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Disclaimer-- I own nothing but a character or two, everything else is already J.K. Rowlings'


“Next year, we apparate there Brit, holy crap, I do not want to sit on a train for” she tried to see what time it was, which was around noon “what another eight or some hours, I just got off a train not even eight hours ago” she walked over to where they were meeting Lily, moved her owl to the ground and sat down on her trunk “I can already feel the boredom once again” she muttered. Aspens’ long brown hair was up in a ponytail, showing off her red and blonde streaks she got over the summer. She wore an off the shoulder black top and dark jeans getting shredded from the ground, lime green sunglasses protecting her eyes from the sun, she was the tallest of the three being 5’8, “should of wore different shoes damn” she said under her breath, looking down at her lime green flip flops, Britianee was walking with her yawning every few minutes, she definitely did not get a good sleep

“I cannot, repeat cannot wait to get on the train so I can finally sleep” Britianee told Aspen, who nodded in agreement. Britianees’ hair was down, styled in soft beachy waves, for a carefree look, that stopped just above the middle of her back. Her eyes were hidden behind pale pink sunglasses; she had on a green shirt underneath a light tan button up shirt, a short dark denim skirt with pale pink stiletto boots boosting her 5’6½ frame to about 5’10

“I’m not sure you’ll have any luck with that, trouble follows you, like a moth to a candle light” Aspen pointed out before looking around the parking lot, it wasn’t unusual to sit outside in the occasional nice, warm weather in London. “Not a bad summer eh? Didn’t hang out with that many people, besides the besties of course, ditched a few parties” she jumped up and put the owl back on her trunk “didn’t encounter any assholes or arrogant, self centered, overconfident, bigheaded pricks…oops they mean the same thing don’t they? Well I am glad they weren’t around this summer” missing the brief guilty look on Britianees’ face she twirled around almost hitting Britianee in the face, “oops sorry Cookie” she said laughing

“What’s so funny?” a voice asked, Britianee turned scowling to see who was coming, it was a girl they knew very well, a Miss Lily Evans stood 5’ 6, came walking over in a pink shirt with a white button up shirt over it, and a denim jacket over that loosely hanging on her. Not to mention she had on black leggings with a white skirt and bright orange furry boots that went a little lower than her knees and white sunglasses. The outfit looked good on her, on anyone else, not sure if they could pull it off without the Lily quality. Her red hair was up in a ponytail and a string of Swarovski crystals was wrapped around her hair looking like she had three head bands on, evenly spaced out and the ends hung down on each side of the messy ponytail, looking like some type of jewelry accessory.

“Why hello there, Miss Lily Head Girl!!” Britianee greeted walking slowly to where Lily was coming from, knowing internally she looked like shit standing next to Lily, “only getting attacked by Aspen is all” before turning and giving her a bear hug, Lily exchanged a glance with Aspen, where she nodded her head slightly, then turned her attention to the muggles walking into the train station.

“Aspen, a little help over here, lend a hand to your favorite person…please?” Lily asked, Aspen laughed lightly

“I could but it is much more amusing over here”

“Bitch” Lily growled as Britianee smirked “you don’t care if I am being smothered, but are you really going to let your best friend die looking like this?”

 “Ugh- she has a point Brit, l mean let her go freshen up, then by all means continue” Aspen said laughing hard, Britianee shrugged letting go of Lily

“Thanks for all the help Aspen, I don’t like either of you that much right now” Lily said straightening out her clothes, before walking over to Aspen “you would have let me die”

“And you are being ridiculous right now” the two glared at each other as a car door slammed and the familiar voices were in hearing range “so they didn’t die over the summer, damn” she said not even glancing in their direction before she looped her arm through Britianees, who was already walking into the train station, the both of them pulled their trunks with their other hand.

“Lily-Popsicle!!” someone shouted, the two exchanged glances wishing they could have seen her face right then, but shrugged and rolled their eyes, Aspen stopped before outright laughing once again

“Did you know Potters Head Boy?”

“Seriously! Does Lily know?”

“Nah, she’s probably about to” then they heard it a faint cry of ‘you got to be joking, I am not working with you all year’ “and now she does” the two had huge smiles on their faces before walking on the platform and waiting for Lily.

