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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and the plot is based on the novel by Vicki Lewis Thompson Blonde with a Wand.



            Fuck, Draco hissed in fury as Hermione burst into the room. He been a man again, why didn’t it last?


“Oh no Draco, I’m so sorry.” Hermione’s eyes filled with tears.


            As if tears would get her off the hook, it certainly wouldn’t do him any good. Her being upset over this was nothing compared to how pissed he was at the moment. He was so upset he could chew the carpet up. And the worst part of it was, when he had been a man, instead of wanting to drag Hermione to Azkaban himself, he wanted her. Even in her ridiculous bagging non-figure flattering flannel pajamas and her hair all messed up and her cheek pink from sleep. He found himself being attracted to her. Instead of being furious at her he wanted her. Maybe it was the way she was staring at him in her living room as if she wanted to devour him but at the same time extremely afraid of him. And when he touched her, he definitely didn’t expect to feel the bolt of electricity that shot up his arm. But now none of that mattered, he was a damn cat again. And it was all her fault, like it has been from the very beginning.


            Looking around for someway to vent out his frustration that he felt, he spied the delicate posts of her antique bed. Yes. Walking to the nearest one, he scratched his front claws as far as they’d go and began to mark up the wood. Let her try to stop him. She didn’t, and eventually the thrill died off. In fact he soon felt ashamed of what he did, even if she deserved it for what she did to him. So instead he walked into the living room and hoped up on her dining table where her laptop sat and tap it until it came on. He looked over at Crookshanks who was on the floor playing with a toy mouse. Maybe catching the pixie back there inspired him to be more active.


            Hermione followed him into the living room. She leaned over and helped him bring up the program he needed to use and adjusted it so he could reach the keyboard better. He tried to ignore the fact that she smelled really good. And damn it to hell if he wanted her to reach over and scratch him behind the ears and maybe under his chin too.


CALL GINNY, he typed.


“Okay I will, but it’s in the middle of the night she’s probably asleep. And Harry will definitely know something is up when I call.”




She let out a sigh, “okay, but I’m warning you. He’s going to find out eventually.” Draco gave her a looks as if he could care less. “Okay I’ll do it.”


She tapped her fingers on the table as the phone rang and finally it picked up.


“Hello?” Damn it, it was Harry.


“Hi Harry, it’s me Hermione. I’m sorry for calling so late but I need to talk to Ginny it imp…”


“Did Malfoy change back? “ He asked.


“What? How did you know about that?” She asked glancing over at Draco nervously.


“Ginny told me, you know she’s horrible at keeping secrets especially from me.”


“Damn it” she muttered.


“Listen, don’t be mad at her. I had to practically force it out of her.”


“I’m not mad at her. I just have yet another reason for Draco to throw me in Azkaban and leave me there.”


“Oh its Draco now is it?”


“Harry! This is not the time.” She snapped getting frustrated. “Listen did Ginny tell you about the potion?...okay well we gave him the potion around 7:00am yesterday and it was supposed to take eight hours to work. So we waited but nothing happened. Then tonight my house got invaded by pixies…yes pixies, and well somewhere a little before midnight he changed. Everything seemed to be going okay then before we knew it he changed back into a cat.”


“How long after midnight did he change back?”


“Um probably about ten minutes after I guess I didn’t really check the clock. Why? What do you think is going on with this? Do you think it was the potion? Do we need to make more?”


“Whoa, Hermione slow down, first off I have no idea if it was the potion because I wasn’t there when you made it and besides you were always better at potions then I ever was. If it were up to me I would go to Professor McGonagall she was out Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts if anyone knew what to do, it would be her.”


“Oh Harry you can’t ask me to do that. If I went to her it would be like I failed her or something. I was her prized student after all.”


Draco swatted the air getting her attention; she looked over at him as he typed.




“What did Malfoy want?”


“He wants me to ‘suck up my pride and do it’”


“Well I can imagine he doesn’t like being a cat, especially a cat in your care. Wait how did he tell you that?”


“I taught him how to type on the computer,” she explained.


“Hum, that’s clever, so what are you going to do?”


She didn’t want to, but she owes Draco that much at least. “I guess I’ll contact her, and Harry you can’t tell the Ministry about this…not yet.”


“You know I won’t, I’m on your side remember and besides I’m sure he had it coming.”


“No he didn’t, he didn’t deserve it then or now.”


“I have to go to Hogwarts tomorrow for work; do you want me to talk to McGonagall?”


“Would you do that that would be awesome?”

She looked over at Draco who just typed out, WIMP.


She made a face at him as she continued to talk to Harry.


