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Lovely chapter image by xfaydchik6 @ TDA

Nearly a week after Rose had basically dared Scorpius to figure her out had passed and he still hadn’t spoken to her again. It wasn’t a conscious choice not to speak to her, it was more of a coincidental thing than anything. He had been spending time with his friends and his Quidditch team while she was spending most of her time with her cousins and her brother.

The only times that they were even in the same room with each other was when they were either in class together or in the great hall for dinner. The still didn’t speak to each other while they were there together but there were times when Rose would just look over at him with this strange type of smile on her face, almost like both a challenge and an invitation at the same time though he wasn’t quite sure if it was one more than the other or what exactly she was challenging him to do. He could definitely speculate about it what the challenge was he didn’t quite think it was the best thing to do. If he guessed incorrectly there was a very good chance that he would make a complete and total fool of himself.

It was one day after Quidditch practice when he finally spoke to Rose. He had been walking with the rest of his team back towards the school after changing in the locker room, taking their time to wander across the grounds, more trying to avoid having to go back to the common room and work on their homework for the next day’s classes. No matter how important they knew their homework technically was they wanted to put it off as long as they could.

He had spotted her sitting with her back pressed against one of the trees that looked out on the great lake, one leg stretched out in front of her, one curled close to her chest and no longer in uniform, the denim of her jeans pale in the sunlight. So he excused himself then from where he was with his teammates and made his way over towards where she was sitting, glancing a couple of times over his shoulder to look at the others as they made their way to the school, knowing that they’d all give him a hard time if they knew that he was going over to speak to Rose Weasley of all people.

He didn’t even ask if she minded his company before he sat down next to her under that tree, glancing over at her as she kept her nose buried in the book she had in her hands. In the few times that he can remember his father ever talking about her parents he remembers distinctly that her mother supposedly did the same thing constantly, kept her nose buried in a book like it was the most important thing in the world to her to continue reading and not really associate with the other students. But unlike how her mother supposedly would do he saw Rose continually look at him out of the corner of her eyes, a small smile threatening to spill across her face at any moment though she kept fighting it.

It was after about fifteen minutes of complete silence that she finally spoke, eyes never leaving the book in her hands, her voice completely casual and almost disinterested. “How does it feel to be the son of a Death Eater?”

There was surprisingly no judgment in her voice when she asked, no hint of criticism like he would have heard in her friend’s voices were they to ask her the same thing. It was startling and at the same time oddly comforting. It was nice for once to have someone not seem to be judging him based upon who his family happened to be. See seemed to be more curious than anything

“He’s my father,” he told her, his own legs bent towards his body, arms resting on his bent knees, sitting in a completely relaxed manner like they often sat like this and had conversations which wasn’t even close to the truth. They never really spoke at all. “I don’t think about his being a Death Eater. He’s just my father.”

He studied her for a moment, watching the way the light hit her face and illuminated some parts while casting other parts into shadow. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking how it feels to have parents like yours? You and your famous parents.”

“My uncle is the famous one,” she corrected, her voice still casual and calm. She closed the book and put it down on the grass next to her, turning her torso so she could look over at him, arching one of her eyebrows. “Harry Potter is the famous one in my family, Malfoy. Not my parents. Surely you should know that.” There was something akin to teasing in her voice, like he’d just made a big mistake by assuming her parents were famous.

“Everyone knows who your parents are,” he insisted, turning a little himself to look at her. “They might not be as famous as your uncle but they’re still famous. In a century everyone will still know who they are. That’s being famous, Weasley. You might not believe that it is but I assure you that you’re wrong.”

She watched him for a long while, her head tilted slightly to the side, hair falling over one shoulder. Somehow she managed to look both beautiful and adorable; both naïve and yet undeniably sexual. It wasn’t an easy balance; it wasn’t a balance you found very often either.

“I want to know something,” she announced after a moment, hands resting on the ground in front of her legs, palms pressed flat against the ground.

There was absolutely nothing in her voice that him even guess what it was that she wanted to know which was a bit unnerving to be honest. Most of the time he could read people pretty well but this time was different; this time he couldn’t read the person he was with at all. He wasn’t sure if he liked not being about to read her, wasn’t sure if he could trust her not to ask something embarrassing or actually try to embarrass him in some way. But that wasn’t really something he wanted to think about, wasn’t an idea he wanted to entertain. So he didn’t let himself worry about it too much, merely nodded his head a little bit. “Alright,” he said. “Then ask me.”

He knew as soon as the words left his mouth and the edge of her mouth twitched slightly, threatening to turn into an actual smile that she was up to no good though he couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly it was that she was up to. He just knew that whatever it was couldn’t be good; he knew that she was probably going to embarrass him a great deal and make him regret that he said she could ask him something. But Scorpius Malfoy wasn’t a coward and he’d only look like one if he backed down and told her that he changed his mind.

“It’s a very personal question,” she warned him, sitting up on her knees and leaning closer to him, her head still tilted in that naïve/sexual way that was oh so confusing to him.

