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Draco’s POV::

I fell into step besides Hermione as we approached the beach. While we walked, I took a better glimpse of our new environment. The jungle was heavily congested with trees and other foliage, and when I looked up I could see the sunlight filtering through the treetops. 

When we reached the shore, I watched Hermione walk right up to the ocean. She put one foot in, and then stepped all the way in, wading out until the water reach her knees. I sat on the sand, studying her. 

What did I have against this girl? Ah yes, she’s a mudblood, I reminded myself. Hermione tied up her hair and let a loose curl cascade down her back. Damn, she was beautiful. I tore my eyes away. What I needed now is to make a list of reasons why I shouldn’t like her. I turned over to lean on my back and shielded my eyes from the sun so I could still see Hermione.

Reason one: her parents are muggles.
Reason two: her two best friends are my enemies. Stupid Potter and that Weasley idiot. I exhaled gruffly as I thought of those two. Alright, back on track, Reason three: she had a way of –

A splash caught my attention and I lazily leaned on my elbows and looked to the ocean. I couldn’t see Hermione. I sat all the way up, looking around frantically for where she could have gone. I stumbled to my feet, racing to the ocean. Right as I stepped in the water, she sprang out of it, coughing. I waded out closer to her and put an arm on her shoulder as she caught her breath.

“I fell over,” she explained between deep breaths. “And before I knew it I was under.” 

“C’mon you mermaid, that’s enough,” I wrapped an arm around her loosely and guided her back to shore.

She coughed a few more times before we sat down. A few moments of silence followed as I fiddled with the loose threads on my shirt. If I were to be stranded in one outfit, it would not have been my Slytherin green sweater and tie and jeans. My shirt was a bit big because mother ordered the wrong size, again. I looked at Hermione’s (now damp) Gryffindor maroon sweater and tie and her dark denim. Then I got an idea.


Hermione’s POV::

“Here, you should wear this,” I heard Draco say before his voice was muffled.

I looked over to him as I shivered, and noticed he was taking off his sweater. I got a glimpse of his toned stomach before his eyes appeared again, handing me his shirt.

“Really, Granger? I understand if you don’t wanna wear a Slytherin sweater but seriously, it’s either this or your wet clothing.” Draco made a good point. I took his sweater.

“Alright, I’ll wear it, but when I change you have got to promise to face the other way.” I told him, standing up. 

“Hermione, I'm not a perv.” He scoffed, closing his eyes as I stepped a couple feet behind him.

I smiled as I peeled off my maroon sweater and jeans. Skinny jeans are hard enough to take off, but when they’re wet it’s just ridiculous. After struggling with my pants, I pulled on his sweater. It was just loose enough to reach my mid thigh. It actually was a nice shirt, soft and dry. It clung to my damp figure with some room for slack. I gathered up my wet uniform and put them in the sand before I sat next to Draco again. His eyes gave me a once over before looking back into the ocean.

Night was approaching, and the sun was setting, painting the sky brilliant shades of pink, navy, and orange. 

“We should get back to camp,” Draco announced, sitting up. I nodded and got up and picked up my clothes, facing him.

“So are we going to call that lame space of grass ‘camp’ now?” I replied sarcastically as we made our way back. 

He smirked. “Yes, Granger, I guess we will.”

“Why don’t you just call me Hermione?” I crinkled my brows, looking at him.

Draco shrugged. “I can do that.”

A few minutes of walking lead to peaceful silence. 

“Tomorrow we will worry about food and water,” he told me as we reached our clearing. “But right now let’s try to get a good sleep.” He laid down, still shirtless, and looked at me, as I tried with all my might not to blush.

“Well, goodnight Draco.” I said, laying down a few inches next to him. I didn’t want to be too close and freak him out, but I wanted to be close enough to feel his body  warmth. 

He turned on his side, Draco’s face suddenly only inches away from mine. I bit my lip.

“G’night Hermione,” he said, going back to his position of lying on his back, arms folded behind his head. I lay on my side, facing him as his eyes closed. Draco still had his tie on, which looked pretty dumb, but I didn’t say anything. I closed my eyes and welcomed sleep.

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