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Mayella Malfoy 

Look it’s not a crime to be happy! It’s not. I know it can’t last. Especially with all of the rubbish going on in my life. But for once, I am happy. I’ve got the one thing I don’t want to leave. I’m going to leave him. I am. I’ve got no choice. He’s in too much danger all ready - being with me won’t help.

These MONSTERS are ruining my family. Maize, Scorp and I may be back at school already - but that is not immuning us from the family. They’ve got insiders in the Daily Prophet, because a lot of not nice things are being printed about us. And everyone believes them. Every ones thinking ‘Malfoy back to their old tricks again!’ but were not! it’s a load of my ass.

Freds has tried calming me down. But it doesn’t work! They’re trying to disgrace my family. And that is not okay with me. Is it not enough to torture us with every weapon they have for what…. 3 days?

No. of course that’s not enough. They know our family. To truly hurt us - our pride has to be dented.

Freddie doesn’t know what happened over Christmas. I don’t want him to. I don’t want him to pity me. I don’t want him to know how much pain I actually went through.

Its unbearable being here. In school. With so many good, kind things going on. No-one can actually see the pain and the suffering that the regular graduates are going through. No-one can see it. No-one can feel it. No families gone through a loss yet. I honestly don’t want them too.

I need someone to confide in. to tell what I’m feeling. But I can’t. I’ve got no-one. Scorp is off getting in as much troble as possible, so that maybe he can go back and be with mom and dad. Maize is crying. That’s all she does any more. It hit her hard. The whole torture thing. I don’t know why. But it has. She won’t talk to me. Or even let me help. She won’t let no-one in.

Dom? She’s too wrapped up in her own life. Not that I blame her. I honestly don’t. I am so glad she’s got her love. Its just that she’s oblivious to the obvious pain her two ‘best friends’ are in. it doesn’t piss me off. It just annoys me. We were there when she needed us. And now she’s nowhere to be found.

I’ve got no homework to do, so I think that tonight I’ll just chill, relax. Be with my boyfriend. The person who makes me happy in this awful time of need.

I’m walking down the stairs to the common room and I scan the room. James is over by the fire-place. Alone. He’s kinda depressed lately too now. Probably something to do with Maizey. She’s the only thing on his mind lately. Not that I blame him. He deserves to be happy. So does my sister.

Sitting on the sofa opposite him I smile and give him a reassuring look. I don’t know if this is even going to make a conversation… so I lie back and get comfortable.

“I know Ells,” He says calmly. Not looking away from the fire. He knows what?

“What Jay man?” I ask trying to lighten the mood - it has suddenly gone really depressing.

“I know what those bastards did to you. I’m going to kill them Ells. If it’s the last thing I do.” He said, his voice full of venom. Shit. He knows. He’s going to tell Freddie. Freddie can’t know! I whiser back the only thing that I can think off.

“Please don’t tell Freddie,”

Freddie Weasley 

I’m in the library with Scottie. We’re revising. Its not going all that good. My mind keeps wondering to the lovely girl I’ve got waiting for me back in the common room.

It’s a lovely thought, that is. Knowing that the woman your possibly falling for is waiting for you to return. I imagine her long soft blonde hair, her shining blue eyes. And that little freckle on the tip of her nose - telling her apart from her sister.

Mayella. Ella.

She’s mine you know. I’m never going to let her go. She’s honestly the only person I can imagine myself being with. I’m going to marry her someday. Honestly I am. I’m going to watch her walk down the aisle - in my grandma’s back yard - say the vows in front of everyone I now and kiss the most important person in my life.

Yeah, you can see I get distracted.

“Psstt. Dude?” I hear Scottie mutter from beside me. I smirk, I’m liking the way this conversation is going.


“Wanna get outa this joint!” He’s such an idiot when we’re talking in whispers.

“Lets go!” I say - returning his accent. Simultaneously we roll on the floor out of the library. Doing a ‘James Bond roll’. we’ve seen them on Aunt Mione’s films.

I can hear that mad Librarian calling for us to come back. We probably knocked over some books or something. Well looks like were banned outa there for a while!

Scottie starts walking the opposite way to the common room. Guess were not going home just yet then.

“Dude we’re we off?”

