Don’t look away.

As she awoke, Katrina was met with the familiar gloom of a four poster bed with its curtains drawn to a close. “Just a dream... it was all just a dream.” She sighed with relief, falling back against the pillows of the bed. For a moment she just there, contemplating the strangeness of it all. “Jess?” Katrina called cautiously out, waiting for the reassuring ‘Yeah?’ from her friend. She frowned as she didn’t get the reply she was expecting. “Jess? You there or not?” Again, no reply came. “How late did I sleep in?” She asked herself as she clambered atop of the covers before drawing back the curtains.

A shock wave rolled through her as she inhaled sharply as though there wasn’t enough air for her to breathe. This was wrong, so, so very wrong.

Instead of the expected- and hoped- girls dormitory room, with the scattered clothes across the floor and magazines on the shelves of the room there was simply nothing apart from the clothes she had worn yesterday... The thought choked in her mind. ‘Yesterday, yesterday... a yesterday so far away in the future.’ Her mind raced, her heart hammered and her breathing became jagged as though each breath pained her.

She had to escape... her only problem was: How?

It wasn’t like this was going to be an easy task. Despite just how shortly she had been there she was instantly recognisable thanks to the gossip of the court- and most likely- the guards who had brought her here. No, escape was going to have to have to be planned carefully.

Her mind began to formulate a plan, pieces of the jigsaw began to fall into place. She would have to get them to trust her first.

Then, unexpectedly a knock came at the door. The sound was more like gentle tapping, measured, bordering on apologetic. “Come in.” Katrina announced, curious as to who would be knocking on the door to ‘her’ room.

A young woman entered the room, her eyes downcast- looking to the floor- she bobbed a small curtsey before actually raising her gaze to meet Katrina’s. Katrina was taken aback. Here, before her stood a young woman aged anything from a year below to 3years above her own age and yet she was- currently- subordinate to her.

“Excuse me miss, I am here to dress you to meet the court.” She explained hurriedly, her tone remaining timid, making Katrina believe that she was afraid... afraid of her.
Katrina wanted to laugh at the fact that this woman was fearful of her, but thought better of it. Laughing would probably not reassure the woman in front of her, if anything it would only scare her further.

“What will I wear though? The only clothes I have are mine, which I assume are inappropriate for a woman to wear.”

“Yes miss, they are. My Lady Helga has a daughter who has lent you a few dresses until the council makes their decision.”

“What’s going to happen to me?” Katrina asked fearfully.

“The council will make their decision, and whatever decision they make shall be the overall ruling to your fate.”

After a labyrinth of corridors, weaving through the castle, Katrina and those who accompanied her they arrived outside a heavy door. The two sentries who waited outside, opened the doors for her, and Katrina was ushered inside, the doors closing behind her leaving her to the fate of those gathered within the room before her.

“Katrina, please, come and sit with us.” Rowena motioned for her to join her in a seat next to hers. Apart from the four founders, there were another 12people in the room, all of whom watched her with wary upon their faces. Katrina, was slightly surprised however, to see that there were more women- apart from the two female founders- within the room who all had the air of power. From the little she knew of medieval history from her primary school, women didn’t have places of power like this within their society... though, then again this was hardly ‘normal’ muggle society so why should it be any different for the history as well? Katrina, took her seat, which placed her between Rowena and Godric, the two people who Katrina felt she trusted the most.

“Where exactly have you come from in the future Katrina?” Helga Hufflepuff asked her, Katrina looked towards her- nervously taking her eyes off of the others.


“Would you please tell us your story?” One of the other women asked, though it didn’t feel to Katrina that she had much choice. The woman was sat next to Salazar Slytherin, and the two both wore almost identical sneers on their faces. Katrina, took a deep breath and began to tell her tale.


“So you really have no idea as to how you have arrived here?” Godric queried, she turned slightly to face him, out of all of those in the room, it was he who had been the most understanding and welcoming towards her.

“None at all, all I know was that I saw the angel statue and then I arrived here.”

“Is it possible that it was something to do with the angels?”

