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    I whip around the corner to the staircases. I am Fleeing from Jason McLaggen and not paying any attention what is ahead of me. I run up several stairs and I pause on a stair to look over my shoulder. I sink to my waist in the trick stair.

    “Damn it!” I say as I realize I forgot about the trick stairs.

    I scan the stairway for anybody and scowl at the fact there is nobody around. It was closer to curfew and I doubt that there would be anyone. I grip the stair above and try to pull myself out. It was no use to try.

    “Why did I have to wonder, too close to Hufflepuff’s commons. I am an idiot. Now, I am stuck in the fricken stair until morning. I hate this stair,” I say to myself.

    “Do I hear a student out of bed?” cackles Peeves as he floats into view in front of me. He floats directly to me.

    “Oh, it is icky Goth chick. She got stuck in the stair. What will she do now?” Peeves Jeers.

    “Peeves, will you please go get someone to get me out of the stair?” I beg.

    “Goth, ask for help which she shan’t receive,” cackles Peeves as he hold out a bottle of ink.

    “Peeves, do…” I manage before he dumps the ink out on me. I wipe the ink out of my eyes to see him blow a raspberry and fly out of sight.

    “Grr… now I am stuck here full of ink,” I say out loud.


    I siphoned the ink off of my skin and hair with my wand. My only white tee that says black on it was full of black ink. I lay there for a couple hours with no sign of anyone. Then I hear footsteps on the stairs in front of me. I knew exactly who it was.

    “James Potter, get your arse back here,” I say out loud.

    I hear the footsteps stop.

    “How did you know that Tiffany?” says James pulling off the cloak.

    “One I know what your walking style sounds like. Two, You responded and Three you uncovered yourself,” I say.

    “Why are you covered in ink?” asks James as he walks closer.

    “Ask Peeves. Would you be so kind as to free me?” I say.

    “Why?” asks James

    “Because if you do I think I know of a way to make Mikeala fall all over you,” I say batting my eyelashes.

    James puts a foot on the upper stair and offers me his hand. I look at it.

    “You have secure footing, right?” I say

    “Just take the hand,” says James

    I grab his hand. I pull up and the foot on the upper stair slide. His leg sinks into the stair.

    “Wow, what did I tell you? I told you to make sure you have a good stance, not that you never do,” I say blushing slightly.

    “How long have you been here?” says James

    “Oh, an hour or two. So did you ever think about dating someone that is around her?” I say batting my eyelashes.

    “Never thought of that considering. Rach, hates me too, Cat, she’s the same way, and the others are my cousins,” says James.

    “So you wouldn’t go for anyone on your fan club,” I say.

    “like who?” says James with a mischievous glint in his eyes

    “Tiff, may I ask why you and potter are stuck in the trick stair?” says Mikeala Rosier, one of my friends.

    “I was fleeing from McLaggen again and forgot about the trick stair,” I say with a slight scowl.

    “I’ll help you Tiff. I would rather leave Potter stuck,“ says Mikeala.

    “I don’t think you mean that, babe,” says James.


    “Shh, Grim. It way passed curfew,” I say quietly

    “Sorry, Potter is being impossibly stupid,” says Mikeala as she puts her foot on the side of the trick stair.

    She reaches her hand out and James grabs it and yanks her into the stair. I laugh a little and I groan a little afterward.

    “Potter, you idiot now how are we going to get out?” says Mikeala as she glared at James.

    “Not by you, but since you are here will you go out with me?” says James with a pleading look.

    “No,” says Mikeala.

    I spot Fred Weasley walking down the corridor ahead of us.

    “Fred!” I say loudly.

    He stops and looks around.

    “Fred Over here!” I say loudly.

    He walks towards us. He had a smirk play across his face.

    “You guys are having a party and didn’t invite me,” says Fred as he gets closer.

    “Yeah, it’s a party,” I say sarcastically.

    “Well, then. I must join then,” says Fred as he stuck his leg into the stair.

    “You idiotic prat. She was being sarcastic, you moron,” says Mikeala and smacked him across the face.

    “Now you decided to be ignorant to my sarcasm. How thick are you?!” I say as I too, slap him across the face.

    “Hey, I am not a piñata,” said Fred

    “You look like one to me,” says James.

    Fred tries to get at James through Mikeala. He ends up smacking Mikeala.

    “Fred, you stop or you will be in so much pain your mum will feel it,” says Mikeala rubbing her arm.

    “I could kiss it better,” says James with a sly smirk.

    “Potter, I would just a soon you kiss the giant squid than me,” says Mikeala trying to give James the cold shoulder.

    “James,” I say

    “Yeah?” he says.

