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A/N: Hey everyone! SO SO SO sorry about the late update! *Smacks head* my life has been very busy at the moment (which includes planning my birthday! XD) so again I apologsie! Here is chappie ten, are chappie eleven is not far off!

Thanks to my reviewers, my beta Mrs J Potter and my graphics maker .MementoMori! You guys rule!

Disclaimer: J.K owns the goods! And the show Neighbours belongs to it's respective owner!

Claimer: OC's, plot XD


Chappie image by fabulous WhatSarahSaid @ TDA! Thanks so much for saving me! XD

On my way back to the Gryffindor common room I saw Matthew pacing outside the portrait. The Fat Lady was eyeing him suspiciously, and she looked cross. When he saw me, he smiled and waved with relief, even the Fat Lady looked relieved. I waved back.

“Hey, Matt, just the person I wanted to see!” I said excitedly.

“And you're the person that I wanted to see too!” Matthew replied. “The Fat Lady has been spitting threats at me for the past five minutes.”

The Fat Lady snorted. “You could have been an intruder, waiting for the right moment to attack.” 

“Do I look like a Slytherin to you?” He said.

“You never know,” The Fat Lady replied in a matter-of-factly tone.

“Don't worry, he's with me,” I assured her quickly. “Anyway what's up Matt?”

“Are you and Dom still up for tutoring?” Matthew asked.

“Yes! I've got a WHOLE stack of homework and I have no idea where to begin,” I replied. “Where are we to do this?”

“I asked McGonagall if we could use the Transfiguration classroom and she gave us permission,” Matthew answered. “Where's Dom?”

“Oh, don't worry I'll grab her.” I took the compact mirror out of my pocket and opened it, a second later Dom's face appeared, I could see Regulus beside her and he didn't look very happy.

“Hey, Yomee! Tutoring will be in the Transfiguration classroom, Matt's with me now,” I said.

“That's awesome Yo! But um-” 

The compact mirror was snatched off her and Regulus came fully into view. “I'll be sitting in, just to keep an eye on things.” 

“Erm, alright...” I trailed, as Dom snatched the mirror back.

“We don't have a happy chap over here, Regulus doesn't like the fact Matthew is teaching us.” 

I looked up to Matthew, who rolled his eyes. “Tell Black that I'll allow him to sit in, but one foot out of place and I'll kick him out.”

“I'm sure you will...” I heard Regulus mutter.

“Well YOU could have tutored us Reg, but NO, you refused,” I told him.

Regulus didn't say anything and Dom smiled. “Alright, Yo, meet you there in five!” “Kay, Yo!”

I shut the compact mirror and smiled at Matthew. “Righty let's go!”

When we all arrived and had set our homework out before us, Matthew told us it wasn't the official tutoring lesson, but the official one would begin next week. But just for tonight he'd just help out with homework. Dom and I were very relieved to hear that.
Regulus who sat in a far corner, was slowly doing his homework as well, but hardly ever took his eyes off Matthew. It felt like he was actually our friend, being so protective like this.

“Uh, so you're learning the spell Aguamenti, in Charms,” Matthew said, looking at Dom's work. “Right, it is very easy once you get the hang of it, I'll draw a bigger diagram of the wand movements for you on the board and then I'd like you to attempt to fill this cup with water.”

Dom nodded and took out her wand. “Right, let's do this!”

Matthew smiled. Grabbing some chalk he charmed it and with a wave of his wand, the chalk sketched the diagram of the wand movement upon the board.

“Does it have to be precise?” Dom asked.

“To get the full effect, then yes,” Matthew replied. “The more water you want, the more emphasis and power you put into your wand.”

“Alright, let's see if I can do it.” Dom practiced the wand movements a couple of times, before putting her focus onto the cup, while doing the wand movements she said, “Aguamenti!” However nothing happened. “Piece of shit!”

Matthew laughed. “Don't stress Dom, you'll get it, keep practicing.”

He then came over to me. “Right, what do you have Soph?”

“Icky Defense,” I replied.

“Don't like it, huh?”

I shook my head. “It's way hard!”

“Let's see what you have to do...”

Before long, Dom finally managed to fill her cup five times, completed all her Defense homework without breaking a sweat and finished all her essays.

It took me a little extra time, but when I finally did understand what Matthew was saying, I could see the light! And finally managed to complete all my given homework.