“Yeah no problem, I call you as soon as I find out what’s what.”


“Okay so now what? Do we just wait around until tomorrow? What time are you going tomorrow, maybe I should go with you.” She asked.


“It will be early like around 7:00am, I’ll come over and get you since you can’t apparite. And Ginny can come over to cat-sit Malfoy.”


“Okay I owe you two big time for all you’ve done.”


“No problem Hermione, I’m sure the sooner you have Malfoy out of your life the better.”


“Yeah, okay thanks again and sorry for calling so late.”


            She hung up and felt a strange tighten in her chest. She had a strange feeling that she might actually miss Draco when all of this was over. Would he never speak to her again, would he stay far away from her once this was over? She never liked the guy but these past two have been…well stressful for one, but she couldn’t help but think how empty her tiny little apartment would feel like without him here. And Crookshanks would be crushed, she saw how Draco praised him for catching the pixie he’d purred, he never purr’s especially for strangers. Of course there was no way that she would want him to suffer being a cat for the rest of his life, so of course she would do anything she could to free him.


            Great now Potter knows of his unfortunate position, how long will it be before the Weasel knows too? At least from what he could hear of the phone conversation, he’d agreed to help instead of mocking him of course he hasn’t seen him in this state yet. Damn this was depressing. He was a man for more then ten minutes, twenty minutes to be exact. He managed to look at the clock before he changed and it was ten till midnight then he changed back around ten after midnight. Was that it, the key to this mess was that he would only change at midnight? Is that why the potion didn’t work, because it would only work at midnight. No that can’t be it, because the potion said it would take eight hours to take full affect, it didn’t say anything about midnight.


            McGonagall better have the answers he needed. But he would have to wait until morning which seemed so far away. He looked over at Crookshanks who has now lost his mouse under the sofa and was struggling to get it out. He much have sensed Draco looking at him because he gave him a pitiful look and then back at the sofa as if asking him to help out. Draco let out a sigh and strolled towards him. He crouched down looking under the sofa for the mouse, it was stuck right in the middle to far for Crookshanks to reach and the opening was to short for Crookshanks to crawl under but Draco could fit. So he bent down real low and scooted under till he got the mouse and set it down in front of Crookshanks who snatched it up and went to his corner of the room and continued to play with it. Draco would have joined him, but right now he was too depressed so he just strolled back into Hermione’s bedroom and instead of hopping up on her bed he decided to go to her closet and sleep there for the night. At least then he could have his space while he thought about what happened. And frankly right now he just wanted to be alone and sleep.


            Hermione watched Draco as he helped get Crookshanks toy out from underneath the sofa. Then watched how he sulked away to her bedroom. He looked so miserable and after everything that happened that night she could understand if he wanted to be left alone. She had to find the answer to the spell. He changed back, but it wasn’t permanent. He can’t be an animagus, because he can’t change at will. And he’s not a Were, because it wasn’t a full moon that triggered the change so it most definitely had to be the spell she put on him. The potion was useless because he didn’t change when he was supposed to. Hopefully McGonagall will have an answer.




            The next day Hermione woke up bright and early and got ready. She tried not to disturb Draco who was still sleeping in the confines of her closet. Harry and Ginny arrived at 6:30am. Harry wanted to see him as a cat, because he still couldn’t believe that it has really happened but Hermione forbid it she knew Draco was hurting and Harry mocking him wasn’t going to make it any better. Luckily Harry let it be for now. Hermione told Ginny to warm up some chicken for him if he woke up and to call if anything happened. Harry gave his wife a kiss good bye and then took Hermione’s hand as they apparited to Hogwarts.


            Hermione and Harry went there separate ways as Hermione walked towards the Headmasters quarters and Harry went in the opposite direction for Auror business. He told her to call him when she was done so he could apparite her back to her apartment in London.


When Hermione got to the Headmasters office, the eagle guarding the entrance recognized her, “Good morning Miss Granger what brings to you Hogwarts today?”


“I’m here to see Professor McGonagall, it’s rather urgent.”


“I’m so sorry Miss Granger, but the Headmaster is out of town at the moment”


Shoot. “Do you know when she’ll be back?”


“Not for two weeks I’m afraid, is there someone else I can get for you?’


“No thank you, I’ll just send her an owl instead.”


“Sorry to disappoint, have a pleasant day.” The eagle said before turning back to a statue.

            Great so much for that, I’ll have to send her a letter and hopefully she’ll know what to do from that. Just her luck that the one person who could help is out of town. She left the school building and headed towards the Owlery. When she got there she went about writing a very detailed letter explaining what happened, what book she used and what spell and asking her to please reply back with an answer as soon as possible because it was urgent. As soon as she sent the owl off her cell phone buzzed.




