ok I’m talking to myself and that is weird, God why am I still doing it this is Malfoy’s fault that stupid ferret he brings the worst out in me.

"Will you hurry up, at this rate you will be the last one."

Pansy who had not spoken all night had finally said something but was told off by Draco, for being an un loyal girlfriend (like he cares) by telling another person to kiss him and if she did not shut up he would finish her for good this time.

"OK, OK".

Here it goes please if there is gods out there help me. Omg I’m a boy and I’m kissing a boy, this is so messed up. Wait how long am I supposed to kiss him for? What if I kiss him to long and then they call me gay? Or I kiss him too quickly than they make me do it again.

While I was mentally arguing with myself I had not noticed that I had already started kissing Draco, who by this time was trying to push me of , but was having no success as I would not snap out of it. When I finally came back into the real world he jumped back and started to wipe his lips.

"EWW! Potter you enjoyed that, you would not get off me, I could have you did for sexual assault. Does your girlfriend know that you swing both ways, or is she secretly a man because now that I mention it..." Draco was cut of in mid sentence by a very sick looking and angry Harry.

"Seriously Malfoy you’re sick in the head. Why the hell would I enjoy kissing you, in fact why would anyone enjoy kissing you? Slag's aren't included sorry Pansy."

"Errm Harry, can I make a point." Hermione had raised her hands like she did when she was in class and waited for my permission to speak, she must have thought it would be best if I was in control of this conversation as he wasn't going to like it.

"Go on Hermione I’m sure that whatever you say will back me up completely, because unlike some you don't lie."

"Well Harry you see how can I put this, Draco was trying to push you off him but you wouldn`t get of him. So I can see where he might have got the idea that you enjoyed it."

As soon as Hermione had finished speaking she went out of my view so that she didn`t` see my reaction to what she had just said.

"What because I spaced on a dare, you all concluded that it must mean that I enjoyed the kiss? I mean come on most of us in here; well all of us apart from Blaise has to know that I didn't enjoy that kiss."

"Yea Harry sure we do." Ron tried to gave his friend a reassuring smile so that I would sit back down and they could continue with the next dare, although I knew Ron was not completely sure that I was telling the truth about the dare, even though he is supposed to be my friend.

"Wait before we spin the bottle I need to know something." Draco had the bottle in his hand and was looking at Hermione with his sad dreamy grey eyes.

"What is it Malfoy this had better not be..." Hermione was cut of by Draco who seriously could not care less what the mudblood had to say, so he continued with his question in which he hoped the answer would be no.

"You didn't record, that last dare did you mudblood."

"Yes of course I did, that was the point I made earlier and you didn't object than so you have no case, so let’s play the stupid game and find out who will be the next one to do a dare." Hermione snatched the bottle of Draco who over the years had learned that Hermione IS ALWAYS RIGHT, and it was best not to argue with her because you would always fail.

"OK and the next one to receive their dare is you Draco and you will be dared by me."

Hermione who had already planned what dare she would give Draco before the game had even started and how it would lead on to him becoming the most foolish person ever to exist in Hogwarts, and for it to be that bad that his Slytherin prince title would be taken away from him.

"I have the perfect dare for you Draco." Hermione was quick to answer that it scared Draco a little, he knew that Hermione was the smartest witch in Hogwarts and that she always plans ahead, so she would have had loads of time to come up with the worst dare ever. 

"You have to jump into the black lake completely naked."

A/N this may sound like a very simple dare. But not to spoil it but Hermione may go a little bit too far.

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