“Right girls, you did well, you should be proud!”

“We wouldn't have succeeded without you Matt, thanks mate,” Dom said on behalf of both of us.

“No worries girls, once we get through this week, we'll start proper tutoring, I just don't want you two to feel pressured.”

“I don't think you'd be able to prevent that,” I laughed. "But thanks so much for all of this, we appreciate it a lot!"

Regulus snorted slightly.

Matthew smiled warmly. “Anything to help. Well let's get to dinner before it's over,” he said, packing the stuff away.

My stomach let out a rumble, and I couldn't wait to stuff my face with food. So packing our stuff away, we all made our way to the Great Hall.

*** *** ***

After dinner, Regulus, Dom and I, went exploring with the Marauders Map. Dom was walking in front so Regulus couldn't see it, although he knew it was something that didn't belong to us, he didn't ask any questions.

“Ooo, there's a small room coming up ahead behind a statue, we can all hang out in there so Filch doesn't find us,” Dom said, as she scanned the map.

“Cool, Yo, lead the way,” I said.

Dom suddenly gasped, her hand, in which clutched onto the Map jerked into the air, Dom didn't let go, but stared at me in wide eye shock.

“Oh crap, I think the Marauders have realised it's gone and now they're using the summoning cha-” before Dom could finish, she was cut off by another jerk of her arm, but yet she still refused to let go.

“You mean you stole that from the Marauders?” Regulus asked in disbelief. “How did you two manage that?”

“We just did,” I replied, and then laughed, as I watched Dom struggle to keep hold of it. “Let it go Yomee!”

“No! I want to keep it for a little longer!”

Regulus and I watched in amusement, as Dom was thrown onto the floor and pratically dragged across the ground, still holding the map tightly in her hand.

“I ... won't ... give … up!” She choked out. “Yomee, grab my legs!”

Laughing, I bent down and took hold of her legs, and soon I was pulled down and dragged also, I squealed. Chuckling, Regulus' arm snaked around my waist and lifted me off the floor, and in the end, the summoning charm won over, and Dom finally had no choice but to let go. She came to a hault a few feet away from us, and we watched as the map flew off and disapeared around the corner.

“NOOOOOO!” She cried. “Aw, bloody tossers!”

Regulus went over and helped her to her feet, Dom straightened herself out and pouted. “Oh well, guess Reg is our map again.”

“And what exactly is wrong with that?” he said with a smirk. “I happen to know of a few places we could hang out, follow me ladies."

Regulus had lead us to a small room of the main corridor which also lead us away from Filch and Mrs Norris, we sat on the nice comfy couches and looked at each other.

“So do you girls have middle names?” Regulus asked.

“Dominique Serena Austin,” Dom replied.

“Sophie Natesha Adams,” I replied also.

“Regulus Arcturus Black,” Regulus said.

“Very posh,” Dom commented.

“You mean very lame.”

We laughed. “Whatevs Reg, we know a million people who would disagree on that.”

“When are your birthdays?”

Dom and I exchanged looks, we didn't really know if we should give away that we were from the future, I just shook my head a little and Dom gave a small nod.

“Girls?” Regulus questioned.

“Mine is March the 13th … nineteen-ninety-”

“Sixty,” Dom coughed.

“Sixty...” I quickly corrected. “Yeah, March the 13th 1960.”

Regulus' eyes were narrowed. “You aren't lying are you?”

I shook my head vigourously. “Absolutely not.” I wished more than anything that we could tell him the truth.

Regulus' eyes fluttered over to Dom. “When is your birthday?”

“June 14th 1960,” Dom replied smoothly.

“Mine is February the 16th 1961,” Regulus told us. Sheesh, he'd be the same age as my parents today if it were back in our time. And if Dom and I were here long enough, we'd be that age too! Oh man, that is scary!

“So what are your families like, do you have any siblings?” He asked.

Dom nodded. “Five brothers.”

“Wow, that's a lot, where you do stand?”

“Youngest, and most spoilt,” Dom announced proudly. “My oldest brother, Josh, is thirty-one, my parents started early obviously.”

“I only have one brother, Freddie, he's twenty,” I said. “He and I are very close.”


“It's just you and Sirius, eh? Were you two close?”

“We were, don't really want to talk about it..” Regulus muttered.

Fair enough.

