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    Confessions of Adhara Greengrass | Confessions of family time, kisses and eavesdropping


        “Adhara, Scorpius is here to see you!” shouts my mum as she bursts open the door to my room. I open my eyes groggily and look over at the clock on my beside table that reads 7:15. Who the bloody hell wakes up on a Saturday at 7:15?

        “Go away,” I mutter pulling my pillow over my head.

        “Adhara,” continues my mum, “Don’t be rude, Scorpius is here and I’ve made breakfast!”

        I sit up quickly. “What do you mean you made breakfast?” I ask. There are three things that my mum cannot do: be perceptive, think about something before she says it and cook. Last time she “made breakfast” Auburn turned purple and started vomiting a very green substance. Happy times.

        “Well, I made a full English Breakfast,” says my mum defensively. “I can cook, you know.”

        “Auburn nearly died last time you made a ‘full English Breakfast,’” I remind her.

        “He was just — that was just because he ate too quickly,” replies my mum. “Anyways, get downstairs so we can all eat together before your brother and father leave for work.”

        I try not to snort about said brother “going to work” and get out of bed obediently.

        “Scorpius is going to spend the day here so you two should find something to do to entertain yourselves because I have to go to Diagon Alley,” says my mum as we walk down the stairs.

        “Oh, today is going to be exciting,” I say dryly.

        “Adhara,” chastises mum. “Stop being so sarcastic, it isn’t attractive in a young lady.” I roll my eyes in return.

        We reach the kitchen to see Scorpius, Auburn and my dad sitting around the breakfast table. Crickey.

        I take a seat next to Scorpius and sip my pumpkin juice apprehensively, avoiding all the food set out on the table.

        My dad is eating tiny bites of the food and smiling at my mum but everytime she turns around he puts it into his napkin. Real stealth, father.

        I turn my attention to my mum who is taking about Auburn happily. “Assistant to the Assistant of the Senior Minister of Magic Assistant is such a great first job, Auburn,” says mum encouragingly.

        I snort into my pumpkin juice but try to cover it with a cough. “Sorry, did you just say that Auburn is the Assistant to the Assistant of the Senior Minister of Magic Assistant?”

        “Yes, Adhara,” answers mum, “What’s wrong with that? It’s a perfectly respectable job.”

        Auburn smirks smugly. He’s too thick to realize that he’s just somebody else’s bitch.

        “What is it exactly that you do?” asks Scorpius interestedly.

        Auburn sits up straighter in his chair. “Well, I get coffee and the Daily Prophet and—” Auburn pauses. It seems he doesn’t do much else. “And sometimes I answer the phone…” Auburn basically confirms the ‘blonds are dumb’ stereotype, him and Scorpius should make a club.

        “It’s a really great first job, Auburn, dear,” says mum encouragingly. She looks over at the table to see that almost all the food is still there. “Well, eat up!” She begins piling huge amounts of food onto everyone’s plates. Dad looks scared.

        “Well,” I begin, “Scorpius needs to use the loo.”

        “No, I don’t,” says Scorpius. I elbow him in the chest. “Oh, right, I do!” I grab his arm and we practically run from the table.

        “That was close,” I say, relieved.

        “Yeah, I sure do hope your dad isn’t sick with all the food he was eating,” says Scorpius.

        “Yeah,” I say idly.

        “So, what are we doing today?” asks Scorpius.

        “I don’t know,” I respond.

        “We should go outside!” says Scorpius enthusiastically.

        “Why?” I ask bluntly.

        “Because we never venture outdoors,” says Scorpius.

        Venture outdoors? Merlin.

        “Okay, I’ll get dressed then we can go outside,” I say.

        “All right! I’ll go help your mum!” says Scorpius, happily skipping out of the room.

        Honestly, that boy is so gay (in a happy way) that sometimes I think he’s just going to burst into a pink fairy.

        I assess myself in the mirror and forgo brushing my hair and hassle it into a loose bun at the nape of my neck. I dress quickly and head to the bathroom down the hall when I hear something crash downstairs and my mum shrieking. Oh, Merlin.