“It was only a statue!” Katrina cried out, tears pouring down her face, she just wanted to go home. Helga, placed a comforting hand upon her shoulder in a hope that it would help Katrina to calm down.

“Come now she’s tired after all of these questions... Salazar, leave her be.” Helga told the dark haired man across the table from her before he could continue with the enquiry.

“Fine, she will have to be questioned later then, because I am certain that she is hiding something from us.”

“I’m not hiding anything from you!” Katrina sobbed harder, she really wasn’t hiding anything. She had told them everything they had asked of her and more, she had poured her soul into the answers. “All I want to do is be back in my own time, with my friends, my family.” Rowena looked at her with pity, Salazar saw it as weakness of which she had no control over. One, by one all of the Lords and ladies left the room, finally leaving herself and Godric.

Though Godric wasn’t completely comfortable with Katrina’s tears, he was more concerned about her welfare than anyone else. Eventually Katrina began to calm down, and she blushed in embarrassment at breaking down so much in front of him.

“I shall escort you back to your rooms.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry, I don’t normally act like this.” Katrina mumbled feeling her face going hot.

“Courage young companion, even when that means you have to show weakness to an enemy.”

Katrina pondered his words for a moment as they walked through the cold corridors. It was obvious that he realised that there was a danger, like she had, towards her. But was he warning her, or was he being protective? She had read some of the stories of Godric Gryffindor, but she didn’t know that much about him. Mainly that he was the youngest of the Founders, and both his parents had died before he was 16 years old. As he was now, he couldn’t be much more than 21. “Thanks, for everything, and for the cloak, the maid told me that you sent it for me.”

“Do not worry about that. The corridors here are extremely cold at the moment. Once the castle is complete it should not be this bad.... Tell me, what does the castle look in your time?”

“It’s complete, obviously, and it’s the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen. For many of the students it isn’t seen as a school, it’s a symbol of a home away from home, a sanctuary if we ever need it to be.”

“You sound as though you miss is.”

There was no denying her feelings this time, as if he didn’t already know from her break down. “I do, I miss everyone there, my friends, class mates.... I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me here.”

“I do not think that we have any way to send you back. I am sorry.”

“It’s not your fault Lord Gryffindor.”

“You, my lady Katrina, may call me Godric.” He smiled kindly down at her, and Katrina echoed it feeling relieved that she could actually smile in all of this madness.

“Godric, the things you will achieve.”

“And what might they be?”

“I don’t think that I can tell you, I mean I don’t know that much about time, but anything I do say might alter all of it.”

“Yes of course, goodnight Katrina.” He told her, it was only then that Katrina realised that they were outside ‘her’ door.

“Godric?” Katrina called a moment after he had turned to walk away down the corridor. He stopped, and turned at her voice, Katrina walked up to him. “May I ask you something?”

“Certainly, though if it is knowledge that you require perhaps the better person to ask for an answer is the Lady Ravenclaw.”

“It’s not so much knowledge that I want the answer to, but, would it be considered... scandalous in this era if a man and a woman who are not married to spend the night in the same room?” Godrics’ eyebrows rose dramatically and he leant his shoulder against the cool stone wall, contemplating her question.

“It would depend.” He finally conceded.

“Depend on what?” Katrina pushed lightly for her answer.

“Whether anything were to occur between the two subjects in question, and whether they were caught.”

“So you’re saying, that if I were to ask you- completely metaphorically of course- to keep me company tonight just as a companion with no benefits, and then if you were to leave earlier so that you weren’t caught what would that be considered as?”

“I am not certain... why do I have a feeling you are not asking me metaphorically?”

“Because you are clever. Godric... I’ve lived by completely different rules to you my whole life, and in my time it’s normal for a friend, or even a good acquaintance, to keep someone who needs it company. I don’t have anyone in this world to do that. Please?”


“Look at all of these Malfoy, right from before Tom Riddle was at school here, through to when your parents were at school.” Hermione said, aghast as she went through the list of those students who had disappeared. Draco, leaned over here where she was sitting, reading the list over her shoulder.

“Katrina Nix... Katrina Nix... I’m sure I’ve heard her name before.” He murmured lightly, trying to think where from. Hermione was frowning over the name also, trying to think where she herself had heard he name.