“You knew, the both of you?” she seethed, Britianee looked at Aspen, hesitantly

“Don’t look at me, I found out a minute before you did” crushing under Lily’s glare at the two

“How dare you keep a secret that huge from me…wait… how’d you find out?” Britianee raised an eyebrow, looking between the two

“Mum’s best friends with Potters Mom told me the instant the letter came, like I wanted to know, I think she wanted me to be interested, I just continued to eat my cereal, I might have played it too calmly, she started nagging me again” Aspen explained picking at her fingernails, “didn’t think it was a huge secret, I am honestly surprised that oaf didn’t write you the minute he found out”

“I did receive something from him, I just threw it out right away” Lily confessed “I really didn’t expect anything from him”

“Lily Evans, you’re something” Britianee entered the conversation, “is there a reason Aspen’s crush has an extra trunk?” she asked, Lily looked over and sure enough Remus Lupin was pulling four trunks, and Peter had his own

“Potter volunteered to take it for me, excuse me” she said before talking to Lupin about something before he handed her, her trunk

“Think her and Potter will get together this year?”

“Heck yes, it’s been a long time coming, I suppose like you and Remus” Britianee guessed seeing her friends face light up like a Christmas light “oh come on, you like him, he likes you, one of you needs to make a move and it’s not like I just held your underwear out to dry in his dormitory.” Britianee said before glaring at a certain Black,

“That was hilarious, not so much for you but Paul Davis, finally looked at you for the first time. Remember that huge thing you had for him?”

“How could I forget?” Britianee asked shaking her head “So Aspen, what do you want to do this year since Lily will abandon us for her Head Duties” she asked as Lily came back. Aspen shifted her sunglasses to the top of her head, comfortably, before looking at Lily

“I’d never do that”

“Uh huh”

“Are you keeping any harbored feelings from us? You know you could tell us anything”

“What? Aspen no… what are you talking about?”

“Denial, it’s the first step to admitting you have a problem”

“Your one to talk”

“Hey! My situation is different from yours”

“I don’t have a situation, besides why would I want to hang out with an-”

“Handsome, devilish, charming, outgoing confident man?” Potter finished for her

“Please…I think not, I was thinking something to do with scum, or maybe even asshole that doesn’t know when to leave people alone” Lily glanced to Britianee “I’d never choose him over you two” turning back to James “the only thing I am discussing with you is the Head Duty requirements, not a second more”

“So I will take my leave, find us a compartment” Britianee said walking away as soon as Remus and Black joined Potter, she knew the other two were behind her somewhere, she always helped Lily with her trunk, hers always was the heaviest, so she waited once again for Lily, Aspen walked by with a sly smile

“I’ll find us a compartment, yea?”

“Yes” Britianee smiled and watched as she went “it’s about time” she said seeing Lily in the crowd and went to help Lily with her trunk “holy crap what do you have in there, a dead body?” she exclaimed as Lily blushed

“Well we all know it is the last year after all, can’t afford to be seen wearing disgusting clothes, so well, my grandparents gave me my inheritance, normally you don’t get it until your eighteen, but well I told them I wasn’t coming back and they gave it to me early” Lily explained, “plus a certain fiend will likely be digging through it, like last year, so I made sure to bring plenty” she said with a smirk

“That’s only because you love me, you know my Moms a bitch, and most importantly, you always find the most adorable and gorgeous clothes.” Lily laughed as someone bumped into Britianee, she wasn’t paying that close of attention as she watched as Britianee was struggling with her own trunk “You didn’t spend it all on clothes did you?” she asked and Lily shook her head

“No, I have enough saved to get a large flat after we graduate”

“Ah, already thinking that far in advance huh?”

“Britianee, its only nine months away” Lily added as she waited for Britianee “wait did Britianee Prewitt just admit, I have irresistible taste in clothing? I’m honored”

“Don’t get used to it, besides Aspen will be digging in your trunk as well, just not as often” when she yanked again on her trunk “oh come on”

 “I’ll get it” someone said coming up behind her and grabbing the handle of her trunk and pulling it aboard the train, Britianee didn’t need to look to see who it was

“That was unnecessary Regulus” she said squeezing her eyes shut before turning around to face him.

“Please, there is a line building up to get on the train”

“And there are other doors to the train, just go away Black” she said shoving him “and make a habit of staying away from me this year, I am not interested” as she pushed past him

“Prewitt, you should be grateful I helped; so you’re welcome” was the last thing she heard before moving down the hallway to find the compartment Aspen was in. Britianee opened the door as a paper fell out of her pocket, at sometime he must have slipped it into her pocket without realizing it, she picked it up and moved into the room, Aspen helped the two get the luggage stored and out of the way before sitting near the door on the other bench, and began to read her magazine again, while Britianee sat down by the window on the bench closet to the door, and Lily sat opposite Aspen, Britianee unfolded the note discreetly and read what was written ‘Your mine, Love. R.B.’ Lily glanced over,

“I’m fine Lil, if it’s not him then it’s Sirius, it’s been a daily habit from those two to make my life miserable and harass me, I’m used to it by now” Britianee said before looking over to Aspen who was reading a sports magazine “if they didn’t do it, then I have a feeling something would be wrong”

“What-?” Aspen said looking up, Britianee shrugged

“Nothing, so did you hear about the Falmouth Falcons are going to come by at the Quidditch matches this year at Hogwarts?”