“I want to know the full story Reg, about what happened between you and Sirius ,” Dom said anyway. “Please tell us.”

Regulus threw her a look. “Why?”

“Did your parents.. ever abuse.. Sirius?” I asked slowly, I didn't want to pressure him into talking about something he didn't want to.

“Yes we were close and yes they did abuse him, the night before he ran away to that Potter's house, they locked him in his room … he doesn't know, but I was the one who let him out,” Regulus said, not looking us in the eye. “Before he left, I tried to talk to him, but he just yelled at me saying I was as pathetic as they were, and well we haven't spoken properly – well at all, since then.”

“Oh, shit, Regulus, I am so sorry...” Dom trailed, I was just too speechless to say anything, I'd always wondered what had happened the night Sirius had run away and somesort of background, and it was sort of a shock that it had happened like that.

“Yes I do agree on some of my parents morals, but I had grown up knowing nothing else, I don't appreciate the way they treated Sirius, but what was I to do?” Regulus shook his head.

“Reg,” I said gently.

“You two don't see me as evil do you?”

We shook our heads.

“Good,” Regulus said, a small smile coming to his lips. “You two are different...”

I smiled and touched his hand. “We sure are, trust me Reg, we won't abandon you, because we know you'll make the right choice in the end...”

And die for it.

I couldn't let that happen.

Dom smiled and touched his other hand. “Let's lighten this mood up shall we?”

Dom and I shared some stories about our families. Dom's mum and dad are doctors and my mum worked in a bank and my dad worked as a car dealer. Our lives were pretty normal and were nothing compared to Regulus' magical upbringing. I told Regulus that my brother Freddie was studying to be a lawyer. Our lives were a total drag compared to Reg's experiences.

“I found out a very young age that I was magical,” Regulus was saying. “Bellatrix was chasing me and I accidently nearly fell into my uncle Cygnus' unruly rose bush, but instead of any injury, I was magically hovering in the air above it and Bella had to bring me down. She thought it was hilarious, I didn't think so.”

We just couldn't believe we were actually in the magical world and with the portal gone, it could be years until we returned to our normal lives. The magical world was far different than we imagined.

I giggled. “What do you think would have happened if you'd actually fallen in?”

“I wouldn't want to know,” Regulus said. “That rose bush ruined a lot of my favourite sweaters when I was little.”

“Aw, I love roses, my favourite flower, especially the really deep red ones.”

“Frangipani's,” I said cheerfully.

“Oh, really?” Regulus replied.

“So when are you going to show us your awesome riding skills?” Dom said. “I'd love to how to ride a broomstick!”

“I'd be happy to show you this Saturday, if you'd like.”

“YAY!” We cheered.

After awhile, the day had caught up with me, and my eyes uncontrollably began to droop and I slowly fell asleep.

“I hope she wakes up soon.”

“Me too, me too.”

“She looks so peaceful, doesn't she?”

“I wonder what she's dreaming about?”

“I hope whatever it is, it's magical.” 

The voices fluttered away, when my eyes snapped open. I groggily sat up, expecting Dom and Regulus still up and talking, but they were both asleep also. Shiz!

“Guys!” I said, shaking them both. “Guys, wake up!”

Dom groaned. “No mum, you tape Neighbours...”

Regulus ran a hand through his hair, he looked at his watch and he swore. “It's 11:30.”


Dom sat up and gasped. “What, what? Oh, crap!”

“We better get back...”

Standing to our feet, we quickly went our seperate ways. When I arrived back to the common room, Lily was sitting on the couch looking lethal.

“Where have you been?” She snapped.

“Sorry, lost track of time,” I replied, knowing I was in deep shiz regardless.

“Not a good excuse, it is way past curfew Adams, I am afraid I'm going to have to take five points off Gryffindor, you should be so proud.”

“Lily, that is unreasonable, I'm really sorry,” I apologised, even though I knew it was no use.

Lily shook her head, as she stood to her feet. “No use groveling, Adams, anything could have happened, and since you are not properly educated in magic and defense, only Merlin would know the outcome!”

I raised an eyebrow. “You were actually worried for me, Lily?”

“No, of course not! Now let's get to bed before I take more points away!”

I smiled. “You were worried.”

Lily smirked. “You wish, now hurry up!”

“Yes ma'am!”

“Don't get cheeky!”

