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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but plot



A/n: I thought of this idea when my friend was telling me about all these things she has done to avoid her crush finding out and I was like “you’re crazy’ and she was like, ‘he can’t find out!!!!!!!’.






Oh, come on Rose. It’s not a big deal, now spill!


My eyes narrowed at the piece of parchment that had just been passed to me from my best friend, Jillian Finnegan. It was just another very boring day in charms class, so as usual Jill and I were passing notes. Luckily we sat next to each other, so it’s more like sliding my stack of parchment back and forth really.


I dipped my quill in the inkwell and wrote:


Excuse me if I do not feel comfortable admitting who my crush is on a piece of parchment, during class.  


I slide it over to Jill roughly and looked straight ahead. For weeks now she had been trying to pry out of me one name: Scorpius Malfoy. Believe me, if it was up to me I wouldn’t like him. I mean, he is a Malfoy. But then again, he isn’t really a Malfoy, not if they are like what my dad says. He’s nice, smart, funny, blonde, caring…though not to me, because he doesn’t even really know I exist.


I felt the stack of parchment brush my elbow and I looked down,


Write down the name right now, or I’m going to tell Kilkenney that you wrote that essay for me.


I suppose this was punishment for doing someone else’s essay for them. I quickly scribbled on the parchment, my heart giving a flutter as my quill shaped his name:


Scorpius Malfoy.


Jill didn’t wait for me to push it over and instead watched as I wrote it. Before either of us could react, Kilkenney walked passed,


“Rose Weasley, I hope those are notes you are taking?”


I flipped my stack over quickly and copied what was on the board, “Of course!”

Kilkenney looked down at my notes, “Good. Make sure you’re paying attention.”


Having been scared by almost being caught, I diligently took notes for the rest of the period. When the period finally ended Jill kept tugging on my arm, giggling, “Unbelievable! I would have never guessed! Oh, I can’t wait to come up with a plan to get you two together!”


“Slow down,” I cut in, “There will be no plan to get us together. He can’t find out, Jill. I swear I’ll kill you if you tell anyone, especially  him.”


Jill stuffed her books into her bag, “Are you saying you like him, but you don’t want to go out with him?”


I paused, “Yeah, I guess so.”


She shook her head, “Because that makes so much sense. Oh, can I have your notes to copy? I didn’t take any.”


“What were you doing all period?”


“Making a game plan for you and Mr. Malfoy-“


Shut up! Don’t say his name, are you insane!?”


I gave her my parchment, “Here. Just don’t lose them.”


She scoffed, “Please, this is me we’re talking about. They’ll be safe and sound.”




Later that afternoon I found myself in the Gryffindor common room helping Annora Moore, a 6th year with an essay for her charms class.


I read it over once more, “Oh, we just learned something sort of like this in our class today, I bet it would totally impress Kilkenney if you put it in…let me just get my notes…” I rummaged through my bag for a minute before I realized that Jill had them, “Oh, Jill has them I think…”


Annora sighed, “Don’t worry. I have to go soon, quidditch practice.”


Just then Jill came through the portrait and walked over to us, “Hey guys. What are you doing?”


“Rose is helping me with an essay, thank Merlin.”


Jill plopped down next to my on the couch and I asked, “Do you have the notes? I think there was something that could help Annora so I wanted to look them over.”


Jill leaned back and closed her eyes, “I’m exhausted. And I’m sorry Rose, I was in the library studying and George Zabini wanted to borrow them. Him and Malfoy missed their lesson because some charm they were trying went wrong, they were in the hospital wing all afternoon.”


I thought about this for a moment before panicking. George Zabini had my  notes which on the back held one of the biggest secrets I’ve ever had in my life, about his best friend.


“What?” My voice sounded high pitched.


“Don’t worry,” Jill laughed, “Malfoy will be fine. And I’ll get the notes back after they both copy them.”


I gulped, “Excuse us for a minute, Annora?”


Annora stood up, “I was just leaving. Thanks for the help!”


I fixed the meanest gaze that I could on Jill. “What?” she asked.


“Do you know what was on the back of those notes?”


She thought for a moment, “No, what?”


“Does this jog your memory? My confession that was made to you in confidence that you would keep it secret!?”