“Wait, what? How’d that happen? Does Potter know?” Aspen asked and Lily turned her attention to Britianee with an arched brow

“Remember, you guys wanted to take me out to dinner at that new Asian restaurant for my birthday and I told you I already had plans?” Britianee asked and they both nodded “well that was because Mrs. Potter invited me to the Quidditch World Cup, while Mr. Potter took the boys.”

“You’re telling us you went somewhere with two people you despise a whole hell more than we do, and they are still alive?” Aspen asked looking at Lily who looked confused

“No of course not, Mrs. Potter knows I can’t stand her son or Black, the Potters have been the closest thing I have to a parent now, and them being my Godparents it’s easy to talk and send letters to them. They always send me invitations to go out to dinner during the summer and I always decline because somewhere in the letter it mentions ‘James is bringing his friend’ and they couldn’t understand why until I told them I just don’t get along with them.” She stopped, thinking about something “So Mrs. Potter mentioned I should celebrate my birthday with her, she knew the Falmouth Falcons are my favorite team and therefore said she’d go with me, her husband would keep the boys busy, and so I agreed and got the better tent.” She stopped and smirked at the memory, before rambling on about what happened at the Quidditch World Cup.


Britianee had sat down in the stadium, Mrs. Potter told her they could go to the VIP room, but shot it down, it would have been too accidental to bump into people she didn’t want to see, Mrs. Potter didn’t object. As the game started Britianee was bouncing in her seat she was super excited to see Johnny Broadmoor, one of the famous beaters along with his brother Kevin, absentminded she realized the Falcons’ slogan became her favorite phrase “Let us win, but if we cannot win, Let us break a few heads.” Which had been created by the brothers for being world known as the most violent beaters in history, it was going to be a good game seeing as Ireland National had Aiden Lynch and three incredible chasers. The game was filled with excitement as Kevin shot a bludger at one of the chasers nearing the goal, immediately the chaser dropped the quaffle and grabbed his left shoulder, getting a laugh and a pat on the shoulder from his brother who flew around him spying Aiden. Unfortunately, near the end of the game Johnny made his move, Lynch nearly had the snitch and Johnny shot a bludger at him, not thinking Aiden Lynch was paying attention, the bad news was for him, Aiden was paying particularly close attention to him and pulled up at the last second. Britianee however wasn’t aware of the commotion up above at the moment as she was watching the chasers when she felt something collide with her stomach causing her excruciating pain.

“Holy crap, what the hell was that?” she screamed grabbing her stomach, she looked up to see Johnny Broadmoor flying close where she was “what kind of move was that? You don’t aim at people in the stadium, regardless” she growled before standing up, Mrs. Potter had gone to find her husband “did you have to hit it so hard?” before leaving the stadium and walking slowly to the bathroom. Many people had started booing and those close enough to see what happened turned their attention to her to see if she was alright.

“So I told the guys” Mrs. Potter said who had on a Falcon shirt and her face painted, which was her son’s idea, Britianee had managed to get to the bottom of the steps of the stadium “Brian wants to know if you want to leave now” she said nervously, Britianee shook her head

“I’m okay, its minor…compared to other times” she smirked clenching her stomach from the pain; she internally thought she was going to throw up right then and there from the impact of the hit. Many people started booing and stopped watching the game to see if the girl who got slammed with the bludger was alright. “I am going to get cleaned up, see the damage, but I’m fine” Ashley Potter went to tell her husband to finish watching the game, when he made her stay with him to the end. The Falcon seeker caught the snitch and won the game, she glanced at her husband who was cheering with James and Sirius before leaving, to find Britianee as soon as she got into the restroom she seen her sitting on the floor, exhausted, smiling as people came and talked to her, they were happy she wasn’t seriously hurt

“Mrs. Potter, calm down its nothing it doesn’t even hurt that much” taking a small breath “I’m surprised, it’s only a couple ribs broken” Britianee muttered taking short breaths “let us win” she breathed out “but if we cannot win” she took another breath, standing up and looking in the mirror, not noticing the few people around her “let us break a few ribs” she finished getting a few laughs, she looked up and seen the small group of people. “Sorry I hope I didn’t ruin the game, it wasn’t Johnny’s fault” she said embarrassed “did they win?” Britianee looked around to the small smiles on people’s faces and Mrs. Potter nodded “yes” she hooted as she grabbed her stomach.

