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Hermione’s POV ::

I doubt I slept the rest of the night. But somehow, I awoke, my eyes opening in the morning. I sat up, looking at Draco. He was still facing away from me, deep in sleep. I stood up, walking to the beach.

On my way, I thought about him. Draco is a deatheater – how could I accept him now? But I reminded myself – my feelings for him are still the same, no matter what I learn about him. Draco is still Draco. He is still handsome, caring, strong, and dependable. 

Yet he is still guarded, a deatheater, and my best friend’s enemy. 

My eyes clouded with the thought of Harry and Ron. Only a few days ago I had been with them, excited for this trip. Except now I was stuck on an island with Draco, and I have no idea where they are. I rubbed at my eyes, not allowing myself to cry. Perhaps they are safe, maybe in a different place. 

I stepped out of the jungle, my toes curling in the warm sand. I kept my head up, looking at the sea ahead. The sun wasn’t too high in the sky, reflecting off of the aquamarine water.

Then I noticed something I hadn’t before. A few yards away was a mass of something, or a couple somethings. I walked quickly, realizing that the mysterious cluster were objects, washed in from the sea. There were broken glass bottles, torn pages, chunks of cloth, small bits of metal, pieces of wood. I inspected each item, making a note to revisit the lump of junk with Draco. 

I walked alongside the ocean, the ocean rushing over my feet each time the tide came in. This truly was a beautiful place – it was the circumstances that ruined it. I sat down on dry sand, stretching my legs in front of me.

My body was kind of gross actually. What I need was a bath. I closed my eyes, imagining myself slipping into a Jacuzzi sized bathtub. I smiled as I visually indulged in bath salts, body wash, and played the radio as loud as I wanted. Sharing a dormitory with Lavender and Parvati, such behavior would not be acceptable, especially with Brown. That prat.

My eyes opened as I heard the sand shifting behind me.

“Why didn’t you tell me.” I said, my voice quite and stern. Draco sat beside me, his arms crossed.


Draco’s POV ::

“C’mon Hermione, you know you wouldn’t have even TALKED to me if you knew if I had ...” I stopped myself there. I looked at her for any sign on understanding, but she kept her eyes in a cold stare into the waves. 

I exhaled. “Hermione, please, don’t think of me differently. I'm still Draco. And we’re still stuck together here,” I moved over slightly, getting closer to her. She didn’t react.

“And I still want your trust. And your friendship.” Hermione’s eyes drifted away from the ocean. 

“But I can’t ignore it,” she said, blinking hard. “You seemed so right for me all of the sudden. At Hogwarts, thing were so different, and I didn’t realized how good we could be together.” She faced me, her soft face showing worry.

“I was even starting to have feelings for you,” she whispered, burying her head in her hands. 

I swallowed, my heart breaking.

Hermione had feelings for me, just like I did for her. So why aren’t I leaping for joy? I looked away, unable to comfort her.

She thought I was some sort a monster. 

I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into my lap. “Ssh,” I whispered in her ear, her cries turning into sobs. I cradled her in my arms, trying not to cry myself. 

She quieted, hiccupping. “I feel like I’ve already lost you,” she said, turning to look at me. 

I shook my head. “No, never, Hermione I can fight this,” I said, unbelieving the words that came out of my mouth. 

“I’d rather defy everything he told me to do, than ruin my chances of being with you.” That, I said and believed.

She sat up in my lap, leaning her head against my chest. I curled my arms around Hermione, and then kissed her forehead.

Her warm brown eyes met mine. “Do you promise?” Her voice was barely audible. 

I nodded. “I’d do anything to protect the one I love.”

Her eyes widened in pleasantly surprised shock.

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