Heather and Kimberly were asleep, and tip-toeing over to my bed, I quickly dressed into my PJ's and jumping beneath my covers I fell back to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

*** *** ***

Sometime during the early hours of the morning, I was woken by sounds of squealing and laughter. Opening my eyes, the candle light blinded me, and sitting up I rubbed my eyes and groggily looked over to see Lily, Heather and Kimberly all gathering around a girl who I hadn't seen before.

“I'm so glad you're back Mary, we missed you!” Lily said joyfully.

“I missed you all too!” Mary said, with a heavy scottish accent.

“Awww, how are you feeling? I'm surprised Mulciber wasn't expelled for what he did to you,” Kim said, as she gave Mary another hug.

“I'm feeling better now, I mean don't exactly remember what happened, so I'd like to leave it that way,” she said.

“Well we are so glad you're back, and looking well,” Heather said gently.

“Me too, I was so bored!” Mary's gray eyes flickered onto me and she smiled. “Hello! I'm Mary MacDonald.”

I smiled. “Sophie Adams, nice to meet you Mary.”

“Anyway, Mary let's get you unpacked, so you can get some sleep before tomorrow,” Lily said, turning Mary's attention away from me.

“Oh that's sounds good, I am seriously tierd,” Mary sighed, as she moved her trunk off the bed.

I snuggled down back into my blanks and just watched as Heather, Kim and Lily help Mary out, gossiping and laughing.

Memories of when Dom and me went to sleepovers swept back, and for the first time, I began to realise just how much I missed the friends I'd left behind. Turning away, I tried not think about it and closed my eyes.

*** *** ***

When I awoke the next morning, everyone was getting ready, Mary smiled widely at me, and grabbing her shoes she pranced over and sat down on my bed, while I groggily got out and grabbed my robes.

“Good morning, Sophie! Sleep well?”

I looked around, Lily just rolled her eyes, as she clipped her hair back, Kim was tryingto listen in and Heather was just coming out of the bathroom drying her hair.

I looked back to Mary who paitently awaited my answer, her crytal grey eyes sparkling, and her wavy light brown hair falling at her shoulders. She was very pretty with a slight edge to her.

“Yeah, I had a very good sleep,” I replied finally.

“Awesome! Sorry I woke you up last night, didn't know I was going to leave so late and arrive so early,” Mary said, as she clasped her shoes. “But I was really excited to hear there were two new girls in my year and not to mention the gossip, gotta love Squib-Girl Number One and Two!”

It was difficult trying to understand her words, but I did alright. “Well you seem nice, Mary, I can't wait to talk to you more.”

Mary jumped to her feet and patted me on the shoulder. “Definitely! You seem like a wicked girl! Was your friend sorted into a different house?”

“Slytherin,” I replied without hesitation.

Mary's round eyebrow arched. “Wow, really? I've got to meet her!”

I stood there surprised, as Mary jumped up and skipped over to Lily and Kim. “Oh man!” She cried. “Who laid a gasser over here? It stinks!”

“Mary!” Lily cried, Mary burst into laughter and began packing her bag. I smiled, actually glad that Mary didn't criticize that Dom was in Slytherin, and changing into my robe I began doing my hair and makeup. Heather came over to me and smiled.

“Don't mind Mary, she's always been a little hyperactive,” she said.

“That's cool,” I said, shrugging. “She reminds me of my friend Toni a little.”

“Well see you at breakfast?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

The girls had left to breakfast by the time I had packed my books into my bag, and going down into the common room, I was stopped by someone no other than Peter Pettigrew. Oh man, yuck, where's the mouse trap!

“Sophie!” He said, rushing over.

“What?” I asked, eyeing him up suspiciously.

“Y-You want to w-walk to breakfast with me?” He asked nervously.

I stared at him, as he blushed and looked away, I was kinda surprised and yet slightly flattered under my disgust. “Um, didn't Sirius and James say you were allowed to come near me, or talk to me?”

“They aren't around, and maybe I can show you to classes for another kiss.”

I bit my lip and sighed. “Sure, but only to breakfast, not to classes, and if you try anything, I'll smack you so hard you won't know wheather you're Arthur or Martha.”

Peter saluted. “Got it!”

Smiling I waved my hand. “Let's go.”

As we exited the Common Room I saw that Dom and Reg were waiting for me. They heard my footsteps and turned around with a smile but that smile was quickly replaced with a frown as they saw Peter.