        I run down the stairs to see my mum shrieking and practically pulling her hair out, my dad purple-faced and choking on the floor, Auburn trying to whack my dad on the back and Scorpius jumping up and down hysterically.

        And this is why I don’t have friends over.

        I watch the scene, unsure of what to do. Scorpius starts screaming something about a bezoar and runs over to our potions cabinet and pulls out the box of what I assume are bezoars. He sprints back and stuffs the kidney-like stone into dad’s mouth.

        Dad stops choking immediately and mum stops shrieking. Everyone is silently staring at dad who’s face is returning to its natural colour.

        Scorpius does have a brain!

        The initial shock wears off pretty quickly and mum is muttering about how dad ate too fast. She’s still in denial, of course avoiding the blatant fact that she cannot in fact cook.

        Scorpius is still staring dumbfounded at dad. Auburn and I are kind of used to it by now, it’s sort of a Saturday morning ritual now.

        “Er, mum, normally bezoars are used when the person has been poisoned…” Auburn trails off, loosening the collar of his robes.

        Mum begins sputtering. “I’ve been — I’ve been cooking since before you were born! I wouldn’t poison your father!”

        Mum is still defending her cooking when the doorbell rings. Scorpius and I glance at each other and tip toe out of the room.

        I open the door to see Eleanor standing there. Oh, sweet Salazar. Her eyes are bloodshot and practically bugging out of their sockets. Crickey. She’s also shaking quite oddly.

        “Eleanor!” says Scorpius cheerfully. “Are you all right?”

        “Oh, I’m fantastic!” she says loudly, extending her arms and spilling the lime green drink that she has in the can she’s holding.

        “Eleanor… what the bloody hell are you drinking?” I ask her.

        Her eyes widen. “Oh, no time to explain, bestest pal! To the secret quarters!” She nearly knocks over Scorpius and barrels upstairs.

        “What happened to Eleanor?” asks Scorpius.

        “I’ve got no idea, but we’d better go after her before she—”


        Oh, golly Godric.

        Scorpius and I practically run upstairs to see Eleanor jumping on my bed. “What are you doing?” I ask.

        “Jumping!” she answers.

        I pass Scorpius and head towards the can Eleanor was holding that she placed on the desk. Scorpius and I stare at the can suspiciously.

        “You take it,” I say.

        “Why should I take it?” asks Scorpius.

        “Because you’re the man… or lack thereof,” I retort.

        “I am a man,” says Scorpius in a dignified manner. For a second there I thought he was going to turn into a lion. Creepy.

        “Whatever,” I say. “Just check it.”

        Scorpius in all his manliness takes the can and sniffs it. “Well?” I ask him.

        “It smells… sugary,” he says finally.

        “Oh, for Merlin’s sake,” I mutter, grabbing the can out of his hands. I pour out some of the lime green liquid.

        “It looks fluorescent,” observes Scorpius.

        “Hey! That’s mine!” screams Eleanor before falling off the bed. Lovely. She gets up quickly and walks over, plucking the can from my hand.

        “I’ve been up all night devising the plan,” she explains.

        “She said plan. This can’t be good,” Scorpius whispers in my ear.

        “I have a plan,” continues Eleanor.

        “Eleanor,” I interrupt. “Last time you had a plan, I rolled into a bush.”

        “That wasn’t part of my plan,” she says defensively. “It’s not my fault that you’re clumsy.”

        I just glare at her.

        “What’s the plan?” asks Scorpius interestedly.

        “Well, I was up all night devising a plan to get Albus and Adhara together!” shouts Eleanor excitedly. “And it’s fool-proof.”

        Oh, Merlin.

        “Eleanor, I don’t know what you’ve been drinking, but—” begins Scorpius.

        “I’ve been drinking Red Bull!” she shouts. “It’s Muggle!”

        “Eleanor,” I say, “What did I say about drinking Muggle things?”

        She mumbles something incoherent.

        I just roll my eyes at her.

        “Well, Ele, how about we just take this away?” he says, pulling the can out of Eleanor’s shaking grip.

