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Barty Crouch Jr by Slytherin_Girl_24
Beta'd by Burke


Barty came round what he thought was shortly after the others had left him, but he could not be sure. He was now tied up and placed under guard. Still a little groggy from the stunning, he shook his head. It helped a little and his thoughts became slightly clearer. He tried again, though he didn’t know why he bothered. He would rather die than go back to Azkaban, no doubt that was where he was going to be sent, and he didn’t really fancy having a clear mind there. He would find a way to jump out the window right now if it weren’t for the fact that Minerva would never let him. Besides he had full confidence that his master would rescue him. Now that the Dark Lord was back in power, he would be favoured above everyone. There was no way his master would allow his most faithful servant to remain in Azkaban!

A smile stretched over his face at the thought of his master. How grateful he was that he was back! Now finally things could go back to how they were before the damn Potter boy came along.


The boy sat at the kitchen table still in his pyjamas. He appeared to be deep in thought staring into his breakfast bowl, but he was actually straining his ears to listen to the fight coming from his parent’s bedroom right above him.

“He is a 16 year old boy!” His mother said, exasperated. “You seem to expect him to behave like he’s 30!”

“I know how old my son is!” His father thundered. “These immature acts that do not show his age is what I have a problem with! I was not turning my father’s hair blue when I was 16!”

The boy sighed. Of course he wasn’t. His father had an apprenticeship at the ministry secured when he was 16. His father was supporting his family when he was 16. According to his father standards, the boy was a failure.

He could still hear the shouting and thumping upstairs when someone knocked on the door and walked in uninvited. The boy spun around to confront the visitor and their lack of manners, but stopped short when he saw who it was. The Minister. Wonderful.

“Hello Barty,” he said gravely. “Is your father around?”

Barty Crouch Jr. scowled. How the minister knew his name he had no idea. Barty sure didn’t know his. Hiding his displeasure at their unexpected visitor, he pointed upstairs with a raised eyebrow.

The Minister, noting the noise, made a sound somewhat close to ah. He walked up to the stairs and called, “Barty! I really must speak to you, if you could please give me a moment.”

Barty could hear his father’s footsteps pounding down the stairs and a second later he appeared. Barty couldn’t help but let out a snigger at his father’s half repaired hair color, earning a scorching glare from the blue haired man.

The two men disappeared into the living room and shut the door. Barty could hear their murmurs for a minute or so followed by two loud cracks upon which he visibly relaxed. Abandoning his half eaten porridge, he raced up the stairs and quickly changed into his casual robes.

Sticking his head in his parents’ bedroom, he saw his mother still in bed. “Father’s left for work,” he told her. When she nodded he continued. “I’m going over to the park. A couple of my friends are meeting there for a game of Quiditch. “

His mother frowned. “Okay,” she said slowly, “just be careful please. There has been too much bad stuff going on for me to be comfortable with you going anywhere alone.”

Barty sighed. “I’ll be fine mother. Don’t worry.”

She looked sharply at him. “Oh, very well,” she said quietly, “go ahead.”

He grinned and darted outside. The brisk morning air whipped across his face and he smiled exuberantly. Now, what he had been waiting for all summer…

He set off quickly down the street in the opposite direction of the park. Whipping into the first alley, he checked for onlookers and turned on the spot with a loud crack.

When he arrived at the desolate, dusty coffee shop, Bellatrix was waiting for him. The 18 year old smirked at him. “That apparation’s useful, isn’t it?” she asked.

He smirked back. “Very. And I owe it all to a very royal someone sitting in front of me.” He gave her a mocking grin and bowed comically.

She burst out into that throaty laugh that he believed very few people had heard. Smiling, genuinely this time, he dropped into a seat across from the still laughing woman. He ordered two coffees from the waitress and sat back. Bellatrix, once calmed down, was the first to speak.

“So,” she said quietly, “I suppose you really mean it. You really do want to join, don’t you?”

Barty raised an eyebrow at her, “Bella, really! How long have you known me? It’s going on the seventh year! How long have I been talking about joining?”

“A while,” she muttered, but then grinned. “Wonderful!” She whooped. “This will be so much fun! But we have just a couple little problems. The first, I really must make sure that you’re not just doing this to rebel against your father. You aren’t, are you? Because if you are you won’t last long, alive that is.”

“Yeah right!” Barty snorted. “If I wanted to rebel all I would have to do is mention you. I would be locked in my room for a week by my father.”

Bellatrix chuckled. “Very well, but that brings us to the second problem. Your father. The Dark Lord needs to be able to trust that his followers will not be caught. Living in the house of one of the-I hate to admit it-best dark wizard catchers does raise the chance of that.”

Barty was thoughtful, “Well,” he said, “I think this situation is more of a benefit than it is a risk. My father pays no attention to me. He assumes I spend my entire day inside studying for my N.E.W.T.s already. However, any time there is anything important that happens at the ministry, at least things involving my father, the Minister himself comes over to tell Father what happened. They go into the living room to talk and then apparate to the ministry. It would be so easy to spy on them.”

Bellatrix considered that for a moment. Seeming to come to some conclusion, she looked at him. “Very well, I think we’re set here. Come by E132 Country Lane, London next week Thursday at 8:00am. The Dark Lord will make his judgment then.”

