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disclaimer: I own nothing but Alice Nicholson(:



It's the second day of 5th year.

Do I have anything to be happy for?

I guess the fact that I'm alive is something to be cheery about.

I can't help but ponder the question that's been floating around my mind for all of the years I've been at Hogwarts once more. Yes, the question that I've thought of since the first time I met him and tried to imagine our status as a couple.

Is it strange that my name is Alice, and the boy-I’m-crushing-on’s name is Albus?

Yes, I'm talking about the Albus, as in the Albus Potter.

The two names are eerily similar. They even rhyme! Kind of. Not to mention our first initials are the same!

Everyone’s probably seen the movies where the couple writes their first (or both) initials in sand or carves it into a tree, right? Or something like that.

Well, yes, if I put mine and Albus's first initials together, it looks like this:


It's alliteration, I swear. And it looks awful. Why was I cursed with this?

My parents could’ve named me anything else, but they chose Alice. Seriously. I understand, Alice Longbottom was very noble and all, so I’m named after her. I mean no offense to the great witch who battled Bellatrix Lestrange.

And lost.

But that’s not the point.

I've tried to assure myself that A+A could possibly mean AA, like double "A" batteries. Maybe we have some kind of electrical charge.

Oh, who am I kidding? That's the lamest, most desperate explanation I've ever thought of for this predicament!

I'm definitely overanalyzing the situation here.

That's what I've been telling myself for the past 5 years, actually.

Albus is lucky that he’s of the Potter kin. He’s got family that actually cares about him. He doesn't have the time to even think about these things. Not that he would, I mean. But at least he’s not stuck in the library alone, his nose stuck in a huge book because he’s got nothing better to do.

Hmm, that sounds familiar...

I stop straight in my tracks before I enter the Great Hall for dinner, and stare at the bedsheet stretched across the entrance.

Welcome to Loserville.
Population: 1*
*Alice Nicholson

There is no one else to thank for this besides James Potter, Albus’s infamous older brother, who never fails to remind me of my absolute aloneness everyday.


Apparently, I am the sole populate of Loserville today.

Okay, so maybe I haven’t been exactly the most sociable person these past years at Hogwarts. that I rethink that I figure I’ve been way worse.

Oh, I’m not going to bother putting butter on the bread. It’s easier to take things with a sharp knife than a blunt one. Gets it over with easier.

I’m the social outcast of Hogwarts. There are no others that I know of who would like to join me in my position, no less be my friend. I am like Moaning Myrtle, but maybe a slight bit better because, and I’ve even created a list to show others (who sadly aren’t interested) why I’m better than Myrtle.

1. I’m alive.
2. I do not live in the girls’ bathroom.
3. I get to attend classes everyday.
4. I am not stuck on getting revenge on someone, e.g. Moaning Myrtle is dead set on making Olive Hornby even more miserable.

Let me pause here on the list. I’ll continue it later, don’t worry, but I’m sure that you’ve figured that I would like to rip James Potter to rips and pieces till he’s barely visible on the sidewalk.

Don’t think I didn’t try. But after three years of hard-edged tenacity, I had to give up. That boy is surrounded by too many people who love him. So I no longer bother to try and get back at Potter, mostly because of that and also because he can get back at me in an even worse way.

Cue the sad face and the pout, everyone.

After many years of consideration, I’ve thought about it, and I figure I’m like the soda can that people kick around on the sidewalk. Those people are too lazy or don’t care what happens to the can. They don’t bother to pick it up and put it in the recycling bin so the soda can has a chance at a makeover into something new. Something with purpose.

Let me tell you, I could really use one right now.

Maybe 5th year will be the answer to that calling.




A/N: My first Albus/OC! I was strangely inspired by the Alice in Wonderland movie I saw today to write this.

Review please! :D I eat them. I love them.



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