        “No!” she screams. “I need that to function!”

        “Eleanor,” says Scorpius slowly. “Let’s use our indoor voices, all right?”

        She crosses her arms over her chest angrily. “No matter, I have more. They were 2 for 1.” She proceeds to pull out another blue and red can, cracks open the top and immediately begins to gulp it. Lord Voldemort.

        “Eleanor,” asks Scorpius fearfully. “How many of those have you had?”

        “Four!” she shouts happily.

        “Sweet Salazar,” says Scorpius.

        “Anyways,” says Eleanor. “The PTGAAAT.”

        “The what?” I ask.

        “The Plan To Get Albus And Adhara Together,” she announces proudly.

        I hate my life.

        “Er… Eleanor, I don’t think that’d be such a great idea…” says Scorpius.

        “Why not?” asks Eleanor. “Do you doubt my intelligence?”

        “No, of course not,” says Scorpius quickly. “It’s just that…”

        “Never mind,” says Eleanor. “The plan is that we’re going to… make Albus jealous!”

        I think I may kill myself.

        “No,” I say shortly.

        “What?” asks Eleanor.

        “No,” I repeat.

        “Why not?” asks Eleanor.

        “Because, if I had a knut for everytime your plans have gone wrong, I’d be richer than Harry Potter,” I say.

        “That’s just — That’s just not true!” says Eleanor defensively.

        “Yes, it is!” I reply.

        “Who wants to go outside?” interrupts Scorpius.

        Eleanor and I just stare at him.

        “Okay,” he answers cheerfully and proceeds to drag us both by the arms downstairs.

        “But — I’m… allergic to grass!” lies Eleanor.

        “Then it’s a good thing that it’s all covered by snow,” replies Scorpius.

        We reach the front door and Scorpius hands us our coats.

        “Aren’t you guys excited to build a snowman?” asks Scorpius happily.

        “No,” I answer bluntly.

        “You guys are such downers,” says Scorpius.

        We all step outside and head towards the backyard.

        “What do you guys want to do first? Make snow angels or—”

        “What was that?” asks Eleanor nervously.

        “What was what?” I ask.

        “That bush just moved,” says Eleanor, pointing a finger at the offending bush.

        We all stare at said bush.

        “Oh my Voldemort,” whispers Scorpius, “We’re all going to die.”

        “We are not going to die,” I say annoyed.

        Suddenly, the bush moves violently. Scorpius and Eleanor begin screaming and hugging each other.

        Lord Voldemort.

        “Would you two calm down?” I ask.

        They both hide behind me. Great. They even have their wands drawn and are pointing them at the bush.

        Something is behind the bush.

        “AHOMG!” screams Scorpius at the bush, pointing his wand at the bush.

        “That isn’t a spell!” shouts Eleanor.

        Happy times.

        All of the sudden, a boy steps out from behind the bush.

        Scorpius and Eleanor start shrieking and running towards the house. Which leaves me here, with bush-boy. Lovely.

        “You idiots! Come back here!” I shout after them.

        They both look back, stop and begin walking slowly towards us, wands still drawn. Holy Hufflepuff.

        I turn back towards the boy, who as his hands in his pockets and is looking weirdly at Eleanor and Scorpius.

        “Who are you?’ asks Scorpius suspiciously, his wand pointed.

        “What?” asks the boy.

        “Where did you come from?” asks Scorpius, enunciating every word clearly as if he’s speaking to a foreigner.

        “Next door,” says the boy, looking confused.

        “And why were you spying on us?” asks Eleanor, her wand pointed at the boy as well.

        “I wasn’t,” says the boy. “I was looking for my dog.”

        “Your… dog,” says Eleanor.

        “Yeah,” replies the boy, looking quizzically at Eleanor and Scorpius. “Now it’s my turn to ask a question, why are you guys holding sticks?”

        “It’s not a stick, it’s wand!” says Eleanor smartly.

        And then I realize something. The boy’s a Muggle. Shit.

        Realization dawns upon dumb and dumber and they hide their wands quickly.