Oh my Merlin! I didn’t remember, Rose! I’m so sorry!”


It felt like an elephant had sat on my chest. There was no avoiding it, Scorpius would find out.


“Rose, maybe Malfoy won’t see it,” Jill tried to reason.


I groaned and buried my head in a pillow, “Are you kidding me, Jill? There is no chance he’ll miss it.”


“Wait, all hope isn’t lost, I have an idea, we can just ask for them back!”


I sat up to look at her, “That’s a terrible plan! They’ll just say ‘Oh, let us just copy it down real quick, hey what’s that on the back? Oh man, Rose is a loser.’ That’s how that would go!”


“Well, maybe not the loser part…and maybe you should just let him find it. Then maybe he’ll ask you out!”


I sent another glare her way, “That cannot happen. He would never ask me out, so I can’t let him find out. He’ll just make fun of me.”


I tried to tune Jill out so I could think of an actually plausible plan. I looked around the room, and then saw my answer playing exploding snap in the corner. The one person who may just be crazy enough to steal notes. My cousin, James Potter.


I leaped off the couch ignoring Jill’s, “Where are you going?” and made my way quickly to James.


“James! Hi, I need your help.”


James looked up, “Hey, cousin. What do you need?”


“The Slytherins' stole something from me!”


James put down the game, “Excuse me mate,” then stood up, “I’m sorry Rose, obviously they’re targeting you for being related to me. I mean, the big match is a few weeks away!”


I tried not to roll my eyes, “Yeah, that’s it.”


James put his hands on my shoulders, “Now, tell me who it was, and what I need to get back! This will not go unpunished!”


I regretted having to bring James into this because he would blow it out of proportion and he really would prank whoever did it, which would be my lovely Scorpius. But it was better than Scorpius finding out I liked him. I took a deep breath, “Malfoy took my notes!”


I expected him to change his mind after hearing it was only notes but he didn’t back down, “Okay Rose. I’ll take care of it. I have quidditch practice in a little, so I’ll take care of it at dinner!”

Looking back, I wish I had noticed his use of the word ‘at’.




 At dinner I was falling apart, waiting for something to happen. Quidditch practice must have ran late because none of the team had arrived yet.


Jill looked at me, “Calm down. You said James would take care of it after dinner right?”


I started drumming my fingers, “Yes, but what if that’s too late? What if he has already seen it?”


Jill and I turned to look at the Slytherin table, “It doesn’t look like it to me,” said Jill, “I mean he definitely would have said something to you. Scorpius isn’t the type to keep silent about that sort of thing.”


The whole table turned to look when the team came bounding through the doors and starting sitting down. The whole room turned to look when James, instead of taking a seat, made a beeline to the Slytherin table.


I turned sharply to Jill, “What is he doing? Jill, what he is doing?”


Jill’s mouth dropped down forming an ‘O’.


Slowly, I rotated in my seat to watch.


James marched proudly over to the Slytherin’s table and jumped onto it, standing right over Scorpius, “DESPICABLE!”


Oh no, James was making sure everyone heard.


Scorpius looked at James like he was a total Looney, “Potter, what’s your problem?”




I could feel Jill’s hand digging into my arm as I watched with complete horror.


James then faced Scorpius again, holding out a hand, “GIVE ME THE NOTES! SO I CAN RETURN THEM TO THEIR RIGHTFUL HOME OF GRYFFINDOR!”


Scorpius who seemed scared and very alarmed dug through his bag and pulled out my notes, “Here, take them you prat! I didn’t steal them, George borrowed them. I haven’t even copied them yet, but whatever, happy now?”


“Yes, thank you Malfoy.” James looked over the notes, “Hey, wait a second….”


James looked up at me, still standing on the Slytherin table, “ROSE, HEY! ROSE! THESE ARE’NT NOTES! THESE JUST TALK ABOUT YOUR CRUSH ON MALFOY! Wait, what? You have a crush on Malfoy?”


Everyone’s gaze shifted to me, including Scorpius’.


Jill whispered, “Well, I think he knows now.”


A/n: Hope you guys all enjoyed :) Also, I'm looking for somebody to beta this story so if anyone is interested let me know! Thanks for reading ! 

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