“We should get that wrapped and get some heat on it” Mrs. Potter said seeing people leave and Britianee nodded leaving the restroom as Britianee tripped over the threshold holding on to Mrs. Potter to block her fall “you can walk can’t you?” she laughed as they began walking to the camp site

 “Mrs. Potter, thanks for inviting me, really” seeing her anxious look “how many people can say they got hit by a bludger from Johnny Broadmoor… okay a lot but, I am honored. At least it was me, don’t need anything happening to you” she said with a small smile, when they were a few tents away from their own, Britianee glanced over and seen Mr. Warrington the owner of the team standing outside the tent, they were about to pass, with Johnny Broadmoor, Britianee’s stomach did a flip and she didn’t know if it was the pain or being able to see Johnny once again.

“Hey young lady, I have a player here, he owes you an apology” Mr. Warrington said getting their attention, Ashley walked over to them and introduced herself, and then Britianee. “It’s always nice to meet the lovely VIP Ashley Potter, where’s Brian?” he asked and she smiled

“With the boys”

“Ah, yes, well send them around later on or tomorrow, would love their feedback of tonight’s game” Britianee made it over and stood next to Ashley

“It’s Johnny” she hissed in pain, he looked over and smiled

“Glad to see you’re okay, Britianee was it?” he said “I really am sorry, didn’t think that Aiden Lynch was paying attention, but you never know until the bludger is hit” he finished with a grimace

“It’s fine Mr. Broadmoor, Britianee is tough, you’d never guess how many times she’s been in and out of fights, her mother used to owl me constantly for help, well you know James and his friends, a few practical jokes and pranks here and there, now I am the parent to go to advice which I don’t mind” Ashley answered the two men chuckled “anyways a few broken ribs is nothing to her except an excuse to sleep more huh missy?” Adriana said, Britianee blushed

“You should get a guy to fight an your battles, angel” he said with a wink, and as fast as the infatuation came it was gone, she actually looked a bit miffed, why is it guys don’t expect a girl can fight just as well as any guy.

“Sorry to disappoint Johnny, but fighting is a gift I like to share” she snapped looking at her nails, when she smirked “when I can’t fight I am scoring points being the best chaser on my Quidditch team” Britianee looked at both the owner and Johnny “although I honestly can say throwing the ball through the air at the captains head along with another person, a couple times in practice is pretty entertaining as well. They stopped giving me the bludgers apparently they hurt” She said chuckling, Johnny looked behind her and seen two guys walking down the lane of tents and made a motion to have Mr. Warrington look and Britianee looked over.

“Ah, here comes Jimmy James and his friend” he said with a triumphant smile as Britianee snorted,

“Those are the two I am always throwing the ball at” she laughed and immediately clutched her stomach, Ashley shook her head discretely while scratching her neck, the boys sulked back to the other tent, Ashley excused herself and told Britianee she’d be back in a little bit and went in the direction of the other two.

“I like her more by the second, she wouldn’t take crap from anyone, and she even might be able to put the guys in place. How about this, me and some of the team drop in at the Quidditch games at Hogwarts and if you’re as good as you say when you graduate” he paused and looked over at Johnny and he nodded as to say ‘the team wouldn’t mind’ “I’ll be pleased to offer you a position on the Falcons if you still want,

“No pressure from any of us here, besides I have to talk to the guys and see if it would bother them to have a girl on the team. I will need volunteers to come watch the games, and I will need to talk to that Headmaster of yours” he paused and smiled at something “I am sure Albus won’t mind. I have known him for quite a while and I’m sure I can cash in a favor. But you, you can’t tell me or any of the team members your thoughts about this until you graduate and nothing sooner” the owner looked at Johnny who went in a tent nearby to grab some paper. “Write your name and information down and we’ll write up an agreement, we’ll sign it and get a copy to you to hold on to, also don’t be afraid to talk to them team when they are there, get to know them if you’d like” the three agreed, Britianee jumped up and down ecstatic despite being hurt. “Who knows maybe this is how we will recruit new players if it’s successful this year”

“Thank you so much Mr. Warrington” she gushed and she shook his hand “this is quite a pleasure and I can guarantee you my love of Quidditch isn’t going anywhere” she squealed


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