        “I’ve never spoken to a Muggle before,” says Scorpius, wide-eyed.

        The boy stares blankly at Scorpius. “What’s a Muggle?”

        “Never mind,” I say, quickly.

        “What were you guys doing?” asks the boy.

        “We were about to make snow angels,” says Scorpius, annoyed.

        The boy snorts. “Are you a poof?”

        Scorpius looks offended. He’s opening and closing his mouth angrily. “No!” he shouts.

        “Relax, you don’t have to get all worked up about it, blondie,” says the boy.

        Scorpius glares at the boy, turns on his heel dramatically and stalks off.

        Now Eleanor is glaring at the boy. “What’s your name anyway?”

        “Holden,” answers the boy.

        Suddenly a black dog comes bursting out of the bush. Eleanor screams and runs toward me, tackling me over into the snow. She lands on top of me and then… her lips land on mine.

        Rowdy Rowena.

        “Merlin’s red jodhpurs, I’m so sorry, Ads!” says Eleanor, getting up quickly.

        Eleanor just kissed me. I’ve never been kissed before. My first kiss was with a girl and I don’t even swing that way!

        I hate my life.

        “Eleanor, why the bloody hell did you even start running?” I ask angrily.

        “Because that dog startled me!” she says defensively.

        “It’s a dog!” I say.

        “It could have been… Voldemort?” she counters.

        “Eleanor, Voldemort is dead!” I shout at her.

        “Sorry?” she says meekly.

        Holden is just standing there awkwardly holding his dog.

        I stalk off towards the house and Eleanor follows, apologizing the whole way there.

        We walk into the house to see Scorpius standing there still angry. “I’m not a poof!” he shouts.

        “We know,” Eleanor and I answer monotonously in unison.

        “I hate that Muggle boy!” says Scorpius.

        Eleanor and I ignore him and walk towards the kitchen.

        “What happened with you two?” asks Scorpius.

        I glare at Eleanor, silently telling her not to say anything with my eyes.

        “I kissed Adhara by accident,” says Eleanor. Honestly, she’s as perceptive as a goldfish.

        “Oh,” replies Scorpius. “But, Eleanor, I thought you liked James.”

        “It was an accident, you dolt,” I say, annoyed.

        “Oh. Oh, okay,” answers Scorpius.

        “Anyways, what do you guys want to do now?” asks Eleanor.

        “I’m not going back out there,” says Scorpius, crossing his arms over his chest. “I hate that boy.”

        I roll my eyes at Scorpius. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?”

        Scorpius brightens. “Let’s go visit Albus!”

        “Scorpius, I’ve never seen you so happy to see Albus,” I say.

        “Well, uh—” stutters Scorpius.

        “Is Rose going to be there?” I ask.

        “Well, why I don’t know,” lies Scorpius.

        “Scorpius, you’re a crap liar,” I say.

        “I’m not lying,” he says. I just roll my eyes at him again.

        “Whatever, let’s go, we can floo there,” I say and we make our way towards the foyer.

        The doorbell rings.

        “Were you expecting anyone?” asks Scorpius.

        “No,” I answer.

        “Mum says to never answer the door when she isn’t home,” says Eleanor.

        Scorpius and I ignore her and head towards the door. I open it to see Holden.

        “You!” shouts Scorpius.

        “Okay, then,” says Holden, taking a step back.

        Scorpius stalks off.

        “Hey,” I say awkwardly.

        “Hey,” he replies. “I just wanted to give you this back.” He hands me Eleanor’s wand. Shit.

        “Uh, yeah, thanks,” I say.

        “No problem, what is that thing anyways?” asks Holden.

        “Eleanor is very fond of trees… it’s a branch sample,” I lie awkwardly.

        “Oh-kay,” he says.

        “Yeah,” I reply.

        He turns to leave but looks back at the last moment. “Actually, I was wondering if you’d wanna go out sometime?”

        “Where?” I ask.

        He blushes a little. “I don’t know, I hadn’t figured that part out yet.”

        Oh, right. Shit. “Wait,” I say. “You mean like on a date?”

