I was watching ‘Blink’ from Doctor Who and this idea popped straight into my head- one recommendation don’t watch this episode in the dark or at night, it terrifies you even in the daylight.

Don’t blink they’re coming.

“I hate you!” Lily Evans screeched at James Potter, who was leaning casually against the wall. The two student heads were standing in the middle of the Hogwarts grounds.

“I wasn’t that bad.” He told her mildly, taking her arm and practically dragging her along with him.

“Let go of me.” Lily snarled, her eyes narrowing.

“No because you’ll only hurt me.” He commented snidely with a grin which would look at home on the Cheshire Cat.

“Oh of course, forgive me, because you’re obviously the genius here aren’t you?” She sarcastically retorted pulling them both to a stop on the top of the hill, looking down over Hagrid’s hut, and the pumpkin patch.


“So what, I’m just some assistant in a magic show to be paraded and shown off?” Lily fumed.

“Trophy if you will, but yes.... something like that.”

“You are the most pigheaded, idiotic, loathsome, evil bastard!”

“You forgot some of my other talents.”

“Like what?!” Lily threw her hands up in exasperation with his- far too- bloated ego.

“Like getting you to shut up.”

“How the hell....?” Lily asked turning back to face him, and as she did so, James took the opportunity to crush his lips to hers.


In a time slot within the fragment of the universe, another pair- so similar and yet so different- were arguing.

“Granger, I swear to Merlin and whatever Gods there are if you continue to study for another minute I am going to  drag you away from that book and rip it in half!”

“Malfoy, what the hell is your problem with me studying?” Hermione yelled at the annoying Slytherin.

“Because you have to know everything in that bloody book by now, and you’re polluting my air space with your presence.”

“Then go to your room!”


“Then STOP complaining!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Why should I you mudblood?” Draco sneered down at her, where she was working- knelt on the floor’s soft rug, her books open upon the low coffee table.

“You bastard!” Hermione sobbed, and ran from the room, Draco heard the satisfying slam of her door as it closed.

She hated him, and he hated her, it was a perfectly good working relationship, but when he crossed the line she couldn’t cope.

Downstairs, meanwhile, Draco wore a smug smile and lounged across the sofa in the room which Hermione had just vacated. Her book in his hand he flicked- bored- through it, before chucking it onto the coffee table once more. He loved tormenting her, after all winding up the Golden-Trio’s-golden-Gryffindor-girl was his favourite game to play.

Outside, in both the time-zones of the universe, two very different people had their destinies changed. Things which should have come to pass would never, and things were about to change for the worse.

“The touch of an angel.” Draco snorted, recalling, the small passage she’d been reading in the book. “Such nonsense, as if an angel could do any damage.”

If only he’d known the exact importance of the words he had just uttered, then just perhaps he wouldn’t be so jovial or dismissive of the words which had been written so long ago by a young woman, who really shouldn’t have been there. Who didn’t belong to that era.


Katrina Nix, began to observe her surroundings. Something was so very wrong with the landscape she saw around her now. It was barren, there was nothing of what she had left just seconds before. Hagrid’s hut was nowhere to be seen, nor was the village of Hogsmeade which is what she was travelling away from to go back to school. She’d been in Hogsmeade celebrating with her friends, as two of them- Lily and James- after one final week, and a few spats during it, had decided to give ‘them’ a chance.

“Where on earth am I?” She asked aloud, her head pounding with the exertion of speaking, even to herself her speech seemed slower, harder, and didn’t flow naturally.

Gradually, she made it to her feet, her legs felt unsteady, like they couldn’t support her. As she stumbled across the fields she hoped that someone would find her, finally, when she had fallen for the tenth time she heard a shout. “You there!” Despite lying on the ground, she turned her head towards the sound.

There, not too far away, and coming closer towards her was a regiment of knights. ‘I must’ve hit my head harder than I thought I had’ Katrina thought, though on its own, the thought process made her head hurt. “Excuse me, where am I?” She called out, still puzzled, looking towards the knights on horseback.

“Upon the Hogwarts grounds, the year of our Lord 1320 and who is this maiden in front of us?”

“My name is Katrina Nix.” She replied to the guard who had dismounted and walked, kneeling in front of her.

“What strange clothes you wear my lady, and yet you cannot be a peasant as you do not speak as such.”