“Keilie’s and CeCe are in the Room of Requirements, come on.” Oh yes. We’re going to see his marvellous girlfriend. Keiliey is awesome, truly like amazing. And I haven’t meet that CeCe yet. She transferred from somewhere or other.

We walked along the seventh corridor and found the door. The room was how it usually is when there’s a group in their. A small common room type thing. Of course Scottie darling bounded up to his gorgeous girlfriend and swept her off her feet. Bless him.

I looked at the other girl -CeCe- she was blonde, blue eyed. She had the same aura as Ells. She was pretty. Not as nice as my girl like but pretty okay. She’ll do well with boys here. That is for sure.

I sat on the chair opposite her spoke.

“Looks like were not getting an intraduction, I’m Freddie,” I smirked.

“Yeah, I’m CeCe. Nice to meet you Freddie,” She smiled flirtatiously and I looked over what she was wearing. The white school shirt first three buttons un done, giving me a nice view of her chest. D/E I’d say very nice. She had a black cardigan hanging on her shoulders not covering anything up. She had a short black skirt on it was very high up her legs. If I tilted my head back slightly I could see the lace of her knickers.

“Of course it is,” I said back raising my eyebrows. Scottie and Keiliey broke apart and smiled at us. Scott conjured up a sound proof wall and led Keiliey in there. I’m guessing there were up excising apparatus in their for them. If ya get my drift.

“Well that’s lovely,” She replied and patted the sofa next to her with a smile. I moved next to her and put my hand on the top of her skirt with ease. My mind went blank. Her smell of honey-flower was intoxicating.
“If ya wanna see me without my clothes on, then you coulda just asked Fredster,” She said slipping her skirt of slowly.

I pulled her onto my knee and kissed her lustfully. Putting my hand up her top and getting a squeeze of them completely natural chest of hers. She smiled and undid my school shirt. I let it slide of my shoulders as I unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and started kissing her whole body. My pants were off already - Merlin she was good. A whole rush of… something went through my body I groaned in satisfaction and pulled her closer to me.

She stepped away from my and tugged down at my boxers. I undid the buckle of her bra with ease and slipped her knickers off her body. She stepped out of them and wrapped her legs around my waist. I held onto her as I backed us onto the sofa. For comfort.

I kissed her lips. Her nose. Her chin. Her neck. Her chest. Her hips. Her ‘lady part’. I heard her groan and I did the deed. Ramming myself up and down the body felt absolutely magical. I felt her nails dig into my back but it didn’t hurt as much as does with other girls. I felt her push me closer to her.

I was going for a long time. A real long time. Its been about ten minutes and we’re still at it strong. The sensation is filling through my body and all I can think about is her CeCe. I’ve just met her and yet I’m making love to her. Because this. This is not just a shag. This is fucking love.

Maizey Malfoy 

I can’t believe that I’m so stupid. I told him. I told him the one thing me and Ell promise we wouldn’t tell. And I just let it slip. I feel like I’ve betrayed my family. I know that its mad. But something inside me is killing. Me.

So I’ve done the thing I hope is best. I’ve stayed away from James Potter. And anyone who know him, knows how bloody hard it is. But I’ve done it. I’ve actually succeeded.

I’m sitting on my bed, desperate to not go to tears again. that’s all I’ve been doing recently. Dwelling on the past. Christmas. New Year. Over and over again. The pain was unbearable. That potion was revolting. The memories. The sadness. The tears. The cries. The yells for forgiveness. that’s what bothered me the most. The effects.

I hear an owl tapping at the window. Its Matilda’s. I could recognise it from anywhere and everywhere. I open the window and allow Tinkerbelle to sit on my bed why I unwrap the letter.

I don’t know what I’m expecting. I don’t know what its going to be about. But the one this I know is that I’m damn glad to hear from her. I haven’t seen her in like 5 months. Once I found out who I was she vanished disappeared. No-one has a clue where she is.

I tore the envelope and unfolded the letter. It was carefully folded - so she had taken lots of time to write it. And she didn’t know whether to send it or not. I smiled despite myself - I know her so well it hurts.