        “Yeah,” he says. He kind of looks down awkwardly.

        “Sure,” I say.

        He looks up and smiles. “Okay, see you later, Adhara.”

        I shut the door to see Scorpius standing there, lips pursed and Eleanor jumping up and down. “Ohmygoshheaskedyouout!” she screams.

        “Well, I won’t allow it,” says Scorpius authoritatively.

        “What?” I ask.

        “He’s Muggle,” says Scorpius.

        “Racist,” mutters Eleanor.

        “Your point is?” I ask.

        “He’s Muggle! And I hate Muggles and — I’m going to tell your parents if you go!” says Scorpius.

        Eleanor gasps.

        “Who the hell is the one with the raving Muggle obsession? You love Muggles and their Apples or whatever,” I argue.

        “Yeah, well, I’d never actually met one. Now I realize they’re jerks. Granddad was right,” says Scorpius.

        “Your granddad is a flipping psycho!” I reply.

        “Good point,” says Eleanor.

        I grab her arm and pull her into the hall closet.

        “You can’t tell anyone,” I say seriously, referring to Holden asking me out.

        “No, of course not,” she says.

        We stand there awkwardly.

        “Er… Ads,” Eleanor begins awkwardly. “I just want to make sure that you didn’t… you know… misread the kiss.”

        I can’t even think of a retort to her stupidity. I hate my life.

        “Don’t flatter yourself,” I mutter, stepping out of the closet.

        We walk back towards the fireplace to see Scorpius standing there, arms crossed, looking angry.

        “Look, Scorpius, could you just not tell anyone about Holden?” I ask politely. “Please?”

        “No,” says Scorpius angrily. “I’m protecting your dignity and I will tell your parents if you go.”

        “Oh, yeah, well, I’ll tell your dad about all the Muggle stuff you keep under the floorboard in your closet! And about your obsession with Michael Jackson!” I threaten.

        Scorpius gasps. “You did not just go there!”

        “Enough, you two!” says Eleanor. “Can we just go to the Potter’s house now?”

        Scorpius is still glaring at me.

        “Yeah, let’s go,” I say.

        We all stand in front of the fireplace. “Scorpius, you go first,” I say.

        “Fine!” says Scorpius dramatically. “I didn’t want to be around you for a second longer anyway!” He grabs a handful of Floo Powder, shouts ‘Potter Mansion’ and is enveloped in green dust.

        “I’ll go next,” says Eleanor. “How do I look?”

        “Like Ginny Weasley, now go,” I reply.

        She follows Scorpius’ lead and disappears in green dust.

        I grab a handful of Floo Powder and step inside the hearth of the fireplace. “Potter Mansion,” I say dully. Reason #4,668,575,678 of why I hate my life. Thank you, Merlin.

        I fall onto a crimson rug and look up to see Eleanor, Scorpius, Albus, Lily and James looking down on me. Oh, and Rose glaring at me. Fan-bloody-tastic.

        “Hey, Adhara,” says James, “We were just about to have lunch.”

        Albus leads the way to the kitchen and James, Eleanor, Rose and Lily follow. Scorpius is still ignoring me so he sniffs and walks off toward the kitchen after them. I roll my eyes and trail behind.

        Why the hell do I put myself in these situations?

        We all take seats around the long dining table. James and Eleanor sit next to each other while Albus and Lily take the heads of the table. That leaves me next to Rose. Great.

        We all begin eating in silence.

        This is so awkward.

        Seriously, even Scorpius can’t think of anything to say.

        Rose is glaring and Scorpius, Lily is flicking crumbs at Scorpius, Albus is glancing at James, Eleanor is staring dreamily at James and James is not-so-subtly touching Eleanor’s thigh. Fabulous.

        “Could you pass the pudding, please?” asks Rose, effectively breaking the silence.

        Scorpius nearly jumps out of his chair to pass the pudding.

        “Thank you,” says Rose.

        I roll my eyes at her.

        “I’ve never felt closer to you,” whispers Scorpius.

        Everyone is silent. And staring at Scorpius with their best ‘wtf?’ expressions. Words do not explain.