“Draco....” Hermione started as he flopped down into a chair opposite her in the common room.

“I wish I could think of where I’ve heard that wretched name before.”

“Draco!” Hermione commanded his attention with the sharpness of her voice.

“What?!” Draco yelled back at her.

“Think of the History of Magic lessons.”

“Stop talking to me in riddles Granger and- oh Merlin.”

“Yeah.” Hermione mumbled.

“Do you think she’s the same person?”

“I think that we can assume so.”

“Then why haven’t the professors picked it up then?”

“Maybe they have, or did, and they didn’t want to believe it.”

“So what are we meant to do then?”

“Keep looking, I suppose.”

“That’s the only option I guess.”


“But we’re the ones who are setting the standards or so you keep saying.”

“Rules are there to be broken really.” Hermione said with a small shrug of her shoulders.

“Who are you and what the hell have you done with Granger?”

“I’m still me Malfoy, I just want to get to the bottom of this before something else happens to another student.”

“Alright, I’ll believe you this once.”

“Shut up Ferret!”

“Definitely Granger.” Draco muttered under his breath.


“Professor... who exactly has gone missing?” Lily asked the Headmaster, they were in his study, and he was pacing up and down, a frown on his face.

“Katrina Nix.”

“Kat?” Lily gasped in shock, one of her best friends had gone missing, and they had been in Hogsmeade all day. “Oh God, her poor parents.”

“Miss Evans, I understand that this will come as a shock to you seeing as she was one of your closest friends, but we have to find the answer so her loss will not be in vain.”

“I suppose.” Lily murmured, wiping away a stray tear which had escaped her eye and slipped down her cheek.

“I believe however, that I am aware of where she was sent.” Dumbledore continued, sitting down behind his desk finished with his pacing.

“Sir?” Lily asked leaning forwards, hopeful of any information which he might have about her friends whereabouts.

“I believe that Miss Nix is the same as Katrina Nix in the history of the Founders.” He told her slowly, watching as her face changed from that of hope to cynical.

“Sir that’s just impossible! Ludicrous even!” Lily exclaimed, unbelieving of what she had just heard. “That’s just not right.”

“Miss Evans, surely you more than most would understand that impossible is nothing.”

“Well... Sir.... how could she have been transported back that far in time?” James finally said something, he seemed to be in a deeper state of shock than Lily, or perhaps it was just the fact he believed it from the beginning whereas Lily was in denial.

“That Mr. Potter is the question to which we are trying to find the answer.”

“I apologise for my outburst Sir.”

“Completely understandable at a time like this Miss Evans.”

“Is there any way in which we could bring Kat back though?”

“Only one, and it could be hazardous to the two people’s health.”

“Tell me.” Lily demanded, wanting to know the risks which could happen if she could get her friend back.

“Using a time turner, though they are only meant to be used for short journeys back into time, it’s thought a few years is their maximum. However, with Miss Nix’s case, we are talking centuries.”

“Yes, but surely to save one of your students, she’s an only child sir.”

“I understand Miss Evans, but I have already spoken to her parents. In the past she is far more influential. She leads a better life, for us all,  in the past.”

Lily swallowed, not wanting to believe it, but she couldn’t ignore the facts anymore. “It’s going to be hard isn’t it Sir?”

“Of that, I will not lie to you Miss Evans, for you and your peers who were close to Miss Nix, it will be as you knew her well; but remember she becomes a fundamental building block of the life she led before she was taken from us. That is nothing to be ashamed of.”

James, gently tugged at Lily, pulling her up out of her seat. He could see the mental, emotional drain this had had upon her, and it was time for her to get some rest before it all became too much.  “Goodnight Professor.”

“Goodnight Mr. Potter, and Miss Evans.” He told them both, with a small smile towards James who nodded back, leading Lily away and out of the study.

Sadly, neither the world of the Harry Potter series belongs to me, nor does Dr. Who, instead they belong to the brilliant minds of writers- called JK Rowling, and the other is Steve Moffat who created the Weeping Angels.

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