Barty grin faltered at the realization that it was still possible he wouldn’t get in. But, it was quickly back again as he decided that he wasn’t going to let himself be kicked out. He would become a Death Eater if it was the last thing he did.


Barty walked quickly down the lane. He had to take the floo network since he had never seen the place before and he was just a bit annoyed with how long it took to make the walk from his friend’s house to this distant place. He didn’t really expect that the Dark Lord would appreciate him showing up in the fireplace of his headquarters, if that was really what it was. When Bella had told him to come here, he had expected some location in the heart of London, not this godforsaken place in the middle of the country. He didn’t even know why it had a London address.

He stopped short in front of neat little house with a whitewashed fence around it and he snorted. Whoever had built the place had no taste at all; or they were American. This was E132; this was the place he was supposed to be.
He silently opened the gate and walked up the path leading to the front door. The door was cracked open and he could hear faint voices coming from inside the house. He pushed open the door and walked into the bright white hallway. He noticed that all doors in the hall were open except for one. This was where the voices were coming from. Barty’s heartbeat sped up as he slowly walked down the hall. He tapped on the door and the speaking stopped.

After a moment he heard Bella’s voice ring out. “That will be him,” she said.

The door opened and he walked into the kitchen of the house to find three Death Eaters, Bella, and what he guessed to be two brothers probably near Bella’s age. They were all looking at him and after a moment one of the young men spoke.

“A Crouch?” He spat, “you brought a Crouch here?”

Bella just chuckled. “Rodolphus, relax! He isn’t the typical Crouch. He could be a good spy for us!”

Rodolphus just scowled. The man next to him glared at Barty.“He was put up to this by his father!”

At that comment Barty felt a terrifying anger well up in him and he drew his wand on the man.
“My. Father. Did. Not. Put. Me. Up. To. This,” he snarled at the man. Bella grinned.

“What did I tell you!” she said, “He is clearly a different person!”

“We’ll see about that!” Rodolphus said menacingly.

Bella ignored him and turned to Barty and he slowly lowered his wand. “We are waiting here for a blood traitor family. They spent the night in London with some relatives and should be home soon.”

Barty nodded and the room grew quiet.

It felt like forever that they waited, but before long they heard two voices coming from the hallway.

“Would you like a cup of coffee dear?” a woman asked.

Her companion must have nodded because they soon heard her footsteps moving toward the kitchen. When the doorknob turned Barty was sitting on the counter with Bella standing next to him. The two others were sitting at the table, facing the door. As the door was pushed open and a middle aged woman walked in, Barty jumped down. As she looked around the room her eyes went wide and her mouth opened, letting out a piercing scream. A moment later a man Barty assumed to be her husband appeared behind her. Barty glanced sideways at Bella and saw a smile growing on her lips and he felt her elation himself. These two would finally get what they deserved.

Bella sauntered forward, still smiling. “You do realize that the Dark Lord has declared the death penalty for anyone aiding mudbloods, correct?” The couple’s faces grew stony as Bella advanced. She continued, “Now, if you are good and decide to join us we may just let you go with little permanent damage, but should you refuse, we may just have to drag this out, and maybe we’ll kill you.” She walked behind them and closed the door.

“We will never join such an evil movement,” the woman spoke with conviction, but it only made Bella and the rest of the Death Eaters smile more.

“Oh, good!” Rodolphus sneered, “we were hoping you would say that!” He motioned to Barty. “You can start.”

Barty stepped forward and both pairs of frightened eyes turned to him. Once again his heart sped up as he grew nervous. He knew that if he failed this he would never join the Death Eaters and most likely would never leave the room. It was a chance he was willing to take. It was what he had dreamed of for years.
Barty motioned to the woman. “You first,” he hissed. The man’s face collapsed as he desperately tried to grab his wife’s hand, but Bella was faster. She had her wand out and the man pinned to the door faster than he could move.

“It really is too bad that you left your wands here while you were gone. Too bad for you anyway, it was quite the stroke of luck for us,” Bella mocked them.

The woman took a bold step forward and looked Barty directly in the eye. “How old are you?” she asked him in a quiet voice, “no more than seventeen I’m sure. You have so much life left to live. Why give it up so quickly? You could do so much good with your life instead of wasting it serving these evil things.”

The room was silent as everybody waited for Barty’s response. “Evil is helping those that belong to us as slaves. Evil is to bring power to muggles when the world so rightly belongs to wizards. Evil is someone like you,” Barty said quietly, but with a conviction that he felt deep to his bones. He held onto that feeling and raised his wand. He knew he had to really want to hurt this woman to do the spell, and he did. He wanted her to pay for everything she had done to stop the right way of the world.

“Crucio,” he hissed and her scream filled the air.


There was a pounding on the door and Barty heard a man’s voice call in. “Minerva!” it called, “Come out here.”

She pursued her lips and looked down at Barty.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he drawled, nodding to his bindings. She opened the door a crack and stepped out. She started speaking to the man outside the door. Barty assumed it was the Minister, but he really didn’t care. There was nothing he could do there anymore; Dumbledore had found out about all there really was to know. Cornelius probably didn’t believe Dumbledore though.

The door burst open and the minister stepped in followed by a dementor, and Barty smiled. Now his master would have his return as he had planned; a violent surprise for the rest of the world. As the dementor swooped down Barty took his last breath and whispered the words he had held so dear to his heart for so many years.

“My master has returned.”

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