Dear Maizey (Laurie had been scribbled out next to it!)
I don’t know whether you’ll be happy or sad to get this from me. But I had to write to you. I had to explain things. As well as ask for advice.
I’m sorry I didn’t stick around at the Malfoys, but I knew you’d chose them instead of me. And I don’t think I could handle that realisation. I know your generally happy in the situation though.
I don’t know whether or not I lied to you for all those years - I am truly sorry by the way. But it was because Lucius Malfoy threatened me. Told me that if I didn’t raise you as my own, he’d murder anyone I was close to. So I did.
I planned on telling you your real name and birth parents once you turned 11, however you had already formed an idea of a liar. And I didn’t want you to hate me. I am so sorry. I did
not mean for any of this to work out this way.
I don’t know whether you hate me or not … but I’m in need for some desperate help. And you’re the perfect person to give it too me.
Recently I found out that my parents where also lying to me. I’m not their daughter. I’m their Granddaughter. Yeah. Minnie’s my mom. And she let my parents raise me. She insisted in being in my life. I don’t know who my dad is. But I have a hunch. But I’m not quite sure.
What should I do? Forgive Minnie? Find my dad? Stay as just the youngest daughter of the McGonagall’s? I don’t know?
I miss you baby, I know you were never actually mine - but you were my best friend. And I miss you. I am hoping and praying to Merlin your alright, I’m sorry for not keeping in touch baby. I love you. Always remember that. Please write back, when your ready of course.
Love Always

Maddie xx (Mom had been crossed out. )

I don’t know what to say? I don’t know what to do? Oh my gosh? We’ve both been in the same position. And she wants help. She needs help. She’s gotta go through this alone. I didn’t have to. I had Ella. I had Scorp. But she hasn’t. she’s alone.

I stare at the words disbelievingly.

Minnie’s my mom.

Oh my god.

Minnie’s her mom.

Oh my Merlin.

What should I do? Should I leave her? Should I write back? Should ihelp her? Should I meet her?


Its dangerous for anyone a talk to now-a-days. I don’t want to inflict that danger on Maddie. Even though she lied to me for my whole life - she’s still close to my heart. I don’t want her to be. Merlin knows I don’t want her to be.

But she is.

And I can’t change that. I’m starting to need her too. She’s always been there for me. And now. Just when I was starting to need her again - I get her owl.

I scratch Tinkerbelle’s ear and think. I’ll write back in the morning. I can’t think straight now. But I can’t sleep. I’ll go the common room.

“Maize I think there’s a way to keep everyone safe. I’m going to do it,” Ella’s telling me in our dorm. She’s in my bed, and she cast a spell so no-one can actually hear out conversation. She’s been crying for most of the night. Freds cheated on her. She’s thankful - because it makes it easier for her. She’s got an excuse.

“What you mean?” I ask her confused - this is the first bit of clear sentences she’s said in a while. So yeah I’m scared.

“I’m joining them. The Killers,” She states. No she can’t. “Come on Maize think about it. We can talk to who we like and they’ll be safe. We’ll have unlimited duelling time - with ANYONE we want, and we’ll get rewarded. And they’ll stop hurting us,” She smiles, thinking that she’s just came up with the greatest plan in the world.

What the fuck is up with her?

“Ella, think about this. You’ll have to kill people. Possibly kids! Can you handle that!” I tell her looking into her eyes. She’s stubborn. She’s not going to give in.

“Yes I can. Because I don’t believe I have a heart any more you know. I did yes. But it’s just been broken,” She says and walks over to her bed.


I can’t lose my sister.

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that.

Oh my lord.

I’m losing my sister. 

Authors Note: hey:) i'm sorry about the Freddie bit - if anyone didn't like it. i don't know what the hell came over me. but i'm thinking it fits with the story. and i THINK i'm going to devolpe CeCe into a likeable charachter.. buh i'm not sure yet. i hope that some of the things in Maddie's letter explains some things... and all the other answers your wanting are coming soon. 
btw- the Killers are like an updated cleverer version of the Death Eaters. so yeah. What do you's think of Ella's sudden change in character? good? bad? do you think the other Malfoy's will go the same way? 
r+r cos you love me;]
i love you :))
lovee zoeyxox:)
p.s - sorry for the lenght promise the next one will be longerr :))

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