    “Why didn’t you just listen to me and get a better stance?” I say with a mock sugary voice.

    “You mean none of us would be stuck if Potter had listened to someone else. Potter if you had any brain at all you would have thought of a better way,” says Mikeala.

    “If I did come up with another way, I wouldn’t have got stuck here with you,” says James with his famous grin plastered to his face.

    My breath caught in my throat and I may have stopped breathing. I was always at a distance I seen these grins. It lights all his features and makes his brown eyes shine. I feel weak at the knees even though I couldn’t quite feel them. Mikeala and James start the usual argument.

    “I wish I could have someone to look at me like you did at James,” says Fred.

    “You do, you have someone like that. You do notice that James never acknowledges me as a person. He treats me like one of the fan club he has, which I happen to be the ringleader of,” I say with a smile.

    “So you think there is someone like that for me and I don’t realize it,” says Fred brightening.

    “Sure,” I say heartily.

    “What do we have here? Three Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw stuck in the stair,” says Scorpius.

    “Malfoy, could you please help us,” says James.

    I notice Scorpius cringe at being called Malfoy. I see his face harden. He turns to leave.

    “Please Scorpius, I have been stuck here for hours,” I say

    Scorpius turns around. I smile trying to hold back laughter at the fact he had lipstick on his cheek. I noticed it was Rose’s shade of lipstick.

    “What were you and Rose doing?” says Mikeala with a smirk on her face.

    Scorpius goes all red and he got close enough and Fred, who I have no clue what he was thinking, pulled Scorpius into the stair.

    “Weasley,” says Scorpius.

    “FRED,” the rest of us groan.

    “What is your thought pattern on pulling someone that could possible help us into the stairs?” says Mikeala

    He was about to respond.

    “Forget what thought, if any, of what his thought pattern was. All that is important now is how the hell are we going to get out and not get caught,” I seethed.

    A half an hour passes with complete silence and no one coming to find us. There is now five people stuck in the stair. I have little to no feeling in my legs. I was sure no one was any better.

    “Wow, you guys must have a sinking feeling,” says Albus as he laughing at his own joke.

    “Hardy har har, bro. Get us out,” says James

    “I don’t think I will with the attitude you just showed,“ says Albus two stairs up. While Albus was too busy saying that Mikeala grabs his pant leg. Albus then realizes that and tries to pull out. He end up tripping forward and getting his leg stuck in the stair.

    “Ha, that’s what you get for not helping us,” said James.

    “Shut it, Potter. We are now once again stuck,” says Mikeala glaring at James.

    “You know I just had an idea,” says Fred.

    “I for one don’t want to hear it. When ever you have an idea something bad happens,” I say looking at him.

    Another half hour passes and we try different escape ideas. The ones that were less stuck got more stuck and since I was the most stuck nothing changed.

    “Hey guys, what’s got you down?” says Rachel. She had a smile play across her face as she noticed that James and Mikeala were in the stair.

    “Potter, I can’t believe you sunk that low,” says Rachel .

    I see Mikeala was chuckling at the comment. James grabs Rachel’s pant leg and yanks her leg in.

    “Thanks for dropping by,” says James

    Mikeala slapped him hard across the face. The slap echoes through the stair way. I glare at Mikeala and look at James. He is clutching his jaw.

    “I think we only have one option,” I say

    Everyone looks at me with a look that says ‘What?’. I flushed as did the tips of my hair.

    “We will all get in trouble, but will be free,” I say

    “You mean yell for help,” says Mikeala

    “Not necessary, Miss Blue.” says Professor Keller, Transfiguration professor, “ I would like an explanation.”

    We all start rattling off our account.

    “Enough, I want one of you explain once you are all out,” says Professor Keller.

    He helps Rach out. Then help Albus and Rach helped Scorpius. Those three help out Fred, James, and Mikeala. I get yanked out and stumble. I nearly fall and James catches me. I feel my heart flutter.

    “Miss Blue, Explain,” says Professor Keller.

    I explain what had happened to get us all stuck in the stair. We all end in a detention. Professor walks off to his office.

    “Well, not like being stuck here was fun, but I am going to bed,” says Scorpius

    “bye, Scorpius. Don’t think we won’t ask rose about what you guys were doing,” said Mikeala.

    The group of six head up the stairs. They made sure that they got around the trick stair. They made it to the point where I have to go to my tower.

    “See ya today in detention, tiff,” says Mikeala.

    “See you then or sooner.” I reply.

    I get back to the commons and directly to the dorm to got straight to sleep.

    “McLaggen, you better watch it tomorrow,” I mumble to the air. I slowly fade into sleep.

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