        James clears his throat awkwardly. “So, what did you guys do today?”

        Eleanor instantly perks up. “Oh, we went outside to make snow angels, but then we met this really nice boy named Holden in a bush and then he found his dog and then he upset Scorpius so Scorpius had a nervy b and went inside, then we went inside, then Holden came and asked Adhara out on a date!” says Eleanor, all in one breath. She exhales heavily.

        Silence. I will kill her. James smiles uneasily and looks at Albus who looks like a cross between confused and… jealous?

        “What do you mean he asked her out on a date?” asks James politely.

        Eleanor frowns. “Well, he asked her if she wanted to go out sometime and she said yes.”

        Scorpius coughs uncomfortably. “So, are you guys excited for… Christmas?”

        “Oh, yes,” says Lily, nodding, trying to switch the subject.

        “Excuse me,” says Albus, getting up from his chair and walking out of the room quickly. Scorpius follows him. What the bloody hell is going on?

        “The PTGAAAT is in effect,” whispers Eleanor from across the table. Real smooth, carrot top.

        Lord Voldemort, why me?

        “I’m just going to go use the loo,” says James, getting up and following Scorpius and Albus.

        Okay, now this is even more awkward. Rose is glaring at Eleanor and I and Lily is just sitting there.

        “What just happened?” asks Eleanor.

        Rose shoots Eleanor a scathing look. I swear that girl has a stick up her—

        “Does anyone want more pie?” asks Lily.

        “No, thank you,” Rose, Eleanor and I answer in unison. That was weird.

        “So,” begins Lily, “What are you two doing for the holidays?”

        “Oh,” begins Eleanor, “Well, we’re going to—”

        “Excuse me,” I ask Lily, interrupting Eleanor. “Where’s the loo?”

        “Down the hall, the second door on the left,” answers Lily.

        “Thanks,” I reply. I get up from my chair and leave the room quickly.

        I begin walking towards the loo but stop abruptly when I hear raised voices. It sounds like Albus and Scorpius.

        I cross the hall and walk over to the closed door. I really shouldn’t eavesdrop, but I can’t help it. I lean my ear against the door and listen.

        “—I can’t help it the way I feel about her, but I also couldn’t do that to Gemma… I mean, I have to do what’s right, as well.” That was Albus.

        “But, isn’t it worse lying to her?” Scorpius asks.

        “Maybe, but I did what I thought was right. I couldn’t just leave it like that. Gemma didn’t deserve that, I was being selfish,” says Albus.

        “But, what about—” begins Scorpius.

        “I can’t,” says Albus.

        “But, you still care!” argues Scorpius.

        “But, I shouldn’t,” replies Albus.

        What the hell?

        There is a pause and suddenly, the door opens and I fall into the room. Oh, FML. James is trying not to laugh. Albus is staring at me. And Scorpius looks worried. Shit.

        “We’ll just… go,” says James, pulling Scorpius out of the room with him.

        I get up awkwardly and stand there. I look up to see Albus staring at me.

        “Look,” begins Albus, “I’m sorry, but I hope that you understand.”

        “Understand what?” I ask.

        “I thought you heard,” says Albus, confused.

        “No,” I say. “Not exactly.”

        “Well, I’ve gotten back together with Gemma. It’s not that I don’t like you, Adhara, it’s just that what I did to Gemma was wrong and she didn’t deserve it. But, I can’t be selfish anymore. I’m trying to make it work with Gemma now. I’m sorry.” He finishes and his emerald eyes meet mine.

        “It’s fine,” I say.

        Albus looks like he can’t say much else. “I’ll see you later, then.”

        “Yeah,” I reply weakly.

        I actually hate my life. I’m probably going to end up a cat lady in Knockturn Alley. Except I’m allergic to cats. Lord Voldemort.

    Author's Note Hello readers! I think this is the longest chapter I've ever written for Adhara. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to share them. I just want to say how much I really appreciate all the feedback you readers give me for this.

    Thank you all for reading!


    chapter image by Camila @ TDA! 

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