“Where are you?” he said sounding frantic.


“I’m in the Owlery, why what’s wrong?”


“Ginny called, its Malfoy something bad has happened. Stay there I’m coming to get you.” He hung up and not two second later did he apparite in front of her without saying anything he grabbed her hand and apparited to her apartment. 


            Draco heard Hermione get up that morning and could hear her as she took a shower, but he didn’t care. He heard when Harry came to get Hermione and take her to Hogwarts to talk to Professor McGonagall and he knew Ginny was out in the living room, he could hear the TV blaring. But still didn’t come out of his make shift bed he made out of a sweater of Hermione’s that was on the floor of her closet. It smelled like her which was oddly comforting. He was afraid once this was all over her smell would be embedded in his memory forever. But he wasn’t coming out until she came back with answers. As he was drifting off to sleep again he could have sworn he heard somebody knocking but he thought it might have been the TV. Why did Ginny have to have the volume up so high he was trying to sleep here!


The next thing he knew he heard Ginny shouting. “What are you doing here? You’re trespassing you know, you don’t just walk into someone’s home like that.”


“I used a key; I am the landlord of this building so therefore I have to right if I have a reason. Now where is that cat?”


Every hair on Draco’s body went straight up. It was that damn women again.


“You can’t take him, Hermione said she would take care of it but something came up and she had to attend to it.”


“She’s waited to long and besides she’ll thank me for this. She’ll be saving money and she won’t have to take the time off to do it for him.”


“Still you have no right, this Hermione’s cat not yours so you better leave now or I’ll have to get the authorities.”


“No need I told her if she didn’t take care of it soon I would, regardless.”

            He saw the bedroom door open and in walked the old women with a horrible stench of tuna fish. And Ginny at her heels. Draco was still in the closet the doors were only cracked open so maybe if he stayed really quite she wouldn’t look in there. No such luck the doors swung open and she found him.


“Here kitty, kitty.”


He hissed at her crouching down ready to attack if she touched him but she was unfazed by his warning. She reached for him.


“Draco Get Out of Here!!” Ginny screamed behind her.


He ran like hell but she was too fast she caught him and shoved him into a pet carrier.


“I won’t hurt you, you beast! I’m just fixing you so we won’t have anymore of you pests polluting our streets and alleyways.”


“Don’t you dare step out that door with him. I’m calling Hermione, she will not be happy.”


Ms. Moffit didn’t seem to be afraid of the threat for she kept walking. Crookshanks tried to stop her by taking a bite out of her ankle and she just kicked him away, so hard he flew across the room and landed with a thump. Ginny went after Crookshanks.


“You Horrible woman, you don’t treat animals that way.”


            Ms. Moffit choose that moment to make her escape. Shit, why wasn’t Ginny using her magic to stop her? He wanted to shout out but couldn’t, the only thing that came out of his mouth was a angry hiss. Who cared about the muggle law, this was pretty much a life or death situation here. He felt sick with panic. Not just for where she was taking him but what would happen to him. But for being trapped and so completely helpless. And Hermione wasn’t here to save him.


            Ginny panicked. Shit this wasn’t suppose to happen. The one time I get up to go to the loo this happens. Hermione was never going to forgive her if something happened to Malfoy, she knew she cared for him a lot, even more then she would ever admit. The damn woman escaped. And of all the days she left her wand at home, man she was really losing her touch these days. She ran out the door after the woman and shut the door behind her so Crookshanks wouldn’t get out. And pulled out her cell phone and called Harry. Shit the old woman was fast she was already down the four flights of stairs and out the door. About ten seconds later Harry arrived with Hermione. They apparited in the lobby of her apartment, luckily nobody was around to see what happened.


“What happened? Where is Draco?” Hermione yelled, panic and tears filling her voice and eyes.

“Your neighbor took him I couldn’t stop her I’m sorry.”


            Without saying anything Hermione took off running in the direction of the clinic. Harry and Ginny followed behind. She ran a block when she spotted Ms. Moffit.


“You let him go right now or I will have you arrested for stealing my property.”


“Dear Hermione, I’m doing you a favor.”


“No your not! He’s more then a cat he’s…special and he’s mine. I’ll will do with him how I want. Now let him go.” She yelled at the women, she knew she was making a scene but she didn’t care. She reached for the pet carrier. Ms. Moffit tried to pull away but Hermione managed to pull the latch on the door. The pet carrier swung open and out leaped Draco.


“Draco Run!”   

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