“Don't ask,” I said simply and they didn't and together we walked to breakfast. On our way, a few girls huddled in a group sniggered.

“What is Squib-Girl Number Two, doing hanging around with one of the Marauders?”

Her friend shrugged. “I'd ask the same with Regulus Black, she can't have the cake and eat it too.”

I rolled my eyes and kept walking, Dom was pratically dragging a fuming Regulus, until I heard a little squeal. Turning around, I saw Peter waving a finger at one of the girls.

“Don't tease Sophie, otherwise you might just be one of our next prank victims, got it!”

The girls nodded. “Sorry Peter!” And they rushed off. Looking proud, Peter rushed over to me. “Kiss for that?”

My face scrunched up, but I couldn't help but to be flattered that Peter stuck up for me, so I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“How could you kiss that vermin, Yomee!” Dom hissed at me, once we entered the Great Hall and Peter had scattered off. “You know he's evil!”

“I dunno!” I replied. “He was being helpful, I couldn't be mean.”

“You should have just said something to me and I would have taken care of it,” Regulus said, his voice thick with disgust.

“That's mean though, anyway I'll see you guys at lunch I suppose.”

They nodded and walked towards the Slytherin table, and I made my way to the Gryffindor table, waving at Matthew and Christy on the way. Looking around I saw that Lily wasn't present, so I bravely took a seat across from Heather and Mary.

“Where is Lily?” I asked.

“Prefect duties,” Mary replied, munching on a piece of toast.

So I was safe, thank God.

“Sophie, just curious, but did Peter walk with you to breakfast?” Heather asked.

I placed four pancakes onto my plate and drowned them in maple syrup, I licked my fingers and replied, “He wanted to walk with me, but you can't mention it around the Sirius and James.”

“Oh, really...” Heather trailed. “He wanted to walk with you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah...”

Heather nodded to herself. “What did he say, did he just approach?”

“Yeah, he did...” Then it dawned on me. “Oh, you like him, you don't like him do you?”

Mary giggled. “Yes! She does, ever since our third year!”

Heather blushed. “Yeah...”

“Oh, Heather that is gross!” I cried uncontrollably. “You can do way better!”

“Hi, Heather!”

I turned to see a tall, handsome boy with deep brown eyes and dark chocolate skin, he was a Hufflepuff. He waved at Heather, and she waved back.

That, Heather, is the better,” I said. “Who is that?”

“Darren Hormsby,” Heather replied. “We share Ancient Runes together.”

“He totally has the hots for you!”

“No he doesn't, besides I like Peter, perhaps you can talk to him for me?”

I shook my head. “Ew no, I'll talk to Darren, but you are not getting with Peter, yuck!”

Heather looked at me, her cheeks buring with anger, and getting to her feet she scooped up her bag and stormed off. "Heather!" I called, I felt instantly bad, and my heart dropped slightly. I wanted to hex myself.

“Oh, don't worry Sophie, you're doing her a favour, Peter is as ugly as they come – cheers for honesty!” Mary raised her goblet and then took a sip. I just sat there feeling like an idiot and decided to apologise once things had cooled between us.

Before long, breakfast was over and Matthew came to collect me to show me to class. 

“Ugh, I hate stairs,” I said, as we stopped at the foot of the winding staircase that lead to the Divination classroom. “If Hogwarts is so magical, why didn't they invent magical lifts or something.”

Matthew laughed. “You should suggest it to Dumbledore for future improvement.”

“Trust me, if I did, it wouldn't happen,” I replied dully. “So anyway, thanks Matt, I'll see you afterwards.”

Matthew smiled kindly. “No worries, have a good time in class Sophie!”

“You too.”

Smiling, I waved and quickly climbed the stairs with the rest of the students.

*** *** ***

“Right, now look into your cups and then evaluate your partners future in the tea leaf!” Professor Valaria said in an airy sort of voice. She wasn't as weird as Professor Trelawney, and was rather accurate with predictions as I saw from other students readings.

My partner was a Hufflepuff boy named Robert Macmillan, he didn't seem to mind that I was placed with him, actually he was rather excited to read my tea leaf, in which was todays lesson. I took his cup and passed him my own, he quickly took a look and then flipped through pages enthusiastically.