“I don’t understand how I got here.” Katrina miserably muttered looking around at the other guards, who didn’t seem to be as trusting towards her as the one directly next to her.

“We should take her back to the castle.” One of the others suggested, he had a young face, though, in its current state he looked far older than he really was.

“Take me where?” Katrina queried as the guard helped her up, taking her by the arm, and led her towards his own horse.

“Back to the Hogwarts castle to meet our 4 rulers of the court, the two Ladies and Lords.”

“Who are they?”

“The fair Ladies, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw, and the two Lords, Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor.”

“Oh Lord.” Katrina whispered as the Knight knelt down, placing his hands together making a step so that she could get onto his horse. As she settled down into the saddle, he mounted behind her. As a group they rode back to the castle, which even from a distance, Katrina could see that it was only half complete and the land around it was not a constructed as it was in her time.


“My Lords, and Ladies.”

“Roran, what news do you bring?” A high, and imposing woman, with long shimmering blonde hair asked with her grave voice, which commanded silence to the whole of the great hall.

“My Lady Ravenclaw, we found this maiden wandering alone in the lands.”

“And pray, who is the child?” One of the men, one of the Lords sat in his own throne like chair, asked. He had brown hair, his gaze locked with Katrina’s own, and she saw the kindness with lay beneath the harsh looking exterior of a ruler.

“Child speak!” The other Lord yelled, making Katrina jump and her head pound further.

“Salazar! Do not scare the poor daughter.” Helga Hufflepuff scolded him, and the two of them shot glowering glares at one another.

Katrina, watched all of this with fascination, three of them remained seated, but Godric Gryffindor rose, and walked towards her. Katrina’s head still felt muddled from the combination of-seeming- time travel and the knock to her head, and so she didn’t notice the others gathered in the hall bow low or curtsey as he passed them by.

“Child, I can tell you are one of my own house. You wear the crest of Gryffindor. Do not be afraid, the symbol of Gryffindor is that of courage.”

“And stupidity.” Salazar snidely remarked, Godric didn’t look around, but rolled his eyes. Katrina smiled lightly, casting her eyes down, so she wouldn’t be seen smiling. Godric, gently, placed two of his fingers beneath her chin, lifting it so that she was looking into his eyes. She noticed that they were dark hazel, and seemed to stretch for an eternity.

“Daughter of Eden, speak, tell us from whence you came and what your name is.”

“My name is Katrina Nix, I don’t know how I came here, but I know that I was on the Hogwarts grounds where I came from and then, I was in this time.”

“That’s impossible surely?!” Helga exclaimed half rising from her throne, Rowena, on the other hand, wore a small frown upon her beautiful face.

“Maybe not... child, what year was it where you came from?”

“1979.” Katrina replied, Godric half turned between the two women.

“We shall have to convene the council for a meeting, instantaneously.” Rowena decided with such gravity in her voice that Katrina was certain that no one was going to argue.

“Wait!” Godric called above the noise, ensuing from the all of the gathered courtiers within the great hall.

“What do you mean- wait- Godric?” Salazar asked, sounding bored beyond his belief.

“Look at the girl; she is pale, surely, and shaking. Before we question her we should at least allow her to rest.”

“Yes, though she is seemingly strong willed, she will not be able to withstand such a long time of a gathered council querying her.”

“Katrina, child come, we shall get you some suitable clothing.” Helga told her kindly, rising from her seat and walking half way towards Katrina. Katrina’s head continued to spin, it seemed that the combination of time travel, hitting her head, and meeting the Founders of Hogwarts really shouldn’t mix. She tried to take a step forwards, towards Helga’s outstretched hand and fell making many of the women gathered gasp.

The cold floor never came for her though, Godric caught her in his arms before she fell completely. He looked down into her face, how her hair, was slightly curled but not frizzy, lay across her pale face. He noticed the small clump which stuck to the side of her head where the blood had dried, matting it all together and the cause of her passing out.

Together, the five of them- well the four of them and an unconscious girl- made their way up to one of the guest chambers. Carefully, Godric lay her upon the bed, the other Founders of the school and castle watching her.

“She’s only a young woman is she not?”

“All would appear so, Rowena, do you have any insight as to how this could have occurred?”

“Theories of time are still mysteries to us. I shall have to consult the ancient books, and the diadem, to make sense of this strange occurrences.” The Founders had no more knowledge greater than that of Rowena, who was one of their greatest assets in times of need and counsel.

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