“I gathered it would be.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Not really.” It was a lie, of course. it bothered him a bit to have her want to ask him something that even she admitted was personal simply because when people say they want to ask you a personal question that usually meant it would either shock you into silence or embarrass you so much that you blushed bright red and remained red for quite some time afterwards. And to be honest he had never really been the type to blush in all honesty the last thing that he would want would be for her to make him do so.

“Good.” There was something close to real satisfaction in her voice, like she hadn’t been sure that he would let her ask him something personal. It makes him feel even more uneasy because that just means that what he was going to ask her is most likely just as embarrassing as he had thought it could be. Its not a very comforting thought but he’s still not about to back down and let her think that he was some great big coward who couldn’t even handle having a girl ask him a simple question.

Her hand moved through the grass and towards him, moving like a small animal stalking its prey and then her hand moved up to rest on his knee, her face completely innocent even as she leaned closer to him, her face just a breadth away from his, her breath warm on his face. “I was wondering something about you,” she says slowly, her voice calm and in a way almost breathy, almost like the type of tone that someone would use when they were trying to seduce someone though he didn’t think that was even close to what Rose had in mind. “It actually came up when some of us girls were talking in the common room.”

“You’re staling,” he accused.

“No, not at all,” she argued. “I’m building up the suspense. It’s so very fun to watch you squirm, wondering what it is that I’m going to ask you.” He should have figured that she was enjoying making him wonder but he was too busy trying to guess what she was going to ask him to think about that as well. “We were wondering this about several different guys, actually. I’m merely in the position to ask you about it myself.”

“Then by all means: go ahead and ask.”

“Alright.” She smiled then, completely innocent though there was this look in her eyes that was anything but innocent. It was definitely mischievous, perhaps even dangerous but nowhere near as innocent as her voice was. “I was wondering: are you a virgin, Scorpius?”

The oxygen caught in his throat and he nearly choked on his own saliva because he had to admit that he hadn’t expected that in the slightest. He hadn’t expected her to ask her anything like that. He wasn’t sure what he thought she was going to ask him but it certainly wasn’t that. He wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. It actually makes his palms sweat and makes him actually feel like being the coward he didn’t want her to think he was and just taking off back to the school without answering her. Of course then word would get around that he was not only a wimp but they’d also probably think he was completely and totally prude for not being willing to answer the question and wouldn’t that just be fantastic?

“You all were wondering if I was a virgin?”

“Not just you,” she reminded him. “We were wondering about several of our male classmates, actually. Trying to figure out which ones had ventured beyond the area of innocence when it came to girls.” He watched her as she spoke to him, watched her as she shifted, her hand still on his knee but her body moving so that she was in front of him, her knees resting between where his feet were. “Don’t you ever wonder about anyone? Don’t you ever look at some of the people we go to school with and question whether or not they’ve ventured beyond purity?”

And of course as soon as she asked him that it made him wonder about her, made him wonder just how innocent little Rose Weasley was or just how corrupted she was. And neither one really seemed to fit for her. He couldn’t imagine her being completely and totally naïve but he also couldn’t imagine her being all that corrupt. Neither one seemed to suit her and yet both of them did at the same time because she just had this balance about her where he just couldn’t guess. She had this seductive charm and yet the ability to come across as completely and totally innocent.

“I guess I wonder about some people sometimes,” he conceded, nodding his head a little bit. If she asked him who then he wouldn’t tell her because she didn’t need to know that she had just gotten him to wonder about her. It would have just made the whole situation a little bit more bizarre.

“So then why is it so surprising that we would wonder about you?”

“I guess it really isn’t when you put it that way.”

“No, it really isn’t,” she agreed unnecessarily, smiling a little bit. “Not really so surprising at all.” And that’s when she tried, quite obviously, to make him extremely uncomfortable because she moved his arms away from his legs and slid forward, placing herself between them, pressing her body closer to his, resting herself in between his legs, her nose nearly pressed against his. “So, tell me: are you a virgin, Scorpius?” The edge of her mouth twitched into an almost smile, her lips nearly touching his but not making contact, not letting herself make contact with him, like she’s really just playing a game which he thinks she just might be. He may just be a big pawn in a little game of hers. “Are you?”

He swallowed hard again, his eyes jumping down to her lips and then back up, meeting her mischievous blue eyes. His mouth felt dry; his tongue felt like lead in his mouth. “No,” he heard himself saying before he even realized he was actually going to answer her. “No, I’m not.”

“No?” she intoned. She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth almost disappointedly. “Naughty boy.”

“Are you a virgin?”

Her head dipped down, her mouth brushing against his and then almost too quickly for him to process it she leaned back from him, reaching over and taking her book in her hand. “I never told you I’d answer any of your questions,” she reminded him and then stood up quickly but somehow very gracefully and smiled down at him, a twisted and amused sort of smile. “And I thought you were supposed to be figuring me out not asking me to fill you in.”

And then she did the most unexpected thing- she winked at him and stepped over his legs, heading off towards the school, never once looking back even as his eyes remained on her the entire time.

Score one for you, he thought as she started to vanish from sight. You won this round.

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