I grinned, and looking into his cup, the tea leaf resembled nothing but moosh, but I decided to do the work anyway and at least make something up. Flipping through the pages of the book and stopped at one that I though appropriate.

“So,” I began, Robert immediately looked up. “The tea leaf sort of looks like an open gate, which means future success.”

“Wow, really? I'll have future success, oh that is cool! Well now yours is...” he looked at the tea leaf and then back to the book, and flipping through a few more pages his face scrunched. “I dunno what this looks like.”

At that moment Professor Valaria appeared and took the cup from Robert. “Uh, oh my, this is rather sad.”

“What is it? Oh it's not the Grim is it?” I said, chuckling to myself.

“No, it is the knife, which means you'll suffer a broken friendship sometime in the future,”

“What?!” I cried. “Give me the cup!"

Professor Valaria handed me the cup and I took a look, sure enough amongst all of the moosh, was a leaf the took shape of a knife. Professor Valaria patted me on the head and moved on, I pouted.

Robert laughed. “Hey don't take it too seriously, I don't really believe it would happen, Professor Valaria tends to be somewhat dramatic sometimes.”

“Great, I can't bear to lose a friend when Dom and I have only just made them,” I mumbled. “I hope it isn't Regulus.”

Taking back his cup, a look of confusion spread across Roberts face. “This doesn't look like an open gate!”

*** *** ***

When Divination finally finished. I had Care of Magical Creatures and I was rather enthusiastic about it, as Matthew was sharing the same class.

“Todays lesson is a pratical one!” He was saying happily. “Nifflers!”

“Holy crap! That is the shiz-nit! Are they cute?” I asked excitedly.

“Well, yeah, but lethal trust me, they will kill if they see something sparkly.”

I decided that my necklace was safely hidden and my clip that clipped back my fringe would be fine. “I can't wait!”

We made our way down the stairs with the other students and down to a clearing nearest Hagrid's hut. Professor Kettleburn had provided a safe place for our belongings and behind him there were three covered cages that rattled, and everyone gathered around some curious some happy and excited like myself.

“Right students, please make sure that all of your jewellery, including watches are off and put safely into your bags!”

Students followed his instructions. Matthew beamed at me.

“Already prepared!” He chirped.

“Do you like animals and such?” I asked.

“My sister cares for magical animals, so I can't help but to be fond of them too, a little lame huh?” 

I giggled. “Actually, it's rather sweet.”

“I would have thought it was unmanly.”

“You are not unmanly to care for animals, at home a lot of men are veterinarians.”

Matthew beamed again. “You are really awesome you know that, Sophie.”

I blushed. “Thanks Matt, you are too.”

“Right, pay attention class so we can begin!” Professor Kettleburn called for our attention. “You and your selected partner, will each get a Niffler to study and by the end of the lesson I'd like a list of it's characteristics and the different reactions to different jewellery and/or coins!”

Soon Matthew and I were playing with the most cutest little thing I'd ever seen! A soft black fury creature, with the looks of a meercat, yet slightly bigger and had the cutest little snout on the planet. It was going all well and we managed to get down three of its characteristics, until it spied my necklace, then things went haywire.

“RUN FASTER, MATT!” I screamed, as Matthew, who had picked me up of the ground, ran as fast as he could cradling me in his arms. Students gasped, and watched with amusement.

“I'm getting there!” Matthew cried, with the Niffler hot on his heels.

I squealed when it lept, trying to bite my feet. “Matthew!”

Then I remembered. “Matthew, put me down and distract it with something!”

Placing me down, Matthew quickly took off his robe and caught the Niffler in mid pounce. “Quickly!” He cried, while trying to contain it. Squealing, I quickly took off my shoe and sock, and slipping off my toe-ring, I was glad this didn't cost anymore than two-dollars.

“Right, Matt, on three, let it go!”


“One … two … THREE!”

Matthew let it go, and charging towards me I threw the toe-ring, in which the Niffler spied and took off at great speed to catch it. Letting out a puff I dropped to my knees.

Luckily Professor Kettleburn saw the funny side to it, I was the laughing stock for the rest of the lesson – I couldn't help but to chuckle also, but felt pretty bad that I ruined Matthews robe, which was nearly shredded. 

A/N: And there you have it everyone! Again, I apologise for the lateness and it will definitely be made up in the up coming chapters :P Until then, please review! Thanks!
XOXO WildFlower!

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